lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:18
lordievaderGood morning06:20
ducassegood morning06:39
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hwpplayer1Hi People!23:15
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Thanks for inviting23:15
tomreynhwpplayer1: it's a public channel ;-)23:15
hwpplayer1Do you get in touch with Canonical staff daily or whenever you can ?23:16
hwpplayer1Technical support or to buy services23:16
tomreynhwpplayer1: there are regularly people around here on IRC who also work for Canonical, so it happens that you chat to them, sometimes being aware they are, sometimes not.23:20
tomreynwhy are you asking, though?23:20
hwpplayer1I have a close relationship with Canonical as a customer. Though could not buy any service yet23:21
hwpplayer1I ask questions to Canonical from time to time23:21
tomreynhwpplayer1: oh, well for commercial support, you'd need to use the commercial channels, i would think. you can, of course, also ask the volunteers aroun dhere for support, though.23:33
tomreynas long as you're aware that volunteers won't provide any guarantees ;)23:34
hwpplayer1yes, i am just chatting now23:36
hwpplayer1i know my responsibilities23:36
tomreyn:) sorry, didn't mean to suggest otherwise23:54

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