-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted nova [source] (groovy-proposed) [2:22.0.0-0ubuntu1]00:59
blackboxswRAOF: sorry to have not responded, on update-notifier question https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=update-notifier.    I took off for PTO and just got back. The reason you see update-notifier bugs pushed to Trusty an nowhere else is because we didn't have a supported ubuntu-advantage-tools giving access to ESM services on xenial, bionic or focal yet. We only have just queued a02:10
blackboxswproposed release of ubuntu-advantage-tools for more general consumption in ppa:ua-client/proposed so we are eager to start SRUing both motd support of ESM package counts (via update-notifier) as well as upgrade support via ubuntu-release-upgrader queued uploads.02:10
tewardcorrect me if i'm wrong but final freeze is pretty much a "don't touch things" thing right?  I.e. for sync requests02:13
teward*points at one that came in for flatpak that ended on his radar as sponsors*02:14
blackboxswI know it's no longer your SRU day, so I can ping tjaalton for tomorrow if needed to see if there is time to peek at update-notifier and ubuntu-release-upgrader.  Also I did get the okay for U-R-U to expedite the release from Brian Murray as well as it is a minimum changeset for ubuntu-release-upgrader.02:14
RAOFblackboxsw: Cool, I'll poke around.02:29
blackboxswThanks RAOF02:30
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted update-notifier [source] (xenial-proposed) [3.168.11]03:46
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted update-notifier [source] (bionic-proposed) []04:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted update-notifier [source] (focal-proposed) []04:32
tjaaltonblackboxsw: it's friday, so packages aren't getting released today04:57
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: xfce4-cpufreq-plugin (groovy-proposed/universe) [1.2.1-1 => 1.2.2-1] (xubuntu) (sync)05:07
Ukikie↑ Fixes FTBFS with gcc-1005:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New sync: zint (groovy-proposed/primary) [2.8.0-1]05:11
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [amd64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57] (core, kernel)05:33
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [ppc64el] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57] (core, kernel)05:34
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [s390x] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57] (core, kernel)05:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [arm64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57] (core, kernel)05:36
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57]05:48
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [ppc64el] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57]05:48
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [arm64] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57]05:48
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [s390x] (focal-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57]05:48
tjaaltonLaney: apparently lp:britney is not the correct target?05:58
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [s390x] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26] (core, kernel)06:03
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26] (core, kernel)06:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-122.124] (core, kernel)06:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26] (core, kernel)06:05
tjaaltonit's weird because parent_location is correct06:05
tjaalton~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu, not ~ubuntu-archive/06:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-122.124] (core, kernel)06:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [arm64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26] (core, kernel)06:09
tjaaltonLaney: ok, created a new MP for the correct repo..06:13
tjaaltonnow the question is, why the heck doesn't lp:britney point to the right place?06:13
tjaaltonI'm not the only one that got bit by this06:13
tjaaltonso, please ack/merge this: https://code.launchpad.net/~tjaalton/britney/hints-ubuntu/+merge/39235606:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oem-osp1 [amd64] (bionic-proposed/universe) [5.0.0-1070.76] (no packageset)06:25
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oem [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-1100.110] (kernel)06:26
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oem-osp1 [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [5.0.0-1070.76]06:40
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-122.124]06:40
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oem [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-1100.110]06:40
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-122.124]06:40
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26]06:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26]06:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [arm64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26]06:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [s390x] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26]06:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [s390x] (focal-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1] (no packageset)06:55
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [arm64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1] (no packageset)06:59
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [ppc64el] (focal-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1] (no packageset)06:59
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [amd64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1] (no packageset)07:00
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [amd64] (focal-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1]07:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [ppc64el] (focal-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1]07:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [arm64] (focal-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1]07:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.8 [s390x] (focal-proposed) [5.8.0-25.26~20.04.1]07:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [s390x] (bionic-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1] (no packageset)07:08
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1] (no packageset)07:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [arm64] (bionic-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1] (no packageset)07:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe [ppc64el] (xenial-proposed/main) [4.15.0-122.124~16.04.1] (kernel)07:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe [amd64] (xenial-proposed/main) [4.15.0-122.124~16.04.1] (kernel)07:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1] (no packageset)07:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1]07:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1]07:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [arm64] (bionic-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1]07:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe-5.4 [s390x] (bionic-proposed) [5.4.0-52.57~18.04.1]07:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe [amd64] (xenial-proposed) [4.15.0-122.124~16.04.1]07:36
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-hwe [ppc64el] (xenial-proposed) [4.15.0-122.124~16.04.1]07:36
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: freeipa (groovy-proposed/universe) [4.8.6-1ubuntu2 => 4.8.6-1ubuntu3] (no packageset)07:41
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted freeipa [source] (groovy-proposed) [4.8.6-1ubuntu3]07:43
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: mesa (groovy-proposed/main) [20.2.0-1 => 20.2.1-1] (core, i386-whitelist, xorg) (sync)07:49
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: libva (groovy-proposed/universe) [2.8.0-1 => 2.9.0-1] (i386-whitelist, kubuntu) (sync)07:51
tjaaltonoh, kubuntu has libva.. bummer07:52
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: firewalld (groovy-proposed/universe) [0.9.1-1 => 0.9.1-1ubuntu1] (no packageset)07:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted firewalld [source] (groovy-proposed) [0.9.1-1ubuntu1]07:55
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-gcp [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-1008.8] (core, kernel)08:00
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-1007.7] (core, kernel)08:00
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-azure [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-1010.10] (core, kernel)08:01
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-kvm [amd64] (groovy-proposed/main) [5.8.0-1008.8] (core)08:01
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-azure [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-1010.10]08:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-kvm [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-1008.8]08:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-gcp [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-1008.8]08:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oracle [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [5.8.0-1007.7]08:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: telepathy-idle (groovy-proposed/universe) [0.2.0-2ubuntu1 => 0.2.0-2ubuntu2] (no packageset)08:13
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted telepathy-idle [source] (groovy-proposed) [0.2.0-2ubuntu2]08:14
mvosil2100: hey, I just read about #1898038 - what's the expectation? if the PR is good should I upload a new deb with the fix today?08:29
mvosil2100: or is the image final so this is not something that will make it to the release anyway?08:29
tjaaltonsil2100: I've synced mesa 20.2.1, the first bugfix release of the series08:30
sil2100mvo: we will be building release candidate images on Monday, so there's still time! If it's possible to get that prepped in a release today, that would be awesome08:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ironic (groovy-proposed/universe) [1:16.0.0~b3~git2020091407.235506b00-0ubuntu1 => 1:16.0.1-0ubuntu1] (openstack)09:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: sahara (groovy-proposed/universe) [1:13.0.0~b2~git2020073016.7cdda56b-0ubuntu1 => 1:13.0.0-0ubuntu1] (openstack)09:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ironic (groovy-proposed/universe) [1:16.0.0~b3~git2020091407.235506b00-0ubuntu1 => 1:16.0.1-0ubuntu1] (openstack)09:05
mvosil2100: thanks! that's good to know, we made it a priority and will upload the fix today (unless some catastrophic complications come up but I think that won't happen)09:16
sil2100mvo: excellent! Monday would be also fine if anything o/09:28
sil2100Since we're still waiting for the kernel IIRC09:28
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: klibc (groovy-proposed/main) [2.0.7-1ubuntu5 => 2.0.7-1ubuntu6] (core, i386-whitelist)10:08
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted klibc [source] (groovy-proposed) [2.0.7-1ubuntu6]10:50
sil2100Ok guys, I need to be EOWing now, will be back full-time on Monday (or even Sunday already)10:56
Laneyo/ see ya sil210010:56
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: linux-firmware-raspi2 (groovy-proposed/multiverse) [2-0ubuntu1 => 2-0ubuntu2] (no packageset)10:57
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ubiquity (groovy-proposed/main) [20.10.11 => 20.10.12] (desktop-core)11:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: systemd (focal-proposed/main) [245.4-4ubuntu3.2 => 245.4-4ubuntu3.3] (core, i386-whitelist)11:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: systemd (bionic-proposed/main) [237-3ubuntu10.42 => 237-3ubuntu10.43] (core)11:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (groovy-proposed/main) [161 => 162] (ubuntu-desktop)11:26
seb128Wimpress, ^ new slideshow uploaded11:51
=== Laney changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Focal 20.04.1, Bionic 18.04.5 | Archive: Final Freeze | Highlight ubuntu-archive for archive admin help | Groovy Release Coordination | We accept payment in cash, cheque or gin | melius malum quod cognoscis
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted gnome-applets [sync] (groovy-proposed) [3.38.0-1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted manila [source] (groovy-proposed) [1:11.0.0-0ubuntu1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted neutron-vpnaas [source] (groovy-proposed) [2:17.0.0-0ubuntu1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted sahara [source] (groovy-proposed) [1:13.0.0-0ubuntu1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted ironic [source] (groovy-proposed) [1:16.0.1-0ubuntu1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted neutron [source] (groovy-proposed) [2:17.0.0-0ubuntu1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted mesa [sync] (groovy-proposed) [20.2.1-1]12:47
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted xfce4-cpufreq-plugin [sync] (groovy-proposed) [1.2.2-1]12:47
tjaaltonLaney: there's still some stack smashing going on with 9base on s390x which blocks xorg-server, should I mark that force-reset-test as well?12:51
LaneyI don't know, depends if your xorg-server makes that happen or not :-)12:52
Laneytry the test with nothing from -proposed (a trigger to itself only)12:52
tjaaltonhm ok12:52
tjaaltondidn't think of that, it's queued now12:55
rbalinttjaalton, you mean this one ? LP #189532113:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1895321 in 9base (Ubuntu) "stack smashing detected in /usr/lib/plan9/bin/sha1sum on s390x" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189532113:01
tjaaltonrbalint: indeed13:02
rbalinttjaalton, Laney  i tried to getting it hinted once but it was rejected https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/britney/hints-ubuntu/+merge/39063313:05
rbalinti still believe it should be hinted13:06
rbalintor dropped on s390x13:07
tjaaltonLaney: yep, fails on it's own too14:32
tjaaltonso it should be hinted14:32
Laneyor fixed :>14:33
Laneybut yes sounds ok14:33
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ubuntu-drivers-common (groovy-proposed/main) [1:0.8.6 => 1:] (desktop-core)14:54
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: pi-bluetooth (groovy-proposed/multiverse) [0.1.10ubuntu6 => 0.1.15ubuntu1] (no packageset)15:08
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: pyside2 (groovy-proposed/universe) [5.15.0-3ubuntu2 => 5.15.0-4] (no packageset) (sync)15:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted pyside2 [sync] (groovy-proposed) [5.15.0-4]15:17
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted linux-firmware-raspi2 [source] (groovy-proposed) [2-0ubuntu2]15:21
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted ubiquity [source] (groovy-proposed) [20.10.12]15:26
tjaaltonLaney: sent a merge request for that15:26
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: base-files (groovy-proposed/main) [11ubuntu13 => 11ubuntu14] (core, i386-whitelist)15:44
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: alsa-utils (focal-proposed/main) [1.2.2-1ubuntu1 => 1.2.2-1ubuntu2] (desktop-core, i386-whitelist, ubuntu-server)15:52
vorlonmwhudson: so my changes to casper for the bootable flag have regressed the autopkgtests on amd64; and when I run those tests locally I get the old /dev/sr0 not found issue.  any insights?16:10
vorlonmwhudson: (and /dev/sr0 does show up in the initramfs, but is certainly not mountable)16:11
vorlon(and no /dev/sda etc)16:11
vorlonmwhudson: ah it's because my host kernel doesn't match the one in my casper test env so my initramfs has no modules, should be fixable16:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: chromium-browser (groovy-proposed/universe) [1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu1 => 1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu2] (ubuntu-desktop)16:51
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: casper (groovy-proposed/main) [1.454 => 1.455] (desktop-core)17:00
vorlonbdmurray: ^^ new casper, that actually works (hurray for autopkgtests); could you review?17:01
bdmurrayvorlon: done, is it okay (image building wise) to let base-files in too?17:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted casper [source] (groovy-proposed) [1.455]17:05
vorlonbdmurray: well it's definitely a package we need updated before release, so yes :)17:06
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted base-files [source] (groovy-proposed) [11ubuntu14]17:08
tewardremind me the coverage of final freeze again?  Right before Final Freeze came into play a sync request came in to get a bugfix for flatpak https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flatpak/+bug/1900063 but I think it's too late with the freeze to do anything about it?  (Sponsors was subbed which is how I got it.)  Asking for the reminder because my brain is not functioning 100% today17:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1900063 in flatpak (Ubuntu) "Sync flatpak 1.8.2-3 (universe) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,New]17:53
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: update-notifier (groovy-proposed/main) [3.192.33 => 3.192.34] (ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server)17:55
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New sync: plocate (groovy-proposed/primary) [1.0.4-4]20:06
Ukikie↑ Entirely new package, thus can't have regressions right?  It's supposed to be faster than mlocate, it does appear to be for me as well.20:17
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oem-5.6 [amd64] (focal-proposed/main) [5.6.0-1032.33] (no packageset)20:51
rbalintvorlon, strace glibc and other packages still run tests on riscv64, so i try a slightly different fix for dpkg in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/4159/+packages21:06
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: glib2.0 (groovy-proposed/main) [2.66.0-2 => 2.66.1-2] (core, i386-whitelist) (sync)22:40
vorlonteward: flatpak is not seeded on images and not in main, so a bugfix-only sync is ok23:00
vorlonUkikie: yeah, no risk of regression, just a question of whether anyone has time to review it vs working on release stuff.  Since it's a sync, the need for review is minimal; accepted now23:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [sync] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:06
Ukikievorlon: Thanks.  It's cool to have, but obviously not worth a lot of time during final freeze.23:07
vorlonrbalint: hmm. wouldn't it be better to get those packages to comply with current debhelper behavior?23:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: plocate [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed/none) [1.0.4-4] (no packageset)23:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: plocate [s390x] (groovy-proposed/none) [1.0.4-4] (no packageset)23:08
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: plocate [amd64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [1.0.4-4] (no packageset)23:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted ring [sync] (groovy-proposed) [20191214.1.07edb5e~ds1-1]23:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [sync] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: plocate [arm64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [1.0.4-4] (no packageset)23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: plocate [armhf] (groovy-proposed/universe) [1.0.4-4] (no packageset)23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [armhf] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [s390x] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [arm64] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted plocate [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed) [1.0.4-4]23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed/none) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [s390x] (groovy-proposed/none) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:12
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [amd64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [arm64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [armhf] (groovy-proposed/universe) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:15
UkikieI'd guess I'm out of luck on a bugfix release specifically targetting Ubuntu though, since it's seeded in budgie and Xubuntu. :/23:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: zint [riscv64] (groovy-proposed/universe) [2.8.0-1] (no packageset)23:31
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [armhf] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:58
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [riscv64] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:58
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [amd64] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:59
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [ppc64el] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:59
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [arm64] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:59
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted zint [s390x] (groovy-proposed) [2.8.0-1]23:59

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