jrwrenmy coworker just 🤯15:03
jrwren"nix is snapd for smart people"15:03
jrwrenwe have a lot of nix users at work.15:03
jrwrenin fact, some of our products are built with nix.15:03
greg-ghuh, not sure why I wasn't here after a weechat restart19:44
greg-gcmaloney: btw, did you do something with yahoo and ubuntu michigan recently? I just got an odd email.19:44
cmaloneyYes, I just checked and the password needs a resetting19:45
cmaloneyor a closing19:45
greg-gdo you need that email I got?19:45
greg-gthe code19:45
greg-gIt looked legit since they told me the request was from Michigan and via Linux :)19:46
cmaloneyI'm going to close the account since it's not used and it's Yahoo.19:46
cmaloneyThere. Terminated.19:49
cmaloneyno activity there, but apparently was part of a breach19:49
cmaloneygo figure.19:49
jrwrengreg-g: you really missed out on my rants and raves19:59
greg-gjrwren: I would miss those20:00
jrwrenlike... i'm about to rant and rave about the excel file format.20:13
jrwrenhttp://www.openoffice.org/sc/excelfileformat.pdf  just look at it!  page 18... size 1 or 2??? WTF is that even?!??! how?! what?20:14
cmaloneyExcel's file format is a complete disaster21:15
cmaloneyOpenPyXL was really fun21:15
jrwrenthat document from OO is excellent. <3 libreoffice22:14

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