pavloszdorovo: s/should/shows/00:25
zdorovopavlos: I'm running wavemon now. what info did you want to see?00:52
zdorovoavg sig is -56dBm, tx-power is 22dBm, rx rate is 54 MBit/s00:53
zdorovopavlos: i agree though, i'm starting to think the channel width is not really the problem...00:53
zdorovopavlos: so now I'm back to not really knowing why my wifi is so slow00:54
pavloszdorovo: my link quality is about 90% and signal level -50 dBm00:54
zdorovoaha, my link quality is 77% and signal level is 056dBm00:55
pavloszdorovo: these look good00:55
oerheksmaybe reset your modem if you encounter unlogical speed isues.00:57
pavloszdorovo: maybe change channel, you may get interference from overlapping wifi00:57
zdorovohmmmmm i just realized i had "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1" in my iwlwifi.conf file and apparently that disables 802.11ac as well in newer kernels01:00
zdorovosee: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Iwlwifi01:00
zdorovoI set it to 0 instead and now I'm gonna try restarting my laptop01:01
zdorovosweet jesus, it worked01:03
zdorovospeedtest.net results jumped from 15Mbps to 207Mbps lol01:03
zdorovoty everyone for your moral support01:04
pavloszdorovo: outstanding !!01:08
woleiumHifolks, I've ont used Ubuntu for a couple of years, so snaps are new to me. I just installed Atom editor and can't seem to work out how to `atom file.txt` from a shell. Is this possible with flatpack software?01:27
sarnoldI think flatpak things are usually gui tools with file-pickers that use 'portals' to open files across the sandboxing01:30
woleiumMaybe a text editor isnt the best thing to flatpak then?01:31
woleiumThere is a ppa I can add to install via apt.01:31
sarnoldit depends how you use it, I think; a lot of folks using text editors never see command lines01:32
sarnoldcertainly I couldn't tolerate that :)01:32
sarnoldbut some people never leave their IDE01:32
woleiumRight, IDE - not text editor01:32
woleiumI'm only a lowly sysadmin :)01:33
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Roeyhello. I'm unable to mount my external hard drive for some reason--I mount it, but when I look at the mount point, it is empty, and when I issue "mount", I don't see it listed at all.01:58
matsamanRoey: how're you mounting it?01:59
sarnoldRoey: check dmesg, it's possible an error message was printed there01:59
=== don`t_try_newbie is now known as don`t_try_babie
Roey[591670.888179] systemd-fstab-generator[726983]: Failed to create unit file /run/systemd/generator/backup.mount, as it already exists. Duplicate entry in /etc/fstab?02:01
Roeysarnold: this came from dmesg output02:02
sarnoldheh, that's an error alright, but I don't think that'd actually interfere with the mount02:02
Roeymatsaman: I'm doing "mount /dev/sdc /backup"02:02
Roeyhello. I'm unable to mount my external hard drive for some reason--I mount it, but when I look at the mount point, it is empty, and when I issue "mount", I don't see it listed at all.02:02
Roeyso *in* that backup.mount, i see this:02:02
matsamanRoey: ordinarily it is partitions you mount (/dev/sdc1, for example), and not devices (/dev/sdc)02:02
matsamanRoey: you can see everything from lsblk -f02:03
Roeylisten i Think the issue has to do with the UUID.02:03
Roeybecause I have both external hard drives' UUIDs in /etc/fstab set to mount to /backup02:04
RoeyI alternate between one and the other every week02:04
sarnoldso long as only one is ever mounted at a time that's probably fine02:04
Roeythey're two backup hard drives.02:04
Roeynow, the thing is , if you look up at that backup.mount, you'll notice it specifies a UUID there.02:04
matsamanRoey: UUIDs are stupid, they're non-human-readable02:04
matsamangive them some LABELs02:04
Roeyanyway I am wondering if that backup.mount is using the wrong UUID02:05
sarnoldhmmmmm, maybe that is the cause of the systemd error you pasted though02:05
matsamanit could be02:05
matsamancheck lsblk -f02:05
sarnold(but I also don't think that systemd error is what's keeping the mount from working)02:05
Roeymatsaman: er, yeah, see, the UUID from this disk does not match the UUID in backup.mount02:05
matsamanmount LABEL=correctlabelhere /mnt/path should work02:06
matsamanand mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/path should work (given device sdc and the first partition)02:06
matsamanthat is the simplest test02:06
Roeythere is no /dve/sdc102:07
Roeyjust /dve/sdc02:07
RoeyI tried /dev/sdc1 and it complained that there is no such partition02:07
matsamanyou need to check lsblk -f02:07
Roeyyeah I see that there isn't one02:07
Roeyit's just /dev/sdc02:08
matsamanRoey: you see sda, sdb, and sdc and those are all the devices? You know what sda & sdb are? You're certain sdc is this backup drie?02:08
matsamanif you remove the drive, lsblk -f should no longer list /dev/sdc02:09
matsamanis your other backup drive an identical model, partition scheme, filesystem setup?02:09
Roeymatsaman: yes, the backup drive is on /dev/sdc.02:10
Roeymatsaman: theo ther drive is identical pretty much02:10
RoeyI'm using borg backup on them02:11
matsamanso if you unplug this drive and plug in the other one, what do you see?02:11
matsamanjust /dev/sdc ? Or something more?02:11
Roeymatsaman: I did dmesg -w, and in antoher window issued mount /dev/sdc /backup and got this: "EXT4-fs (sdc): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)".  Yet it still won't show up in the output of "mount", or even just browsing to that mountpoint.02:11
Roeymatsaman: if I plug in the other one, I'd see /dev/sdc, yeah02:12
matsamanthe question is whether you'd see more02:12
matsamanlike /dev/sdc102:12
matsamanwhich is what would be ordinary02:12
RoeyI didn't make any partitions on it.02:13
RoeyI just ran ext4.mkfs /dev/sdc.02:13
sarnoldRoey: did you check in a different shell than the one you used to mount the drive?02:13
Roeyyeah, saw the same thing there.02:14
matsamanRoey: well check the other drive anyway02:14
matsamanit'll tell you if it's a problem unique to one of your drives, or if, instead, it's your system that has changed02:14
RoeyI'm pretty sure it's the latter02:14
matsamanthe latter would be a better problem02:14
matsamana software/configuration problem rather than potentially hardware failure02:15
RoeyI mean the drives are relatively still new02:15
matsamanand I'm assuming they both have approximately the same data02:15
groovyyo anyone around that can answer a noob question?02:29
sarnoldmaybe :)02:29
groovyI want to commit/push stuff to github from my ubuntu machine02:30
groovyand I have the SSH stuff set up02:30
groovybut I want to automate it a bit and have ssh-agent run and ssh-add the rsa key02:30
groovyand I added smth to my .profile02:30
groovythis is what's in my .profile02:32
groovyand the script is literally jsut echoing the password02:32
groovynow if I log in to my machine and run the script and pipe that to ssh-add it says identity added and everything is gucci02:32
groovyhowever whenever I reboot the machine I get an error message02:33
groovyso it seems like my stuff is working but this throws an error on startup??02:35
groovyand I've tried redirecting the input of the sshaskpass script to /dev/null like the man page suggested and that didn't work and I tried redirecting the stdout of the ssh-add portion to /dev/null and that also failed02:35
sarnoldhmm I can't find any bit of that error mess in debian's code search02:37
sarnoldthat means it's either ubuntu-specific (which is hard to tell) or it's coming from something else..02:37
groovyidk if this is relevant but I'm running Ubuntu in Virtual Box02:37
sarnoldoh that's possible their guest additions are funny02:37
sarnoldso, I've got a few thoughts ..02:38
matsamangroovy: I wonder if ~/.config/autostart/ would be a better place to refer to it from02:38
sarnoldfirst , this feels like it'd be easier to just take the password off the key02:38
sarnoldand skip quite a lot of this :)02:38
groovyi'm v new to unix/github/command line stuff etc02:38
matsamangroovy: or if you truly only want it when you're using an interactive shell in a terminal window, maybe ~/.bashrc02:38
groovymatsaman: i had it in .bashrc and it didn't work either so i moved it to profile :<02:38
sarnoldsecond, I thought our desktop environments usually started ssh-agent for you, so I'm surprised you're starting one of your own here02:38
groovyum I kept running into gnome-keyring-daemon running02:39
groovywhich was causing some kind of issue and a SO/SE post lead me to the if *** fi stuff about ssh-agent over that02:39
groovyso it could work with pushing github stuff to a remote repo02:39
sarnoldyeah, I could believe that; you could probably just remove all the ssh-agent stuff in your config, and if you strip off the password, stuff in the ssh-add command and it might Just Work02:42
groovysarnold: yeah I came across smth about removing the passphrase but I guess I just got stubborn on making it work the first way/curious to see if I could make it work02:43
sarnoldgroovy: one point I'm not sure about -- this is a guess -- but probably the tooling that asks for the ssh key phrase will open a terminal itself when asking for the password. I wouldn't expect that you'd be able to pass in the password via another tool like that.02:44
groovyidk what i'm doing 100% i just read the manpage for ssh-add saying if SSH_ASKPASS was ssh-add would run the script there02:45
sarnoldhah, funny, I never looked into how SSH_ASKPASS actually works :)02:46
BalooRJDoes anyone know if Blu-Ray playback works in Ubuntu 20.04? I noticed the libbluray1 library is currently not in the repo02:51
matsamanBalooRJ: probably in 'universe' repo02:51
groovyguess i'll just remove the password and write a script to start ssh-agent and ssh-add teh rsa key02:52
sarnoldBalooRJ: it's packaged in focal https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libbluray02:53
sarnoldgroovy: I still think starting the ssh-agent yourself isn't necessary02:53
BalooRJsarnold: Thanks I see its called libbluray2 now02:53
matsamangroovy: might ask #bash or #linux02:54
matsamangroovy: about the original issue02:54
xbfrogubuntu 20.04 in terminal says 2 packages can be "upgraded" but when i search google returns either upgrade the os or update files. why is terminal saying upgrade?03:46
xbfrogor simply what is the command to upgrade these 2 packages03:46
groovymatsaman: yeah idk it's just weird i guess03:47
groovyi just wrote a bash script for ssh-add and put it in .bashrc03:47
groovyand when i open a bash shell it shows the output and then user@machine03:48
groovybut when i run ssh-add -l03:48
groovyit says no identities added T_T03:49
groovyand then if i run the script manually.... it works and ssh-add -l shows the key03:49
Bashing-omxbfrog: Show the channel in a pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so we see what you see.03:51
xbfrogok thanks03:51
doug16kis there a way to tell `apt-get source` to not patch it?03:54
doug16kI guess I can just download and extract it03:55
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chalcedonymy husband seems to have lost or forgotten whatever program he was using to see photographs on the SD card. He's using ubuntu 18.04 again.04:10
chalcedonyi'm not even sure his computer is seeing the card.04:11
doug16kshotwell maybe?04:11
doug16kif you open Files the external storage should come up in the left pane with a little eject button at the right end of it04:12
chalcedonyi was using lshw which gives too much and not enough04:13
doug16kyou can also look under /media/your-username-here and any automatically mounted external storage should be there, one directory per mount04:14
matsamanand if you want more trouble instead of less, there are ways to mount it with the card still in the camera04:15
Syndromwhy always restarts?06:06
Syndromcause kernel update okay06:07
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MaikSyndrom: unless you use Livepatch06:54
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MaikSyndrom: Livepatch is for LTS releases only afaik06:55
lazaI use tweaks or `setxkbmap -device 3 -option ctrl:nocaps,compose:rctrl` to disable capslock and relocate the compose key. Now after a while these settings are undone somehow. It started after playing around with some other ibus input methods (like m17n). I removed all of the input methods again, but still see the reset happening once in a while. Any ideas? (20.04.1 LTS)07:28
lazaThat is in the same session, while typing (not after relogin).07:29
DarkTrickwho manages debs, that I download and install manually? E.g. if I download the latest libre office and install it (about 20 - 30 debs) and then I install libre office from the repos, does the installation process knows it's the same software and cleans up the firstly installed version?07:38
guivercDarkTrick, it'll depend on how packaged, if the packager has built it only for Ubuntu use, it'll likely know & cope well, if built for debian/ubuntu/... it'll likely not be customized to run on any well & it's up to the installer/operator themselves to manage07:39
* guiverc not just Ubuntu; to cope properly they'd need to package a focal version groovy version, bionic version etc....07:40
guivercand most 3rd party packagers don't do that07:41
DarkTrickMy concern is, that if I install the latest version of libre office (e.g. for helping them test), that I gradually end up trashing my harddisk because apt/dpkg doesn't know what belongs together and... me as a user even less.07:42
DarkTrick*always install the latest versions07:43
DarkTrick(This of course holds true for other alpha/beta SW as well.)07:43
guivercDarkTrick, testing is best done on test boxes; not your primary/workhorse box.  (says me who does tests on this box; but I've other boxes I can use; plus this is dual boot with bionic if I need it)07:44
DarkTrickguiverc, I understand the point, but it's no help regarding the concern :)07:45
guivercI thought I'd answered that.  To be safe for a Ubuntu focal system, it needs to be packaged only for Ubuntu focal. Also a different package for my groovy system, for bionic users etc... Most 3rd party test software is packaged for everyone thus may conflict with your default packages; thus my testbox suggestion07:46
guivercmy 2c07:47
mgedminDarkTrick: if you install .deb packages, all the information goes into the same system database (stored in /var/lib/dpkg/)08:14
mgedminDarkTrick: the debs are replaced cleanly unless there's a packaging bug somewhere (which you'll notice because apt will complain loudly)08:14
mgedminDarkTrick: so as long as the package _names_ match, you should be fine08:14
mgedminDarkTrick: you can always check if you have any deb packages installed without matching versions in the ubuntu archive if you want to be sure to return your system to a clean state08:15
mgedmin(if only I remembered what that command was...)08:15
mgedmin(I use apt-show-versions|grep "No available version in archive", but there's a nicer, more modern way)08:16
luna_nothing much listening to a podcast and awaits an online conference that starts again in 1 hour and 15 minutes08:30
nmsSooo are you into rpg text stories on the phone (nlp say no more...)08:33
nmsHow about if theres pictures08:34
luna_nah not really my thing08:35
nmsNice, but cool ... errr and your thing...08:36
mgedminlol I did a firmware update from snap-store and now the uefi bios doesn't see grub as a boot option but goes directly into the windows bood manager08:40
nmsSoooo stories: "I had a story told to me...", a pirate with a peg leg and an eyepatch trailed off in a crowded coffie shop. The coffie shop had just one window showing a bustling metropolis and an occasional flying car.08:42
nmsBoot repair - reinstall grub08:43
nmsThere's a flash disk to download08:47
nmsBood repair sorry08:57
mgedminhow does one tell grub to use a particular grub.cfg at the grub command prompt?09:08
mgedminconfigfile (hd1,gpt5)/boot/grub/grub.cfg it is09:08
lotuspsychjemgedmin: not sure if this is helpfull, but maybe something usefull here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot09:13
lotuspsychje!rootirc | unknwn109:13
ubottuunknwn1: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.09:13
mgedminlotuspsychje: that is cool; it's what I do already for my rescue USB, but I didn't know about this wiki page09:15
lotuspsychjeyeah sometimes users ask alternate methods when they dont have usb/cd media09:16
lotuspsychjenms: not here please09:16
nualawelp! ubuntu 20.04/gedit 3.36.2: i use default dark colorscheme (dark background, white font color) but somehow current active line is now highlighted in white too @.@ what did i press, why and how can i undo that mess? ^^;09:19
bumbari've installed ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and am getting black screen after login (disk unlock and login screen work). tried setting "nomodeset" in grub as per some askubuntu replies, doesn't seem to help. live usb works fine09:19
mgedminokay grub-install seems to've fixed the efi boot vars09:20
nualabumbar: can you switch to text login (ctrl+alt+f5 e.g.) and login there?09:20
lotuspsychjemgedmin: : )09:20
mgedminnow to go back into the uefi setup and reenable secure boot09:21
mgedminspeaking of, how can I install grub into an usb drive so it boots with secure boot enabled?09:21
lotuspsychjelet me call eric, he's our uefi wizard09:22
mgedmincan I have shim chain-boot into grub?  do I have to sign something with the MOK?09:22
bumbarnuala, yeah if i do it before logging in in X. can also ssh09:23
keithzgmgedmin: Hmm I thought the bootable USB install images worked with UEFI Secure Boot by default? I swear they do when created with the Startup Disk Creator, at least.09:23
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: <mgedmin> speaking of, how can I install grub into an usb drive so it boots with secure boot enabled?09:24
mgedminyes, but I want to have multiple ISO images on the USB drive and choose between then from the grub menu09:24
mgedminwhich is more or less the same technique as described in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot09:24
mgedminand it works great, when I have secure boot disabled09:24
lotuspsychjeoh, there are some multi usb tools for that09:24
EriC^^mgedmin: the initial grub that's booting use shimx64.efi instead of grubx64.efi09:25
mgedminoh yeah that makes sense09:27
nualabumbar: try another WM to further locate the issue?09:33
bumbari've install nvidia driver 455 and it seems to work now09:35
bumbarspoke too soon, but at least i can login now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯09:36
DarkTrickguiverc, mgedmin Thank you for clearing up. I understand "it depends".09:38
DarkTrickSad, but apparently not enough people bother09:39
DarkTrickbumbar: ¯_(シ)_\/¯09:40
mgedminI can't find a shimx64.efi anywhere on the ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso09:52
mgedminunless it's /mnt/EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.EFI09:54
mgedminbut the sha256sum doesn't match /usr/lib/shim/shimx64.efi.signed09:54
CheatermanHi folks I hope y'all doing goodie! QQ - how does Ubuntu handle Nvidia drivers in Optimus setups nowadays? Is bumblebee+bbswitch+primus still "an option" for users, or is it full modesetting+glvnd? How do users typically start their apps on the dGPU? Thanks in advance :-)10:00
Cheaterman(while typing the lines I realized I should probably just read the docs...)10:01
lotuspsychjeCheaterman: bumblebee is outdated, installing your nvidia driver is enough to get it all10:01
jattwhere is the default ntp server configured? Currently I have in the logs:10:01
jattsystemd-timesyncd[664]: Synchronized to time server (ntp.ubuntu.com)10:01
jattI'm using Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS10:01
lotuspsychjeCheaterman: in nvidia-settings you can switch between powersaving - performance mode with optimus then10:01
Cheatermanlotuspsychje: yeah but I mean if you want the offloading to work you gotta set the env vars __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 and __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia right?10:02
Cheatermanlotuspsychje: how do users typically handle that10:02
lotuspsychjeCheaterman: if offloading doesnt work by default, you might wanna try the drivers from the ubuntu graphics ppa/latest for your card10:03
ubottuFor nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa10:04
Cheatermanlotuspsychje: I clicked that last link, bumblebee is in it10:05
lotuspsychjeCheaterman: yeah but bumblebee is not what you want anymore10:05
CheatermanI generally agree that bumblebee is outdated, and I got things working here with modesetting, I was just wondering how Ubuntu users do it, because I didn't find documentation online about the env vars (other than the official nvidia changelog... which isn't ideal)10:05
Cheaterman(I'm not a Ubuntu user myself, I'm asking out of curiosity)10:06
CheatermanSide-question would be about power draw and GPU clocks when on battery/AC, I noticed weird things here ; but first things first I'm wondering how Ubuntu users enable offloading to the nvidia GPU, given the env vars aren't really documented10:08
hackinghornheh, my ubuntu is very smart. I turned it off with Suspend and it wakes up whenever I turn on the fan in the room. How does it do that?!10:19
EriC^^hackinghorn: maybe there's a piece of something on the touchpad and the air flow is letting it move a little?10:24
hackinghornEriC^^, hmm that might be right10:25
hackinghornor maybe the mousepad or mouse move a little10:25
EriC^^or maybe you're haunted :P10:25
hackinghornlol yee10:30
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mystiquewolfHi, i need help in setting up the unattended-upgrades10:57
mystiquewolfThey don't run on the machine10:58
mystiquewolfI have in file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades:10:58
mystiquewolfAPT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1";10:59
mystiquewolfAPT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade "1";10:59
mystiquewolfAPT::Periodic::Download-Upgradeable-Packages "1";10:59
EriC^^mystiquewolf: what does "systemctl status unattended-upgrades.service" give?11:00
mystiquewolfand inside 10periodic i have:11:00
mystiquewolfAPT::Periodic::Enable "1";11:00
mystiquewolf● unattended-upgrades.service - Unattended Upgrades Shutdown11:01
mystiquewolf     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/unattended-upgrades.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)11:01
mystiquewolf     Active: active (running) since Fri 2020-10-16 11:05:46 EEST; 2h 55min ago11:01
mystiquewolf       Docs: man:unattended-upgrade(8)11:01
mystiquewolf   Main PID: 884 (unattended-upgr)11:01
mystiquewolf      Tasks: 2 (limit: 4480)11:01
mystiquewolf     Memory: 8.2M11:02
mystiquewolf     CGroup: /system.slice/unattended-upgrades.service11:02
mystiquewolf             └─884 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/share/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown --wait-for-signal11:02
mystiquewolfDid anyone get this link https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TJz2PRCsYJ/ ? Not sure i can't see it in the irclogs11:15
Habbiemystiquewolf, i see it 11 minutes ago and just now from you11:16
mystiquewolfI'm such a newbie with IRC, sorry11:16
bloketokesmokehi i read that nettools is depreciated and that "tell me what its called please"11:26
bloketokesmokehave only needed to use a few tools, but want to read more about it11:26
BluesKajHi all11:27
bloketokesmokeBluesKaj, herro11:27
BluesKajhi bloketokesmoke11:27
bloketokesmokeokay google is my friend iproute2 replaces net-tools11:31
bloketokesmokeBluesKaj, did you get my pm champ11:31
bloketokesmokethink e1s asleep so we can go offtopic11:32
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bloketokesmokehey guys if i want a daemon or program/script to run at boot where do i need to place it for it to run persistently11:49
EriC^^bloketokesmoke: you could make a systemd service unit for it11:49
bloketokesmokelets say a script11:50
bloketokesmokewhat should i google EriC^^11:50
EriC^^bloketokesmoke: https://askubuntu.com/questions/919054/how-do-i-run-a-single-command-at-startup-using-systemd11:50
bloketokesmokety EriC^^11:50
Gnjurachi in ubuntu 2020 how do i add right click to file manager,  this default one is nautils right even its called 'files' in about, i tryed installing nautilus-actions but for some reson they dont work i fill it but nothing shows11:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 3007 in Launchpad itself "duplicate for #2020 "Currently Published Elsewhere" pointer to the other string" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/300711:51
tomreyn!YY.MM | Gnjurac: there is and will be no "Ubuntu 2020"11:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 3007 in Launchpad itself "duplicate for #2020 "Currently Published Elsewhere" pointer to the other string" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/300711:52
ubottuGnjurac: there is and will be no "Ubuntu 2020": Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle11:52
tomreyn(and please ignore ubottu for now)11:53
bloketokesmokehe's tripping out11:53
tomreyn... other than for the YY.MM hint11:53
Gnjuractomreyn 20.04 lts i think11:53
tomreynlsb_release -ds     or Settings -> Details    should tell you what you run#11:54
tomreyni'm not sure about the nautilus-actions situation in 20.04 LTS, i'll see if i can find anything about it.11:55
Gnjuracok but can i add any other way to rightclick run script11:56
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Gnjuracon video minetypes11:57
Gnjuracif i make a .desktop  and put it in local/shared/applications but duno how to add it to right click for all videos11:58
tomreynhmm, you could certainly define an "open with" target by having a desktop file which states that your script can handle the given mime type12:00
oerheks!info nautilus-extension-fma12:00
ubottunautilus-extension-fma (source: filemanager-actions): Nautilus extension to allow user-defined file-manager actions. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4-2 (focal), package size 20 kB, installed size 92 kB12:00
oerheksfrom https://askubuntu.com/questions/1138673/is-filemanager-actions-working-with-19-0412:00
tomreynin focal, nautilus-actions is actually a transitional package depending on both filemanager-actions and nautilus-extension-fma12:01
MexitHello,I just tested the latest image of Ubuntu 20.10. Unfortunately, there is no loopback.cfg file that allows the system to boot directly from the ISO image (through grub2).Will this be permanent?12:03
oerheksMerc, join #ubuntu+1 for groovy support, until release12:04
ubottuUbuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) will be the 33rd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release October 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GroovyGorilla/ReleaseSchedule ). Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.12:04
Gnjuraci think nuatilius -g fixed it for me12:04
Gnjuracbut ty12:05
tomreynGnjurac: when you say "i fill it but nothing shows", what is it that you're filling actually, and into what?12:05
tomreynoh it's solved, nice.12:05
Gnjuracyep ty12:05
Gnjuracduno how i dident saw that link myself12:05
tomreyni'm not sure what exactly fma-config-tool does, but it may be worth running this command.12:06
tomreynsee also file:///usr/share/doc/filemanager-actions/README12:07
bloketokesmokehello tomreyn oerheks tomreyn EriC^^  wsup homies12:10
tomreynhi bloketokesmoke12:12
=== mhcerri_ is now known as mhcerri
Gnjuracthis noutilius is retarded12:40
Gnjuracso i added file manager actiosn it i add user bin gedit %f  it opens file with gedit but if i want to run a python3 script it does nothign, /usr/bin/python3  pathtoscript %f but if i run /usr/bin/python3  pathtoscript %f  from terminal myslef it works no problem12:42
=== auosun5 is now known as auosun
Gnjurachmm so it works for python just it wont work for OpenSubtitleDownlaoder.py12:58
Gnjuracfor some retarded reason12:58
oerheksmaybe because it is a python2 thingy?13:00
lotuspsychjeGnjurac: try subdownloader from the repos13:00
tomreyn/usr/bin/python3 would likely run into problems trying to run python2 code, yes13:01
Gnjuracruning it with python3 OpenSubDL form terminal works no problem13:01
Gnjuracso dont think that is an issue13:01
=== rexbinary_ is now known as rexbinary
he12457Who wants to become a millionaire ? Please prepare 1000 euros and conact me: he12457 @ hotmail . c o m , phone nr: 372 686132713:13
lotuspsychjehe12457: not here please13:13
he12457OK bro13:15
tomreynhe12457: nor elsewhere on Freenode, spam (and scams, and ponzi schemes) are off-topic on Freenodes13:16
EriC^^and illegal13:16
tomreyn* Freenode13:16
oerheksheap_, wrong channel dude13:29
oerhekssorry heap, he is gone13:29
HallcyonSo au.archive.ubuntu.com is down and keeps going down as its run on aarnet and its not reliable13:42
oerheksHallcyon, there are more mirrors in AU https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors13:44
HallcyonI need to make a script to update a lot of servers13:45
Hallcyonssh and update each server13:45
HallcyonI was thinking of adding multiple sources for redundancy13:45
oerheksyes? select a proper mirror first then13:45
wedrDid something changed recently in Ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome? It's no longer possible to **permanently** display hidden files anymore.13:46
Hallcyonaarnet Is Australia's education mirror its used for scientific research and for hell of a lot of research it surprising its down so often lately, its default for a lot of distros13:47
wedrUpon a reboot, Gnome 3 no longer displays hidden files.13:47
oerhekswedr ctrl + h would show them again, and should stick.13:47
wedrThat's what I did13:48
wedrAfter a reboot, it defaults back to false13:48
Gwalennhi, after 3/4 incremantal backup with tar, it says the directory are renamed and make a like a full backup. I do not understant13:53
grinchierhello all,  can anyone tell me why secure boot keeps turning itself back on after some time on my hp laptop14:01
tuxinatoroerheks: it is unbelieveable, that one can't have multiple mirrors set in parallel like mageia/mandrake and i also think centos do14:01
tuxinatorgrinchier: next time don't buy HP :D  sorry couldn't resist14:02
tuxinatorif i remember, you have to confirm to disable secureboot14:02
tuxinatormaybe the bios battery is empty14:03
grinchierit stays disabled for like a week.   then turns back on14:03
grinchierhmm i usually keep it plugged in.14:03
oerhekssecure boot should not be a problem for ubuntu, it is supported.14:03
grinchierdoesn't work with my wifi card though14:03
oerheksweird, contact HP for this?14:03
grinchieri have to disable secure boot for my wifi to work14:04
tuxinatorgrinchier: please explain further, i see no connection between secureboot and wifi at all14:04
grinchierit doesn't have drivers.  i found on google i had  to use a method to install special drivers that are not signed14:05
oerheksthere ar MOK utils to make it happen14:06
grinchierit is actually my sisters pc and my niece is using it for school.  they are bringing it over later i can't remember the wifi model14:06
oerheks!info mokutil14:06
ubottumokutil (source: mokutil): tools for manipulating machine owner keys. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.0+1538710437.fb6250f-1 (focal), package size 22 kB, installed size 70 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-arm; any-arm64; any-i386; any-ia64)14:06
grinchierok so i can use mok to make sure it is always disabled yes/14:06
grinchierok ty14:06
grinchieris there somewhere i can put a request to have the wifi card supported in ubuntu?14:08
oerheksone can put a request on launchpad, it depends on the source you provide them14:09
grinchierok ty14:09
grinchierhave a nice day14:11
leibniz[m]Anyone has any idea what the heck is this proces in my iotop? root [jbd2/sda6-8] . It writes ~50KiB every 3 seconds to my HDD and causes a noise. extremely annoying14:11
mgedminleibniz[m]: it's a kernel thread, jbd stands for "journaling block device"14:15
mgedminleibniz[m]: look for laptop mode tools; iirc they include tweaks that reduce ext4 journalling interval to keep the disk from spinning up, at the cost of increased chance of data loss14:16
mgedminor invest in an SSD, you can find no better investment for a laptop14:17
leibniz[m]mgedmin: I'm actually using TLP. I don't know why it didn't stop them. Firefox is also writing to HDD frequently although way less often14:17
mgedminor look for the actual process that writes to disk and causes jbd to wake up and flush metadata14:17
leibniz[m]mgedmin: do you know how can I trace it>14:19
leibniz[m]I've been witch hunting processes since this has started. docker, postgres, ...14:19
mgedminuh, there are definitely tools14:22
mgedminsome kernel sysctl can log all block i/o in dmesg with the pid that caused it14:23
leibniz[m]mgedmin: http://i.imgur.com/9019JVf.png14:45
leibniz[m]Can I catch a process by TID?14:45
mgedminthe screenshort already shows you what process it was14:51
tomreyn"TID" in the iotop output seems to stand for "thread ID", which can be passed the "ps" as arguments14:52
pavlosps -eo pid,tid,cmd14:53
tomreyns/passed the/passed to/14:53
leibniz[m]tomreyn: 248 ?        S      0:02 [jbd2/sda6-8]14:58
leibniz[m]still I can't find which process is using it14:59
leibniz[m]It has written ~8 MiB to disk over 20 mins!14:59
oerhekson that screenshot, i see firefox writing 108.00K15:03
leibniz[m]oerheks: It also shouldn't happen (because TLP) but this jdb2 issue is more urgent15:04
tomreynleibniz[m]: processes in (square) brackets indicate kernel threads15:08
leibniz[m]tomreyn: So is it normal? It is writing to HDD very frequently. Much more than anyhting else15:09
tomreynit can be. jbd2 is the journalling comppnent of the ext file system15:09
oerheksfrom your other screenshot, it is firefox that eats the most I/O https://i.imgur.com/8Y6wIK3.png15:10
tomreyndepending on how you're mounting file systems, journalling can cause a LOT of I/O15:10
leibniz[m]oerheks: yeah you are right. But this jbd2 thread is accessing hdd every 3 seconds15:11
leibniz[m]very annoying15:11
leibniz[m]Is this because I'm on dual boot?15:12
leftyfbtomreyn: I just searched for jdb2 in both bionic and focal, neither is a string in a filename existing on either system nor as a string in any filenames in either repos15:13
mgedminit is a kernel thread, leftyfb15:13
oerheksjbd2 is a kernel thread that updates the filesystem journal.15:13
leftyfbmgedmin: I don't see it in any ps either15:13
tomreyndo you have ext file systems?15:14
oerheksi guess it is journalctl15:15
leibniz[m]tomreyn: So is there a way to disable this jdb2 thing. It's responsible for ~2.87% of IO15:15
tomreynwell, i see "[jbd2/...]" on bionic in "ps auxw" output15:15
mgedminleftyfb: ps ax|grep jbd15:15
tomreynleibniz[m]: if you want to disable journalling, you could use file systems which do not support journalling. but i'm not sure that's a good solution to the (perceived?) "problem".15:16
leftyfbah, it's jbd, not jdb which leibniz[m] posted above at one point that I copied from :)15:17
leibniz[m]tomreyn: ok. Is there a way to force all processes (kernel and otherwise) to first buffer to RAM then load to hdd?15:17
leibniz[m]leftyfb: sorry15:17
leibniz[m]Isn't TLP supposed to do this?15:18
tomreynleibniz[m]: you could tell us how your journalling file systems are mounted (mount options as per "cat /proc/mounts"), maybe that's a good way to approach optimizations.15:18
leibniz[m]https://termbin.com/eulitomreyn: sorry. here it is15:19
tomreynalso which kernel version you're running. and please confirm you're using a proper installation of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.15:19
leibniz[m]tomreyn: Actually Xubuntu 18.04. And in a i3wm session. 5.4.0-51-generic15:20
tomreynokay, you have "relatime" on the only file system with journalling, which is the root file system (backed by /dev/sda6)15:21
tomreynthat's default and should be fine15:22
patrick_1I'm looking for a place where a newbie could get help with a partition question?15:24
leibniz[m]Why sda7 and 8 are not listed tomreyn:15:24
tomreynleibniz[m]: because they weren't mounted at the time you collected this info.15:25
tomreynpatrick_1: if this is about a supported ubuntu release (see /topic), here's a good place.15:25
leibniz[m]tomreyn: so jdb/sda6-8 doesn't mean that jdb is working for sda 7 and 8 also?15:26
leibniz[m]Also NTFS doesn't have this realtime journaling feature?15:26
tomreynNTFS journalling won't be in the kernel15:27
patrick_1thanks tomreyn. I recently updated to 20.04 and during the reinstall my home got moved to a small partition. I went to move it to another partition and am now the terminal only shows this and I'm afraid to proceed without breaking something...15:29
tomreyni do not know how and when exactly the "jdb/sda6-8" name is set, but would guess it happens early during boot, when file systems are examined.15:29
patrick_1 /etc/fstab: static file system information.15:29
patrick_1# Use 'blkid' to print the universally unique identifier for a15:29
patrick_1# device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices15:29
patrick_1# that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).15:29
tomreyn!paste | patrick_115:29
ubottupatrick_1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:29
tomreynpatrick_1: you can talk again since TheRedQueen removed the quiet flag on you. we didn't receive all of your output, so feel free to re-post to the pastebin, and then post the url here.15:35
tomreynpatrick_1: also, this seems contradictory to me: "I recently updated to 20.04 and during the reinstall my home got moved to a small partition." - Did you carry out a release upgrade from an earlier ubuntu release, or did you reinstall 20.04?15:38
patrick_1i reinstalled 20.0415:40
tomreynpatrick_1: so this system was already running ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and you then used the 20.04 installer to reinstall?15:42
tomreynpatrick_1: i don't think this would move your /home file system around, though. maybe i'm misunderstanding what you're saying.15:43
TJ-tomreyn: Maybe patrick_1 used the disk partitioner in the installer to resize the partition (or LV) containing the /home/ file-system ?15:44
=== TerianceVi is now known as TViernion
tomreynTJ-: hmm, maybe, i think only patrick_1 would know for sure, though.15:46
patrick_1upon reinstalling the home was in a different partition then previously. I tried to edit the fstab in a text editior and now the terminal is showing the above problem15:46
tomreynand we haven't seen what it is that the "terminal only shows this", yet15:46
=== TViernion is now known as StormsOfFury
tomreynpatrick_1: so i suggest you should show the current fstab, on the pastebin, and explain what you changed15:48
EriC^^patrick_1: last 2 lines seem bad15:50
oerheksEriC^^, noticed that, may lines cut-off15:51
EriC^^patrick_1: they should be on the same line, UUID=.... /media/home ext4.....15:51
EriC^^also what is that 011 in the swap line, is that standard now?15:51
EriC^^011 seems fishy15:51
tomreynthe "pass" field should still be a single digit only, i think15:52
oerheksand post you blkid15:52
tomreynand for swap, should be 015:52
tomreynpatrick_1: oerheks is saying: post the output of the "blkid" command, to the pastebin15:54
patrick_1can I do this from the # /etc/fstab screen on the terminal?15:55
patrick_1when i try to exit this screen it says save modified buffer15:57
tomreynso you're in a text editor, nano, apparently15:57
tomreyni suggest you save this modified buffer, but under a different file name than the one provided, e.g. /etc/fstab.new15:58
tomreynthen we can compare the old to the new file15:58
patrick_1saved. Back to a terminal15:59
tomreynhere's a properly formatted copy of your edited fstab, for reference: https://termbin.com/enxe16:00
tomreynnow show us the previous, unedited, fstab: cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999916:01
tomreyncan you explain what these posts are?16:04
patrick_1https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Qhq8mxFNJn/ is cat /etc/fstab16:05
patrick_1https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dGbCGYXfFq/ is sudo blkid16:06
patrick_1This is a steep learning curve /]16:07
=== Mibixy is now known as Mibix
tomreynpatrick_1: yes, learning to work on a temrinal can be a bit challenging initially (but you'll soon notice how this is also very useful). you're doing a good job.16:09
patrick_1you all are awesome16:09
tomreynpatrick_1: if https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Qhq8mxFNJn/ shows your current /etc/fstab then this means you already edited it, and the original version is aready lost, so we won't be able to see both versions, and depend on you to tell us what you changed.16:10
tomreyni assume you only meant to add the two lines (should have been a single line) about "/media/home", is this correct?16:11
patrick_1i only meant to change the last lines.16:11
tomreyni.e.: can you confirm that you only added lines 13 and 14 of https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Qhq8mxFNJn/ and made no other changes?16:12
tomreynno other *intentional* changes, i should have said16:12
patrick_1how would I confirm I changed only 13 & 14?16:12
pavlospatrick_1: this is how your /etc/fstab should look like: https://termbin.com/9o1t16:14
mgedmininstall etckeeper next time so you can track changes to files in /etc16:14
random1Having issues with my screen staying dim. I have the settings turned off for autodim and i have brightness all the way up. Also tried the brightness setting on my laptop keyboard but same issue. My battery is old but it seems to charge. Was having an issue earlier where it stayed at 12% for a while but now its going up normally after i took the16:15
random1battery out and plugged it back in. Not sure if thats relevant but figured its worth mentioning.16:15
mgedminis this an old laptop?  the inverter might be dying16:18
random1refurbished laptop16:18
random1HP Elitebook 8460p16:18
=== auosun7 is now known as auosun
nhkaysthat should be managed by the power manager, iit shouldn't matter what state the battery is in16:20
mgedmindoes the screen brightness change at all when you adjust the brightness slider in the top-right system menu?16:20
random1yes* (typo morning lol)16:20
random1It reminds me like the setting is on when laptop isnt plugged in to automatically dim it16:20
nhkayswhat desktop environment are you running?16:21
random1even though its plugged in16:21
nhkaysgnome 3?16:21
random1Ubuntu 20.0416:21
random1whatever initially comes with Ubuntu 20.0416:21
nhkayslook through settings and see if you can find power management16:21
nhkays(i don't know how it's done on ubuntu)16:21
random1Im at the power management16:22
threeyour screen wont dim?16:22
random1"Dim screen when inactive" is off. Blank screen is "never.16:22
random1Quite the opposite three16:22
threeand it still dims?16:22
nhkaysrandom1: yesm but what bout low battery state?16:22
three'xset s off' will turn off screen dimming16:23
mgedminrandom1: do you dual-boot?  this sounds like a hardware problem (screen too dim even at maximum brightness)16:23
threebut it needs to be ran every time x is ran16:23
random1the batter was staying at 12% for a long time. But its charging up now16:23
mgedminif another OS on the same machine can produce a brighter screen, then it's a driver problem of some kind16:23
random1three: did not work16:23
threetry 'xset s off -dpms'16:23
mgedminbattery level shouldn't have any effect on screen brightness (as long as it's > 0)16:23
random1mgedmin: i do get a report error everytime i boot up ubuntu16:24
nhkaysright, so it is a battery thing. power management will govern that. see if there's an option for battery level and brightness16:24
threerun 'who' to see what your display is labeled as16:24
threeit should be at the end of the line of your current session16:24
threemost likly :016:24
random1three: codelife :0           2020-10-16 11:05 (:0)16:25
threetry running 'DISPLAY=:0 xset s off"16:26
random1three: nothing happened16:26
threethat will only work as long as you dont restart your laptop or log out of your desktop enviorment16:26
threeit shouldnt blank your screen anymore16:26
random1three: its not about my screen blanking. My screen seems like its dimmed like i have the option for dim screen when not plugged in16:27
threeohhh i missunderstood16:27
random1i tried keyboard brightness and the option in settings as well16:27
threeand its normally brighter?16:28
ash_worksiis there a `deselect all` shortcut key?16:28
ash_worksilike, the opposite of ^a16:28
random1ash_worksi: nope16:28
random1its not super dim but its dim enough that its a bit annoying16:29
nhkaysrandom1: it will be in your power manager settings16:29
random1yeah thats what i initially went in to16:29
random1everything is fine in my settings16:30
threeheres something you can try16:30
random1Power settings*16:30
random1might try a brightness program or something16:30
random1see if it works. not sure of one to try though16:30
random1something for display/brightness16:30
nhkaysa bit like digging yourself out of a hole16:31
threerandom1 i think i found the problem you are experiencing16:31
random1three: im all ears16:31
random1nhkays: lol..16:31
threeyou probably want to follow the first answer and try that16:31
random1nhkays: pass the crumpets and tea please. stressful morning for me16:31
ash_worksiI don't suppose anyone knows of a away to defocus on ddg ?16:32
threeash_worksi what do you mean16:33
ash_worksiI was so happy to find out the otherday you can navigate results using j and k, and focus the search bar using /16:33
nhkaysthree: doesn't gnome handle the screen brightness in ubuntu, wouldn't it make more sense to fix that source o fthe problem ratherthan mask it?16:33
ash_worksibut still a bit tedious if I want more vim-like behaviour and I cant defocus a result16:33
nhkaysash_worksi: do you use Firefox? why not use tridactyl?16:34
ash_worksinhkays: because you never told me about it until now16:34
masonash_worksi: What would happen after the defocus?16:34
ash_worksiwhat is that?16:34
=== manopola2 is now known as manopola
random1still dont work16:34
ash_worksimason: I could use ^f to go where i want16:34
nhkaysash_worksi: vim bindings for firefox16:34
random1think i need to reboot for changes to take effect ? three16:34
threenhkays as he said that ended up not being his problem anyway16:35
threeyes you do16:35
masonash_worksi: ^f still pulls up the in-page find box for me - what am I missing?16:35
threethat post i linked was just some people that reported the same issue as what it sounds like random1 is experiencing16:35
ash_worksiit would be nice if whereever the page was currently find would search from there instead of taking me to the top16:35
random1blah i got other things to do today. Got some studies to do. I will just deal with this later -_-16:36
masonash_worksi: Oh, odd. What you want is the behaviour I see by default.16:36
random1thanks for the help anyhow everyone16:36
ash_worksimason: so, lets pretend your on a page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38197096/typescript-what-is-type-url/4167580616:36
threerandom1 did you just install ubuntu today? has it dont this before?16:36
ash_worksiI see a link on there ot a handbook16:36
random1three: no its been installed. just happened this morning16:37
ash_worksiif I ^f handbook, I can highlight it, then press enter and off I go16:37
threehate to suggest this but did you already try rebooting you laptop?16:37
masonash_worksi: kk16:37
masonash_worksi: That all works.16:37
ash_worksibut on duckduckgo16:37
ash_worksiif you use the ever-so-awesome j/k keys to navigate results16:37
ash_worksithen you can't acurately use this method to trigger "more results"16:38
masonMore results? I hit enter and it takes me to the selected link.16:38
nhkaysbeen using tridactyl with ddg exlusively for months, no problem16:38
ash_worksiyou *can* do that if results are defocused, but *even* if you use h to get back to the search box, ddg uses it's own focusing mechanism to keep your search result focused16:38
masonOh, I see. I reflexively hit escape before hitting enter, assuming that's what you wanted to have happen.16:39
masonash_worksi: So, rather than hitting enter, hit ^f again.16:39
ash_worksimason: maybe you're missing what I'm saying, lets try a _counter example_16:39
ash_worksisuppose you see this: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=canonical&q=hello+world16:39
masonNot ^f again. Let me try to remember what's tickling the back of my mind.16:39
ash_worksipress j to go down the list16:40
ash_worksiwhen you hit the end you'll see "more results"16:40
ash_worksiif you attempt ^f more results, esc the find box and press enter, you will actually go to the last j selected16:40
ash_worksi(and also trigger more results)16:40
ash_worksi(you might have to give it a second to actually experience this behaviour)16:41
=== auosun2 is now known as auosun
masonAh, because it's still selected and enter is still captured.16:42
masonI see what you mean.16:42
nhkaysare we talking about vim bindings on ddg?16:42
ash_worksinhkays: I was just explaining my problem16:43
masonash_worksi: You can probably script something up: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29346239/duckduckgo-api-how-to-get-more-results16:43
ash_worksiwell, I think I'm gonna try this tridactyl thing16:44
masonash_worksi: I use a trackball, which is sufficiently pleasant that I don't mind using it when faced with that kind of thing. If I used a mouse or trackpad I could see it being tedious.16:44
ash_worksitrackpad is the worst16:44
ash_worksiand I am on a laptop16:44
threeash_works what DE are you using16:45
ash_worksidev env?16:45
threedesktp enviorment16:45
ash_worksium... whatever 18 is now...16:45
ash_worksignome I think16:45
threecheck out some window managers if you hate the trackpad16:45
ash_worksisuggestions to get me started?16:46
threeyeah quit draggin windows around16:46
ash_worksithree: I don't _think_ I am dragging windows around (haven't used it in awhile)16:46
threei like dwm but i've heard xmonad is more beginner friendly. lots of people love i316:46
ash_worksiwhat did you mean by that?16:47
threeyou just said you hate the trackpad thats all16:47
ash_worksii3 is a window manager or typo of "it" ?16:47
threei3 is a window manager16:47
masonI tend to require fonts of a certain size, and I'm stuck to 80x40 windows, so overlap is inescapable, but you can retrofit tiling-style navigation to overlapping windows.16:47
ash_worksibut what I meant was "what did you mean by quit dragging windows around"? Are trackpads often associated with windows?16:48
ash_worksiquit dragging *actual* windows around16:48
threewell on a laptop a window manager is nice cause you only have one screen and it will tile the windows for you instead of you needing to drag them16:48
threeyes lol16:49
ash_worksiI most often use the super key16:49
threeyeah WMs just take that to another level. NGL i only use dwm on one machine but it makes working with one screen a lot nicer16:50
ash_worksiand actually, most most often just super + up arrow16:50
ash_worksingl is a de?16:50
nhkaysi3 config looks like a batch script16:50
threenot gonna lie*16:50
threeyeah i3 is suppose to be really easy to configure. though i havent messed with it16:50
nhkaysi3 has an unmaintainable config file16:51
threei should use acronyms in a linux irc16:51
nhkayseverything is declarative, no logic at all16:51
ash_worksithree: I use afai* all the time16:51
ash_worksiand iirc16:51
threeive heard good things about xmonads config16:51
nhkaysso if you have 10 different workspaces, and you want some functionality on al 10, you have to declaratively apply them16:51
threeits all in haskell i believe16:52
nhkaysqtile looks good, if you know Python16:52
threeyou mean per workspace?16:52
ash_worksiI appreciate the suggestions, but it seems like tridactyl probably takes care of a lot of my initial problems16:52
nhkaysyes, it's horrible16:53
nhkaysaltough, i3 provides a socket that you can configure it over, so there's that16:53
threethats dumb. I've heard a lot of people shit on i3 but never really knew why16:53
nhkaysqtile has a server too16:53
threeqtile sounds cool if its in python16:53
nhkaysyeah, i use it because it's the only available WM in qubes dom016:53
nhkaysbut i don't like it16:53
nhkaysyeah, it's nice16:54
nhkays^ qtile16:54
threewait i3s the only available in what16:54
nhkaysqubes dom016:54
nhkaystheir dom0 uses fedora 2516:54
tomreynpatrick_1: you won't be able to confirm you changes only those two lines now, unless you have a backup of /etc/fstab.16:55
threeohh i see now. I had never heard of it16:55
nhkaysi had dwm run on it, but there are some other issues with the frame buffer16:55
threei was just about to say you could compile dwm16:55
nhkaysyeah, i totally would, very small amount of dependencies16:56
nhkaysnone in fact16:56
nhkaysbut it requires a fair amount of dedication. same with st16:56
tomreynpatrick_1: i suggest you download a copy of one of the fstab variants pavlos ( https://termbin.com/9o1t ) and I ( https://termbin.com/enxe ) had created, and use them to replace your currently broken /etc/fstab.16:56
nhkays(i don't know C)16:56
threest kinda but not necessarily you could set the terminal to something else16:56
threei guess you dont even need a terminal16:56
nhkayswell, i mean using st requires dedication16:57
threeyeah patching st and dwm is a headache16:57
threebut its not terrible16:57
nhkaysaye, unmaintainable tbh16:57
nhkaysunless you keep it small16:57
nhkayssuckless guy is also a nazi, but hey16:58
threeis he! lmao16:58
nhkaysyep, some stuff online from a mailing list16:58
nhkaysquite dark16:58
tomreynpatrick_1: which one of them you'll use should not matter, on a quick glance, they're essentially the same. here's how you can replace your existing fstab with my variant:  curl -s https://termbin.com/enxe | sudo tee /etc/fstab16:58
threeyeah i mean for a main machine your gonna use theres defiantly better WMs out there but for something simple and light dwm is nice16:58
nhkaystrue, i think i will settle on qtile because it's python16:59
nhkaysand no patching16:59
threeidk honestly i find myself using DEs more often just for the aesthetic17:00
nhkaysi need quick window switching while writing code17:01
nhkaysalso, i haven't used a mouse in about 3 months17:01
nhkaysit broke and i haven't replaced it lol17:02
nhkaysbeen using everything except my IDE17:02
threeyou just use tab?17:02
nhkayswell, vimbindings on firefox, DE, terminal, and emacs/vim17:02
threelike how do you get around the web17:02
nhkayspretty much 99% of my workflow17:02
threeis that an extension?17:02
howarthjwwWat is the deal with linux-virtual-hwe-20.04 on focal? It causes linux-image-5.4.0-51-generic to be installed but that doesn't become the default kernel because 5.4.0-7642.46~1598628707~20.04~040157c~dev overrides it.17:03
tomreynhowarthjw: hmm, 5.4.0-7642.46~1598628707~20.04~040157c~dev does not look like an official kernel version to me.17:04
ash_worksinhkays: thanks for telling me about tridactyl17:05
howarthjwI did a in place upgrade and that is what got installed17:05
tomreynhowarthjw: can you show: apt policy linux-image-5.4.0-51-generic17:05
tomreynhowarthjw: can you show: apt policy linux-virtual-hwe-20.0417:05
nhkaysash_worksi: no problem :)17:05
tomreynhowarthjw: on a pastebin, please17:06
howarthjw  Installed: 5.4.0-51.5617:06
howarthjw  Candidate: 5.4.0-51.5617:06
howarthjw  Version table:17:06
howarthjw *** 5.4.0-51.56 50017:06
howarthjw        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-updates/main amd64 Packages17:06
ash_worksiwhen enter hint mode, esc/enter do not break it17:06
ash_worksior if they do, they live the sidepanel17:06
ash_worksithere is no exposure to the current mode so idk17:06
tomreynhowarthjw: you got quieted for a few seconds, use a pastebin instead, please17:06
ash_worksinhkays: is that normal or is there something I'm missing?17:07
tomreynhowarthjw: you can post your pastebin link(s) now.17:07
ash_worksinhkays: is there a better channel to ask about this kind of stuff?17:09
nhkaysash_worksi: oh, itmight be that the webpage must be in focus17:09
ash_worksiwill f6 work with this extension to toggle the window focus?17:09
nhkaysash_worksi: bcause of the way web extensions work, they are essentially injected into the webpage, and don't operate outside of that17:09
nhkaysshould work, vim doesn't rebind anything17:10
ash_worksinow I can't even get the hightlight mode17:10
TJ-howarthjw: that other kernel is from the system76-dev PPA17:10
ash_worksiI mean, up/down are controlling the page, so I assume that the extension should be operative17:10
nhkaysash_worksi: oh man, f6 thanks! that solves so many problems for me lol17:10
ash_worksithough the address bar says moz-extension:// .... I don't know if that chnages things17:11
nhkaysash_worksi: do you mean hint mode?17:11
ash_worksiwhat did I say?17:11
ash_worksihint mode17:11
nhkaysash_worksi: esc gets you out of hint mode17:12
nhkaysyou probably know that :S17:12
nhkaysash_worksi: oh, the extension doesn;t work on mozilla sites, or moz-extension://17:12
nhkays(web extension limitation)17:13
ash_worksibecause it was like...pseudo working17:13
nhkaysi think it works on the tridactyl extension page17:13
ash_worksiOH WOW17:13
ash_worksithat's completely different17:13
nhkaysits injected into the page, liek all web extension content-scripts17:14
ash_worksi`f` brought up a side panel and hightlighted everything completely differently17:14
ash_worksi(formerly did that ^)17:14
ash_worksion the extension page I mean17:14
nhkaysyesm, just f17:14
nhkays :help17:15
nhkays :tabonly  <== close othe rtabs17:15
ash_worksiwhen I type :tutor17:15
lapidaryHi all, I have some odd network problems.  I have a home nat, with port forwarding for bitcon, all goes well for a few minutes, then my ubutnu server goes offline.  It is a new install of 20.04.1 about a week old.17:15
ash_worksiit gives me the expected dropdown17:15
ash_worksibut up/down do not select17:15
lapidaryjust for ipv4, not ipv617:15
nhkaysash_worksi: hit tab to cycle17:15
nhkaysnot j/k17:15
lapidaryall inbound traffic is refused, outbound is fine.17:15
nhkaysyou mostly use bindings17:16
nhkaysbut : does support command completion17:16
nhkaystab completion17:16
ash_worksiIs there something that states the mode?17:16
nhkaysbottom right17:16
ash_worksiyou're a life saver17:16
ash_worksiI never look there17:17
ash_worksilike.... ever17:17
=== auosun9 is now known as auosun
nhkaysash_worksi: also there's an anoyance when you hover over a url, it's obscured, you need to edit teh chrome css to move it17:17
oerhekswe love bitcoin issues, lapidary, what ubuntu version, bitcoin software and such?17:17
nhkaysash_worksi: like, the URL preview obscures the command buffer17:17
oerheksand did you check your bitcoin wallet recently|??17:18
threelapidary what have you done to the ubuntu server since you installed?17:18
lapidary20.04.1 server edition, 20.0.1 from snap17:19
lapidaryit also breaks ssh on the local network to that machine17:19
nhkaysash_worksi: https://termbin.com/fuos17:19
nhkays^ moves the url preview to the top17:19
ash_worksiis there another way to toggle hint mode on and off17:20
nhkaysash_worksi: you can rebind the key17:20
ash_worksiI just don't like moving my left hand off home17:20
lapidaryI thought it was a bad router, so I bought a new one.  Still goes out every few minutes.  IPV6 is fine, I bring the interfrace down and up, all is good17:20
oerhekstons of bitcoin stuff https://snapcraft.io/search?q=bitcoin17:20
threesounds like its something to do with your iptables or however you set up the firewall17:21
ash_worksinhkays: the native tab bar?17:21
threedid you make any changed to the firewall on the machine?17:21
nhkaysash_worksi: that's commented out17:21
lapidarysince install, firewill is still wide open; ssh is installed, and so is everything for bitocoin17:22
patrick_1tomreyn: Got it fixed!! Thanks for being so patient and helpful. Good learning for me117:22
nhkaysash_worksi: ignore it, + that stylesheet hide the URL preview i think17:22
ash_worksinhkays: I mean, what is it talking about? or are you saying, I shouldn't care?17:22
ash_worksiI see17:22
ash_worksiI didn't see a url preview17:22
ash_worksiin fact17:22
ash_worksiI was justa bout to ask if I COULD get a preview17:22
nhkaysash_worksi: that TaskToolbar is the tab bar across the top17:22
lapidaryI setup the config file for bitcoin to allow rpc login inside the network, and tried a USB network card; and installed the module for that.17:23
nhkaysash_worksi: well, you can mess with the CSS, just edit the top directive17:23
nhkays(because i don't use the mouse, i can't test it)17:24
howarthOkay. I see the problem. This is a System76 machine and the system76-dev that provides their nvidia drivers also shows kernels at you as well17:24
ash_worksinhkays: I have so many questions17:24
ash_worksione, where does this script(?) go?17:24
lapidarythree, is there something less trastic than restarting the network I can try and see at what point it comes back up>17:24
ash_worksitwo, I still don't see a url preview17:25
nhkaysash_worksi: in %h/chrome/userChrome.css17:25
ash_worksithree, I don't see a taskbar... i don't think17:25
nhkayswhere %h is the profile directory17:25
nhkaysash_worksi: ignore the taskbar, it's the tab bar. i disable it from time-to-time17:25
nhkaysbecause i used tab tree17:25
threelapidary im confused is it just the ubuntu server that cant connect or your whole network?17:26
nhkaysash_worksi: the URL preview is when you hover over a URL, it appears at the bottom17:26
nhkaysash_worksi: i disable it because it collides with the command buffer17:26
nhkaysbut you can move it to the top if you mess with the CSS -- statuspanel is the URL preview17:27
Rubatoi have a problem my system keeps crashing17:28
Rubatoin syslog i dont see anything unusual until reboot17:28
Rubatoanywhere i can detect this?17:28
ash_worksiis tab tree another extension?17:28
nhkaysRubato: journalctl -rb17:29
nhkaysRubato: sudo journalctl -rb17:29
ash_worksisudo !!17:29
ash_worksiRubato: ignore me17:29
nhkaysash_worksi: yes, tree style tabs. it places tabs on the left as a tree. i disable the native tab bar because they both do the same ting17:29
nhkaysbut it has nothing to do with tridactyl17:30
ash_worksiokay, lastly the url preview17:30
ash_worksii see what you're saying17:30
nhkaysRubato: sudo journalctl -r  <== without the b to see the logs form before the last boot17:30
ash_worksiokay, then I have more questions17:30
ash_worksiif i go here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29346239/duckduckgo-api-how-to-get-more-results17:31
ash_worksiin hint mode, "l" will take me to "about"17:31
ash_worksiwhich is great and all, but I don't get the same feedback with a mouse17:31
ash_worksiso, I don't *know* that I went to about17:31
Rubatowell i need the logs from the previous boot17:32
ash_worksithis is especially confusing when the content of the hyperlink does not have the same heading as the anchor text17:32
Rubatonow its running17:32
nhkayswell, the feedback for me is that the about page opens :)17:32
Rubatoand i dont see anything unusual17:32
Rubatoalso this looks pretty much the same as syslog17:32
nhkaysRubato: does your kernel panic?17:33
ash_worksinhkays: for example, when i try the "Search API documentation" link17:33
Rubatoi have no idea what happens17:33
ash_worksi(on the link I posted)17:33
ash_worksitakes me to "instant answer api"17:33
Rubatoit just stops working so i need to hard reset17:33
Rubatoand then it works again17:33
ash_worksimakes me question whether or not I actually went there17:33
Rubatobut i cant see any reason why it stopped17:33
Rubatono logs anywhere17:33
Rubatoit justs prompts a reboot17:33
ash_worksiwith a mouse, I know I went there because said thing is implicitly highlighted (I hover over it)17:34
Rubatoand before that i didnt see anything unusual17:34
nhkaysash_worksi: tridactyl isn't a solution to all problems :)17:34
nhkaysRubato: so your system hangs?17:34
lapidarythree, just the server, and only inbound ipv4.17:35
lapidarysince it happens on local network data too, it's puzzling.  I tried tcpdump, and I never see the inbound request and I never see the outbound rejection I get on my desktop.17:37
Rubato@nhkays yes17:37
nhkaysRubato: then what are you doing when it hangs?17:37
nhkayslogs won't show you that17:37
Rubatoim not on the terminal17:38
Rubatoits running plex17:38
nhkayswell you must be doing something, browsing, running a program, switching to TTy something17:38
nhkaysi see17:38
Rubatoso its just a plex server17:38
nhkaysit's probably a plex issue then17:38
nhkaysmaybe plex logs will give you something17:39
Rubatowell If just plex stops17:39
Rubatobut the whole server crashes17:39
=== Texas is now known as SpookyTexas
Rubatoi dont expect a single process to be able to crash a complete ubuntu server17:39
nhkayssee if plex can be started in debug mode, you'd output verbose logs to a file, and on reboot, check to what poit plex got to when it started hanging17:39
nhkaysRubato: yes, neither do i. sometimes these things use utulities that have bugs, and end up creating zombie threads17:40
Rubatoif plex would do something weird im pretty sure it would show up in logs before the whole server crashes17:40
nhkaysit doesn't crash, it hangs17:40
Rubatoand i would see other things like high load17:40
nhkaysyou an use cgroups to limit resources17:40
nhkaysbut if it's a zombie thread, it won't help you there17:41
nhkaysfor instance, i've seen lspci hang my whole system because it opens up a kernel thread, and it hangs the whole system17:41
Rubatothis is a very powerfull local server17:41
nhkaysoh ffs17:41
Rubatoeven if plex would use 1000% of its resources supposedly it would not cause this without leaving a trace17:42
Rubatoi cant believe17:42
ash_worksiokay back17:47
ash_worksinhkays: so, is there not a way to get the link to highlight for a split second before navigating?17:48
other_rickHello, I have problems for update the DNS on the resolv.conf always mask, where I can read about that workfow?17:50
ash_worksialso, on fhttps://duckduckgo.com/api when i type f, the search box has [[K]HL] where K has a red bg and HL is gray bg17:50
ash_worksiwhat's that mean?17:50
Rubatolet me try to upgrade ubuntu to 20.117:50
tomreyn!man | other_rick: start with the systemd-resolved.service(8) man page17:51
ubottuother_rick: start with the systemd-resolved.service(8) man page: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/17:51
ash_worksi`;k` awesome17:54
Rubatolets see how it goes now17:55
ash_worksinhkays: how do you yank arbitrary text?17:58
nhkaysash_worksi: ;p18:00
nhkaysash_worksi: ;y  <== yanks url18:00
nhkaysash_worksi: ;p <== yanks element content18:01
nhkaysash_worksi: btw, no clicky feedback. it doesn't actually click the button or activate any javascript, it just pulls the URL and loads the document18:01
Kenjirohi there.18:02
ash_worksinhkays: um, does the fact that ddg more results works using hint-mode contradict what you just said?18:02
ash_worksinhkays: but more importantly, by arbitrary I mean not necessarily delimited by <a> or <p>18:03
KenjiroI think I need a hand here. I am trying to run "apt-get update" on an Ubuntu 16.04 server but it gives this: W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial InRelease: Could not execute 'apt-key' to ver18:03
ash_worksiie: in vim I would use ^v to hightlight text and y to yank18:03
Kenjirognature (is gnupg installed?)18:03
Kenjiroand yes, gnupg is installed18:03
ash_worksiKenjiro: did you use sudo?18:04
Kenjiroyep I did use 'sudo'18:04
ash_worksiokay; because often "sure" means something else :)18:04
ash_worksiIdk that i can help, but are you able to run apt-key manually?18:05
KenjiroI don't know which syntax I should use. So I just ran "apt-key" and it showed me the "help"18:08
tomreynKenjiro: can you run   apt-get update    and gather the full output, and post it to https://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?18:10
Kenjirohold on...18:10
tomreynalternatively, you could just run this to combine this with a few more steps:18:10
tomreynsudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} 2>&1; sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog18:10
Kenjirotomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DR8Ccfn7pY/18:11
tomreynKenjiro: how did you install this system?18:12
oerheks.. no keys at all ..18:12
tomreynalso: is this a VM, a container?18:12
KenjiroIt wasn't me. I believe it was upgraded from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 long ago18:12
Kenjiroit's a VM18:12
tomreynwhich virtualizatio?18:12
KenjiroCitrix XenServer18:12
KenjiroI have another VM running ubuntu 16.04, also upgraded from 14.04 which works just fine18:13
Kenjiro(that other one was installed by me though)18:13
tomreynso the other doesn'T return any warnings when you run    apt-get update ?18:14
Kenjirono it just works. Did it a few minutes ago18:15
tomreyncan you run    cat /var/log/installer/media-info    on both?18:15
Kenjirohold on18:15
nhkaysash_worksi: ;p <== yanks text. works for <p>, i've never tried it on say a div, with a nested element, but let me know.  and  i could be wrong about the whole clicky button thing, but (without readin gthe code) i assume that a clicked button just fetches some resource, e.g. a paginated REST item. i'm not sure of the technical details. it would be interesting to see18:15
Kenjiroworking VM = Ubuntu-Server 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr" - Release amd64 (20140416.2)18:16
Kenjiroproblematic VM = Ubuntu-Server 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynx" - Release amd64 (20100427)18:16
nhkaysash_worksi: although, to append some data to some elements, i assume it will have to the use page's javascript, so yeah, maybe i am wrong.18:16
Kenjiroso... WOW... it was a 10.04 once18:16
ash_worksinhkays: has there ever been a time where you wanted to select some particular snippet that was expressly delimited by html?18:17
tomreynKenjiro: pretty old. maybe one of the release upgrades did not go well. it's certainly about time to reinstall this one soon.18:17
ash_worksi(often time I will want to do this when truncating something)18:17
tomreynKenjiro: ideally with soemthing newer than 16.04 (which looses free support in april)18:17
tomreynKenjiro: here's how you can add the _apt user account to tackle the first apt warning: https://askubuntu.com/questions/882039/no-sandbox-user-apt-on-the-system-can-not-drop-privileges18:18
ash_worksiI also dont suppose there is a way to focus on an element for inspection?18:18
nhkaysash_worksi: uhh, like, say an anchor element within a div? yeah, when you do ;p you will get more options than hint mode, or yanking a link, you will get hints for all elements -- so be very specific about the element you choose18:18
hejkkihi, anyone got davinci resolve to work on ubuntu? I got it installed, but all video clips appear black and with no audio18:19
nhkaysash_worksi: i don't lnow about inspection but ;; allows you to focus an element18:19
Kenjirotomreyn: the apt-get problem was already happening, before I removed the "_apt" user (following some possible fixes I found on the internet)18:20
Kenjirobut I will re-add that user18:20
oerhekshejkki, davinci resolve is not from our repos, right?18:20
ash_worksisadly didn't work with ctrl+shift+I18:20
hejkkioerheks: nope18:20
tomreynKenjiro: i have never run into this situation, though, or heard of anyone else doing. so this system may not be in a great state, which is why i'm recommending a fresh installation. another reason would be that you'd get the current configurations for file systems (e.g. ext4 with good journalling options rather than ext3), partition sizes etc.18:20
oerheksbinairy blob.18:20
ash_worksibut then, neither did ^f highlighting18:21
tomreynKenjiro: oh *you* removed the _apt user. did you make any other changes to the system we should know about?18:21
oerheksread the comments, drop davinci https://www.fosslinux.com/24381/how-to-install-davinci-resolve-on-ubuntu.htm18:22
ash_worksiIs there a better regex search extension than Mohd-PH/RegexSearch ?18:22
Kenjirono, only that18:23
Kenjirowhen I noticed that didn't fix the problem18:23
Kenjirook, the user was recreated and that particular warning is gone18:23
nhkaysKenjiro: sudo apt-cache clean18:24
nhkaysin future18:24
ash_worksinhkays: ;; is also a way to "ensure" you are clicking on the right link18:24
nhkaysi see18:25
ash_worksiie: focus a link and it should show something indicating it's focus, then press enter18:25
nhkaysnever used it for that, but yeah18:25
nhkaysyeah, makes sense now that i think about it18:25
ash_worksiin any event, about my earlier question18:25
ash_worksiwhere in vim I would use visual mode18:25
ash_worksito highlight something and yank18:26
ash_worksioften I don't want the enormity of what ;p gives18:26
nhkaysoh i see, selective yanking?18:26
Kenjironhkays: 'clean' would be an invalid operation/option18:27
ash_worksinhkays: yes :)18:27
ash_worksinhkays: also, if you have suggestions for a better regex search other than Mohd-PH/RegexSearch, I would appreciate i18:28
ash_worksione that implements shortcut keys would be nice18:28
nhkaysKenjiro: would it? im sure you can figure out how to clean the cache18:28
nhkaysash_worksi: i don't use regex search in the browser, but you can change te serach method to whatever you want18:29
nhkaysash_worksi: also, visual mode works : v18:29
ash_worksinhkays: not sure what you mean by that18:30
nhkaysash_worksi: i just don't know what you can do with it18:30
tomreynKenjiro: apt-cache clean, not apt-get clean (but i don't think it will help)18:30
ash_worksithis isn't very vimish18:30
nhkaysash_worksi: https://github.com/tridactyl/tridactyl18:30
tomreynKenjiro: actually the other way around, sorry18:30
ash_worksiI would do something like `/foo` `^v` down, down, `y`18:31
nhkaysash_worksi: it's a work in progress. i don't even think you can control the visual mode18:31
LuckyManwhere do we discuss next ubuntu?18:31
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | LuckyMan18:31
ubottuLuckyMan: Groovy Gorilla is the codename for Ubuntu 20.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.18:31
ash_worksiunfortunately, my time has come to an end18:32
ash_worksithank you nhkays for your help18:32
nhkaysnp :)18:32
ash_worksiI'll try to understand more about tridactyl18:32
ash_worksiI too would like to rid myself of the mouse18:32
ash_worksibut I do need to be able to inspect stuff18:32
ash_worksiI wonder...18:33
ash_worksioh this keyboard doesn't have one of those mouse menu things18:33
ash_worksiis there a way to force that on ubuntu?18:33
nhkaysash_worksi: xmodmap i think18:35
nhkaysfind th ekeycode, and map it to something18:35
ash_worksiI meant by default, is there some key combo that brings up that right-click drop down?18:36
ash_worksion a keyboard that i had once upon a time, it was a dedicated key18:36
tomreynKenjiro: so "apt-get clean" clears the apt cache as well as downloaded package files (those are not in use). i don't think this will help in your situation, but it also won't do harm, so it's fine to try. other than this, you'll need to ensure that apt-get can properly verify package signatures using gpg.18:37
TheWildwhat are the rules of Linux making up the interface names on its own? (it was eth0; plugging the disk to another computer and now it's ens3)18:37
tomreynit's not really linux, it's usually udev setting network interface names. the default naming scheme changed in ubuntu some years ago.18:38
tomreynsuch changes are also announced in ubuntu release notes18:39
oerheksPred Networkinterface Naming  is a breeze18:40
LuckyManwhere do I get android-studio support?18:40
tomreyn!alis | You could try a channel search on the Freenode network, LuckyMan18:42
ubottuYou could try a channel search on the Freenode network, LuckyMan: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:42
tomreynor a web search18:42
Kenjirotomreyn: yeah... I am trying to find a way to make it verify the packages signatures :(18:42
ash_worksik, thanka again18:43
TheWildthanks tomreyn18:43
tomreynKenjiro: does    apt-key finger    print anything?18:43
nhkaysKenjiro: `which api-key` <== what does that say18:44
tomreyni think you mean: "apt-key"18:44
nhkaysyes, brain is sluggish18:44
nhkaysKenjiro: `which apt-key` <== what does that say18:44
nhkaysor ls -al `which apt-key`18:45
Intelorequests don't reach nginx. Not in access logs. Browser has request pending but here in configs all seems ok. How to debug?18:51
Kenjironhkays: /usr/bin/apt-key18:52
nhkaysKenjiro: ls -al `which apt-key`18:52
tomreynwouldnt it be easier to just run the command?18:53
Kenjirotomreyn: the result of 'apt-key finger' => https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tNc7ZssMfh/18:53
Kenjironhkays: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 21K May 21  2019 /usr/bin/apt-key18:54
tomreynKenjiro: that's missing the 2018 ubuntu archive signing key, which 18.04 has instaleld at /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ubuntu-keyring-2018-archive.gpg18:55
tomreyni'm not certain that 16.04 needs it, but i assume it does18:55
tomreynF6EC B376 2474 EDA9 D21B  7022 8719 20D1 991B C93C18:56
Intelonhkays: no, nmap says open ports18:56
GumaHello. I am setting up Point of Sales concept machine and it has cellillar access. That connection is already setup and working. The cell mode is configured as /dev/ttyUSB2. What I am looking for is some aplication that monitors up/down bandwith usage every month so I can get (api) such information and port it to main server. I am using Debian based distro on my PoS system.18:57
nhkaysIntelo: right, do the packets leave the client machine?18:57
leftyfb!debian | Guma18:58
ubottuGuma: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!18:58
Intelonhkays: wget says waiting for response. I don't see any access logs.  is the ip of server18:58
nhkaysIntelo: yes, but do the packets actually leave the client machine?18:59
Kenjirotomreyn: thanks for your time and attention18:59
Kenjironhkays: you too18:59
tomreynKenjiro: do you have a file /var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial-security_InRelease18:59
tomreynah no, you won't, you don't even seem to have security mirrors configured.19:00
Kenjirono I don't have that file19:00
Intelonhkays: how can I know?19:01
tomreynKenjiro: but you have this? /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial_InRelease19:01
tomreynKenjiro: if so, run:  apt-key verify /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial_InRelease19:01
Kenjirothans for your time and attention. I talked to the guys who asked me to update that VM. They agreed it would be better to make a clean install19:01
tomreyngood approach19:02
Kenjiroreally, really thanks guys19:03
nhkaysIntelo: you could use tcpdump, see if you get an ack packet, /or/ you can do `nmap -sS -p 80 xx.xxx.xxx.xxx` from the client machine19:03
Kenjirohave a nice weekedn19:03
tomreynyou, too19:03
Intelonhnmap said 80/tcp open  http19:05
nhkaysIntelo: does anything sit infront of the reverse proxy?19:06
Intelono I gues19:06
Intelonhkays:  can you open the site?19:06
Inteloif you can, then its my network issue19:06
Intelonhkays:  oh its not loading for you too? then its server issue19:06
Intelonhkays: so how can i know?19:06
nhkaysimean, i won't open random sites19:06
Intelonhkays: just wget it19:07
=== auosun6 is now known as auosun
nhkaysanyway, nmap can sync with it, so it's not the client19:08
nhkaysIntelo: does anything sit in front of the server?19:08
nhkaysin front of the reverse proxy19:08
Inteloit was working fine until i did nginx reload19:08
nhkaysright, and nothing appears in the log?19:09
nhkaysmaybe you can run tcpdump on the server, and see if it receives a syn packet19:09
nhkayssee if it does a three-way handshake19:09
=== TheWild1 is now known as TheWild
nhkaysnmap can sync with it19:10
nhkaysso it appears that it does sync a connection19:10
tomreyni can get a valid http response from the default host at this ip address and port19:12
tomreynand this reponse serves an nginx default web page19:13
Intelotomreyn: s you can load the site?19:13
ash_mobileFor what it's worth control F6 brings up the context menu in Ubuntu19:13
tomreynIntelo: yes19:14
tomreynthe default site19:14
nhkaysIntelo: are you checking tnginx logs, or you webserver logs?19:14
ash_mobileSo I guess using just trydactyl you could do ;; to focus an element and then ctrl F6 w/ whatever shortcut is for inspect element19:14
Intelongaio: nginx19:14
tomreyn!who | ash_mobile19:14
ubottuash_mobile: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:14
nhkaysash_mobile: i did not know that :)19:14
ash_mobiletomreyn there were several people talking to me earlier19:15
Intelotomreyn:  i am going to restart my router to change ip then19:15
ash_mobileIt was an epiphany I wanted to share with the channel19:15
=== jem is now known as jem_delibes100
nhkaysIntelo: heh, maybe it's the HTTP cache on your client?19:16
tomreynash_mobile: cool, looks like nhkays was one of them, so this miracle seems solved. ;)19:17
TheWildhow do I make a static interface name based on MAC address?19:25
TheWildSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:18:f3:cd:f2:c1", KERNEL=="e*", NAME="ethernet"19:25
TheWildthis one does not work19:25
TheWildIt's Ubuntu 16.04.6, 32-bit19:26
oerheksSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx", NAME="eth0" .. but i would advise to use the standard name19:28
sarnoldTheWild: do you spot the device in output of udevadm info -e  ?19:29
sarnoldTheWild: the drivers bit looks *funny* to me, and the kernel restriction may not help either..19:29
Linkandzeldahow do i get isync/mbsync to update the expire state for a domain? it is reading the old ssl cert which was renewed already19:31
TheWildsarnold: yes, it is visible19:32
sarnoldTheWild: do all the attributes match what you've given?19:32
TheWildit doesn't not list the mac address :/19:33
sarnoldoh curious, neither does mine :(19:35
TheWilddamn, I'm dumb19:38
tomreynLinkandzelda: so when you    openssl s_client -connect serveripaddressorhostname:port -showcerts    from the system you have isync / mbsync running on, you already see the updated certificate?19:39
TheWildout of habit setting up USB devices on vending machines, I was looking inside /dev/ directory for network interfaces19:39
TheWildifconfig lists it nicely ;D19:39
sarnoldTheWild: ah yeah, nics don't get dev nodes :(19:39
sarnold'everything is a file' isn't really true :(19:39
TheWildsarnold: it's probably in /sys/somewhere19:40
sarnoldbtw, it'd be better to use ip instead of ifconfig, ifconfig can't support some networking features19:40
leibniz[m]Why I usually get hash mismatch while apt upgrade?19:41
TJ-TheWild: /sys/class/net/19:41
TJ-leibniz[m]: possibly there's a transparent HTTP proxy between you and the archive and it is inserting data into the responses ?19:42
leibniz[m]TJ-: yeah I use a vpn but apt can't see it. its not system wide19:43
Linkandzeldatomreyn: thank you that helped me to figure out that for some reason my certbot daily renew cron which is supposed to reload nginx dovecot and postfix did not run its post hook19:43
tomreynLinkandzelda: you're welcome.19:44
TJ-leibniz[m]: I pulled that file and the hash matched19:44
oerheksclean lists and try again19:45
oerhekssudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade . https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure19:46
TJ-leibniz[m]: the file is a text file XZ compressed. If you download it manually you can look inside it and possibly figure out what is being changed?19:47
TJ-leibniz[m]: e.g: "pushd /tmp; wget http://ir.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/universe/binary-amd64/by-hash/SHA256/dc5f263f75d1f2ffa7e5e7af0817327f350a8e167042c26ca04c99203e7b4d3e ; sha256sum dc5f263f75d1f2ffa7e5e7af0817327f350a8e167042c26ca04c99203e7b4d3e ; cat dc5f263f75d1f2ffa7e5e7af0817327f350a8e167042c26ca04c99203e7b4d3e | xzcat | less "19:48
tomreynthis may or may not be related: i think the IR archive mirrors recently moved to a new ip address19:49
leibniz[m]TJ-: https://termbin.com/5gqh319:52
leibniz[m]tomreyn: This mismatch happens very often. like every 2 days19:52
sarnoldleibniz[m]: the usual cause of hashsum mismatches is terrible web proxies, often they are *transparent* and run by an ISP or repressive government19:55
sarnoldleibniz[m]: in this case my guess is the stupid proxy is serving you any old file of identical filesize that it has already downloaded19:56
sarnold.. well, the name matches, too, so it's not quite *that* stupid19:56
sarnoldbut it's pretty stupid19:56
tomreynleibniz[m]: what you posted to termbin will be incomplete, termbin limits uploads to a fixed file size. so this doesn't help here.19:57
TJ-leibniz[m]: the downloaded size in your original paste showed identical file sizes; but as the hashes were different something was altered internally19:58
sarnoldthe proxy isn't changing anything though -- it's just serving a different file http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zKrMHZrDcQ/20:00
TJ-well it is changing something since, when downloading using the hash URL, it is actively returning a different content entirely - it's not like it's an older file being returned because that'd have a different hash!20:03
leibniz[m]tomreyn: TJ- sarnold https://transfer.sh/YXeK0/dump20:08
leibniz[m]Here is what I can download from this side. I guess you can diff the plain text with my dump?20:09
tomreynleibniz[m]: this unxz'd file matches the sha256sum of what i can download from the IR and other mirrors, fe3fb25bfa0e885575543710f04b4e151b88c1afcdeb644402a1790879f5f29620:13
tomreynfor mirror in ir us de; do echo [ $mirror ]; curl -s http://ie.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/universe/binary-amd64/by-hash/SHA256/dc5f263f75d1f2ffa7e5e7af0817327f350a8e167042c26ca04c99203e7b4d3e | xzcat | sha256sum; done20:16
tomreynthis would always report the same checksum for me20:17
tomreyni assume you have since removed / overwritten the original file causing the apt warnings, so reproducing this will not be possible now.20:18
leibniz[m]tomreyn: me? no I didn't remove the original file.20:20
leibniz[m]`sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` does this delete my PPAs?20:20
oerheksit cleans the lists out, and reloads fresh ones.20:21
leibniz[m]E: Failed to fetch http://ir.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/universe/binary-i386/by-hash/SHA256/9550c6e21613793f70055b84eeae653ee7dc28a2df32c118502c03635e20a1a7  Hash Sum mismatch20:25
leibniz[m]Err:122 http://ir.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates/universe i386 Packages20:25
leibniz[m]  Hash Sum mismatch20:25
sarnoldleibniz[m]: you'd probably benefit from picking a mirror listed as 'https' on this list https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors20:26
leibniz[m]apt full-upgrade also this upgrades to 20 right?20:27
sarnoldno, changing releases is done with do-release-upgrade20:27
tomreynleibniz[m]: /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ir.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_bionic-updates_universe_binary-amd64_Packages.xz would be the file which is broken there, i guess.20:30
tomreynor tampered with20:30
leibniz[m]tomreyn: should I upload it for diff?20:32
sarnoldit's just an old copy of the file20:34
sarnoldswitch to an https mirror and bypass whatever horribl proxy is doing this to your data :)20:34
leibniz[m]sarnold: I'm a little n00b :) What do you mean by proxy? I have vpn on but apt is not passing through  it20:36
sarnoldleibniz[m]: either your ISP or IRGC are intercepting all your web traffic20:37
sarnoldleibniz[m]: this way they can save money on international bandwidth and keep better track of what everyone is doing20:38
sarnoldleibniz[m]: if you switch to https, then they'll no longer be able to proxy your data -- they can either transmit it as-is, or drop it, but they won't be able to give you old data when you request it20:38
leibniz[m]sarnold: But the connection is HTTPS20:38
leibniz[m]noone can see the plain text?20:39
sarnoldleibniz[m]: it is not https20:39
sarnold E: Failed to fetch http://ir.archive.ubuntu.com/u...20:39
leibniz[m]ah...what is the use of this? It's just some packages20:39
leibniz[m]Like they'd know I'm a vim guy not an emacs guy lol20:40
sarnoldprobably they are just using a crappy proxy20:40
sarnold'invisible' web proxies are usually garbage20:40
sarnoldyou can try reporting this bug to your ISP20:40
sarnoldbut the ISP may not be able to do anything about it, if the proxy is run by the IRGC20:41
sarnoldor maybe they have a way to report bugs to the IRGC? :) who knows..20:41
sarnoldbut if you change to one of the https mirrors on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors you will probably be getting updates in ten minutes20:42
tomreynoh there's actually a "https" protocol type listed there now, sweet!20:42
leibniz[m]ok about that mirror thing. The https ones are `Last update unknown`...and there is one good ftp one. Should I go with the ftp one?20:42
sarnoldwell, it *might* actually work, but I'd be surprised; it's probably not worth the time to find out20:43
TheWildsince I managed to get that network interface stick with eth0 name, it's time to run it on that "headless" desktop PC. However, when that Linux image is launched on PC, the interface gets its name correctly, but doesn't get up. The IP is statically set. What's wrong there?20:49
oerheksHow did you make it stick, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"  ??20:52
TheWildoerheks: udev rule20:53
nononohaHello folks! I created a bugfix for the CommandNotFound program, but I do not see any traffic in the repo at all. What is the correct way to submit it? this is my first time contributing to ubuntu :)20:53
TheWildSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="00:18:f3:cd:f2:c1", NAME="eth0"20:53
oerheksoh, to add to your MAC address20:54
oerhekswhy not just that grub line, easier.20:54
sarnoldnononoha: running 'ubuntu-bug command-not-found' will get you to a bug filing form20:55
nononohasarnold: The bug is already submitted and known, I just created a bugfix, and wanted to know what steps I should follow in order for it to be merged. The last activity on the repo was in may 2019..20:57
sarnoldnononoha: aha; iirc there's a link near the bottom of the bug pages like "add an attachment", you can add your diff that way20:57
pavlosTheWild: can you reboot the server, then check that the iface is up20:57
TheWildoh, all the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces is there... except "auto eth0"20:58
nononohasarnold: I see, thanks! By the way, how can I know who is the maintainer that is responsible? as I did not see any moderator in the bug report comments21:01
sarnoldnononoha: ubuntu doesn't usually have a package 'owner' or maintainer.. quite a lot of things are team-maintained instead, and the team will be subscribed to the bugs for the package21:02
TheWildyes!! I finally got the SSH access to a desktop PC!21:07
bobo87hello, I want to ask, if someone encountered similar problem - on relatively new notebook (few months old Dell G17), about once a week during kubuntu 20.04 booting filesystem problem arise, that needs to be solved using fsck...   SMART shows no HW related issues, problem is on rotating disk, not SSD and I don't have dualboot - system is ext4 with21:44
bobo87default settings21:44
bobo87problem is usually in files, that was lastly accessed, like web browser cache, edited files etc..21:45
tomreynbobo87: did you look for anything possibly related (storage media sense, sata bus, pci bus errors) in dmesg / journalctl -k21:52
tomreynalso, you could share some of the recent fsck reports from /var/log/fsck*21:54
tomreynor     journalctl -t systemd-fsck    rather21:56
Descriptionedim on 20.04 lts im trying or better iv'e installed flatpak to cast my screen and videos on samsung smart tv, but i get an error it says "No wi-fi p2p adapters found" ...21:59
bobo87in dmesg I don't see anything suspicions except for "ACPI Error: No pointer back to namespace node in package 00000000f715a6d1 (20190816/dsargs-301)", last few lines from fsck https://pastebin.com/rrGATcRP22:00
tomreynso exactly one (varying) inode contains garbage occasionally when sda2 is checked22:01
tomreynbobo87: you're using default ubuntu kernels?22:02
bobo87yes, only defaults22:02
sarnoldit might print that on the *first* finding and not bother looking further22:03
tomreynhmm, good point, and inode numbers are increasing22:04
bobo87sarnold, that is true, i need to confirm fixing using "a" key because of multiple problems22:04
tomreynyou can do so from recovery, too. but indeed, with such errors, make sure you have a usb key with the same ubuntu version around.22:05
bobo87yes, i have other notebook in case of emergency, but this is confusing to me22:06
tomreyndo you have a custom /proc/cmdline ?22:08
tomreyna custom storage i/o scheduler?22:08
sarnoldbobo87: this is weird :( is there anything in dmesg or journal?22:09
bobo87no, i didn't touched default installation on anyting else but fstab to be able to copy home folder from other notebook, but this fstab also uses default ext4 settings22:09
sarnoldbobo87: it might be worth doing a memtest86 run on this machine overnight .. or stress-ng perhaps? is there a self-test diagnostics in the bios?22:10
bobo87sarnold, just things like i2c problem in nvidia temperature sensors, etc...22:10
tomreynand which disk model is this actually?22:10
DescriptionedIt's any linux distro have preinstalled screen sharing with with or video sharing with smart tv "samsung" ??? Loool22:10
tomreynmemtest86(+) is a good idea there indeed.22:11
bobo87disk is TOSHIBA MQ04ABF10022:11
sarnoldDescriptioned: you didn't miss anything while you were disconnected22:11
tomreynDescriptioned: this channel is just about ubuntu. maybe you're looking for something like "miracast", which is a common term for different, mostly unspecified, protocols. https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/6up2on/is_miracast_still_unusable_on_linux/22:13
bobo87I can try that memtest, but I haven't any other idea22:15
bobo87i'll also try update bios & selfcheck, if it is available22:16
Descriptionedtomreyn: i know but im trying alot to install it and make it work but i dont find any usefull  thing on ubuntu forums and over google22:16
tomreynDescriptioned: sorry, that's all i could suggest. there is https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast and https://github.com/balrog-kun/wds but i think the former isn't ready for acting as a source / peer and the latter isn't integrated into what ubuntu uses enough to be useful - also it'S a different protocol, propbably won't work with a samsung tv.22:24
tomreynbobo87: so you wouldn't have anything like those messages from the 2nd grey box (dmesg output) on your system, right? https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-my-files-permissions-change-spontaneously-to-read-only-sometimes/22:26
sarnoldat least that one has clear io errors in logs22:28
tomreynyes, probably unrelated, just happens to be the same disk model22:28
sarnoldoooo curious22:28
sarnoldthe 4096 in those logs looked super-sketchy22:28
bobo87to be sure https://pastebin.com/ZzUGTCEk22:29
tomreynbobo87: you should grep on   journalctl --since 20201001     rather22:30
baegleI just upgraded to focal and boot is failing. My volume group is not found. It is luks encrypted. I have tried multiple paths to rebuilding grub config via an Ubuntu stick but so far nothing has helped. I do not know how to further troubleshoot my issue. Can someone please help me get back into my system?22:30
baegleWhen I cat /proc/modules in busybox, I do not recognize anything related to crypto. What modules should I see here to support booting an encrypted volume group?22:33
bobo87after grepping journalctl, there are more errors, but no one "I/O error", only "kernel: EXT4-fs error (device sda2): ext4_lookup:1701: inode #19399983: comm QuotaManager IO: iget: checksum invalid" which I think is only result of that filesystem problem22:34
sarnoldbaegle: skimming my /proc/modules I've got aesni_intel af_alg algif_hash algif_skcipher cryptd crypto_simd dm_crypt ghash_clmulni_intel22:36
sarnoldbaegle: I'm not sure if my config is close enough to yours to be 100% confident but I think those all are part of my luks-under-zfs config22:37
sarnoldbobo87: how about sudo debsums -s  ? that'll do a bunch of reading of packages and check md5s against what was stored when the files were unpacked22:38
tomreynbaegle: here's what i have on a 20.04 server with ext4 on top of lvm on top of dmcry-luks on top of mdadm raid1 https://i.imgur.com/acc519r.png22:40
tomreynthis is ain a vm22:40
bobo87result of debsum is only debsums: changed file /usr/share/applications/code-insiders.desktop (from code-insiders package)debsums: changed file /usr/share/applications/code-insiders-url-handler.desktop (from code-insiders package)22:46
sarnoldoh now that's curious ... did you change those files? take a look at those and see if they look corrupted or changed or what..22:47
bobo87i'm not edited them manually, i think, it's only visual studio code launchers, but I can take a look22:48
hwpplayer1hi Ubuntu!22:49
bobo87yes, I can read them and it not look like garbare, but like valid launchers22:49
hwpplayer1I'm running 20.04 right click on desktop is missing for new terminal and folder alignment ?22:49
hwpplayer1Shoult i write a post to forum ?22:49
tomreynhwpplayer1: "missing" in the sense that you would like these options to be present, or in that you had the expectation they would be because ... (what exactly)?22:52
pavloshwpplayer1: right click anywhere on Desktop does not pop up a menu?22:53
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Thanks for help. I thought i can right click for launching a new terminal22:53
hwpplayer1pavlos: Thanks22:53
tomreynhwpplayer1: what made you think you could?22:54
hwpplayer1Last time on 18.04 i was able to right click and open a new terminal like on Red Hat and Trisquel22:54
pavloshwpplayer1: make Terminal your favorite, then you can right-click and pop a new window (terminal)22:55
hwpplayer1I guess not too hard it is but i thought that maybe there is a missing feature22:55
hwpplayer1i run yakuake but sometimes i need to right click for a terminal22:56
hwpplayer1yes understood but the another issue is how to align desktop icons22:58
hwpplayer1sorry for the confusion i told the issue the wrong way tomreyn22:58
hwpplayer1Multi tasking issues :)22:59
tomreynno problem. i don't think i hav a complete understanding of what you're aksing, yet, though. apparently you'd like to be able to start yakuake from a gnome-shell desktop by right-clicking on the desktop background23:02
tomreyni suspect this would require forking the desktop-icons gnome3 extension23:03
bobo87tomreyn, sarnold: I have to go, but thanks for your patience and trying to help me :)  have a nice day23:05
tomreynyou, too, bobo8723:05
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Sorry i was thinking about terminal, and I accidently asked for terminal23:06
hwpplayer1tomreyn: My real question is to align folders on the Desktop by name alphabetically etc23:06
baegleI'm trying to figure out what's in initramfs without dropping into busybox using `lsinitramfs /proc/modules` but I get "cpio: premature end of archive". How can I find out what modules will be loaded into initramfs on my next book?23:07
tomreynhwpplayer1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons/+bug/182605623:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826056 in gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons (Ubuntu) "Desktop context: Keep aligned, Organize desktop by name missing" [Wishlist,Confirmed]23:08
matsamanbaegle: why would /proc/modules be passed to lsinitramfs?23:08
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Yes We are on the same issue23:09
baeglematsaman: I don't know. I'm trying to find out what modules I will have at boot in initramfs. How would I go about finding that information?23:09
tomreynhwpplayer1: if you have a launchpad / ubuntu sso account (or are happy to create one), you can subscribe to this bug report and getnotified if / when it's solved.23:11
hwpplayer1tomreyn: YES. I have signed code of conduct also23:11
tomreyn(note it's a *wishlist* bug, so it's not considered an actual bug)23:11
hwpplayer1tomreyn: mertgor is my name there23:12
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Are you from Canonical ?23:12
hwpplayer1and #ubuntu-hardened ?23:13
hwpplayer1Are you a staff i mean :)23:13
tomreynhwpplayer1: no, but this chat doesn't belong into this channel either.23:13
matsamanbaegle: I believe lsinitramfs wants an initramfs file for its argument23:13
hwpplayer1tomreyn: Okay understood23:13
tomreynhwpplayer1: let's move to -discuss or somewhere if needed23:14
hwpplayer1where is discuss channel let me check23:14
baeglematsaman: Where can I find the initramfs file that will be loaded on next boot?23:15
tomreynbaegle: in /boot23:16
tomreynat least usually23:16
matsamanbaegle: will probably say in your grub.cfg also, but I would guess /boot/ yes23:16
baegletomreyn: initrd.img?23:17
tomreynif you'll be booting the same kernel image you're currently running then    ls -l /boot/initrd.img-$(uname -r)    is what you'll boot23:18
baegletomreyn: I'm trying to recover from a failed upgrade so it's not the same kernel image I'm running. I'm currently running off a usb image to figure out why I can't boot into my LVM volume anymore.23:19
baegletomreyn: update-initramfs isn't fixing it, I've tried a number of procedures I found online but all the same result and I can't figure out why23:20
matsamanbaegle: if you have the old kernel & initramfs in /boot/, you can likely boot those23:20
baeglematsaman: I don't anymore23:21
tomreynbaegle: hmm, so you'll need to chroot and fix it from there now23:22
baegletomreyn: Yes, I'm there. But I cannot fix it23:22
tomreynbaegle: have you modified something in /etc/initramfs-tools/ on your installed system?23:23
baegletomreyn: I have not modified initramfs-tools, no23:23
tomreynlast time you were here, you mentioned that you have a dmcrypt-luks layer, probably below the lvm layer?23:24
tomreynbecause just now you only mentioned lvm?23:24
baegleI did not mention that. Or if I did, I don't know what I said. I'm not conversant enough in lvm, luks, and dmcrypt to make such claims23:25
baegleOh wait, I think I know what you're saying. Yes, it's an encrypted volume23:25
baegleand I cannot vgscan until I luksOpen23:25
tomreynso you did a standard desktop installation with the full disk encrption option checked originally?23:26
baeglefar too many years ago now, but yes, I presume that is what I did23:26
baegleI've probably moved 5 times since then, maybe 823:26
tomreynokay, then the first thing that needs to happen in the initrd is that cryptsetup runs to open the crypto device, then the lvm layer is 'opened' and then the root file system can be mounted23:27
baegleThat is exactly what needs to happen. I don't know how to convince this computer of that, however23:28
baegleAnd the only way I know how to test whether or not it has gotten the message is to reboot it, leading to very long cycle times, leading to a very frustrating evening23:28
tomreynyou mentioned a failed release upgrade to 20.04 LTS. have you fully recovered from this situation, yet?23:29
baegleI mentioned that the upgrade failed? This is that failure. I upgraded to 20.04 LTS, rebooted, and this is now the situation23:29
tomreyni.e., have you ensured that apt sources point to focal now, run apt update, apt full-upgrade, and all of these have finished without errors?23:30
baegleThe upgrade completed fine, no errors23:30
tomreynoh i see, sorry, must be remembering this incorrectly23:30
baegleno worries, you've got a better memory than23:30
tomreynso in the chroot, you have networking?23:30
tomreyncan you install apt-forktracer, run it, pipe its output into    | nc termbin.com 999923:31
tomreynand share the url23:31
baegleI can23:31
tomreynapt update    reports no warnings or errors, right?23:32
baegleapt update and apt full-upgrade report no warnings nor errors23:33
baegleapt-forktracer is dope. I tried to write one of these in bash iterating over apt-cache policy. This is much better23:33
baegleit has output 125 lines :(23:33
Ntemisi have an issue with latest nvidia drivers offered by ubuntu 20.04 nvidia-drivers-45023:34
Ntemisafter i install them and reboot my screen resolution goes somewhere like 640x48023:34
Ntemisanyone able to help me out please23:35
tomreynbaegle: note how i did not suggest to pipe the output into wc -l23:35
baegletomreyn: noted23:35
Bashing-omNtemis: My Nvidia help depends on wgat the problem with the driver may be .23:36
Ntemisxorg config issue?23:36
Ntemisi cant use the desktop as i can only see the upper right corner after i install and reboot23:36
baegletomreyn: https://termbin.com/ddap23:36
Ntemisno idea but the resolution gets fuqed up somehow23:37
tomreynbaegle: plenty of leftover 18.-04 and ppa packages23:37
tomreyn* 18.0423:37
baegleOh yeah, I see them23:38
Bashing-omNtemis: Maybe the driver did not build ? From that desktop can you activate a terminal interface ? Then we have have a look at the driver status.23:38
Ntemisnot sure with a 64x64 resoltuion23:38
Ntemisi can see nothing23:38
Ntemison neuvau am right now on 3840x216023:39
tomreynbaegle: "(someversion)" provides the installed package version, if no other version is provided, then no apt repository is currently enabled that provides this version23:39
tomreynbaegle: ...nor this package at all23:39
Ntemisbut yes i can activate the terminal just fine23:40
baegletotally understood. And I am grateful to learn of this. I will use it to clean up my system. But how can this help me get bootable?23:40
Ntemismy whole screen is almost all the terminal23:40
Bashing-omNtemis: Ack - pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .23:40
tomreynbaegle: if, however, you have apt sources and versions those provide listed in [brackets] then those are available versions, and one of them will liekly match the one that's (installed)23:41
NtemisCommand 'Ack' not found, did you mean:23:41
Ntemispasted in23:41
NtemisAck - pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .23:41
Ntemisonly pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .23:42
Ntemispastebin: command not found23:42
tomreynbaegle: you should either re-enable the PPAs you depend on, and ensure they provide 20.04 versions of those packages, and upgrade them , or purge those packages which are now leftovers with no upgrade path23:42
Bashing-omNtemis: Sorry : axck == acknowledge for your last entries. try terminal command ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999 '  the result is a url back in terminal - pass that link back here.23:44
tomreynbaegle: once you sorted this out, you should run    apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade   again, since some of these packages you have now (and which you'll remove or update next) may currently introduce unresolvable depdencies, causing ubuntu packages to be held back.23:45
baegletomreyn: sorted out, updated, full-upgrade, 0 package changes required23:46
tomreynbaegle: and when this is done, that's a good time to ensure you have your cryptsetup, fstab etc. properly setup, and run update-initramfs again23:47
Ntemis@Bashing-om this is the driver am trying to install 450.80.0223:47
Bashing-omNtemis: Looks like there was a conflict in install driver versions - there can be only one. Let's clean up and try again . ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P ' . Where that rc is removed but config files remain.23:48
tomreynbaegle: just to double check, you have MODULES=most in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf ?23:48
ash_worksiI am researching OWASP and was told to "everyone should have kali" .... I looked it up and "Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing.[3] It is maintained and funded by Offensive Security.[4]" --- you need a while OS for this?23:50
Bashing-omNtemis: Once the system is clean - I suggest that we have the system choose the driver it deems best .23:50
Ntemis@Bashing-om this is the outcome https://dpaste.com/G6TGCC84L23:50
Ntemisis it ok?23:50
Bashing-omNtemis: Looking ^ ,23:50
Ntemiskk and thanks23:50
sarnoldash_worksi: no, but the kali folks thought it would be more fun to have their distribution. go figure.23:51
ash_worksisarnold: would someone have told me that because "kali comes with everything you need (and don't need)" ?23:51
sarnoldash_worksi: good question; I hope someone along the way would have told you that kali isn't intended for daily use, it's really only intended for use on the offensive machine23:52
tomreynbaegle: can you share    blkid    and    grep -hEv '^[[:blank:]]*(#.*)?$' /etc/lvm/*.conf    output and the contents of /etc/{crypt,fs}tab ?23:53
ash_worksino, that was clear from context anyway; but what I'm saying is, if someone tells me "I should have Kali (as a vm)" I think to myself, "do I though?"23:53
sarnoldash_worksi: I've also wondered how many of the things they've packaged are actually useful23:54
ash_worksiis there any "loopholes" kali affords? I some Cisco tools on there and they don't usually make free stuff23:54
Bashing-omNtemis: Looks good - With secure boot disabled >> now run ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Reboot to see the effect.23:54
ash_worksiI saw* some23:54
sarnoldash_worksi: surely there's enough useful stuff in kali for people to keep using it, but I've wondered if 90% of the users would be happy with a ppa on ubuntu and a dozen packages..23:55
ash_worksisarnold: all in all, I shouldn't be surprised that step 1 in discussing OWASP is "get kali"?23:55
Ntemis@Bashing-om https://dpaste.com/AE5BNYATK23:56
Ntemisis going for the latest23:56
sarnoldash_worksi: I'm a little surprised, I'd have expected something more like "you'll need to use a tool like postman, so install it ...23:57
Ntemisok everything is done23:57
Ntemisthank you mate23:57
Ntemisreboot ok?23:57
Bashing-omNtemis: Smart kernel - pat pat :P re-boot and let's see now what you have .23:57
baegletomreyn: MODULES=most yes23:57
Ntemiscrossing fingers23:58
Ntemisthanks again for all the help23:58

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