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Unit193I hesitate to upload xfce4-notifyd because in my test package I have http://paste.openstack.org/show/qoxwmktbXQevB9V3IklC with --enable-dbus-start-daemon, I have no idea why one wouldn't want both?04:37
Unit193Specifically, I know I want dbus start, though it seems if you have other notifyd daemons installed and none autostart, the system gets confused as to where to send it.04:39
siculusHi...how i can delete the login window at start? Please help me17:13
Unit193Pretty sure I can't get away with sync'ing -dict over. :P23:12
Unit193I mean we're the only Xfce flavor now, so there's that, but still.  Past Final Freeze.  Unfortunately, inxi has a bugfix release that'd be great to have, buuut.23:13

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