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pjotterOpening a terminal on a symlink-directory cause the terminal to resolve and show the complete url before the prompt. Is there a way to make the terminal not do that and justr show the original symlink?09:35
xu-irc16wHello can someone help me with my very slow boot(More than 1 mintue) problem. i3 4th gen 8gb RAM and 500gb HDD fresh install of xubuntu. Default install erase disc was used no error in installation11:38
diogenes_xu-irc16w, what OS you have used before and was it faster?11:38
xu-irc16wWindows 10. It takes 15seconds to boot into11:39
pmjdebruijnxu-irc16w: a 1 minute boot time on a HDD seems rather quick to be honest11:39
pmjdebruijnor did you mean an SSD?11:39
xu-irc16wHDD only.11:40
xu-irc16wNot SSD11:40
xu-irc16wIs linux slow on HDD ?11:40
pmjdebruijnnot particularly11:41
pmjdebruijnHDD are terribly slow in general11:41
xu-irc16wI thought linux was supposed to be faster than windows. Never have experienced this much slow boot.11:41
pmjdebruijnOS A is faster than OS B, is generally speaking a nonsensical statement11:41
xu-irc16wpmjdebruijn: HDD were standard for these many years right ? People waited 1minute to boot up in linux11:42
pmjdebruijnxu-irc16w: of course11:42
pmjdebruijnlinux used to actually boot extremely slow, much slower than windows11:42
pmjdebruijnbut that's not longer been true for many years, at least not in a significant way11:43
xu-irc16wOh I didn't know about this.11:43
pmjdebruijnon any particular computer either might be marginically quicker11:43
pmjdebruijnHDDs have been the main bottleneck in "general feeling of performance" of desktops for basically ever11:44
xu-irc16wBut 1minute plus for boot on a system that used to boot less than 30secs is bad right ?11:44
pmjdebruijnno particularly11:44
pmjdebruijnwhat do you mean with "used to be less than 30secs" with what?11:44
xu-irc16wWindows System used to boot less than 30seconds11:45
pmjdebruijnWhich version, XP ?11:45
xu-irc16wWindows 1011:45
pmjdebruijnwell maybe MS improved boot times for 10 again, I don't know11:46
xu-irc16wOn my VM xubuntu boots up fast on a different system but on HDD ofcourse11:47
pmjdebruijnregardless it's not something you should really worry about11:47
pmjdebruijnbootup time in VMs are misleading, given that the host OS, potentially has data cached11:47
xu-irc16wAnyway to speed up to boot on xubuntu11:47
xu-irc16wI googled and a lot of them are getting 30seconds or so11:47
pmjdebruijnxu-irc16w: I doubt those are on HHDs11:48
pmjdebruijnmy system boots up in maybe 15 seconds, but that's on an NVME SSD11:49
xu-irc16wOkay cool. I have this another weird problem.11:49
xu-irc16wWhen I use backspace or arrow keys and hold down it. It moves one by one it doesn't accelerate like it would on windows. how to change this behaviour11:50
pmjdebruijnbtw, the main issue these days, is that few people are still using HDDs in their computers, so most people have at least a cheapo SSD, when they're talking about they desktop11:50
pmjdebruijnno clue sorry11:51
pmjdebruijnI never really thought that was a good idea to begin with11:51
pmjdebruijnbut in preferences there is a bunch of stuff you can change11:52
diogenes_xu-irc16w, in terminal run: systemd-analyze blame | nc termbin.com 999911:52
diogenes_share the url11:52
pmjdebruijnoh I forgot about that11:52
pmjdebruijnxu-irc16w: look under settigns -> keyboard11:52
pmjdebruijnbut I don't see any nonlinear acceleration there11:53
xu-irc16wgdiogenes_ https://termbin.com/2g7i11:53
xu-irc16wI also checked under keyboard settings11:54
xu-irc16wDidn't find any related setting11:55
diogenes_xu-irc16w, wow man-db.service and snapd.service take up over 1 minute of your boot time.11:55
xu-irc16wWhat to do ?11:56
xu-irc16wIt was networkmanager.service in previous boot11:57
xu-irc16wThat took up 30seconds or so11:57
pmjdebruijnxu-irc16w: you may want to check smartctl -a /dev/sda (presumably sda is your harddisk)12:00
pmjdebruijnsame goes for 'dmesg -T | grep sda'12:00
diogenes_you can disable those also add fsck.mode=skip to grub boot options.12:01
xu-irc16wFri Oct 16 16:32:09 2020] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 976773168 512-byte logical blocks: (500 GB/466 GiB)[Fri Oct 16 16:32:09 2020] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write Protect is off[Fri Oct 16 16:32:09 2020] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Mode Sense: 00 3a 00 00[Fri Oct 16 16:32:09 2020] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA[Fri Oct12:02
xu-irc16w16 16:32:09 2020]  sda: sda1 sda2 < sda5 >[Fri Oct 16 16:32:09 2020] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk[Fri Oct 16 16:32:10 2020] EXT4-fs (sda5): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)[Fri Oct 16 16:32:15 2020] EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro12:02
xu-irc16wI will paste in that link and send sorry12:03
pmjdebruijnyou'll need to sudo the smartctl thing12:07
ijf8090Hi I volunteer for an organization that refurbishes old computers and re-distributes them to needy families and organizations. We install Xubuntu 18.04 and run Software Updater. Yesterday we noticed that the displayed clock time was not showing the correct time zone. This is new behavior, it occurs on at least three different PCs - Dell, Lenovo,12:14
ijf8090HP. The CMOS clock is correct, the PC is connected to the internet.  I have not yet found a consistent fix, running s/w update or adding %Z to the clock settings sometimes works. Looking for suggestions on how to debug.12:14
xu-irc16wsorry about the delay. Here is the link https://termbin.com/ma68k12:23
xu-irc16wi have run it via sudo12:23
xu-irc16wdiogenes_: you can disable those also add fsck.mode=skip to grub boot options. i have to just add it to /etc/default/grub right ?12:26
diogenes_in /etc/default/grub to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="fsck.mode=skip quiet splash" and run: sudo update-grub12:27
xu-irc16wThank you so much <312:28
xu-irc16wCan i restart and see if any changes has happened will this chat go away :(12:28
xu-irc16wI am really new to this. Sorry about dumb questions.12:29
diogenes_xu-irc16w, if you use hexchat then you will see the last chat when you join in again.12:29
xu-irc16wI used one from browser xubuntu.org/irc12:31
xu-irc16wI will restart and join again.12:31
diogenes_then i suppose it won't be preserved.12:31
xu-irc16wNo problem i copied all text12:32
tomreynijf8090: get and compare timedatectl output on those systems and systems which behave as expected.12:37
Remodiogenes_ i updated grub and restarted but now still slow :(12:42
diogenes_Remo, did you disable mandb and snapd services?12:43
RemoI added that line in grub. I am not sure how to disable mandb and snapd service. I am very much new to this sorry :(12:44
Remomandb is not showing up in that systemd-analyze blame12:44
Remosnapd is there it takes 37seconds12:44
pmjdebruijnbtw, is your system fully updated?12:45
pmjdebruijnRemo: do you have 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda' for me, just to make sure... ?12:45
Remosudo apt-get update right for system update ? I did it once installing system which was yesterday. And once before joining chat12:45
pmjdebruijnRemo: sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:46
pmjdebruijnupdate merely updates the indexes, it doesn't update any actual software12:46
pmjdebruijnotherwise you might be running into a bug that might have been fixed a long time ago12:46
Remohttps://termbin.com/4kdh latest smartctl for you.12:47
pmjdebruijnRemo: your disk might be in the initial stages of dying12:47
RemoI have updated it dist-upgrade12:49
pmjdebruijnRemo: just now? if so, trying rebooting again12:49
pmjdebruijnRemo: but that smart output is worrying12:49
Remoyes. I will reboot now. What is it saying ? I am not understand it12:50
pmjdebruijna looks like your disk is experience some errors now and then12:50
pmjdebruijnand more frequently than it should12:50
pmjdebruijnI'm not an expert on SMART either12:50
pmjdebruijnbut it MIGHT explain some of the performance issues you're seeing12:51
RemoOkay. So I will run Seagate Diagnostics later on it. If it comes out bad i will replace it. I will restart now to check.12:51
pmjdebruijnit's hard to say for sure12:51
pmjdebruijnRemo: seagate diagnostics won't tell you anything for sure either12:52
pmjdebruijnif that were my disk, I would replace it12:52
RemoOkay I will replace it.12:52
pmjdebruijnI'm saying I would12:52
Remohow to disable that snapd12:53
pmjdebruijnif you run seagate diagnostics, and it tells you the disk is bad then it's probably bad12:53
pmjdebruijnif you run seagate diagnostics, and it tells you the disk is not bed, it might just not be bad enough yet12:53
RemoOkay I will check it. I have another drive fail on me after seagate told me SHORTDST fail12:54
RemoSo I wont take chances12:54
RemoI will restart now disabled snapd from session and startup12:55
pmjdebruijnwelcome back13:02
RemoHello :)13:03
RemoNo luck pmjdebruijn13:03
RemoStartup finished in 3.242s (kernel) + 1min 4.567s (userspace) = 1min 7.809s13:04
Remographical.target reached after 1min 4.553s in userspace13:04
pmjdebruijnbtw, _IF_ you decide the replacement the disk, now might be worth looking into SSDs, given that a 500GB isn't _that_ much more expensive than a 500G HDD13:04
pmjdebruijnRemo: _IF_ your disk is the problem, nothing you do in the OS will ever really solve the issue though13:04
RemoYes that is true. I will look into this. this system is for my parents13:05
pmjdebruijnan SSD also will make the system _much_ more pleasant to use13:06
pmjdebruijnbut ultimately it's your decision of course13:06
RemoYes i have it on my main system its good13:07
RemoFor the time being I will just continue using and learning the system. Not poke around. Thank you so much guys for help and advice. really appreciate it. <313:12
pmjdebruijngood luck13:13
miu5Hi guys, Is kerneloops part of Xubuntu??  why i suddenly saw it in my process list "kerneloops --test"13:23
pmjdebruijnseems so13:24
miu5pmjdebruijn,  can you uninstall it?13:27
pmjdebruijnno clue13:29
pmjdebruijnnot really sure why you'd want to though13:29
miu5im not sure why it would fire up on its own automatically to report kernel issues, users should be able to opt in for that if they choose.13:31
pmjdebruijnmiu5: see /etc/kerneloops.conf13:32
pmjdebruijnmiu5: that's already the case13:33
pmjdebruijnkerneloops runs to collect the information, so you can choose after whether to submit it or not13:33
miu5pmjdebruijn, i see. in my process list i had it as "kerneloops --test"   - what does that mean?13:37
pmjdebruijnno clue13:39
pmjdebruijnisn't there a man page?13:39
pmjdebruijnmiu5: I'm merely googling while you ask things13:39
miu5pmjdebruijn, https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/kerneloops.8.html13:44
miu5but it doesnt show the in-file properties13:44
pmjdebruijnsorry I don't anything more13:45
pmjdebruijnkeep in mind that's probably a general ubuntu thing, not specific to xubuntu13:46
miu5nowhere can i find what the option "--test" does exactly.   I havent got any report from kerneloops, nor /var/log/dmesg.  I would understand if the "kerneloops" runs in the process list as is, but what the heck is the --test for13:51
pmjdebruijnmiu5: have you check the sources?13:54
nikolaydear all , how i can will change unlock window on xubuntu 20.04  ?14:46
Maikiirc xubuntu uses lightdm so install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings14:48
Maikthere you can configure the login screen to your liking with fonts, themes, icons etc.14:49
nikolay lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings only changed logon window , but not chanding unlock window, where may be this problem  ?14:51
Maikoh, the lock screen... that i don't know14:52
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Guest65298How to delete the user login17:08
siculusHi please help me...i need to delete the login user window at start...17:15

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