Mamarokgot my new laptop, no upgrading to Groovy and Kubuntu, they sadly do not pre-install Kubuntu at Tuxedo, it came with Budgie...16:35
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Oh, I am working on fixing that 😸16:37
MamarokAFAIK there should have been a Plasma sprint at Tuxedo earlier this year, but Corona happened :-(16:40
Mamarokthey do provide Manjaro with Plasma, but that is definitely not a distribution I wanted16:40
Mamarokjust checked the kernel isntallation: wow, that thing is lightning fast, took about 20 seconds with preparation to finished installation of the new kernel16:49
Mamarokhm, that tasksel thing does nothing at all, despite me adding the Kubuntu sources18:03
valoriesudo apt install kubuntu-desktop ?20:00
valoriecongrats on the new lappy20:01
valoriemine seems to be settling down -- restarted last night, and everything worked for my meeting this morning20:01
valoriealthough still not automatically20:02
valoriestill need to use pavu to tell it where to put the sound/mic20:02
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Hmm, I just click on the speaker bottom. Right, then the applications tab, and use the burger menu for each application to select which audio device to use20:37
valorieI never used to have to do anything20:39
valorieplug in headset, works20:39
valorieunplug it, onboard sound works20:40
valoriethat bit no longer happens20:40
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Ah.. So mostly that's true for me too, you running Gorilla?20:40
valoriei have to mess around with pavucontrol > Audio > special or something20:40
valorieyes, GG20:40
valorieeven today20:41
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Ah right, I'll shut up, and go test it...20:41
valoriethe first time I plug in the headset, all is well20:41
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> {{{{Hugs}}}}} anyways 😍20:41
valoriebut unplug it and system does not seem to know that20:41
valorieIf I knew where the bug was I would report it20:41
valoriethat's always the hardest part and key to getting stuff fixed20:42
valoriein any case, having most stuff work makes me happy20:42
valorienot unhappy enough to reinstall 20.0420:43
valoriegrrrr, that made me unhappy - briefly left the computer, came back to gray screen -- even sysrq - REISUB didn't shut it down22:57
valoriehad to hard shut down with the power button, losing the text file I hadn't saved22:57
valorieno clue where that bug came from but I think it is the fatal sleep one that DarinMiller experienced22:58
valorieI turned off sleep entirely in the systemsettings but....22:59

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