lotuspsychjegood morning00:36
ducassegood morning06:26
sumagnaanybody uses budgie desktop environment with default ubuntu (not ubuntu budgie)?13:48
lotuspsychjesumagna: do you mean you want to install budgie ontop ubuntu-desktop?13:54
sumagnai want to do this-> https://itsfoss.com/install-budgie-ubuntu/13:54
lotuspsychjesumagna: what we often advice on installing flavour desktops ontop other base ubuntu is this work pretty well to install, but might give you errors on some cases when trying to purge it13:56
lotuspsychjesumagna: your system might get into a mix of both worlds13:57
sumagnai dont want to mess up the gnome one as it will be there as a failsafe13:57
lotuspsychjesumagna: so, if you like a flavour its adviced to install it clean13:58
sumagnashould i follow the above given guide of itsfoss?13:58
lotuspsychjesumagna: if you understand the risks of having a frankensystem of both, you can13:59
sumagnawhat are the maximum risks which are going to be taken in this whole thing14:12
lotuspsychjesumagna: installing and testing flavour desktop over each other is cool for testing purposes and having multiple desks14:13
lotuspsychjesumagna: however, when trying to purge the desktops, we see often users with remaining leftovers so they end up with a mixed system14:13
sumagnawhat to do if that happens in my case?14:26
lotuspsychjesumagna: you end up with a mixed system thats all14:32
sumagnai know that14:32
lotuspsychjesumagna: make a backup of your data and just test things out, its the best school14:33
sumagnashouldnt i purge one of them correctly14:33
lotuspsychjesumagna: thats what im trying to tell you, purging some of them might leave leftovers14:34
sumagnai am talking about cleaning those leftovers14:41
lotuspsychjesumagna: you can try, but it might not be easy and give you unwanted behaviour14:43
sumagnathe guide i sent is good?14:44
lotuspsychjesumagna: yeah the guide seems rather clean to me14:44
lotuspsychjesumagna: but a lot of online guides are just generalizing things, but in reality we often see different results14:45
lotuspsychjesumagna: ive tryed it with ubuntu desktop, install kubuntu, mate and lubuntu for example14:45
sumagnai followed itsfoss guides earlier and they seemed pretty good then14:46
sumagnamost of the times it worked14:46
lotuspsychjeafter purging a desktop i had a mixed gnome/kde system or gnome with greenish folders and boot logo with mate etc14:46
sumagnalotuspsychje: should i keep this handy? -> https://askubuntu.com/questions/961580/completely-remove-budgie15:04
lotuspsychjesumagna: you can, did you read this; There are a few recommended packages also that are installed with ubuntu-budgie-desktop that will not be removed with the above command - but you can deal with those separately if you so wish.15:07
sumagnathats why i asked15:08
sumagnahow to find those packages?15:08
sumagnaif they are not removed on its own?15:08
oerheksapt autoremove, apt clean..15:09
oerheksif not, why bother? cannot be much diskspace15:09
lotuspsychjesumagna: instead of all the hassle around, you could just liveusb or virtualbox a budgie iso for testing things out?15:11
sumagnathats a great idea actually15:11
sumagnawill have to find a pendrive then15:11
sumagnahey lotuspsychje can you hook me up with a download or a link where i can download a budgie iso from?16:44
daftykinsthe first result on search engines will point you to their website where it's available16:46
daftykinsin fact you could have typed fewer characters than asking16:46
Maiksumagna: https://ubuntubudgie.org/downloads/16:52
sumagnano not that....17:49
sumagnaanyways this will work17:49
sumagnai was talking about installing budgie DE on default ubuntu, daftykins17:50
sumagnai was not talking about installing ubuntu budgie17:51
sumagnaanyways it will work for testing out17:51
daftykinsbut you don't get an ISO to add it to an existing install...17:52
sumagnais there anything different in ubuntu budgie from the normal budgie DE17:52
sumagna_Is there anything different daftykins ?17:54
sumagna_Or is ubuntu budgie using the budgie DE without any customisations???17:57
oerhekswhat is 'normal' budgie?17:57
sumagna_By normal, I meant the budgie DE17:59
oerheksi hope installing budgie and ubuntu-budgie iso are the same..17:59
oerhekslet us know if they are different :-P17:59
sumagna_I wanted to test the budgie DE out before installing it on my default ubuntu installation18:00
daftykinsso boot a live session18:05
sumagna_Going to do that18:05
sumagna_And I didn't mean the installation is different BTW.18:11
sumagna_I asked if the budgie interface, which can be installed in default ubuntu from the package 'ubuntu-budgie-desktop', is different from the budgie interface in ubuntu budgie18:12
oerheks.. i hope not.18:12
sumagna_Then its ok18:13
oerheksmaybe an other distro with budgie gives some unique looks18:13
oerheksNoo, basicly the iso or the desktop meta package gives the same.18:13
oerheksStill, i would install side-by-side, to avoid clutter of programms.18:14
sumagna_Then testing ubuntu budgie will be like testing budgie DE18:18

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