jayjois there a way to tell what device file is represented by an `lsusb` entry?01:26
jayjoIn my case, I'm trying to figure out what usb serial connection I can use with `avrdude`, but this comes up for me other times when I'm connecting smartcard readers or other usb converters01:27
sarnoldjayjo: this feels like something to tie together with udev's persistant device naming support01:29
jayjoI think that's what I need, thanks!01:47
jayjoI'm trying to test a few rules, because using "-P usb" as a port wasn't working https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man1/avrdude.1.html01:48
jayjonot sure if it assumes a /dev file for the port01:48
jayjoin "avrdude", could "port" be a DOS or Windows term? Does it just mean device file? I have a serial device connected over USB that I'm trying to access, and using "-P /dev/serial/by-id/usb-...." gives me "avrdude: Error: Invalid port specification for USB device"02:38
jayjoI can connect to that serial device with screen02:38
jayjolooks like /dev/port is an option sometimes: https://tldp.org/HOWTO/IO-Port-Programming-2.html02:58
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hwpplayer1hi people!10:20
hwpplayer1do you have any suggestions for a server infrastructure design ?10:22
hwpplayer1As i understand, one playground livepatch server and clones, one LDAP and clones, it goes like that10:23
hwpplayer1like dominoes i install more applications10:23
RoyKhwpplayer1: building a server is like building a house - there are different types depending on needs, so please specify13:06
hwpplayer1RoyK: Thanks for answering13:07
hwpplayer1RoyK: One playground for kernel patch service, development machines with or without GPU, LDAP, File servers, Git, Media(live stream) and goes on13:08
MinallHello Ubuntu Community!... Where can I find a list of installable snaps for my server environments?19:19
oerhekssnap list19:19
oerheksif you could not find that, you did not try19:20
Minalloerheks: I search for 'Ubuntu server snap list' and similar terms like 'Ubuntu Server 20.04 package list, server list, installable packages' etc. But I couldn't find results that show me what packages can be installed in the installation process19:20
oerheksi think snaps are not part of the install process on server. one could install them after 1st boot.19:21
oerhekscloud-init and core are installed standard, AFIK19:23
tomreynyes, there's a snap install screen at the end of the server (live) installation19:25
oerheksoh? is this in 20 ?19:25
tomreynin 20.04 LTS, yes. maybe 18.04 LTS, too, not sure.19:25
oerheksthere you go, Minall19:29
tomreynhttps://github.com/CanonicalLtd/subiquity/ is the source code if you'd like to work out how the installer filters 'popular snaps in server environments' off the list retrieved from snapcraft.io19:40
hwpplayer1tomreyn: It says Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: could not find expected ':' on line 45, column 1120:29
hwpplayer1But there is : char20:30
hwpplayer1i'll be back in 10 minutes20:41
hwpplayer1i'm back20:43
grendal-primeanyone here ever use pfsense or opensense23:33
tomreynthere are better platforms for online polls than IRC23:46
tomreyn(maybe you meant to ask a different question)23:47

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