Ntemis@Bashing-om it works liked a charm00:00
Ntemisthanks buddy00:00
Ntemissystem is much faster now on 4k00:00
Ntemisyou are a treasure00:01
Ntemisthanks again for your time helping me out on this00:01
Bashing-omNtemis: Great - help is what we do - remember - there can be only ONE. And "dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P" is a good command to put in your tool box :P00:02
Bashing-omGone :(00:03
sarnoldgone but happy :) heh00:04
tomreynbaegle: how are you coming?00:19
baegletomreyn: not ready to reboot to find out. Trying to find a way to assess if update-initramfs and grub-install have made any material changes. I'm really not sure how to test without a reboot.00:21
tomreynbaegle: if you have any initrd's left from before you manually ran update-initramfs, you could compare to those00:23
baegletomreyn: I found this article and I'm trying to figure out how to learn from it https://askubuntu.com/questions/551446/cant-find-lvm-root-dropped-back-to-initramfs00:23
tomreynbaegle: other than that, you could inspect one and see whether it has the needed binaries in it, and the crypttab and fstab00:23
ash_worksiI just tried using the kali contaienr00:24
baegletomreyn: it does not have /etc/crypttab in it00:24
tomreynbaegle: so the error was really that it could not find the lvm when you booted last time? i.e. it didn't say the encryption layer was an issue, and you were prompted for the passphrase?00:24
tomreynoh, no crypttab, no decryption, i guess00:24
baegletomreyn: I was not prompted for the passphrase00:24
ash_worksiit doesn't appear to have any of the cli tools listed here: https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing00:24
tomreynbaegle: actually i'm wrong about crypttab, it's not added to the initrd.00:26
tomreynbut its content is still important for it00:27
baegletomreyn: The crypttab has the correct UUID, AFAICT00:27
tomreynbaegle: so if you weren't prompted for the encryption passphrase then you don't need to concern yourself with the lvm for now, but with the encryption layer - it's the first one that needs to be opened.00:27
baegletomreyn: Yeah, it can't find the logical volume because it's not even trying to decrypt the luks volume to find the logical volume within. And I don't know why00:28
tomreynbaegle: me enither, since i don't know your blkid and crypttab and fstab00:29
baegletomreyn: standby, will get you that00:30
tomreynhmm, maybe you just missed this line earlier?  <tomreyn> baegle: can you share    blkid    and    grep -hEv '^[[:blank:]]*(#.*)?$' /etc/lvm/*.conf    output and the contents of /etc/{crypt,fs}tab ?00:30
baegletomreyn: https://termbin.com/4veu00:34
reagaubuntu crashed when i tried to install it00:34
reagai want a refund00:34
baeglereaga: Granted00:35
baeglereaga: You're very welcome00:35
baegletomreyn: whoops, gotta get you the lvm configs, standby00:35
sarnoldreaga: the bug report I see most often is people running the installer in UEFI mode but not having a EFI filesystem on their drive00:36
baegletomreyn: https://termbin.com/y72t00:37
reagakubuntu and mint installed fine but ubuntu just died, i think ill give it another shot but disable some options when installing00:39
baeglereaga: try disabling the "crash on first run" option during installation00:40
tomreynbaegle: i'm not sure you need them, but those cifs mounts lack dump and pass fields00:40
tomreynbaegle: i'd probably just comment those lines out until the system boots properly00:41
baegletomreyn: they are noauto00:41
tomreynoh whoops00:41
baegleBut yes, I can comment them out00:41
baegleSo, interesting comment from sarnold. I don't have an EFI filesystem on my drive, I don't think. Is that a possible problem?00:42
tomreyndepends on how you're meaning to boot00:43
baeglePretty sure I'm just doing straight BIOS because I don't need fancy00:43
baegleAnd I've been using this with Ubuntu without an EFI filesystem for years, so....00:44
tomreynyou do have short partition uuids, which suggests an mbr partition table00:44
baegleyeah, that sounds like something I remember doing back in day00:45
baeglewell, I guess I'm just gonna reboot and see what happens00:45
baegleback in 10m00:45
tomreyncrypttab seems fine to me00:45
sarnoldbaegle: hmm if you've got a systm where debconf had incorrect configuration settings for where to install grub (a surprising number of people did), you may need to do some corrective steps.. these instructions were prepared for 'simple' systems, but may be useful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/GRUB2SecureBootBypass#Recovery00:45
* baegle skrrrt00:45
baeglesarnold: What would the symptoms of this be, though? Seems like Grub is loading just fine for me. It just doesn't know what to do.00:46
baeglesarnold: It doesn't prompt to decrypt my volume before trying to use it and then, of course, can't find my volume group and then gets down with the busybox00:47
tomreynbaegle: is cryptsetup installed ?00:48
baegletomreyn: And reinstalled00:48
tomreynbaegle: can you show    apt list --installed linux* grub* crypt*00:50
sarnoldbaegle: this describes the symptoms of that grub misconfiguration https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1889509  "error: symbol `grub_calloc' not found."00:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1889556 in grub2 (Ubuntu Groovy) "duplicate for #1889509 grub-install failure does not fail package upgrade (and does not roll back to matching modules)" [Undecided,Fix released]00:50
baegletomreyn: https://termbin.com/w7ij00:50
baeglesarnold: I do not enter grub rescue. I get the grub menu just fine. It's the boot sequence for the image that fails00:51
sarnoldbaegle: alright, cool00:52
baeglesarnold: Thanks for calling it out. I appreciate you looking out for me00:53
sarnoldbaegle: and good job noticing my comment to someone else and wondering if it applied :) it's good instinct, pity it did'nt pay off :(00:54
baegleLinux never pays. unless you're redhat. or SCO00:54
tomreynbaegle: the package list looks good to me if you're bios booting00:54
baegletomreyn: I think i'll just reboot and come back here and cry into your shoulder when it doesn't work if that's alright with you00:55
tomreynsure, let me get my rain jacket quickly00:55
baegleCool. You do that. I'll reboot and practice breathing deeply00:56
baegleTomreyn: Failure01:02
baeglePrepare thy shoulder01:02
tomreynso what do you get to see there?01:03
baegleVolume group "xubuntu" not found01:03
baegleSame as it ever was01:03
tomreynso it drops you to busybox, with this message?01:03
baegleAfter timeout is reached01:03
tomreynhmm, we didn't check whether lvm2 is installed, can you check this after setting up the chroot?01:05
tomreynlsinitramfs should have    sbin/lvm   too01:05
baegleIt is, but I forgot to grub-install this time01:06
tomreynmaybe just post your lsinitramfs and i can compare with one i have for such a system01:06
tomreynyou don't need to grub-install if the verion of grub you have installed is good01:06
tomreynand it's installed at the right place (mbr in your case)01:07
baegleReinstalling lvm201:07
tomreynmaybe you can share your lsinitramfs, too, and i can compare to a similar system i have access to01:08
baeglebaegle3 is cool, he's with me01:11
lotuspsychjean irc pet, thats new :p01:16
baegleUnfortunately he's pretty slow and can't fix the damn boot loader01:18
baegle3I'm trying!01:18
baegle3But seriously folks I cannot figure out why the initrd image doesn't try to decrypt the disk before stupidly looking for volumes it won't find01:21
masonbaegle3: Haven't followed, but did you set the initramfs in /etc/crypttab?01:22
tomreynbaegle3: i'm still comparing, but my 18.04 system has conf/conf.d/cryptroot but your 20,04 system does not01:22
masonbaegle3: That's the flag that tells the initramfs to deal with a cryptdisk.01:22
baegle3mason: what now? there's a crypttab flag for reminding initramfs to pay attention now?01:23
sarnoldhere's what I've got in my /etc/crypttab01:24
masonbaegle3: initramfs tag01:24
sarnoldluks1 UUID=8fda5814-5cf7-404b-9339-54088c28911b none luks,discard,initramfs01:24
masonbaegle3: for example: luksroot2 UUID=cd5d000e-9008-4b8b-8d99-645841e6c4ec none luks,initramfs01:24
masonthat initramfs tag is what says to care during initramfs01:24
masonwithout that, it won't be tried01:25
baegle3Well I'll be a monkey's uncle01:25
baegleMore like a monkey01:25
baegle3mason: if that works, I'm going to be very something01:26
baegle3brb, rebooting01:26
baegleGood, he's gone. God I hate that guy01:28
baegleBah. Didn't work. Same error01:28
sarnoldhe told me he likes you :(01:28
baegleOk, now I'm gonna hangout in busybox and talk to y'all from my mobile device01:29
baegleWhich is a blackberry running android, for those who care about physical keyboards01:29
tomreynbaegle: there is no "lib/cryptsetup/askpass" in your initrd01:29
baegleMy laptop has given up waiting for the device. I am now in busybox01:29
baegletomreyn: where would I find that while in busybox. Lib doesn't have a cryptsetup here01:30
tomreynbaegle: on 18.04, i think the path would be just lib/cryptsetup/askpass01:31
tomreynbaegle: i'll compare with a 20.04 with cryptsetup-luks now01:32
masonbaegle: Did you update-initramfs after changing crypttab?01:32
baegleMason: yes01:32
tomreynyes i have lib/cryptsetup/askpass on the 20.0401:33
baegleCryptsetup is nowhere in busybox using find+grep01:33
baegleOk, rebooting into rescue disk01:33
baegleAnd spawning that stupid pet again01:33
baegle71I'm baaaaaaaaack01:38
* baegle applies palm to face01:39
tomreynto the chroot?01:39
baegle71tomreyn: I just got the livecd rolling, gimme a couple seconds to get the chroot up01:39
tomreynsure. once you'Re ready, tell us how exactly you update the initramfs01:40
baegle71update-initramfs -c -k all01:42
tomreynok, i guess this should work01:43
tomreynnormally i'd only update the one that the system will boot into, so the others don't get overwritten01:43
baegle71lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img|grep cryptsetup     returns nothing01:43
tomreynyes, this is wrong, now i still don't understand why it is so.01:44
baegle71wait a minute01:44
baegle71apt reinstall cryptsetup-initramfs01:44
baegle71update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-51-generic01:45
baegle71cryptsetup: WARNING: target 'linux' not found in /etc/crypttabcryptsetup: ERROR: sda5_crypt: Source mismatchdevice-mapper: table ioctl on sda5_crypt  failed: No such device or addressCommand failed.cryptsetup: WARNING: Couldn't determine cipher modules to load for sda5_crypt01:45
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tomreynyou didn't have this error message before?01:46
baegle71I didn't try to reinstall that package before, or if I did I missed the error output01:47
tomreynhmm, now i'm not sure what it wants to tell us, though01:47
baegleI have no idea how this happened, but somehow the volume name was linux and the config thought it was sda5_crypt01:49
tomreynsda5_crypt is what you have in crypttab, i think01:49
tomreynvolume lables should not matter01:50
baegleIt mattered01:50
baegleI'm back baby!01:50
tomreynyeay, i can go to bed!01:51
baegleTomreyn: thank you!01:51
tomreynyou're welcome :)01:51
baegleI learned more, and I fixed it, thanks to you knowing where to look01:51
baegleSarnold: thank you!01:51
baegleMason: thank you!01:52
tomreyni'm not sure how this occurred exactly, it'd be interesting to learn more about it if you know01:52
tomreynbut other than that, i'm glad you got it booting again.01:52
masonbaegle: nice nice01:52
baegleI really don't know01:52
sarnoldbaegle: YAY!!01:52
sarnoldbaegle: nice persistence :)01:52
sarnoldbaegle: what exactly did you need to change to make it work?01:53
baeglesarnold: I changed /etc/crypttab, the first word was sda5_crypt but the luks volume was called linux. So I changed the first word to linux and it worked01:54
sarnoldbaegle: sweeet. thanks.01:54
sarnoldman :( where was that error message hours ago?01:54
sarnold!cookie tomreyn01:55
sarnoldoh man. I thoght we had a bot for that.01:55
baegleIt only came up when I reinstalled cryptsetup-initramfs01:55
tomreynyes, but it likes to smoke pipes01:55
masonbaegle: Strategy note: the first field is referenced by random things as /dev/mapper/foo. So, some things that care about that will use it.01:56
baegleOk, I'm heading out. Y'all have a great weekend.02:03
sarnoldsee ya baegle02:05
tomreyn!bye | baegle02:06
ubottubaegle: Au revoir!02:06
grinchierhello all,   is there a usb wifi card I can buy that will work with secure boot?02:34
sarnoldgrinchier: there probably is something that'll just work; I'm not sure how exactly to find out which ones will Just Work and be reliable and so on .. but if you wind up needing a dkms package, you can still get secureboot to work, just with an on-computer key: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot/DKMS02:36
grinchierI found these directions here but for fedora  https://www.modio.se/installing-realtek-8821ce-driver-on-system-with-secureboot-enabled.html    i must of been doing something wrong02:37
grinchierI would just disable secure boot.  but the hp laptop in question magically re-enables secure boot after a week or two.02:37
grinchierhmm the one you linked I'll give a shot.  ty.02:38
grinchiersarnold if I disable secure boot in shim-signed,   will that fix my issue of it re-enabling itself in the bios?02:39
grinchieri'm thinking not lol02:40
sarnoldgrinchier: oh weird -- I hadn't heard of that before02:40
grinchierya i dunno wtf is going on.  its my sisters pc i set up ubuntu on it for my niece to do remote learning at her school02:40
sarnoldgrinchier: I think disabling it in the shim should work, anyway, someone went to the effort of documenting it with photos and everything :)02:40
grinchierevery week or two they call and tell me the wifi disappeared lol02:40
sarnoldso.. every three weeks we publish a new kernel02:40
grinchieroh you think that is what is happening?  lol02:40
sarnoldif it's a dkms module, or hand-built omdule, maybe it's not being rebuilt properly?02:41
sarnoldthe timing does make me wonder, anyway02:41
grinchierwell to fix it.  what I do is go in the bios and disable secure boot again02:41
grinchiermy sister is not pc saavy at all.  I might have to show my niece how to do it.02:41
grinchieri thought maybe someone in her house was doing it so i put a password on the bios.  didn't help LMAO02:42
grinchiersomeone earlier said it might be the cmos battery.  I dunno it is a crap laptop who knows.02:42
grinchierwindows was unuseable on it, and their windows was super trashed so i just put ubuntu on it02:42
grinchierbut ya it seems like it was about 3 weeks.  maybe when the kernel updates it re-enables secure boot?02:43
grinchierI'll try the shim thing and cross my fingers.02:43
sarnoldgrinchier: oh cmos battery is a decent guess02:45
sarnoldgrinchier: one thing that might help if you want to head down the new device route .. 'modinfo <modulename>' reports a bunch of information on a module02:45
sarnoldgrinchier: eg modinfo iwlwifi  dumps a ton of data on the intel wireless driver; it includes firmware names and device data.. you can guess a lot of device names from those firmware filenames, double-check they are in the linux-firmware package, and try to find something that looks promising02:47
grinchierso if I do the shim thing.  I don't have to disable it in bios right?02:48
sarnoldgrinchier: that's my expectation, yes02:50
grinchieroh man i hope so.  it seems too simple lol02:50
grinchierwill it have to be redone every 3 weeks?02:50
sarnoldgrinchier: I hope not :)02:58
grinchierlol me too02:59
grinchierman for the heck of it i went on amazon.  dont' think i will find a usb wifi adapter that will work with secure boot02:59
grinchierhave to give up on that dream lol03:00
grinchierwell tks for your help man.  I will try the shim thing03:01
grinchierhave a good weekend03:01
grinchierhmm Just read on reddit.  most people recommend panda wireless usb adapters03:04
grinchierfor linux03:04
sarnoldthanks grinchier, you too :) good luck03:06
reagadang i wish i could get ubuntu working with nvidia drivers03:41
reagawont boot after i install03:41
reagaalso, ubuntu totally messes up when using dual monitors03:43
reagastuff appears on one screen but I have to use my cursor as if its on the other screen (but invisible)03:44
reagaso if a window is in the top left of my left screen, I have to move my cursor to the top left of my right screen to click on it03:44
matsamanreaga: won't _boot_?03:45
reagawont boot03:46
reagaas in, its just totally black and i dont have any cursor etc03:46
reagayou know what i mean03:46
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | reaga03:47
ubottureaga: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.03:47
lotuspsychjereaga: after that, try to switch nvidia drivers, ubuntu-drivers list to see whats available for your card03:48
reagai can get into ubuntu fine03:48
reagaits when i try to install the new drivers where it dies03:48
reaganomodeset doesn't affect nvidia drivers03:49
reagai install the latest drivers in the ubuntu driver manager thing, it says installed complete, then i restart and its just black03:50
Bashing-omreaga: secure boot ?03:51
lotuspsychjereaga: share your dmesg in a pastebin please03:53
Bashing-omreaga: The Nvida driver is 3rd party - requires that secure boot be disabled while installing the driver.03:54
reagai see...03:54
reagai dont know if its enabled i'll need to chec03:54
reagasounds like that could be it03:54
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TreskjegRan into an odd issue in 20.04: I connected my laptop to a projector through HDMI, but I wanted my audio to come through speakers that were connected to my laptop, not the projector. Problem is, no matter which audio output device I select in the system settings, the audio still goes through HDMI. What gives?04:42
lotuspsychjeTreskjeg: got an nvidia graphics card?04:43
TreskjegAMD graphics card actually.04:48
ash_worksiits nice to have a bit of prescription when you're new to things05:16
ash_worksidoes anyone have one for a ctag generator for vim?05:16
ash_worksiI'm reading a post from 2018 that recommended universal-ctags/ctags but thats 2018 and the person uses neovim05:17
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buzelash_worksi: I use ctags. `ctags -R .` for vim. I add -e for Emacs06:21
ash_worksibuzel: do you have any kind of opinion on that vers universal-ctags?06:25
ash_worksior is it like 6-of-1?06:25
ash_worksi(ie, you don't care)06:25
buzelI just know it works for my C++ code, that's about it06:29
buzelI've had it work with other languages too, including javascript06:29
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hwpplayer1hi people!08:08
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all08:14
hwpplayer1lotuspsychje: Good Morning here it is 11:1608:16
hwpplayer111 AM08:16
lotuspsychjehow can we help you today hwpplayer108:16
hwpplayer1I'll give you feedback today08:16
hwpplayer1Maybe i'll install nvidia drivers08:16
hwpplayer1I'm crypting my backup disk08:17
hwpplayer1My question is when i mount to /usr it fails and dromps to initramfs. I never thought of that file system theory08:19
hwpplayer1I just wanted to add a new disk to root especially usr08:19
hwpplayer1I guess it overwrites that is why it fails08:22
hwpplayer1Then i'll follow System76 for clients, like one base OS SSD and others SSD or HDD mounted to home for files08:22
hwpplayer1Solution :)08:22
hwpplayer1And remote development on workstations in my house or datacenter08:23
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nowhereFastjust flashed the focal server image for rpi, it contains two paritions, system-boot and writable, for cloud-init config, I see a user-data in system-boot and a /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg in writable, which is the canoncal to modify?09:46
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yakiza38Hello people I am tyring to install the drivers for TP-Link wireles adaptor, I have followed the instructions and all the dependencies that it required, when I do  sudo make  i get the following error https://pastebin.pl/view/d71bc58a11:37
dohis it somehow possible to create an interface where all traffic on it would be actually managed through a socks proxy?11:38
dohsimilar to how a vpn would work, just with a socks proxy11:38
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lotuspsychjeTreskjeg: did you try pavucontrol yet?12:27
hwpplayer1lotuspsychje: What do you think about mounting extra disks within home directory ?12:30
lotuspsychjehwpplayer1: try to ask your issue into the channel, when volunteers know they will pick up your issue12:32
hwpplayer1i did already, but had a connection failure, Thanks a lot12:32
lotuspsychjehwpplayer1: you can repeat if you like12:34
BluesKajHi all12:35
hwpplayer1lotuspsychje: yes i'll12:35
hwpplayer1My question is when i mount to /usr it fails and dromps to12:35
hwpplayer1     initramfs. I never thought of that file system theory12:35
oerheksdon't mount it on /usr, use /mnt/  when the drive is in Fstab, else automount in /media/12:36
hwpplayer1understood, all say mount to media so i'll mount it to media12:37
hwpplayer1i did that once12:37
oerheks'all say'.. really?12:38
hwpplayer1all people say that who wrote articles tutorials on the web12:38
hwpplayer1just hacking or hard coding :)12:38
hwpplayer1learning from mistakes12:38
oerheksnot interested, but go ahead..12:38
hwpplayer1Thanks oerheks12:39
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cjokeI run ubuntu focal and have this zam-plugins 3.9~repack3-1build1 installed, 3.9 is from 2017, and there is a version 3.13 available. This means that i dont have any "added" features from 3.9 =< * but you guys fix bugs? I dont understand. please enlighten me.12:48
lotuspsychje!info zam-plugins12:49
ubottuzam-plugins (source: zam-plugins): Collection of LV2, LADSPA, LINUX-VST and JACK plugins. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.9~repack3-1build1 (focal), package size 8394 kB, installed size 61054 kB12:49
lotuspsychjecjoke: ok, you have to right package version for your ubuntu release12:49
lotuspsychjecjoke: your options are !backports or another higher ubuntu release12:50
cjokelotuspsychje:  I understand that, but it is 3 years since that version came around. focal is not reached 1 year, any ideas of why ? it is buggy ?12:51
lotuspsychje!latest | cjoke12:51
ubottucjoke: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:51
lotuspsychjecjoke: did you experience a bug in 3.9?12:51
cjokelotuspsychje: I see, thanks for response :)12:51
oerhekspretty old, i guess, but stable?12:52
cjokelotuspsychje: no, havent tried it yet, im on weekly gitsearch , no big deal.12:52
cjokeoerheks: Im gonna test it before/if I install from git.12:52
cjokeI was just curious , thats why I asked :) <312:53
lotuspsychjecjoke: seems like ubuntu 20.10 has also 3.9 still, so no use for another release neither12:54
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sumagnaanybody uses budgie desktop environment with default ubuntu (not ubuntu budgie)?13:38
lotuspsychjesumagna: adviced to ask your real question into the channel, so volunteers can think along with you13:39
sumagnai was just asking13:40
sumagnai am thinking about installing budgie DE13:40
lotuspsychjesumagna: you would like to share experiences/discuss with someone about budgie?13:40
sumagnai want to ask about budgie's installation and if there are gonna be any problems after insalling it13:42
sumagnalike any side effects13:43
lotuspsychjesumagna: we cant really generalize problems/bugs on the ubuntu !flavours, issues can get influenced by several things like hardware, bios settings, bugs etc13:44
lotuspsychjesumagna: feel free to find likeminded users on budgie in #ubuntu-discuss or the #ubuntu-budgie channel13:46
sumagnai was reading about its installation and found that there are going to be problems like icons13:46
sumagnasorry for the delay of this message. my net stopped working for a few seconds13:46
beweeshi, how do I start gparted from CLI?13:50
sumagnayou have to install it, i think, at first13:54
sumagnabut if you want to install it for resizing root or something like that, then you would need a live usb13:55
beweessumagna: none of that answers my questions13:58
sumagnayou have to install it, i think, at first13:58
sumagnathen call gparted13:58
sumagnathats all13:58
beweesno that doesn't work from CLI13:59
beweesi will now simply install x2go and open gparted from there. polkit auth fails even though I installed it13:59
pavlosbewees: sudo gparted14:17
EriC^^*sudo -H gparted14:17
striveEriC^^: Interesting.14:37
lotuspsychjeSkyPilot: we see you, it works14:39
striveRutters, check.14:39
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beweesIs there a tool to automatically partition my drive with LUKS in Ubuntu?16:55
jayjothe 'disks' utility will do it, if you mean a GUI. not sure about "automatically"16:57
beweesHow do I start the disks utility from a running Ubuntu system?16:58
jayjoare you on a desktop? You can use your "super" key to get the unity dash, and then just search "disks"16:59
ThothCastelanybody could please help me in joining #linux?17:00
ThothCastelit says I am banned17:00
ThothCastelit has been a long time I don't access that channel17:00
Maikjayjo: unity dash? from 17.10 and onward Ubuntu uses gnome17:00
MaikThothCastel: wrong channel to ask17:00
ThothCasteland I cannot remember ever being banned from it17:00
beweesjayjo: nope not on Ubuntu desktop17:00
beweesjayjo: I got xcfe4 installed, but it's not finding "disks"17:01
Maiksudo apt install gnome-disks17:01
beweesi'm installing ubiquity right now, I guess it's in that package17:01
ThothCastelMaik thanks - i meant to ask in #freenode17:02
ThothCastelI am two unused machines at home with good spec which I would like to purpose for something useful as servers17:02
ThothCastelon my  home network17:02
ThothCastellooking for ideas17:02
Maikbewees: my bad, make that gnome-disk-utility17:02
ThothCastelthought of a terminal server or somthing like that17:03
ThothCastelI already have a freenas on a different machine17:03
MaikThothCastel: offtopic chat can be done in #ubuntu-offtopic if you don't have a ubuntu support question17:04
beweesMaik: is that the tool jayjo meant?17:09
beweesthought there's a tool like on ubuntu live usb where EFI partition is created automatically17:09
beweesbut I will create efi now manually, should I use vfat or ext2?17:10
Maikbewees: yep it is17:17
tomreynbewees: what's your overall goal there? you're not editing partitions on the sotrage you booted from, are you?17:17
tomreyn* storage media17:18
beweestomreyn: moving to a new SSD my rootfs that is17:18
beweesssd seems to die soon17:18
tomreynwhether you can predict this, or are predicting this correctly, could be a separate topic of discussion, but regarding the overall plan: the easiest approach can be to just do a fresh install to the new storage, then mount the file systems of the old storage and copy what you still need.17:19
tomreynyou'd need to resintall (and reconfigure) your software, though.17:20
tomreynif, however, you really prefer to re-use the existing installation, your approach of using a partitioning tool to create partitions (of the same or larger size than existing ones) first of all, would seem correct.17:22
arooniso i have an existing installation of ubuntu 20.04;  is there anyway to make it so my /home partition is encrypted?17:23
aroonihttps://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/04/how-to-encrypt-home-folder-in-ubuntu.html ? '17:24
tomreynthe next step would then be to either create file systems on the target and rsync the data from old to new ssd, or to copy a full image for each partition you'll keep.17:24
tomreynbewees: ^17:24
bewees tomreyn yeah, just wasn't sure if EFI should be vfat, fat32 or ext217:25
beweesI went for fat32, but I noted somewhere down that ubuntus wants ext217:25
tomreynarooni: i recommend not to use ecryptfs these days.17:26
tomreynbewees: the efi system partition needs to be a FAT file system, i think all of 8, 16, and 32 are allowed by the standard (but, sadly, some implementations differ from the specification). FAT32 is probably a safe bet17:29
beweestomreyn: do you know if ubuntu by default install the rootfs on ext4 with LVM or without?17:30
beweesgoing to use lvm17:31
beweesnvm :-)17:31
tomreynbewees: ubuntu 20.04 desktop installs without LVM unless you sopecifically choose to use LVM or select FDE, i think.17:31
jayjoI'm trying to use avrdude on my ubuntu desktop, which requires a port option (-P) that I can't get to work correctly... I can't connect via avrdude to a usb serial device. First, I'm trying to use a udev rule to assign a nicer name. Is that symlink name under /dev in the udev rule my "port" name? I think port may be a DOS thing here17:35
jayjoIn setting that udev rule, should I just plug the device in and see what character file appears in the /dev directory? The command 'udevadm info --name=/dev/ttyS1 --attribute-walk' is helpful to set the rule, but how about getting the /dev/ttyS1 initially17:41
convergewhat do you use for screen saver?]17:51
technotcan anyone give me some quick pointers on whats the best way to move an ubuntu uefi system disk to a new disk? google has 1001 answers.. i thought i knew: while running the "old" ubuntu, i repartitioned the new drive, swapped the uuids in fstab, and ran grub-install on the new drive, rebooted to a usb live stick, and then cp -avf contends of old efi partition to new efi partition and same with old root to17:59
technotnew root. but when i look over some random files in /etc/grub.d i see the files are littered with uuids.. do they need to be changed manually as well? anything else im forgetting? ubuntu 20.10 btw17:59
oerheksyes, on could clone the partitions, and boot with live iso and update the new UUID in fstab18:01
oerheksthe command 'blkid' gives the new valid UUIDs, easy to copy to fstab, then run update-grub and voila18:02
technotwell, i allready updated the uuids in fstab manually, was only two:) and the contents of my two partitions are copied, might as well be clones, and grub installed to the new disk after18:05
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | technot18:05
ubottutechnot: Groovy Gorilla is the codename for Ubuntu 20.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.18:05
technotso i guess should be good to try it then, thanks :)18:05
technotubottu: thanks, good to know :)18:05
ubottutechnot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:05
oerhekshave fun!18:06
intxdid ubuntu change logging mechanism in one of the recent releases? /var/log/syslog is 0 bytes18:22
deadromhi all18:47
deadromsay, I got a Celeron J1900 that's suppose dto go Media Center, currently transferring a lot large files from the old server to its only disk, a large single disk well capable of transferring 200MB/s, the server easily cranking out 300MB/s, GBE, only getting 50-52MB/s on NFS18:48
deadromno disk encryption, NFSv4... I see all 4 cores are pretty busy. would simple disk/ethernet transfers go so heavy on that little CPU?18:50
oerheksmaybe, or the block size is not optimum , some help http://nfs.sourceforge.net/nfs-howto/ar01s05.html18:52
oerheksi hope this is all wired? not wireless?18:52
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deadromoerheks: all nice cat5e19:15
hydrianEllo all20:06
hydrianI recently upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04.20:06
duckgooseyou forgot about 1720:07
hydrianNow some of LVs are not starting but others are at boot. All of the LV I'm mentioning are apart of the same VG.20:07
hydrianSome of the LVs are getting timeouts on boot. Since one of them is for the /var partition, it make the host go in to rescue mode.20:08
hydrianIs there a way to increase the timeout on the lv detection at boot?20:09
hydrianOnce I can login with rescue mode the LVs start up fine20:11
hydrianThe problem LVs are marked as inactive.20:12
parsniphmm, i'm using ubuntu 20.04 and `sudo apt-cache search taskd` comes up empty20:48
parsnipeven though it appears here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man1/taskd.1.html20:48
parsniphmm, i'll try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine20:50
parsniphmm, i only see it in xenial and bionic: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=taskd&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all20:52
jayjoI've set a udev rule to create a symlink to /dev/chameleon with this rule: `ATTRS{product}=="Chameleon-Mini", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="16d0", ATTRS{idProduct}=="04b2", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0775", SYMLINK+="chameleon"` but my symlink, which does show up, has root:root ownership. I can only access the device on screen /dev/ttyACM0, screen /dev/chameleon (or the /dev/bus/usb/003/023 which is the20:56
jayjosymlink) can't be connected to20:56
jayjoeven if I correct the persmission, screen can only seem to communicate with the /dev/ttyACM0 device, the /dev/bus/usb/002/026 is not readable21:04
hydrianjayjo: is the user you are using apart of the dialout group21:05
hydrianand the plugdev group21:05
jayjoyes, a member of both21:05
hydrianHave you relogged/rebooted since adding those groups to the user you are testing with?21:06
parsnipi decided to install a tarball, "solved"21:07
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TJ-jayjo: you're only setting GROUP on a symlink - that doesn't affect the target. Your rule should be creating a full character device node with the correct major and minor21:11
jayjoI think I may be identifying the device incorrectly, although that is the udev rule that the manufacturer recommended (https://cdn.statically.io/gh/emsec/ChameleonMini/master/Drivers/98-ChameleonMini.rules). I'm just naive about it, could my machine require a different rule to match the same piece of hardware? Maybe if I connect through the front of my tower vs the back?21:19
jayjoBecause I did notice the /dev/ttyACM0 device is a tty subsystem and the other is a usb subsystem. I can only connect via screen (serially) to the tty subsystem21:19
TJ-jayjo: precisely - compare the MAJOR MINORs of the /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/bus/usb/...21:21
jayjohttps://bpa.st/5WGA I do see that the MAJOR MINOR is different21:21
TJ-jayjo: use 'udevadm monitor' or 'udevadm info' to see what udev does to create the /dev/ttyACM0 when the device is plugged in.21:22
jayjoI see the creation of the /dev/ttyACM0 here: https://bpa.st/D56Q with udevadm monitor ... is there a way to see what rule actually triggers?21:27
jayjoI had referenced this page: https://wiki.debian.org/udev but doens't mention about major/minor21:29
TJ-jayjo: see "man systemd-udevd" and "man udev.conf" for ways to enable udev debugging - log can be viewed with "journalctl -u systemd-udevd"21:32
simonquigleyHey #ubuntu! I have a fun one...21:52
simonquigleyI have this output when trying to simply wget a file from cdimage.u.c: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/627YMF925t/21:52
simonquigleyThe interesting thing to note is it tries a bunch of IPv6 addresses first, and then tries IPv4 addresses21:53
jeremy31simonquigley: I would set IPv6 options in Network Manager to disable/ignore21:53
simonquigleyOkay, is there a way to do that from the CLI?21:54
* simonquigley googles in the meantime21:54
jeremy31simonquigley:  I have never done it that way21:54
simonquigleyOkay, I figured it out, I just wanted to share for future reference...21:56
simonquigley$ nmcli connection modify SSID ipv6.method "disabled"21:56
simonquigleyThen disconnecting and reconnecting.21:56
simonquigleyThat works.21:56
simonquigleyFor reference: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/8/html/configuring_and_managing_networking/disabling-ipv6-on-a-system-that-uses-networkmanager_configuring-and-managing-networking21:56
simonquigleyThanks jeremy31!21:56
leftyfbjeremy31: future reference, they could have just used wget -422:03
BalooRJHello, I'm having an issue with libdvdcss if anyone can help me with that22:07
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deadromBalooRJ: not unless you tell us what the problem is22:22
BalooRJdeadrom: Thanks kindly, I've installed libdvd-pkg and did sudo dpkg reconfigure on libdvd-pkg22:46
deadromall, any known issue with mc freezing on large copyjobs?22:50
deadrom20.04, third attempt to copy large amount of large files over ethernet from NFSv4 server which other clients work fine with, but this new 20.04 box now third time mc stalled. nothing in dmesg / syslog22:51
tomreyndeadrom: new hardware, you say? did you do hardware tests before putting it to use?22:53
tomreynthis sounds like a memtest could be needed22:53
deadromtomreyn: no... if POST goes through I assume the system to be functional. what sort of test do you have in mind?22:53
tomreynsee above. ;-)22:54
deadromthe RAM has been checked externally before installing22:54
tomreynexternally? how do you do this?22:54
deadromor lets say, it's from a stash where only tested modules go.22:54
deadromtest machine22:55
deadromI got a lot of RAM22:55
tomreyni see. you should always run such tests on the target system, though22:55
deadromfair point22:55
deadrombit strange though that everything else is clockwork but only mc borks don't you think?22:56
tomreynnot if it's got to do with ram, no. you'd get all kinds of unexplicable situations22:56
tomreynit could also be networking or storage related, though, but then i'd hope to see error messages22:57
tomreynyou don't have ecc ram by chance, or a system (hardware) event log (available through some hardware backdoor, AKA out-of-band-management solution)?22:58
dlamim trying to upgrade 18.04 -> 20.04 but it failed with a "Could not calculate the upgrade" error and this in /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log:  The package 'postgresql-10-postgis-2.4' is marked for removal but it's in the removal blacklist23:02
dlamany ideas?23:02
dlam...i guess i could just manually `apt-get remove postgresql-10-postgis-2.4` or something23:03
tomreyndlam: yes, you could give this a try. chances are there are other problems, though.23:03
deadromtomreyn: low power system, miniITX, J1900 cpu with DDR3-SO-DIMM, no ECC here :)23:04
tomreynyou probably had unsupported packages or packages versions (or both) installed23:04
tomreyndlam: ^23:04
tomreyndeadrom: i guess not then ;)23:05
deadromtomreyn: speaking of which, has the memtest on the live iso gone stupid? when I did test a suspicious system the other day memtest86+ would check them OK while memtest86.com found errors after seconds23:06
tomreynthe memtest86+, as available in ubuntu, does not support uefi booting, does not support all cpu families23:07
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tomreyndlam: look for "Foreign:" in your logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade/23:13
tomreynbetter yet, install and run apt-forktracer23:14
dlamkkk   oreign: google-chrome-stable slack-desktop23:16
tomreyni would advise against using this abbreviation.23:18
deadromtomreyn: think it might be misinterpreted as a reference to the communist party of cyprus kappa kappa kappa? :)23:20
deadromor the production code of the 1972 Doctor Who series "Day of the Daleks"?23:21
tomreynmaybe this, and certainly other things, too. abbreviations tend to be ambiguous, and in tech support, it helps to be precise.23:21
dlam@tomreyn: mmk i ran `apt-forktracer` and got 250 lines of output and programs :D23:22
dlammaybe too many to go in and check 1-by-123:23
tomreyndlam: looks like you forgot to prepare your system for a release upgrade.23:23
dlamohh nope never even heard about that xD23:24
tomreynthat third party repos aren't supported?23:24
dlamahh i understand23:24
deadromtomreyn: RAM is ok23:33
deadromI first suspected that fat 5 platter 3.5" in combo with a nv1030 and the board on a 120W pico PSU might be a but much asked of that little thing, but even when mc stalled I could access the disk fine23:34
tomreyndeadrom: do you feel like sharing dmesg?23:34
deadromso it could be: rotten switch, cable, that RTL8111 on the mini board being crap, NFS mc indeed or a thousand other things.23:35
deadromtomreyn: can do as soon as the machine is up again23:35
deadromhang on23:35
tomreynor power supply, yes23:36
deadromtomreyn: yeeeh but: power supply dipping so hard mc crashes, and only mc and nothing else? I doubt it. what's a good stress test for small platforms?23:38
deadromon heavy ones I use Unigene benchmarks23:38
tomreynstress-ng or cpuburn for the cpu, memtest86+ from memtest86.com for ram, bonnie++ and smartctl for storage23:41
deadromtomreyn: dmesg after mc stalled or just any of the last? (I'll finish the memtest past, couple mins)23:42
oerheksmc is minecraft or midnight comander?23:43
tomreyndeadrom: i'm mostly interested in what's logged by journalctl during boot (maybe not *just* dmesg, but it's up to you)23:43
tomreyn* by systemd-journald23:43

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