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tomreynkrytarik: speaking of the SHA*SUMs, can you tell whether the old MD5 / SHA1 checksum files can be removed? I think this would cause less confusion.18:07
tomreyni previously discussed this with someone, but i forgot whom, unfortunately.18:08
krytarikYeah, that'd be nice indeed - could talk to vorlon about it.18:09
krytarikBecause those will have to be deleted manually from the tree.18:09
tomreyni think someone authoritative in xubuntu lands would need to request this.18:12
tomreynprobably bluesabre then?18:16
krytarikWell, this expands to all flavors though, just apparently not to main Ubuntu because they seem to have already deleted those there.. >_<18:16
tomreynyes :-/18:17
krytarikSo I feel like anybody could request this, because they are merely left-overs from the process to start supporting only a single hash algorithm.18:18
tomreynkrytarik: i see. i'll e-mail him.18:22
krytarikFwiw, this currently not only affects Focal but also Bionic.18:23
krytarikAnd thanks!18:24
tomreynNoted, thanks.18:24

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