madpropswhat do you think of snaps?00:29
madpropsshould they easily allow disabling auto-updates?00:29
madpropspersonally, i think unplanned auto-updates can be unfortunate, like when playing online games00:30
tomreyni like to be able to choose when and whether updates install, and i don't like how the snap store mixes vetted (with an undefined vetting process) packages and unvette dones00:32
tomreyn*un-vetted ones00:33
tomreyngenerally, snaps are a great concept, and the implementation si, too, except for how it's being pushed as a centralized system / app-store, mixing open source and proprietary software, and becoming the primary software source for desktop systems00:34
tomreynwhich it really shouldn't be, it's as bad an idea as making PPAs the default package source00:35
tomreynwell, almost00:35
TJ-not just desktops either; lxd is only available as a snap unless you build it yourself00:35
tomreynand the server installer recommends installing snaps at the end of the installation process00:36
madpropsi mostly find snaps to be useful. but it's weird that they don't allow a simple way to not auto-update, and let the user update when they see fit, it seems like the logical thing to do00:50
tomreynthere's a widespread trend to shift control over what runs on systems from the hands of a system administrator to those of the software developer, nowadays.00:56
tomreynespecially on closed / managed platforms00:56
madpropsthat sounds very intrusive, the user should be ultimately the boss01:02
madpropsbecause well, it's their computer01:16
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:07
ducassegood morning06:30
hwpplayer1finally finished my setup for a developer client. From now on i'll just make backups and push commits to cloud/git instances. What i wrote on #ubuntu13:20
hwpplayer1Yeah discuss channel is better thanks13:20
hwpplayer1lotuspsychje: ^ Thanks13:21
Francimanlotuspsychje, sorry I was angry :P13:34
Francimanbecause I have a wifi problem which doesn't happen on ubuntu, but on otherdistros it does13:34
hwpplayer1Franciman: Do not forget community comes first13:34
lotuspsychjeFranciman: you can cool down your anger on this answer; https://askubuntu.com/questions/368817/what-to-do-with-private-bug-reports-on-launchpad13:34
Francimanand I can't understand what happens for a month now13:34
hwpplayer1Franciman: Did you read our code of conduct ? lotuspsychje is it the right place to talk about Code of Conduct ?13:37
lotuspsychjehwpplayer1: you can talk anything related to ubuntu in this channel13:38
Francimanhwpplayer1, no, but I don't mean to discuss or accuse anybody13:38
Francimanno problem13:38
FrancimanI just said that ubuntu is a malware that should be destroyed :P13:39
Francimanit's false13:39
Maiknot very polite and mature imo, also leans towards trolling behaviour so you should be careful of what you say in any of the ubuntu channels13:40
Francimanthanks lotuspsychje I'll lose my faith in solving this problem13:40
hwpplayer1Malware is malware, which you can not remove/purge/delete/destroy, in other words backdoor. Ubuntu and Canonical has a strategy like others. That's all13:41
Francimansorry for everything13:41
hwpplayer1No need to be sad13:41
FrancimanI am, because I am stuck with a software I can't predict why it is failing13:41
Francimanand a software which doesn't fail but obscures its reasons13:42
hwpplayer1Even you have source, sometimes you can not easily understand what is going on13:42
Francimanwell thanks, ttyl13:43
hwpplayer1Franciman: Do you want to learn programming ?13:43
Francimanyes, why?13:43
Francimani wnted to install a free-er distro like debian13:44
hwpplayer1Franciman: I guess it will help you to run any software with a better and better consciousness13:44
Francimanbut wifi fails13:44
hwpplayer1Start with Ubuntu13:44
FrancimanI think that ubuntu also fails, it's dell's version of ubuntu13:45
Francimanwhich obscures things13:45
hwpplayer1That's why i have offered learning programming13:45
jeremy31Franciman: Dell has a repository of there own13:45
hwpplayer1What is that Canonical Partners' source repository option ?13:46
FrancimanI shall look up further13:46
Francimangtg, bye thanks13:47
hwpplayer1bye Franciman13:47
Maikhwpplayer1: https://askubuntu.com/a/43215213:47
hwpplayer1Maik: Thanks13:48
lotuspsychjehggdh: could you convert to a wishlist please,tnx https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-tweaks/+bug/190032315:38
lotuspsychjeanyone wants to support my wish, feel free to affect^15:39
Maikand bring back the ubuntu icon too placed on top of the dock instead of the grid looking square at the bottom15:46
MaikOr.... bring back Unity 715:47
lotuspsychje: )15:47
Maiklotuspsychje: supported your wish15:48
lotuspsychjety Maik15:48
tomreyni'm not sure this does what you're looking for, and it's also not directly integrated in gnome-tweaks: there is https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/21/workspace-indicator/ which is also installed as part of the gnome-shell-extensions package15:55
lotuspsychjetomreyn: thank you, im aware of the existing extensions currently im using workspaces to dock extension, living on the repos but its not as direct as the unity wish one15:56
Maiktomreyn: this is what he would like to see: https://images.techhive.com/images/article/2015/03/switching-between-workspaces-with-a-keyboard-shortcut-100572256-orig.jpg15:57
Maiklast icon15:58
Maikthe workspace switcher like in unity15:58
lotuspsychjeMaik: i found a bug similar to one what you wish for; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/170783116:00
Maikthat's from 17.10... lol16:01
lotuspsychjeMaik: on wishlists the release is not always relevant, could live across several other releases16:03
tomreynok, i see16:07
lotuspsychjetomreyn: i found the dconf value on unity, but i dont see how to get it on gnome16:08
tomreynlotuspsychje: i would not know :-/16:08
lotuspsychjeprobably hardcoded in unity/compiz16:09
lotuspsychjeand another wishlist bug me and sonicwind wish for; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/190033916:19
lotuspsychjefeel free to also affect it16:19
tomreyneffectively, i think most of those will need to be filed upstream, really.16:25
daftykinsisn't there a keyboard shortcut like on Kubuntu? to get to shutdown options16:29
daftykinsnot a lot of sympathy for those that stay on the mouse :)16:29
lotuspsychjedaftykins: there was on unity, shutdown and reboot icons16:30
daftykinsno i'm saying a keyboard combo, like ctrl+alt+del bringing up the shutdown dialogue16:31
lotuspsychjelemme check that16:31
daftykinsyou don't need instantly clickable icons16:31
lotuspsychjectrl alt del yeah, but thats to logout only16:32
lotuspsychjeshutdown/reboot arent among the hotkeys here so it seems16:33
daftykinsright but maybe there's another, because that's what it is for Kubuntu - no idea with gnome316:33
Maiktoast smelling alert17:49

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