anon^_^don't have launchpad account but had a bug to report17:25
anon^_^package downloads and installs but is broken17:26
anon^_^torbrowser-launcher attempts to download from a PPA directory that no longer exists17:26
anon^_^author Micah F Lee, micahflee nick isn't on freenode17:27
anon^_^seems to be a recent change17:27
anon^_^error log17:29
anon^_^maybe someone here knows him and can on the message17:31
ginggsanon^_^: I think you just need to remove that PPA from your apt sources17:33
anon^_^i don't think you follow17:34
anon^_^the torbrowser-launcher package is official MOTU17:34
anon^_^the application once installed, then launches and attempts to download the latest torbrowser package from Micah F Lee's PPA17:34
anon^_^torbrowser launcher also adds context menu launchers17:35
anon^_^and those launchers check for a new torbrowser package from Micah F Lee's PPA every time you launch17:36
anon^_^http://ppa.launchpad.net/micahflee/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/t/torbrower no longer exists17:36
anon^_^so torbrowser-launcher package is broken17:37
ginggsanon^_^:  what does `apt-cache policy torbrowser-launcher` say?17:44
ginggsthat's because someone or something has added that PPA to your sources17:46
ginggsi've just installed torbrowser-launcher from the archive and it is downloading from https://dist.torproject.org/17:47
anon^_^removing, re-install17:48
ginggsmy apt-cache policy says Installed: 0.2.9-2/ Candidate: 0.2.9-217:48
ginggsbut if you want / need the latest version, I suggest looking here https://github.com/micahflee17:49
anon^_^it's still broken17:54
anon^_^torbrowser-launcher package installs fine, creates two context menu items17:56
anon^_^launch "Tor Browser Launch Settings" >> Install Torbrowser and it quits17:57
anon^_^gather the same problem exists, old version points to PPA directory that no longer exists17:58
ginggsanon^_^: I still don't see anything adding a PPA on my system18:05
ginggsthere's is a new version in bionic proposed you could try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torbrowser-launcher/0.2.9-2ubuntu118:05
anon^_^installed package from groovy, dependencies met18:08
anon^_^after install same issue18:08
anon^_^it's erroring out when attempting to download and install the actual torbrowser18:09
anon^_^i'm giving up on this, thanks for your time18:09
ginggsi've just installed 0.2.9-2ubuntu1 and it downloads from18:09
ginggs https://dist.torproject.org and works for me18:10
anon^_^worked fine for me 2 weeks ago18:10
anon^_^not now obviously18:10
ginggsyou need to remove the package, and remove the PPA from your apt sources18:11
ginggsthen install the one from bionic proposed18:11
anon^_^i did that already18:17
anon^_^same result18:17
anon^_^"torbrowser-launcher" package installs fine, no issue there18:18
anon^_^the issue is the launcher will not install torbrowser18:19
ginggsanon^_^: what does apt-cache policy say now?18:21
ginggsmine says Installed: 0.2.9-2ubuntu118:21
anon^_^I purged all, then removed the PPA, then installed 0.29-218:22
anon^_^and it only listed that under the apt-cache policy18:22
anon^_^same issue when launching, it would not download and install the torbrowser package18:23
anon^_^tor is installed18:23
ginggsyou need 0.2.9-2ubuntu1 from bionic proposed18:23
ginggsit was only uploaded a week ago18:23
anon^_^i installed the current package from groovy18:24
ginggsand hasn't entered the main archive18:24
anon^_^dependencies met18:24
anon^_^installs fine18:24
anon^_^then launch "Tor Browswer Launcher Settings" >> click "Install Torbrowser" and it errors out18:25
anon^_^Error starting download18:25
ginggswith 0.2.9-2ubuntu1 i started torbrowser-launcher from the terminal18:26
ginggsit downloads torbrowser10 and verifies it, and runs fine18:27
anon^_^"Trying to download over Tor. Are you sure Tor is configured correctly and running?"18:27
anon^_^it is18:27
anon^_^that's the error received18:28
anon^_^the issue might be this18:30
anon^_^and i could be wrong18:30
anon^_^torbrowser contains it's own tor executable i believe18:32
anon^_^if you already have the 'tor' package installed and running for other uses, it might conflict18:33
anon^_^yeah that's not it either18:37
anon^_^i don't know at this point18:37
anon^_^some conflict, not sure what broke it18:38
ginggswell the torbrowser-launcher package recommends the tor package18:57
ginggsso i ended up with both18:57
ginggsapt-cache policy tor18:57

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