WobblyBobanyone here good with user management as I have a hacker in my ubuntu server. Hes not done damaged but im worried about what there up too? Ive just been into a folder i was in two days ago and its been cleared out.00:23
TJ-That's not a hacker, that's a cracker and vandal!00:37
strivewobbly, just pull the plug.01:07
tomreynthey did, on their irc client01:09
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samba35i am running 18.04 lts with ,i want to use old kernel for testing purpose how to add 2/3 kernel entry to grub ?15:08
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WobblyBobCan anyone help with the RDP connection running virt-manager on ubuntu server 18.0417:48
WobblyBobive set it up in the vm windows 10 instance but its still refusing to connect17:48
oerheksmaybe check your firewall?17:51
oerheksport forwarding in ubuntu server and such17:51
WobblyBobdisabled firewall - port forwarded on router17:53
oerhekswithout rules, your will have a hard time connecting to a winblows vm17:54
RoyKufw allow 3389/tcp17:57
WobblyBobi shall check these now18:02
jayjo_using a kvm/qemu VM, can I do a complete passthrough of NICs, instead of using linux bridging? I have 4 NICs available on this particular machine. Could my host then only believe it had 2, and the other two appear to the VM as traditional devices?20:24
RoyKpci passthrough20:28
RoyKjust hands over the pci(e) device to the guest machine20:29
RoyKthe host will see them, of course, but just disable them in the network config and they shouldn't be touched20:30
jayjo_I was just in my BIOS trying to see if I have wake-on-lan... which I don't. I do have intel vt-d. Do I need to check anything else? Is the passthrough just a software flag?20:32
JanCit is20:43
JanCthe host OS hands over control of the PCIE device to the guest OS20:44
JanCmodern hardware allows you to do that in a somewhat safe manner20:45
ChmEarljayjo_, ethtool22:23
RoyKChmEarl: that won't help23:31

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