deadromtomreyn: I think this might be related: https://pastebin.com/JGib9HML00:17
deadromcurrent dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Cj8sVvWbJm/00:18
tomreyndeadrom: yes, the nvidia hardware or driver seems to be experiencing difficulties00:22
deadromjournalctl contains quite some usernames, ip addresses and hashes, I'd won't post that, but there are some passages worth noting, ill copypaste, moment00:22
deadromtomreyn: it's an NVidia GT1030 but with a twist: it sits on a pcie1x to pcie16x expander since the board only has pcie1x. I need the gpu for running the media center00:24
deadromnow technically this SHOULD not be an issue00:24
deadromany card by pcie spec should detect available lanes and run on what it's got00:24
deadromtomreyn: aaand the entire system stalled. ok, tomorrow next test: prope old atx psu00:26
deadrombut - tomorrow00:26
tomreyni'm not familiar with this message: "ACPI: NMI not connected to LINT 1"00:27
tomreynmay be irrelevant, but you don't usually see this00:27
tomreynyour bios is old, look for an upgrade00:27
madpropswhat do you think of snaps? And why won't they easily allow to disable auto-udpates for whatever you choose?00:28
deadromtomreyn: where so you see that?00:28
tomreyndeadrom: what is "that"?00:28
deadrommadprops: good idea, poor execution, I stick to apt00:28
deadromtomreyn: old bios00:28
tomreyn!discuss | madprops00:28
ubottumadprops: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!00:28
deadromharsh rules.00:29
tomreyndeadrom: you have BIOS P1.60 12/17/2015, current is 2.00, 2019/6/1800:30
deadromtomreyn: wow, that is old indeed and I never would have assumed AsRock supported the board that long so I never bothered thinking that way. ok, 1st thing00:32
deadromtomreyn: nah, BIOS update, still same issue, X stalls after a bit of operation in total, Xorg log full of errors, but when I ssh into the machine it still responds00:48
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tomreyndeadrom: it's probably nvidia related, but i'm not really into that, by heart.00:48
deadromeither really a psu issue or with this installation, I pulled the SSD straight from a test rig and booted the installed 20.04 in the media center pc. adventurous, I know, but I'm used to Linux coping with such things, unlike MS00:48
deadromyeah. cause of action: install psu for testing, reinstall ubuntu, add power meter00:49
deadrombut not tonight anymore. thanks for the insight00:49
tomreynyou could also double check that the graphics cartd is supposed to work with this driver family + version00:50
tomreynbut i agree with the other steps.00:50
deadrom450 driver, ubuntu-drivers recommended it and I would have gone for 450, too00:51
deadrombut I'll ask the nv crowd00:51
tomreynalso check lm-sensors00:51
deadromallnice below 50C. open case atm00:52
tomreynhmm, ok00:52
tomreynthat's all i could think of00:52
deadromhas a GT 1030, just like me... plot thickens.. can't comment due to rules.00:53
deadromwelp - more tinkering after dawn. getting late here even for computer people :)00:54
deadromsee you00:54
KE0VVTIs there a way to put EVERYTHING in “~/.local/bin/” in my “$PATH”? Some of my programs are in subdirectories.01:13
phionahow do we free up space on lubuntu?01:13
hydrianphiona: Depends on how your machine has the drives partitioned.01:15
tomreynKE0VVT: you'd need to list the subdirectories seperately.01:15
tomreynwell, you could examine them dynamically, but that's a bad approach security-wise01:15
hydrianphiona: from the CLI. My way favorite method is using `du --max-depth=1 -x |sort -n` then see which directories seem too big for what they are.01:16
KE0VVTtomreyn: If I put it in that directory, I want it to be runnable.01:16
KE0VVTtomreyn: I guess I could keep the directory where it is and symlink its contents to ~/.local/bin/.01:17
hydrianAnyone have issues the an Alcor USB 2.0 hub just crashing when to try to interact with it in any way?01:17
phionahydrian:  someone here once told me to01:25
phiona"df -h"01:25
phiona"df -i"01:25
phionaand then01:25
phiona"sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean".01:25
phionaand then01:25
tomreynKE0VVT: dirty, ugly, hack, which does not take into account special cases such as blank spaces in directory names:    echo export PATH="$(find ~/.local/bin -type d -print | xargs echo | tr ' ' ':'):$PATH"01:29
tomreynKE0VVT: remove the 'echo' and add it to your ~/.profile if you wnat to use it like this (you should not).01:30
tomreynthe first "echo", that is01:30
tomreynphiona: you typed too fast there, if you were typing01:31
phionatomreyn: actually i typed it first, then pasted.01:33
tomreynuse an irc client which inserts a delay after every pasted line then, or use a pastebin01:33
tomreynand join lines where you can, don't use enter as punctuation.01:34
tomreynthis helps working around the bots quieting you.01:35
phionatomreyn: so what do we do in order to free up space?01:35
tomreynphiona: first you find out what's consuming the space, and whether it should be.01:39
tomreynphiona: maybe i can give a better answer when you can describe the details of the problem you're facing, if any.01:40
phionatomreyn: how do we find out what consuming space?01:42
tomreynphiona: you can use the du (disk usage) command on a terminal, or the ncdu text-graphics interface, or baobab on gtk-based desktop environments.01:43
oerheks!info baobab01:43
ubottubaobab (source: baobab): GNOME disk usage analyzer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.34.0-1 (focal), package size 92 kB, installed size 720 kB01:43
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oerheksfslint is waiting for a port to python3.01:46
oerheks* for 20.0401:46
phionatomreyn: i wanttto use the one i pasted because it worked. but it doesnt now.01:46
phionatomreyn: i want to use the one i pasted because it worked. but it doesnt now.01:54
tomreynphiona: can you just explain what makes you want to free space?01:58
KE0VVTtomreyn: I ended up just symlinking contents to bin/.01:58
tomreyni think we'll make much better progress this way than by approaching this generically01:58
oerheksyes, that was the old way, of removing unused kernels, nowadays autoremove does this too01:59
tomreynKE0VVT: works for me. ;-)01:59
phionatomreyn: bcoz i want to install the ubuntu update which is just coming out now on LUBUNTU, and i think i have little space left.02:02
tomreynphiona: df -h | grep -v ^[a-z]    will tell you how much space is left on your file systems02:06
phionaoerheks: how do we do that exactly? how do we use autoremove to free up space?02:06
phionatomreyn: https://pastebin.com/ZHJDRAgQ02:12
oerheksthe command is in your own paste. from way back when kernel 3.13 was awesome02:12
tomreynphiona: you have 3.4GB available on the root file system, 14 GB available on the home file system02:13
phionatomreyn: yes, i know02:14
tomreynphiona: 19 GB are allocated on the root file system, it *may* be possible to regain some space there, using oeheks command, or by browsing through those subdirectories other than /home02:14
tomreynwell, some of them02:15
phionatomreyn: what oerheks command?02:16
phionaoerheks: what was awesome? i did not know it. i just copy pasted it.02:18
oerheksso, did you try it already?02:18
phionaoerheks: yes but it was a long time ago. i does not work nnow. i think its because of this..."sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-4*"02:23
oerheksi hope you don't have such old kernel.02:23
oerheksi think you won't be able to delete much more than an unused kernel from sda6, all you can do is clean out sda7 /home/02:24
phionaoerheks: nope. im always updated.02:25
phionaoerheks: so,what do i need to replace "sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-4*" with?02:26
oerhekssudo apt autoremove02:28
phionaoerheks: actually i run this command whenever i have an update  notification  from LUBUNTU. sudo -- sh -c 'apt-get update; apt-get upgrade -y; apt-get dist-upgrade -y; apt-get autoremove -y; apt-get autoclean -y'02:31
phionaoerheks: do you think this removes all unnecessary files?02:34
phionatomreyn: how do i regain space on the root file system?02:40
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tomreynphiona: you can clean the apt cache (apt clean), but this usually just works temporarily.02:46
tomreynphiona: you can remove old kernel images located in /boot, by uninstalling their linux* packages ( dpkg -l linux* | grep -E '^[ri]' )02:47
tomreynphiona: and you can purge some apt packages you no longer need.02:48
tomreynphiona: the latter you can do using the "synaptic" graphical application, for example, or just by looking through your desktop environments' application menu, and then running   apt purge SOMEPACKAGENAME   to delete a given software02:49
phionatomreyn: these are my linux headers. https://pastebin.com/gXDCUjbR02:50
tomreynphiona: i have to leave for now, good luck! you can also read up on this online in many places.02:50
tomreynoh, you seem to be on an i386 system, is your CPU actually 64-bit capable?02:51
phionatomreyn: yes . im on 32 bit install.02:52
tomreynphiona: just upgrading to ubuntu 20.04 wont be possible then. if the cpu supports 64-bit ( grep -o -w -c 'lm' /proc/cpuinfo    shouold return something > 0) you can do a fresh 20.04 installation, keeping your existing /home partition + file system02:54
phionatomreyn: it returned a 2.02:57
tomreynphiona: your CPU is 64-bit capable. ideally, you'll also have a mimimum of 4 GB RAM.   free -h    should report >=4 GB where the "total" column crosses the "Mem" row.02:59
phionabong@bong-desktop:~$ free -h03:01
phiona              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available03:01
phionaMem:           1.9G        1.1G        217M         55M        637M        536M03:01
phionaSwap:          1.9G         42M        1.9G03:01
mnathaniTrying to mount a synology network share using cifs. I get the following errror: mount error(95): Operation not supported03:02
tomreynphiona: you'll still be able to install with those 2 GB RAM, but it's really, really, not much, you won't have a pleasent experience browsing the web with a modern web browser and multiple open tabs.03:02
tomreynaaaand, i'm gone (away from keyboard, will remain connected).03:03
phionatomreyn: thats why i stayed with 32 bit.03:04
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Bashing-omphiona: (U)buntu requires > 4 Gigs of ram for a good experience - (x)ubuntu and (l)ubuntu are designed for lesser hardware.03:08
phionaBashing-om: yes. i know. im on lubuntu now.03:10
Toadisattvain 20.04 xfce feels a lot more polished to me than lxqt03:11
phionaBashing-om:  im on lubuntu 32 bit.03:12
Bashing-omphiona: :D03:15
phionaBashing-om: yesterday, lubuntu 32 bit gave me an update notification for 20.04.03:19
Toadisattvawas 20;04 released as 32 bit?03:22
Bashing-omphiona: And you were on 18.04 - took the release upgrade offer with out proper preperation to make the jump ?03:23
Bashing-om(no - 20.04 does not support 32 bit ! ).03:23
Toadisattvais 18.04 officially the end of 32 bit support?03:24
Bashing-omToadisattva: Well - 18.04 will continue the 32 bit support (for many apps) untill EOL .03:25
phionaBashing-om: no. i did not upgrade.03:26
signofzetaUbuntu dropped the x86 architecture after 19.10.  18.04 is the end of the line, it seems.03:27
signofzetai missed that.  but then again, i haven't run 32-bit in many years.03:27
* signofzeta laughs in amd6403:28
Maikyou still can use 18.04 til 2023 and if you enable ESM til 2028 when available iirc.03:28
phionawhat happens after EOL and we dont upgrade?03:34
leaftypephiona: nothing, except you don't get any more updates03:35
leaftypeso if there are security holes that aren't found for another year, you won't get the fix03:35
masonTo be fair, we never get the fix for security holes that haven't been found.03:40
Maikphiona: it'll leave you with a vulnerable OS, just like unsupported Windows version like XP or W7 that people still seem to hold on to03:42
Maikif you really need 32bit you'll have to switch to Debian. But in the future 32bit will disappear anyway, it's being phased out.03:44
masonHrm. Specifically, 32-bit support will continue on for ages but only as a secondary architecture for 64-bit hosts.03:45
phionaMaik: why debian? what about lubuntu?03:46
Maikalso 64 bit only03:46
masonphiona: Derivatives tend not to have the engineering headcount to do real forks, which is what it'd require - rebuilding media, packages, etc.03:46
Maikphiona: every ubuntu release from 19.10 onward is 64bit only03:47
Maikalso it's official flavors03:47
masonphiona: Do you have hardware that only runs 32-bit, or do you run 32-bit for other reasons?03:48
Maikphiona: see? https://lubuntu.me/downloads/03:48
phionais debian ubuntu?03:48
masonphiona: If you're choosing a 32-bit OS just for 32-bit application support, you're fine upgrading, as you can continue to use your 32-bit software.03:49
Maikphiona: no03:49
ecbrownphiona: no, but ubuntu is based off debian03:49
phionamason: 64 bit capable hardware but  i have only 2 gb ram.03:51
masonphiona: That's fine.03:51
masonphiona: The memory savings running 32-bit binaries vs 64-bit is fairly small.03:51
masong'night all o/03:53
guivercphiona, I did a test of Lubuntu 20.10 on a 2GB laptop earlier today (lenovo thinkpad sl510 (c2d-t6570, 2gb ram, i915))  It's not a device I'd love as my main box, but it works03:53
Maikless than 4GB = 32 bit. 4GB or more run 64bit.03:53
Maikphiona: can't you max out the RAM?03:54
phionais debian as fast as lubuntu on 2 gb ram?03:54
Maiktry it03:55
guivercphiona, I'll discuss debian in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic, but not in his room03:55
signofzeta32-bit pointers take up less memory than 64-bit pointers, but you also gain CPU registers in long mode, so while it may consume a little more memory, performance should be comparable, depending on the app03:58
phionaMaik: i tried to before but the technician said i cant add any more ram bcoz its something about  the ram bays not working.03:58
signofzetaphiona: that's a very good reason, lol03:58
phionasignofzeta: smile04:00
Maikget a new computer (Laptop/pc)04:01
Maikand ditch that thing04:01
phionaMaik: i dont have funds for that.04:02
Maikmake sure you get some then or open a fundraiser campaign :)04:06
phionaMaik: smile. i just envy people who have 64bit.04:16
Maikyou have a 64 bit cpu too you said, it's just the ram you're stuck on04:17
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ledeniphiona: find another technician to check ram bays should work he couldn't find compatible ram stick04:29
Maikprobably one of those Asus series where they put in a 64bit processor and you are stuck with 2GB non upgradable RAM modules.04:31
Maikseen it before elswhere04:32
phionamaik. i mean i envy people who have the latest 64bit. the ram is upgradable its just the technician said the ram bays dont work. ill try ledeni suggestion.04:37
HashWhen will ubuntu 18 stop?04:59
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:00
lotuspsychjeHash: see the community EOL wiki05:00
kenwoodfoxlooks like my mysql equiped containers racked up huge COW differences between snapshots05:01
kenwoodfoxthats the culprit but idk how id change it05:01
MaikHash: which 18?05:02
Maik18.04 will be supported until 2023, 18.10 is EOL since July 18, 201905:04
guivercHash, Ubuntu Core 18 has 10 years of supported life, so 2028.  Yuo should be specific on what release (18, 18.04, 18.10; 18.04 can be extended via ESM)05:07
HashThanks for that.05:48
HashI have tried the latest one and I use KDE and Kubuntu but with Xmonad and in latest one it breaks a few things which I have yet to figure out despite weeks of effort so I think I might stay on 18.0405:49
HashGood night05:49
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unimatrix9hi everyone08:07
unimatrix9is there a way to create launchers , like the desktop launcher, but then from a folder ?08:08
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elias_aIs ClamTk Gui reporting falsely that there are updates to ClamAV databases even if the updates have been manually updated? Running on 20.04.08:33
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Maikelias_a: anti virus on Ubuntu or Linux distro's in general isn't needed and are false positive reporting stuff. AV is totally unnecessary: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/security.html#ID1.110:18
bjohanhmm, i just updated nvidia driver to 450 version. Things did not work so i have been trying all sorts of things. But it seems that whatever i do no kernele module package is installed. What am i doing wrong?10:24
elias_aMaik: No it is not if you are handling data from Windows machines.10:35
elias_aMaik: Point: Even if the Linux computer would not be affected the files may be used in windows computers using the same resources.10:36
Maikelias_a: well, you should have mentioned that in the first place.10:37
Maiki don't have a crystal ball that shows me you're handling data from Windows machines :)10:39
Maikif i understood it wrong then it's my bad10:39
elias_aMaik: Why? Stop making false assumptions and everything is ok. :P10:40
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lotuspsychjebjohan: can you pastebin the apt errors please?11:03
BluesKajHi all12:06
hwpplayer1finally finished my setup for a developer client12:59
hwpplayer1from now on i'll just make backups12:59
hwpplayer1and push commits to cloud/git instances12:59
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lotuspsychje!discuss | hwpplayer113:14
ubottuhwpplayer1: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:14
FrancimanThere is a bug on launchpad that is marked as private13:19
Francimanwhy the heck is this even possible?13:19
Francimanis ubuntu worse than Mac OS X?13:19
Francimanis it full of spyware and we don't know?13:19
Francimanit's lp177458213:20
lotuspsychjeFranciman: got the full url on the bug?13:21
FrancimanNo, I know that there is a package on my ubuntu from dell13:23
Francimanand it references to this bug, which is marked as private13:23
Francimanon the LP page13:23
lotuspsychjeFranciman: if you share the url we can take a look for you..13:25
Francimanhttps://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/linux-kernel-bugs/+index?batch=75&memo=375&start=375 if you go to this page and look up13:26
Francimanyou find it13:27
Francimanthat's where I saw it's private13:27
Francimanbut lotuspsychje why in the world put a bug private?13:30
FrancimanThis means that ubuntu is not open source13:30
Francimanit doesn't care about freedom13:30
lotuspsychjeFranciman: join #ubuntu-discuss please, this doesnt fall under ubuntu support issues13:31
Francimanit's because ubuntu is a malware that should be destroyed13:32
SeveasYes, Ubuntu is a virus, it infects you with joy and happiness :D13:50
hwpplayer1I ticked up, Sources in the Ubuntu Software section, then i run update command and see that output W: Target Sources (restricted/source/Sources) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list:2 and /etc/apt/sources.list:7, so i just deleted the restricted for line 7. Any issues here ?14:04
SeveasMaybe. Could be that you're now missing sources :)14:34
Seveasor did you mean you just deleted the word 'restricted'? In that case it should be fine.14:34
hwpplayer1I just deleted the second14:35
convergemy mouse stopped working after last dist-upgrade, lsusb doesnt show my mouse in the list, any idea how I could fix it?14:52
Seveasdoes anything show up in dmesg when you plug it in or unplug it?14:56
convergeno..  no message14:56
Seveasdoes it still work on another computer?14:59
convergeI made a silly mistake, cable was loose for charging, and it has no battery. sorry15:01
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NebuntuHi, I'm using ubuntu 20.04 and cannot get usb-c connected. I'm using a device that is ready for usb-c, the cable that is ready for usb-c and the right entry for the usb-c on the computer. Ubuntu says with lsusb -t that usb-c would be ready on Bus 02 (5000M) while it always loads the device on Bus 01 (480M). Any ideas? I googled but couldn't find a17:26
hwpplayer1Where is gnome3 notification tray history located ? on Ubuntu 20.0417:32
jayjowhen I install qt5 with `sudo apt-get install qt5-default`, where is my QT_DIR? I have /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/ and /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/ with qt files17:35
jmaderohi all - not sure what happened but I lost my sound, pavucontrol only shows dummy output, tried reinstalling pulse, no go, also checked second user on computer and same problem so it's system-wide17:36
PeGaSuShello guys. i have a stupid question: i have a vps running Ubuntu 20.04. I have only a few IPv6 addresses in the netplan config file. but using a specific software (eggdrop), it seems to grab a random IP from the whole /64 block that aren't even in the netplan config. how can this be possible?17:37
jmaderoseems related to my squeezelite install that I did last night, just tested my LMS and audio output is fine17:37
BenderRodriguezthis is bothering me17:38
PeGaSuSshouldn't any program bind only to the IP addresses specified on netplan?17:38
BenderRodriguezwhy is the Ubuntu download page trying so hard to hide the non LTS versions of Ubuntu Desktop17:38
BenderRodriguezor was that removed altogether?17:38
MaikBenderRodriguez: it's not hiding non lts releases, there are none at the moment. 20.10 will be out next week the 22nd. the 19.XX series are both EOL17:39
BenderRodriguezok I see17:43
BenderRodriguezso because a new update is looming, the current non-LTS is hidden?17:43
Maikthere is no current non-lts17:44
NebuntuTo my usb-c problem: dmesg | grep -i USB shows among others that "new high-speed USB device found"17:44
BenderRodriguezMaik: oh because the LTS version was just released therefore is the most bleeding edge version?17:44
WoetBenderRodriguez: all the non-LTS are EOL, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases17:44
WoetBenderRodriguez: there is nothing newer than 20.04.17:45
oerheksLTS is not bleeding edge17:45
MaikBenderRodriguez: 20.10 is currently still Beta and they don't show it on the website.............17:46
Maikas i said, 20.10 is a non-lts release which will come out on the 22nd of october. Maybe it will show up on the site after it's released.17:47
Nebuntuhmm I have the same issue with my raspi4b17:56
NebuntuIf usb-c is activated it should show at least 5000M under lsusb -t, right?17:58
MaikNebuntu: seems no one is around at the moment to answer that17:59
NebuntuMaik OK, thanks.18:00
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tomreynNebuntu: i'd say that if the device keeps showing up as connected to a different bus then it's not physically connected to the usb-c bus.18:03
tomreyni.e. you'll need to make sure that there's actually a connector available on the enclosure, and that it connects to the usb 3.0 bus' connector on the mainboard.18:05
Nebuntutomreyn The physical slot is marked with a SS-USB-sign18:05
tomreynNebuntu: on the mainboard?18:05
NebuntutomreynI haven't open up my laptop, it shows on the outside18:06
tomreynso it's a laptop, i see. if the SS port would not connect to the usb 3.x bus that'd be a grave HW design problem, it's probably something else. then.18:09
tomreynNebuntu: you could search the web for this laptop model (  journalctl -b | grep DMI:  ) and "usb 3" OR "usb ss" just to rule out a HW design failure.18:13
tomreynNebuntu: i just read up on this. apparently there's some mechanism which will dynamically assign non SS capable devices to lower speed hubs. that's according to this post where the OP reports to have connected different devices to the same external usb port, but where it got assigned to different usb hub: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/491526/usb-3-0-external-hard-disk-only-operating-at-480-mbit-s18:22
en1gmahow do i stop ubuntu 18.04.1 amd64 desktop from upgrading automatically to 18.04.2?18:23
tomreynen1gma: you don't install recommended updates18:24
en1gmaok thanks18:24
oerheksen1gma, why would you want this? old kernel, vulnerabilities..18:24
oerhekspull the ethernet cord :-D18:24
en1gmayea i know. i have to run some old version of ubuntu 18.04 because this program dont work in 20.0418:24
en1gmahttps://github.com/gasparka/spectrogram  see the ubuntu 20.04 note18:25
oerheks.. and what makes you think it will not run on 18.04.5 ?18:25
oerheksyes, your install is that old.18:25
en1gmai tried 18.04.5 but i cant remember exactly what happened18:26
en1gmai got 2 installs. one is 20.04 that im on now and another laptop with some version of ubuntu i just keept testing versions with but i think i need to disable automatic recommended updates18:26
en1gmato do some real testing18:26
tomreynnote that we can't support installations where updates are disabled on purpose, since this means unfixed bugs.18:27
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Nebuntu@tomreyn Thank you for the article. I tried here two usb3.x cables and three usb-sticks (of which I don't know if any of them is usb3.x). However it always shows me 480M. I'm going now to restart in windows (I have dual boot) and check what the reaction is there. Else maybe I'll try firmware update for laptop.18:33
Nebuntu@tomreyn Hi again, I just wanted to say again thank you for the help. On windows it also load on USB2.0 . Looking around I found out that even though the two cables come from two very recent phones with quick charging capability, they are very likely usb2.0 (=usbc is not automatically usb3.x). The sign on the cables are just usb and not ss-usb.19:02
NebuntuTomorrow I'm gonna go to shop and buy one - I guess thats the issue. Sorry, for asking in the wrong channel for Ubuntu as it turned out to be elsewhere related.19:02
grinchierhello all,   i was wondering did mokutil always come up as an option when updating the kernel?  I never noticed this before.19:04
grinchieralso i'm wondering if I did it right.  I selected enroll mok from the mokmanager at reboot.   but then i panicked and hit escape and typed in the password.   lol19:05
jeremy31grinchier: mokutil has only been used for 4 years19:06
grinchierso you mean everytime the kernel updates in ubuntu you get the notification?  I never realized lol19:06
jeremy31It might be something with dkms and unsigned modules19:06
grinchierits just funny cause I was in here this week to try and figure out how to get my wifi driver to work with ubuntu.  since secure boot always re-enables itself after a few weeks on this HP laptop.   I just ordered a usb card,   but then I did an update and the mokutil option popped up.   and now the onboard wifi works with secure boot enabled! lol19:07
grinchierbut i'm concerned i actually disabled it or did something wrong.   because I didn't select any keys or create any keys.19:08
grinchieri selected enroll mok.   but then i got confused and panicked at the next menu so I hit escape.   then it asked me to put in the password which I did.   then it rebooted and now my onboard wifi works19:08
jeremy31I just disable Secure Boot on every computer-- why I never see mok messages19:09
grinchierI do use a 3rd party dkms driver for the wifi card.   I Just want to make sure secure boot is still working properly.19:09
grinchierit can't be disabled on mine  after a few weeks it re-enables itself in the bios19:09
jeremy31What wifi?19:10
grinchierumm let me check19:10
jeremy31using the rtl8821ce-dkms package then19:11
grinchieri used instructions i found online to wget from the thomas spinho repo i think it is19:11
grinchierlet me check19:11
oerheksjeremy31 +119:11
grinchierthis is what I did  sudo apt-get install --reinstall git dkms build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)git clone https://github.com/tomaspinho/rtl8821cecd rtl8821cechmod +x dkms-install.shchmod +x dkms-remove.shsudo ./dkms-install.sh19:14
grinchierbut everytime secure boot would re-enable in the bios it would stop working19:14
grinchierso this time I used the usb card I bought.  updated.   and then i got the option to use the mokutil on reboot19:15
grinchierand now it works with secure boot enabled.  i just want to make sure I used the mok manager correctly19:15
grinchierso all i had to select was enroll mok and nothing else?  select no keys or nothing?19:15
jeremy31grinchier: that github is actually the source for the rtl8821ce-dkms package.  You should be good if it works with Secure Boot enabled19:17
grinchierok great.  so let me ask another question.  this is my sisters laptop for my little niece to use for remote schooling.   are they going to have to do the mokutil thing everytime they update the kernel?  They are not too pc saavy19:18
zprxHi guys! After upgrading my system to ubuntu 20.04.lts I got coil whine / static noice when I play CS:GO. Never had this issue before. When my CS:GO windows is inactive the noice stops (checking discord or someting while CS still runs).19:18
jeremy31grinchier: It might be best to turn Secure Boot off19:18
grinchierwell like i said.  it can't be disabled.19:19
grinchierthis hp laptop is weird19:19
grinchierthe presumption is poor quality cmos battery19:19
jeremy31Must be a different model than my HP, Secure Boot has been off since I bought it19:20
grinchierso is that a yes they will have to do the mok manager everytime they update kernel?   if thats the case I might as well just give them the usb wifi card I bought for them.19:20
grinchierthen they can just stick that in if the wifi onboard stops working after they update lol19:20
grinchierya i'm sure it is a different model lol19:20
jeremy31grinchier: PLay it safe and let them have the USB19:20
grinchierya i will do that19:21
grinchierit was only 15 bucks lol19:21
jeremy31Just in case it is needed19:21
grinchierlast question.  how to set ubuntu to automatically update or notify when there is updates available?19:22
oerheksunattended updates are automaticly set.19:22
oerheksyou would notice when you boot, no?19:23
grinchierok i found the options in the software and updates window.   great.19:23
grinchiersecurity updates are installed automatically.  other updates are displayed weekly19:23
grinchiersounds good19:23
grinchierthey should be all set.19:23
grinchierhmm this is interesting though in the additional drivers tab.  it is saying the realtek wifi card is not working and is selected to do not use.   but it is working hmm19:26
grinchieri'm going to select the use dkms source option and see what happens19:27
grinchieruh oh its stuck on applying changes lol19:28
grinchiermaybe that was a bad idea ugh19:28
oerheksnot stuck i guess, just wait for the module to be build19:29
grinchierpatience is a virtue I guess lol19:29
oerhekswe know :-)19:29
grinchieri got a 13 year old laptop i use with lxde i should be use to long waits lol19:30
grinchierwell pk-debconf-help is using almost 100% cpu so I guess something is doing something19:33
grinchierits done19:34
grinchiergonna reboot and see if it still works with secure boot19:34
grinchierwelp it works.  guess we'll see what happens in a few weeks when they update the kernel hehe19:46
FrankyGovI tried a few video editing apps like: KdenLive, FlowBlade, OpenShot19:46
FrankyGovI found that most of them take a lot of time to save the changes made19:47
FrankyGovI was looking for a simple application to cut/trim some videos. On Windows there are simple apps like WonderShare or Filmora19:48
FrankyGovDoes anybody know any similar app for Ubuntu?19:48
TJ-FrankyGov: taking time to save suggests they are converting the format rather than doing a copy19:49
netametaHow do i add python3 to path, so when i run python it will use python3 and not python2 ?19:53
oerheksnetameta, search for the python is python3 package19:55
rfmnetameta, you can install the python-is-python3 package, but I found it easier just to put an alias in my .bashrc19:55
TJ-netameta: or use update-alternatives20:00
netametapython-is-python3 worked, thanks20:00
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DarwinElfi'm thinking of Ubuntu Touch (UT) as a substitute for Android-x86 on a PC that may not work well on... is UT still developed?21:32
tomreyn!touch | DarwinElf21:49
ubottuDarwinElf: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports21:49
adam0000345hi is this the best channel to get some help on troubleshooting an issue with Ubuntu 2021:50
adam0000345I am trying to debug an issue as to why I cannot login into Ubuntu 2021:50
tomreyn!yy.mm | adam000034521:51
ubottuadam0000345: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle21:51
adam0000345tomreyn so is this best place to ask questions?21:51
tomreynother than that, yes, this is the ubuntu support channel.21:51
adam0000345ok great! just wanted to make sure because I was not seeing a lot of questions21:52
adam0000345first time using this platform, I use slack and discord usually21:52
adam0000345let me get you that info21:52
adam0000345tomreyn 20.0421:54
tomreynalright, adam0000345 :) now, what is your question / problem you're seeking assistence with?21:55
tomreynyou're always welcome to just burst into this chat and immediately ask any question (ideally after doing a web search on it)21:56
adam0000345tomreyn great thanks! I have been struggling with this issue21:56
adam0000345I followed this guide21:56
adam0000345and when I try to boot onto the SSD that has Ubuntu on it21:56
adam0000345I seem to be getting this issue21:56
adam0000345hi sorry I got logged out22:06
adam0000345so the version I am working with is 20.0422:06
adam0000345I am gollowing this guide22:06
adam0000345I basically am getting this error22:07
adam0000345I do not know where I could execute the following: sudo su -cd /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntucp grubx64.efi shimx64.efireboot22:07
adam0000345sudo su -cd /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntucp grubx64.efi shimx64.efi22:07
Bashing-omadam0000345: Confirm for the channel that you are attempting to install 20.04 on a Mac machine ?22:07
adam0000345yes I am22:08
adam0000345specifically on a samsung SSD 500GB22:08
adam0000345so I have 2 drives22:08
adam0000345one is SSD22:08
adam0000345the other is a regular drive22:08
adam0000345that has iOS22:08
adam0000345macbook pro 201322:08
adam0000345macbook pro 2012 actuallty22:09
Bashing-om!dual boot | adam000034522:09
ubottuadam0000345: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot22:09
Bashing-omadam0000345: I have no Mac experience - will have to await one here who has the Mac know-how.22:10
adam0000345ah ok thank you22:11
adam0000345what is the best way to get notified on this? will I get an email if I leave this platform22:11
tomreynsame here, not really into macs. most people would install ubuntu on computers with firmwaqres targetting windows and other OS.22:12
Bashing-omadam0000345: No emails - Depending on your IRC client - your nick will hilight on respomse in this channel.22:12
tomreynyou may want to install a proper irc client22:12
tomreynthat's a separate software to your web browser22:13
adam0000345ok my question though22:14
adam0000345for this22:14
adam0000345how would you execute those terminal commands mentioned?22:15
tomreynthese commands are to be run on a working ubuntu system.22:16
tomreyn!terminal | adam000034522:16
ubottuadam0000345: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:16
oerheksi would disable secure boot.22:16
summonner(thinking) rEFInd maybe22:17
tomreynoerheks: is disabling secure boot an option on macs?22:18
adam0000345could I do this if I boot from a live usb stick?22:18
adam0000345when I did that22:18
oerhekstomreyn, yes, onlt the T2 ones not, iirc22:19
adam0000345I could not find the EFI folder22:19
oerheksbut those are from 2016 and up22:19
adam0000345this did not exist22:19
adam0000345cd /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu22:19
adam0000345summonner rEFInd, I tried this22:19
tomreynoerheks: oh ok, i wasn't aware.22:19
adam0000345the issue is that sometimes it shows up22:19
adam0000345sometimes it doesnt22:19
adam0000345is there a way for it to constantly show22:20
adam0000345if when it shows though, I run into a seperate issue22:20
adam0000345I can look into disabling secure boot22:20
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adam0000345oerheks it seems I cannot disable the secure boot option22:27
adam0000345I am only given a firmware password protection option22:28
adam0000345if I have rEFInd installed, would anyone know why it wouldn't consistently show uo22:28
tomreynadam0000345: what happens if refind doesn't show?22:39
tomreynjust a black screen, or do you get to see something else?22:39
tomreynthere is also the #refind channel you could join here22:40
tomreynit's not very busy, but you can try.22:40
kilbithhey there, my iPhone (after upgrading iOS) does not share its connection with Ubuntu when I connect it by USB, any idea why? is there a way to "reset the network profiles and restart it from scratch"?23:19
kilbith(side-note, it *does* work on Windows 10 tho)23:19
adam0000345tomreyn I get a black screen with the error message mentioned prevously23:48
tomreynadam0000345: apparently, this is a bug (or a deficit) in the grub shim, and a fix is in the works: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/186709223:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1867092 in shim-signed (Ubuntu) "Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter" [Undecided,Triaged]23:56
tomreynthis will take time, though, because microsoft holds the keys to the secure boot castle23:58

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