IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> Guys & gals, could anyone tell me how to add the computer, home & trash icons on the desktop?00:09
oerheksi think there are widgets for that?00:16
swift110hello all00:46
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IrcsomeBot1<Dhixon Nuñez> Hi guys, im from guatemala  city00:51
oerhekshi Dhixon00:59
swift110hey oerheks good to see you02:06
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IrcsomeBot1<abhishekbatra> @valorie, +1 … It is a public space and we should act with sensitivity to our surroundings.02:57
IrcsomeBot1<abhishekbatra> And @valorie has been among the most valuable contributors here, she would know more than almost anyone about Kubuntu support 😃02:58
IrcsomeBot1<abhishekbatra> *for several years02:58
valoriehow nice of you to say so!02:58
valoriewe want everyone to feel welcome to contribute02:59
swift110that is awesome03:00
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> I meant no disrespect towards any gender, i just wanted an icon fux xD04:09
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @murdock86, Home and trash icons are added by default.04:39
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> For application icons, go to start-applications, right click on application and then select add to desktop.04:39
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> It is just like in Windows os.04:40
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Choose add to panel if you want to add shortcut to panel.04:40
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Open dolphin, navigate to folder and then right click to choose add to desktop.04:43
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lordievaderGood morning06:48
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IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> Hello lordievader08:12
lordievaderMorning swift11008:21
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/DeJdRtW0/file_37996.jpg09:12
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> what the last option is for?09:12
IrcsomeBot1<SharGen19> enter UEFI setup on next boot09:13
lordievaderIf enabled your pc will go to the UEFI setup on next boot.09:16
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IrcsomeBot1<Sarah Cayago Java> it can?10:45
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IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @sammy_v, I installed kubuntu 20.04 last in in virtual box and i had no icons on my desktop. I know how to add others from the start menu though.11:34
tuxakadjsebCould you resize your WM screen resolution ?11:36
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> @sammy_v, They have not in recent releases of plasma. Bionic was the last version where they were IIRC.11:41
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @tuxakadjseb, It's already on a 1080 res so i don't think the icons are off screen.11:52
BluesKajHi all12:20
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @BluesKaj, hello & welcome12:21
BluesKaj@murdock86, hi12:39
IrcsomeBot1<abhishekbatra> Hi folks, whoever gave the advice of decreasing swappiness yesterday, thanks for that again! 20.04 is working very smoothly even with 4 GB RAM, and with much better RAM utilization.12:47
IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> Thats awesome13:35
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> Hi! … How can I upgrade from 20.10 beta to stable version?13:37
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, Wait for 25/1013:37
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> The beta update is already underway13:38
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, Better format your HDD and  install LTS 20.0413:38
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, I had only a bad luck with it13:39
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> But for sure it can be upgraded to stable somehow .... Hungarian Linux group wrote that a sudo apt dist-upgrade Maybe13:40
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> And an admin wrote it13:40
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> @GalantGTR13:40
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, What u want exactly? Upgrade to stable, than u should wait for a final release of KUbuntu...13:43
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> The should fix all known problems with drivers and packs13:43
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> Problem solved! Thanks13:43
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> But they still on a way to do that13:44
IrcsomeBot1<bittin1> Firefox 82 will be out one day earlier13:45
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> Thanks for the help @GalantGTR13:46
BluesKaj@Empire201_Off, the GG 20.10 officail release date is in 3 days, Oct 22, and I've been running it with very few issues so far. It should be quite stable by the release date.13:53
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, U r welcome13:53
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> I understand! Max downgrade to stable ....13:53
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @BluesKaj, I'm still on 20.04 it's stable and running good13:54
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @Empire201_Off, Don't do that if u don't have any experience13:54
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> Videos for sure are on youtube13:55
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> But will a beta version be updated? After the release?13:55
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> If you get it it makes no sense to move to a stable13:56
BluesKajthe beta version is always the official version by the release date13:56
BluesKajas long as you keep udating/upgrading from the repos with apt13:57
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> Then the beta will also get an update after release! no?13:58
oerheksall beta releases end up in the full version.13:58
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Lts is better because it will be updated 2 years long13:59
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> I understand! Then a sudo apt dist-upgrade will be run to keep the repo fresh13:59
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Lts to LTS...everybody knows what he/she want13:59
IrcsomeBot1<Empire201_Off> I understand.14:00
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IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> Hey15:50
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> I have issue with kde can someone help me?15:51
Maik!ask | @Горан Исајлоски15:54
ubottu@Горан Исајлоски: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:54
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> Hey guys, I decided to install  kde and it’s extremely slow. I was using it before but it worked perfectly fine. This is the third time today that I install kde and look how slow it is? Do I have a problem with the hardware or it’s kde or some packages?15:59
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> (Video, 27s)https://irc-attachments.kde.org/Wvq7pOmI/file_38004.MOV16:04
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> This is a video, I just installed kde16:04
IrcsomeBot1<murdock86> @Горан Исајлоски, What do you mean you installed kde? Kubuntu already comes with it, do you mean you tried to update yo the latest version?16:18
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> I downloaded it and install it like any other os16:19
IrcsomeBot1<Abhishek23180> @Горан Исајлоски, purge it : )16:25
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> @Abhishek23180, Purge on what?16:28
IrcsomeBot1:) was added by: :)16:58
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> @Горан Исајлоски, Ensure to install the proprietary NVidia drivers (assuming you did not install those during install).17:01
IrcsomeBot1<Горан Исајлоски> @DarinMiller, I will try17:03
swift110good afternoon17:06
swift110how are you lordievader17:06
wilson_How do you do fellow kids?17:08
swift110im good wilson_ what are you up to17:08
wilson_english homework wbu?17:08
swift110wilson_, taking pics of my thinkpads17:09
wilson_very nice, what have you got?17:09
swift110t420, x201 (2), t61p, x60 (3), z61m (4), t4017:11
wilson_wow, I have an x230 and a T4317:12
wilson_cool collection17:12
wilson_I guess I'll see you on r/thinkpad then17:13
swift110the t40 has been dead for years but i just can't bring myself to throw it away. It needs a new display, and has a dead graphics card but I am considering restoring it to it's former glory17:13
swift110wilson_, I am on there all the time bro17:14
wilson_Definitely worth it, throwing away a thinkpad is criminal to say the least17:14
swift110yeah I agree17:19
swift110even if it is a pentium m from like early to mid 2000's17:19
swift110I wish the screen wasn't busted though17:19
swift110and any motherboard I get to replace it will likely be dead soon as well17:20
wilson_that really sucks my x230 has one of those blobs of dead pixels atm17:20
swift110oh well you can always get a new screen for like $4017:20
swift110I mean fifty bucks17:20
wilson_Unfortunately more like £60 in the UK but I'll still get one17:21
swift110Yeah I got a replacement screen for my t420 but then when I opened up the machine I saw that all I needed to do was reseat the display and then it was working just fine17:21
wilson_Oh I'll try that then17:22
swift110well you have an problem with the display...i don't17:23
swift110nothing was wrong with my display it just came loose thats all so for months I just used it with an external display and that worked fine lol17:24
wilson_Oh I see then, that's lucky17:25
IrcsomeBot1<Abhishek23180> @swift110, Awesome17:25
swift110yeah it was pretty coool17:26
swift110I really like this machine I am just trying to get the most out of it17:26
wilson_You may not like it but a 2.6kg laptop is where it's at17:27
wilson_The absolute peak of technology17:27
swift110wilson_, I actually like a sturdy well documented laptop17:27
wilson_@Swift110 completely but it helps when you can carry it17:28
swift110I used to carry around a t420 AND an x201 with me in addition to an iPad 3 and the cables17:28
IrcsomeBot1<Abhishek23180> @wilson_, Physical fitness also catered for? : )17:28
swift110People need to stop being so weak in my opinion17:28
swift110if you can pick up a baby you can carry a laptop17:28
wilson_Damn, you must be a real chad17:28
swift110I'm not a chad17:28
swift110But a few pounds shouldn't be an issue unless you are like really old or something17:29
swift110a fifty pound cheese grater macpro circa 2012. Now thats heavy17:30
wilson_i  find it's only a pain when I have school books17:30
wilson_which is always17:30
swift110wilson_, bro its 2020 physical school books are stupid.17:30
swift110I used to lug those things around in the 1990's17:31
wilson_swift110 don't I know it17:31
swift110everyone's got phones and tablets so there is no excuse for that innefficient heavy waste of paper that will only be good for a year anyway17:31
swift110scan the pages you need and carry that and that only17:31
swift110or if you really wanna be smart scan the entire book and make your own pdf or epub17:32
wilson_It's bollocks but try convincing a school to let you do work on a laptop17:32
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> @Горан Исајлоски, If plasma is too slow , try dropping to a tty termal (ctrl+atl+f2). Login, then run lspci | grep NVIDIA  and report the output here.  Then we can give the command for installing the correct NVidia driver.17:32
wilson_For some reason it's a federal offence in their eyes17:32
swift110wilson_, that's why I don't go to school17:33
swift110we have youtube and you can learn what you need from there or other online stuff like coursera or something like that17:33
swift110im not gonna pay people to mess up my back17:33
wilson_I completely understand but I'm not really old enough to have a choice17:34
swift110wilson_, oh well that's something different17:34
wilson_It iis what it is17:34
swift110how many books do you have to carry?17:34
wilson_on average: two textbooks, a folder and four or so excercise books17:35
wilson_not fun17:35
swift110bro. scan a few pages of the books print them out and cut the weight dramatically17:35
swift110either that or start an excercise routine to strengthen your back now so it won't jack you up pater17:36
wilson_solid idea, I fo sho need a system17:36
swift110fa sho17:37
wilson_that's how americans speak ,right?17:37
* swift110 loves how black urban culture has managed to travel around the world17:37
* swift110 thinks it makes the world more interesting when people have unique dialects 17:38
wilson_well, that's what's cool, init bruv17:38
Alpha7024Not sure where this should go but trying to set up remote desktop. I've made it all the way to getting logged in but all I get is a blue background: https://www.prodjex.com/RDP.jpg17:39
swift110unique is indeed cool17:40
wilson_is that not article one of the thinkpad manifesto?17:40
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IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> no clue19:18
IrcsomeBot1Alexei Khlebnikov was added by: Alexei Khlebnikov19:56
Ronincan anyone help me out with basic c programming knowledge ?20:51
Ronini wish to know if it is possible to get the address of a pointer uninitialized value that is declared in a class as a private member20:54
Roninand print this value on standard output20:54
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DragnslcrRonin- you should ask in a programming channel21:05
IrcsomeBot1punit_arya was added by: punit_arya21:10
Roninthank you21:13

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