lotuspsychjemorning all, anyone on 20.10 desktop that can check something quick?06:56
luna_lotuspsychje: sure ?06:57
lotuspsychjeluna_: i filed a wishlist bug #1900339 for 20.04 and would like to check if it has changed easier on 20.10 yet?06:58
ubottubug 1900339 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "[Wishlist] Add a quick reboot/shutdown option" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190033906:58
luna_ah i am running awesome and not GNOME, but yeah that was added in Gnome 3.38 so think it will be in 20.1006:59
lotuspsychjeluna_: could login to gnome to check?07:00
luna_okay then 07:00
luna_yep its there07:01
lotuspsychjeluna_: can you explain what changed exactly?07:02
luna_lotuspsychje: under the shutdown/log out there is the options directly07:03
luna_lotuspsychje: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ_P5W9r2JY you can see it 30 seconds in to this video 07:03
luna_how it looks07:03
lotuspsychjelets c07:03
lotuspsychjeluna_: ok, tnx for the confirm!07:06
luna_no problem07:06
pyrophiliahaving keyboard issues, especially shifted keys are basically entering the wrong characters like the apostrophe key is entering  * instead20:53
pyrophiliatried two different keyboards too so I know it is not the keyboard20:54
pyrophiliaI do see a pretty massive update was just pushed so i will try rebooting once20:57
pyrophiliaHahaha it worked. 21:02

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