adam0000345tomreyn should I use older version of Ubuntu than?00:05
adam0000345instead of using 20.0400:06
adam0000345the older LTE version00:06
tomreynadam0000345: i don't see how this would help.00:06
adam0000345I thought it was an error with latest release?00:06
adam0000345seems like this is the work around00:07
adam0000345Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel.00:07
adam0000345I saw it there00:07
adam0000345where would I find the shim/shim-signed/mokutil file00:07
adam0000345how would I remove that00:07
adam0000345and also how do I delete the boot/efi file00:08
tomreynyes, you can try this workaround. i didn't understand this issue to be limited to the latest ubuntu release.00:08
adam0000345it seems if I can delete those files, I will not have a problem00:08
oerheksdidi you follow all the steps on your howto? Making Ubuntu bootable part 2 and on? https://florisvanbreugel.wordpress.com/2018/03/23/installing-ubuntu-on-an-external-ssd-drive-on-a-macbook/00:08
tomreynthose files you'll find on the efi system partition, usually the first partition on the installed disk.00:08
adam0000345yes I did00:08
adam0000345oerheks I did the whole guide00:08
adam0000345all the way to the end00:08
adam0000345what is the easiest way of gaining access to that partition?00:09
adam0000345would Ubuntu be able to provide me some terminal access to that partition?00:11
tomreynadam0000345: if you can boot the ubuntu installation you have on your internal disk, then you have access to this partition00:20
tomreynincluding by terminal00:20
tomreynyou'll need to use sudo to access it, though00:20
adam0000345I run into the issue and cannot boot onto the ubuntu installation00:21
adam0000345tomreyn when I try to access my internal disk, I run into the issue I mentioned above00:21
zilenc3I'm on Xubuntu and I've disabled Light locker from startup and from it's own menu, but still something is locking my screen when it goes to sleep. I was wondering how to get rid of that00:21
adam0000345but based off the comment, there must be some way to troubleshoot without having to boot onto that drive00:22
tomreynadam0000345: if you cannot boot ubuntu off the internal storage then you'll need to boot ubuntu or some other OS from removable storage, and mount the efi system partition from the internal disk, so that you can access it00:22
adam0000345ok so if I boot off a live usb stick, I would go try ubuntu00:23
adam0000345and in terminal mount it?00:23
oerhekszilenc3, on gnome i had to disable in 2 places, screensaver and powermanagment, guess it is the same on xubuntu too00:23
tomreynadam0000345: terminal or graphical user interface, either should work00:23
zilenc3oerheks, You sir are correct! Thank you.00:24
adam0000345tomreyn I can look this up but if you happen to know what the command would be to mount the partition that would be great00:25
adam0000345and to be clear, this partition is the one that has the Ubuntu Boot Loader on it?00:25
tomreynadam0000345: this is for ubuntu 16.04 but should work for 20.04 as well: https://askubuntu.com/questions/926398/how-to-mount-the-efi-system-partition-using-ubuntu-16-04-live-cd00:25
tomreynyes, the partition that has the ubuntu boot loader (grub) on it.00:26
adam0000345ah thank you, I guess it also has the EFI System Type too00:27
Mat63Hi. Ubuntu manages RAM on a regular basis. Can this be changed simply?00:28
Mat63Or is it a beta version?00:29
tomreynMat63: managing RAM is one of the primary tasks of what operating systems do, why are you trying to change this?00:29
oerheks'Ubuntu manages RAM on a regular basis' ..00:29
oerheksthis is a good argument?00:30
Mat63he does it very efficiently and I have to juggle so he doesn't overflow00:30
Mat63I say regular not to say bad00:31
tomreynhmm, to me, it remains unclear what the problem is that you're trying to solve, or why.00:31
Mat63I am not going to change the source code to solve it, but it would be a good contribution00:32
oerhekscan you collaborate about 'juggle' and the issues you encounter?00:32
oerhekssome say firefox is slow when opening 60 tabs :-D00:32
tomreynboth collaborate and elaborate. ;-)00:33
Mat63maybe it's the hardware, it doesn't matter now, thanks anyway, see ya00:34
Mat63It is not just a couple of tabs, a pdf and music as each one may not be able to work using the RAM memory, and it ends up overflowing. Is it possible for the kernel to avoid this overflow?00:37
adam0000345how do I know if I successfully mounted a partition?00:38
adam0000345I never got an error00:38
adam0000345and running ls00:38
adam0000345in terminal00:38
adam0000345so I think I am good00:38
Mat63how much it costs you to free up RAM, if there is an amount of redundant information?00:38
tomreynadam0000345: the "mount" command will list it as being mounted at the mount point you had it mounted to00:38
oerheksMat63, that feature is already in the kernel and enabled.00:39
Mat63Doesn't the kernel have a smarter algorithm?00:39
oerhekshow much ram does your system have?00:39
tomreynadam0000345: i mean "as mounted", not "as being mounted"00:39
adam0000345tomreyn I see a bunch of text when I run mount00:39
tomreynadam0000345: good. so it probably works as expected.00:39
tomreyn!man | adam000034500:39
ubottuadam0000345: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/00:39
tomreyn!terminal | adam000034500:40
ubottuadam0000345: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:40
Mat63As a comparison I say that windows 8 does not have that problem, and they are two desktop-oriented operating systems00:40
tomreynadam0000345: see the terminal guide above if you haven't00:40
adam0000345yup I knew about man but sometimes man is not the most clear or helpful00:40
adam0000345will do thanks00:40
Mat63It's just a comparison00:41
adam0000345the helpful community here is preferred00:41
tomreyn!discuss | Mat6300:41
ubottuMat63: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!00:41
Mat63I see you don't have a less direct answer, thank you00:42
Mat63So here you can only ask questions related to what?00:43
tomreynMat63: support with concrete problems or tasks. see the /topic00:44
adam0000345Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel.00:45
Mat63This is the problem and you tell me that the kernel already has these qualities built in?00:45
adam0000345for this, if there is no efi folder in my boot would I be on the wrong partition?00:45
oerheksMat63, your questions were answered i guess, you noticed and told us your issue solved itself.00:45
Mat63That is the answer in relation to RAM?00:45
oerheksso, what else should the kernel/desktop do?00:45
oerheks4 as in 4 gb will do.00:46
adam0000345so I am definetly looking on the partition that has the Ubuntu boot loader on it00:51
adam0000345but I cant find shim or boot00:51
adam0000345are both of these on root directory?00:52
tomreyn<adam0000345> Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel.00:53
adam0000345correct but I can't find shim00:54
tomreynthe forward slash indicates a subdirectory00:54
adam0000345and cant find efi file00:54
oerheksyes, in the root folder /boot/efi/00:54
adam0000345correct so I was thinking it would be in root00:54
adam0000345cant find efi00:54
tomreynwhat you'll mount will have an empty directory on the root, and then an EFI/ subdirectory00:54
adam0000345yeah so I am looking at my root directory00:55
adam0000345after mounted00:55
adam0000345I go into boot folder00:55
adam0000345and in there, there is no efi folder00:56
tomreynwhich line in the output of the "mount" command shows where you mounted the efi file system?00:56
adam0000345let me check, there was a lot of text so I might have missed it00:57
adam0000345tomreyn so when I run that, I only see a efivarfs01:00
adam0000345on /sys/firmware/efi01:00
adam0000345no boot/efi01:01
tomreynadam0000345: you can share the full output here by running this:    mount | nc termbin.com 9999     and then posting the url printed here.01:01
adam0000345will do thanks01:02
adam0000345on a side note, would you know why my live usb stick causes things to freeze and force me to restart01:11
adam0000345when running off my live usb, ubuntu tends to freeze or slow01:11
adam0000345it might be because my usb stick is super old01:11
adam0000345or not very large, I think it is only 2gb or 4gbs01:12
tomreynthey tend to break a lot faster than other storages.01:12
tomreynit's probably why.01:12
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tomreyni'm heading to bed now, good luck on your mission, adam000034501:12
adam0000345ah like their total life of when they are considered good is low01:12
adam0000345ah ok, I was just going to quickly post what you wanted to see too01:13
adam0000345but ok01:13
adam0000345if you have a couple of mins, I will post it here, otherwise good night01:13
adam0000345tomreyn getting an issue with your command01:17
adam0000345Temporary failure in name resolution01:17
adam0000345not liking termbn.com01:17
adam0000345ok here is the link01:19
adam0000345if anyone sees something in there01:19
adam0000345tomreyn not sure if you are still awake and can take a quick look for me01:20
adam0000345thank you01:20
oerheksit is mounted, last line01:21
oerheks /dev/sdb3 on /mnt type hfsplus (ro,relatime,umask=22,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8)01:21
oerheksbut .. ro = read only01:21
adam0000345yup its mounted but I cannot find the eti folder under boot01:21
adam0000345referenced in the workaround01:21
adam0000345Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel01:21
adam0000345I do not see an efi folder being loaded01:22
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
oerheksbut, ro does not let you change it01:22
adam0000345correct but regardless of permissions01:22
oerhekssudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdb3 /mnt/01:22
adam0000345should I not be able to see the above01:22
adam0000345or are you saying I need the right permissions?01:22
adam0000345to see certain folders show up?01:23
adam0000345ah ok let me try your command01:23
adam0000345one sec01:23
adam0000345oerheks ok now I am getting this01:24
adam0000345still not seeing the folder01:25
adam0000345and it seems I have rw01:26
adam0000345any possible ideas?01:27
adam0000345one reason why I might not have an EFI is because of the following01:29
adam0000345please look here: https://termbin.com/vo5v01:31
adam0000345in there you can see I am accessing this01:31
adam0000345""/dev/sdb3  973328032 976510983   3182952   1.5G Apple HFS/HFS+"01:31
adam0000345that has my Ubuntu Boot Loader on it I thought01:32
adam0000345following this01:32
Bashing-omadam0000345: Not a lot of help on a MAc - but we can establish what we are looking at - where. For the channel pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' and also ' ls -al /mnt/ '.01:41
kaiserso i have this bluetooth mouse im trying to pair with my ubuntu 18.04 laptop01:41
jmaderohi all - I install squeezelite and it's broken my pulseaudio, alsa works fine (squeezelite works fine) but my pulse is showing dummy output only01:42
kaiserwhen i use the gui to try to pair it, it fails with no error and the window becomes unresponsive to any furhter attempts to pair01:42
kaiserwhen i use hcitool to lescan, it shows thousands of devices, but if i try to pair with the mouse, that same command starts erroring out with "input/output error" afterwards01:42
kaiserwhen i try to pair through cli, it gives an error "refused to connect"01:43
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adam0000345Bashing-om ok for sudo parted-l01:55
adam0000345you will want to go to https://termbin.com/z9v701:56
adam0000345for sudo ls -al /mnt/01:56
adam0000345you will want to go to https://termbin.com/vrcx01:56
adam0000345Bashing-om let me know if that helps01:56
Bashing-omadam0000345: Looking ^ .01:56
adam0000345for context, I followed the above guide exactly02:01
adam0000345so I am not sure if I would have missed the EFi step02:01
Bashing-omadam0000345: Mind ya - most I do not know - But ! look at sdc; and you see a "EFI System Partition"; whereas on sdb there is no boot partition there. Now there is  *NO*provision to install the boot code for EFI to sdb. sdb3 is a Mac system partition not linux. I would assume you would want to be able to boot from sdb.02:05
oerheksbottleneck is the extended drive, i guess.02:06
=== bocaneri is now known as Sauvin
oerheksif you could disable secureboot, it would be fine.02:07
bigfluffHello, how do I backup userdata for my snaps?02:07
adam0000345oerheks I tried to disable secureboot02:07
adam0000345but I dont get that option to do so02:07
adam0000345this is when I go into the iOS recovery options by holding down command R02:08
adam0000345unless there is some other way of doing this?02:08
Bashing-omadam0000345: A thought - what results when you set bios to boot sdb in *LEGACY" mode ? Maybe the boot code is MBR rather than EFI ?02:08
adam0000345how do I do that?02:08
adam0000345is there a command I can run to do this02:08
Bashing-omadam0000345: Again, I know anything about a MAc machine - the booting in legacy just becuase there is no EFI boot partiton on sdb to be able to boot from in EFI mode.02:11
adam0000345how do you normally boot from legacy on PC?02:12
Bashing-omadam0000345: In the firmware are options of which drive is primary, and which methods to boot - another thought - the boot code to boot sdb *might* be installed to the sdb /boot/ partition. Might see now what options you have when booting sdc.02:14
Bashing-omOuch adam0000345 Boot code installed to sdc*02:15
adam0000345I dont know how to check this for my laptop, when I boot, I get different drives to boot off of02:15
adam0000345thats it02:15
Bashing-omadam0000345: Do not feel real bad adam0000345 - I too have no idea how to reset boot options on your Mac :(02:17
Bashing-omadam0000345: Be aware that sdb's (500 GB drive) linux partiton is the second partiton on the drive - sdb2.02:20
adam0000345Bashing-om so I have an SSD02:21
adam0000345the SSD is 500GB02:21
adam0000345around 2 gbs was for ubuntu boot loader02:21
adam0000345498 was for everything else02:21
Bashing-omadam0000345: Somerthing went south - take a look at the numbers for sdb in the parted -l output - there are only the 3 partitions - and while we are on this subject - ubuntu uses a swap file now over a swap partition.02:24
adam0000345let me look02:24
adam0000345Bashing-om what went south02:25
adam0000345is there only supposed to be 3 partitions?02:25
Bashing-omadam0000345: I say again - there should be a "EFI System Partition" on sdb - same as that on sdc. Also I do not see that you made provision on the SSD for over provision: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/ssd.html  <-SSD: how to optimize your Solid State Drive for Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Now might be a good time to make a backup of the sdb hfs+ data - and start all over again.02:30
adam0000345it was never mentioned in the guide though?02:33
Bashing-omadam0000345: Lemme take a short break and I come back and read the tutorial :( My system with 2 SSDs presently booting lefacy mode: https://termbin.com/1av6 .02:36
adam0000345thank you Bashing-om!02:36
YodaDaCodahey can anyone help me out with what I think is a bug? i recently upgraded to 20.10 and my laptop's internal keyboard no longer works02:38
YodaDaCodaI have live ISOs of both 20.04 and 20.10 (current at time of writing) and the 20.04 one works but 20.10 doesn't02:39
YodaDaCoda`showkey` registers the keypresses from the internal keyboard but otherwise it doesn't work02:40
adam0000345Bashing-om one thing I will try is to just install ubuntu 20 on the regular hard drive02:41
adam0000345to overwrite the mac boot options02:41
adam0000345that way I will have ubuntu on my solid state drive and my regular hard drive02:41
ax562Just wanted to say thanks to all the people that make Ubuntu happen!  OS rocks!02:41
adam0000345I agree except setting it up can be a pain :(02:42
adam00003452 days02:42
adam0000345no results02:42
Bashing-omadam0000345: Not taken my break yet -- your reference to install is old now - maybe find a more recent as now-a-days ubuntu defaults to install a swapfile rather than use a swap partition.02:45
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:25
adam0000345hi any updates?03:34
adam0000345I timed out sorry03:34
adam0000345so following up here, would anyone know why my partition would not have these files on it05:18
adam0000345Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel05:18
EriC^adam0000345: whats the problem you're trying to solve?05:20
oli_bHi all05:21
adam0000345I am trying to get ubuntu 20.04 to work on a seperate SSD drive05:21
adam0000345following this guide05:21
adam0000345on macbook pro 201205:22
adam0000345I am getting this issue05:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1867092 in shim-signed (Ubuntu) "Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter" [Undecided,Triaged]05:23
adam0000345seems like a workaround is here05:25
adam0000345Just remove shim/shim-signed/mokutil, and make sure you also deleted /boot/efi/EFI/*/shimx64.efi, then this problem goes away. It's not related to linux kernel.05:25
OnkelTemHi all. I've got a bluetooth donge which doesn't work on Kubuntu 18.04. idVendor=0a12, idProduct=0001. Name: CSR8510 A1005:40
OnkelTemIs there a way to get it functioning quickly?05:40
mysterydosHey guys, I've got something really weird happening with a ubuntu 20.04 server: It won't take files! I try to scp anything, even 1kb, it gets stuck. I try rsync, it gets stuck.05:45
adam0000345sorry I keep losing history because I keep getting disconnected05:46
adam0000345does anyone know of how I might be able to resolve my issues05:46
mysterydosThis happened after I added a new M.2 NVM drive, which seems to be working correctly. This behaviour happens regardless of which destination I try to transfer it too05:46
adam0000345the ones I had posted already05:46
EriC^adam0000345: 1 sec05:46
adam0000345ok thanks EriC05:46
EriC^adam0000345: are you in it right now?05:47
adam0000345I can run whatever you want05:47
adam0000345or actually no05:47
adam0000345I have been using ubuntu live usb to troubleshoot05:47
adam0000345mount the parition with the Ubuntu Boot part on it05:48
adam0000345and further troubleshoot05:48
EriC^adam0000345: what happens when you try to boot it?05:48
adam0000345so my macbook just gives the error I mentioned earlier05:48
adam0000345thats without holding any keys down05:48
adam0000345if I hold the key down05:48
EriC^cause from the launchpad page it says that it seems like it's supposed to continue ok05:48
EriC^adam0000345: type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' in the live usb and paste the link here05:48
adam0000345I get the mac boot loader if I hold alt05:49
adam0000345ok will do05:49
adam0000345you want this after it's mounted?05:49
EriC^no need05:49
adam0000345ok one sec let me get that for you05:49
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
adam0000345sorry ubuntu just froze on me, :(05:51
adam0000345my ubuntu live stick is not ideal05:51
mysterydosAny ideas for why a ubuntu server will not receive files via scp or rsync, but will send files and wget fine?05:57
EriC^^mysterydos: maybe some firewall settings?06:00
mysterydosI don't have any firewalls, `Status: inactive`06:01
mysterydosaha, this is weird06:03
mysterydosI can transfer 1KB files fine06:03
mysterydosI cannot transfer 1MB files06:03
adam0000345EriC^^ I get Error: both the primary and backup GPT tables are corrupt.  Try making a fresh table, and using Parted's rescue feature to recover partitions06:08
mysterydosI cannot transfer anything larger than 1930 bytes06:10
EriC^^adam0000345: that's not good, is there anything other than ubuntu on the disk06:17
adam0000345I followed this guide06:17
adam0000345if I mount the ubuntu boot partition I was not getting this error though06:18
EriC^^adam0000345: ok try mounting it and deleting those files mentioned in the bug i guess06:19
adam0000345when I mount it, I cant find the files to delete06:19
EriC^^what files are there?06:20
mysterydosOK ISSUE SOLVED06:26
mysterydosproblem was MTU06:26
mysterydosmy router craps out with jumbo packets06:26
hotsoupGood evening all. I have a brief question about UUID's.  The UUID is a unique identifier for a block device (usu. a HDD) correct? If I inserted a disk into a machine and formated the device and got a UUID for the device, will the UUID be persistent if I then pull the HDD and insert into a new system?06:38
hotsoupThat is until I format the drive again?06:38
adam0000345EriC^^ sorry for missing this earlier06:46
adam0000345I posted a URL for the files in the history06:46
adam0000345is there any way of finding them and using those06:46
adam0000345just so I dont have to report the urls06:46
adam0000345I need to go to bed now but I wish we used a discord or a slack where I could easily search for previously posted comments or questions06:48
EriC^^hotsoup: yes that's correct, uuid is for the filesystem06:52
hotsoupThanks much. I recently rediscovered how useful they can be.06:58
hotsoupMuch appreciated EriC^^06:58
blobZhi guys-i would like to get my default gateway address so i can telnet into my router(i want to see if the service daemon runs on the router in it current altered state) will "localhost" give me the required ip address or do i need to run ip a07:00
EriC^hotsoup: no problem07:01
blobZhey EriC^ how ya been07:03
lotuspsychjeblobZ: sounds more like a question for ##networking ?07:03
blobZokay lotuspsychje but i know ur a genius would you humour me please07:03
blobZyou have help me many times in the past and i thank you and Eric for that07:04
blobZet al07:04
blobZi asked and got ip route show07:04
blobZhave a good one guys =)07:07
how2connacthelo is ubun2 good?07:12
how2connactfor like game n overcook cd drive n stuff like dat07:12
how2connactcan i run kde on ubun207:16
InspectorCluseauYes  or dl Kubuntu07:16
guiverchow2connact, the Ubuntu based with KDE on it is called Kubuntu, an official flavor of Ubuntu07:16
how2connactomg ya is kde good for like game n stuff like dat07:17
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gloomyHi, I'm trying out systemd timers for the first time. I first made a simple unit, "test_timer.service" with `ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "echo 'test timer running'"`. When I run it (systemctl --user start test_timer.service), the message appears in my logs as expected.08:24
gloomyThen I made a timer "test_timer.timer", with `OnUnitActiveSec=5s`.08:25
gloomyAnd started it. The logs show that the timer unit starts, but I don't get the messages ("test timer running") anymore08:26
gloomyWhat am I doing wrong?08:26
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monojamoon|Hi guys! I have a dual boot system. I just updated my Windows 1o the 2004 update and now I can't see the grup screen. Any ideas how to fix this?10:57
monojamoon|The system boots directly to Windows10:57
tomreyn!grub | monojamoon|10:58
ubottumonojamoon|: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:58
monojamoon|Thanks ... trying it out10:59
Matroxhow can i close firefox but restore my tabs next time it starts?10:59
tomreynMatrox: there's a setting for this in firefox preferences11:00
tomreynactually the very first one you'll see11:00
Matroxoh thats nice. never payed attention to that11:01
Matroxso i just close the browser and it remembers my tabs great11:01
Matroxwhats that secondary option to warn me when quitting the browser? since i wont lose my tabs whats the point11:02
tomreynMatrox: none i could come up with. maybe there are some people who just want an extra prompt before closing their web browser ;-)11:08
mgedminI used to accidentally press ctrl-q instead of ctrl-w all the time, and it was nice to get a warning instead of the window suddenly disappearing11:09
mgedminalso, if you get the tabs back doesn't mean you'll get the content back (modern javascript-heavy web is terrible sometimes)11:09
Matroxyeah would be useful with that11:09
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stuenttuhello, do you guys know if Chromium has some security issues on Ubuntu? I found my password leaked that I've used with chromium, but not the ones I've used with Firefox. weird12:16
stuenttuanyway reinstalling ubuntu12:17
BluesKajHi all12:20
lotuspsychjestuenttu: leaked password does not really mean its a flaw in chromium, this can be obtained by several methods12:23
stuenttuagree, but It was a single but many, all pw I've used with chromium12:24
stuenttuit wasn't single12:24
lotuspsychjestuenttu: if all passwords were compromised that could indeed sound like a browser injection12:25
lotuspsychjestuenttu: wich ubuntu version and chromium version did that happen on?12:25
stuenttu20.04 and newest chromium12:25
lotuspsychjestuenttu: system was up to date?12:26
lotuspsychjestuenttu: did you notice anything weird lately12:26
stuenttuI mean not really, I only found about the leak via my apple warning about passwords being compromised, and I tracked it to the ones I've used with chromium on ubuntu12:28
lotuspsychjestuenttu: hmm ok, im checking recent chromium bugs a bit, holdon12:29
ThinkT510and the apple warning wasn't a phishing attempt?12:30
stuenttuno it was in the settings -passwords place12:30
stuenttunot email12:30
stuenttu"This password has appeared in a data..."12:31
stuenttudata leak12:31
stuenttuand my password are quite strong that I don't manually type12:32
stuenttumore than once12:32
ThinkT510so you use some kind of password manager?12:32
lotuspsychjestuenttu: did you recently upgrade?12:33
mgedminchromium stores all the saved passwords in the system keyring (gnome-keyring-daemon)12:33
mgedminif you ran any untrusted code on your machine, it couldn've fetched them from it12:33
stuenttuyea I saved them there12:33
stuenttuon my apple they are saved in my apple keychain12:34
lotuspsychjestuenttu: you did not upgrade from the apt chromium to the snap chromium recently?12:35
stuenttulotuspsychje you might be correct, I cant recall12:54
lotuspsychjestuenttu: thats a known bug, the transition would loose its password store location12:56
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analogicalwhen using 7z from the terminal how do I specify the output destination?13:26
analogicalI wouldn't have asked here if I hadn't googled earlier13:31
summonner!ot | analogical13:31
ubottuanalogical: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:31
analogicalbut I'm using ubunttu13:32
analogicalwhen using 7z from the terminal how do I specify the output destination?13:38
geirhawhen extracting or when archiving?13:39
analogicalwhen extracting13:41
analogicalI'm sorry but that doesn't make sense13:45
analogicaltha man page says -o{Directory}13:45
masonanalogical: That's how. You found it!13:45
hggdhanalogical: correct. Replace {Directory} by the desired directory path13:46
geirharight, so you replace {Directory} with the directory you want13:46
analogicalif I want to use a folder on my desktop called output as the destination what do I type?13:46
oerheksfull path13:46
analogicalhow and where do I place the -o switch?13:47
geirha"-o$HOME/Desktop/output"   assuming you use an english locale. in other locales it may be named something other than Desktop13:47
geirhaincluding the quotes13:48
analogicalwhy doesn't the man page use quotes?13:48
geirhabecause that's shell syntax, nothing related to 7z13:48
analogicalsometimes I wonder if linux was designed by a sadist13:49
geirhait's a good practice to quote arguments containing variable expansions in the shell. Otherwise the expanded variable's content may be modified along the way13:49
tarzeauanalogical: i ask my self the same thing about windows13:50
geirhawith tar it would be simpler as we could use tilde expansion then13:50
analogicaltarzeau, windows 10 is horrible but it's at least easier to understand than linux13:51
hggdhlet's keep on topic, please13:51
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isapgswellhello everyone15:52
lotuspsychjewelcome isapgswell15:52
isapgswellnvidia sink output is still  supported ubuntu 20.04 LTS?prime onDemand15:52
isapgswelllotuspsychje thx15:52
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: how can we help you today?15:53
isapgswelllotuspsychje: i would like to know how to use my external monitor with nvidia-prime onDemand15:54
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: optimus settings can be found in your nvidia-settings powersaving/on demand/performance mode15:55
isapgswelllotuspsychje: performance profile, nvidia works great15:56
isapgswelllotuspsychje: on my external monitor15:56
isapgswelllotuspsychje: on demand breaks external monitor15:58
isapgswelllotuspsychje: too lag15:58
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: both monitors connected hdmi?15:59
isapgswelllotuspsychje: one monitor connected to notebook hdmi16:00
isapgswelllotuspsychje: i put nvidia-drm.modeset=1 grub default16:00
isapgswelllotuspsychje: but no progress16:01
isapgswelllotuspsychje: maybe xrandr solves16:01
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: i think from the moment you branch a second monitor, you make your card work more, so might logic would be needed performance mode to avoid lags16:02
isapgswelllotuspsychje: ubuntu 18.04 works great but with performance profile set16:03
isapgswelllotuspsychje: i installed 20.04 with on demand profile enable16:03
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: wich nvidia driver active currently?16:03
isapgswelllotuspsychje: 450.80.216:04
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: did you try the same, on a different driver yet?16:04
isapgswelllotuspsychje: do you know xrandr setprovideroutputsource ?16:04
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: i dont mess with xrandr much no16:05
isapgswelllotuspsychje: xrandr setprovideroffloadsink16:05
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: your graphics card chipset please?16:07
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1275097/ubuntu-20-04-nvidia-on-demand-second-monitor-severe-lag16:07
lotuspsychjeseems like other reports exist16:07
isapgswelllotuspsychje: my gpu is nvidia gpu 106016:08
isapgswelllotuspsychje: 6gb vram16:08
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: could you try the same with 1 nvidia driver version lower please, see if you can reproduce this?16:09
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: ubuntu-drivers list, to see your available drivers16:09
isapgswelllotuspsychje: ok16:11
isapgswelllotuspsychje: is missing performance droplist powermizer16:14
isapgswelllotuspsychje: there is only auto at powermizer16:14
isapgswelllotuspsychje: mirrrowed works great16:15
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: did you reboot after driver switch?16:15
isapgswelllotuspsychje: extended display too16:15
isapgswelllotuspsychje: wait16:16
isapgswelllotuspsychje: driver 435?16:17
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: sure, try16:17
isapgswelllotuspsychje: ok16:17
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isapgswelllotuspsychje: driver 435 doesnt support external monitor16:24
isapgswelllotuspsychje: dont even laggy16:24
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: driver loaded correctly? sudo lshw -C video, at bottom driver=...16:25
isapgswelllotuspsychje: yes16:26
lotuspsychjeisapgswell: ok, try 44016:26
isapgswelllotuspsychje: ok16:27
isapgswelllotuspsychje: my distro dont have this driver 44016:27
isapgswelllotuspsychje: gonna test 45516:27
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isapgswelllotuspsychje: same proble driver 45516:33
isapgswelllotuspsychje: still only works performance profile16:34
isapgswelllotuspsychje: i think nvidia doesnt take control of external monitor16:34
isapgswelllotuspsychje: when i plug16:35
isapgswelllotuspsychje: meanwhile performance profile is the way16:35
isapgswelllotuspsychje: and wait udates16:36
isapgswelllotuspsychje: updates16:36
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lordcirthIs there anything like "auto nice daemon" (and) that can do ionice?16:49
lordcirthOr is there a way to cap the IOPS that any one user can use?16:49
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isapgswellhow can i set nvidia secondary modesetting17:44
isapgswellany idea?17:44
code-witchHello. I recently messed up grub loader, i had windows and ubuntu dual boot, i wanted to increase my partition space using gparted, which i did.17:48
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code-witchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcbTgMKpVHQ i followed this tutorial and in the end, while executing `sudo chroot /mnt/myroot` i am running into this error `usr/sbin/chroot: Input/output error`17:50
summonner!grub | code-witch17:50
ubottucode-witch: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:50
summonnermaybe that helps?17:51
code-witchi don't get u summonner17:52
summonnercode-witch, you adjusted your partitions and messed up grub-loader?17:53
code-witchthat's what happened17:53
oerheksblkid gives the new UUID, copy them in your fstab and run update-grub17:54
code-witchcould u please break it down for me oerheks17:54
code-witchi get the rescue screen when i turn on my laptop17:55
code-witchit says ` grub error: file ‘/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found`17:56
Ravagecode-witch, before you try anything else give https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/ a try17:57
oerheksbootrepair is an option, or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#Fixing_a_Broken_System17:58
summonneryeah so in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting  the second section "grub rescue" gives a specific run-down, including the page "general troubleshooting" to find the new grub boot. after you have done all that and got your desktop working again, you can then run boot-repair (google that)17:58
oerhekschoose the livecd answer17:58
summonneror yeah, re-run your live CD as oerheks says and then try the boot-repair utility (you might need to install it)17:59
shepherd_stupid question - out of the blue the windows key wont open my application menu anymore. any idea how I can set that up again?18:11
oerhekswin + A shows the menu directly18:16
isapgswellwhy nvidia-smi shows dual xorg from ;usr/lib18:22
isapgswellwhen i enable automatic login nvidia-smi shows up only on xorg18:23
ovrhGood evening. Is this an appropriate place to ask for help with (what I assume is) a grub issue? (situation: dual booting Ubuntu 20.04 and windows 10. Both systems were working yesterday and booting just fine. Today I booted Ubuntu (where I am now as well) and worked from it without problems. I just tried to go into Windows though, and it doesn't work)18:38
tomreynovrh: hi, this is the right place for *Ubuntu* (and Ubuntu's grub package) support. I'm not sure we can help with booting Windows. Do you get to see any error message when you try to boot into Windows from grub?18:41
ovrhtomreyn, None really. When I select Windows from the grub menu, press enter, the whole screen sort of refreshes, but nothing happens. I tried to select it and press 'e' to go into edit mode, and then ctrl+x (without editing anything) to execute, and all it shows is a one-liner saying "relocation failed"18:43
ovrhI made no changes to grub, ubuntu, or windows neither yesterday not today. But there were some windows updates though18:43
dancesWithCyclesHi guys, how are you doing? Due to the world wide Covid-19 situation I decided to be open to new challenges. Has someone experience with making a free software hobby to become a business?18:45
xet7ovrh: Windows updates can sometimes break Windows or Linux. It would be better to run Windows in VM like VirtualBox or Qemu.18:45
ovrhxet7, I use windows only for playing videogames, and that's not really gonna work in a VM unfortunately :/18:46
leftyfb!ot | dancesWithCycles18:47
ubottudancesWithCycles: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:47
tomreynovrh: the way you're describing this makes me think that windows changed something to how it now needs to boot, and this is no longer in line with how grub is configured to boot it.18:50
tomreynovrh: you can try accessing the grub menu and see how you can proceed from there, but i'm not able to guide you through the process18:50
tomreynovrh: you may also be able to recover windows using the generic recovery options they provide, ask in ##windows18:51
ovrhtomreyn, yeah sounds like that's the case. Unfortunately I have no idea what might have changed, nor have any idea of how to boot windows in another way :/18:51
ovrhtomreyn, not sure what's the grub menu. You mean on startup?18:52
tomreynthis would likely overwrite grub and make linux unbootable, though, so, once that's done, you'd then need to follow recovery procedures for grub18:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:52
ovrhtomreyn, Ah... not really looking forward to breaking ubuntu as well :/18:52
tomreyngrub is what displays the menu you may get to see during boot18:52
tomreynthe *text* menu18:53
ovrhtomreyn, Gotcha. Nothing that I can do from there from what I tried. Boot ubuntu works, going into the bios works, but windows doesn't18:54
shepherd_oerheks: win + a stopped working too. all the win hotkeys dont seem to do anything suddenly. and my keyboard has two win keys so i dont think its the key18:54
shepherd_oerheks: Except for win + d that still shows desktop18:55
tomreynovrh: also try this, just in case: boot into ubuntu, install any pending updates:18:57
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.18:57
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tomreynovrh: ... then run   sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install    and reboot and try windows again18:58
ovrhtomreyn, didn't think about pending updates, checking now18:58
ovrhtomreyn, just for reference, in ##windows they said they don't support dualboot. Not surprising18:59
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tomreynovrh: it will always be annoying to have to maintain a dual-boot system. i'm with xet7 there, better run one in a VM. if you have recent enough hardware, read up on #LookingGlass19:00
tomreyn(and maybe join their channel, too)19:01
ovrhtomreyn, Eh again, unfortunately I can't go the VM way because literally the only thing I do on windows is playing videogames, and they don't do well through a VM19:02
tomreynovrh: if you're referring to graphics performance then that's why i pointed to lookingglass19:02
ovrhtomreyn, Wait, I thought it was something like lutris, but it's... not? Are they claiming it would be possible to run FPS games at 144fps through that? :O19:05
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tomreynovrh: if that's how fast your graphics card operates natively, yes.19:06
ovrh"This article assumes you already have a fully functional libvirt VM with PCI Passthrough working on a dedicated monitor" yeeeeah... that sounds super complicated and super easy to mess up :/19:07
tomreynit is. maybe this is a little easier: https://github.com/joeknock90/Single-GPU-Passthrough  (but this is really outside of ubuntu support)19:10
tomreynyou'll never have the guest OS breka your host OS anymore, though.19:11
ovrhThank you for your help tomreyn. I'll give a shot to looking glass, and hope that the windows problem solves itself. Otherwise, I guess I'll waste less time playing videogames from now on xD19:12
tomreyni mean windows breaking ubuntu or itself in a dual-boot-setup won't happen that way19:12
xet7ovrh: I would recommend playing Linux games only. That's what I do myself.19:13
ovrhxet7, there's no good FPS game that runs on linux without problems unfortunately.19:14
xet7ovrh: What problems you have? I have played some that I installed with apt, I did not notice any problems yet.19:16
ovrhxet7, well, I only really play Warzone right now, and I don't know any way of making that work on Linux at all. I did try Overwatch in the past, and I gotta say: when it worked, it worked with better performance than on windows, but it would randomly crash the game or the battle.net client (was running it though lutris). Still impressive though19:19
tomreynI assume xet7 was referring to native Linux games19:22
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xet7Yes, those native Linux FPS games that are at Ubuntu repos already, like sauerbraten. I do also like other Linux games, like Neverball, SuperTuxkart, SuperTux, etc. I myself am at Open Source TSC team https://secretchronicles.org , I created .deb and .exe installers.19:27
ruidHello.  I recently installed ubuntu and opted for whole disk encryption.  But I'd like to re-install.  When I reboot I don19:31
ruidHello.  I recently installed ubuntu and opted for whole disk encryption.  But I'd like to re-install.  When I reboot I dont see a boot options splash screen, and holding F2 or F12 or delete doesn't work.  It always prompts me for my whole disk encryption password19:32
ash_worksidoes anyone know if there's a way to make f overlapping links more legible in Tridactyl?19:32
EriC^^ruid: you need to boot a live usb to reinstall19:32
ruidi cant.  thats what im saying19:32
ruidEriC^^: it doesn't give me the option.19:32
EriC^^ruid: which pc/laptop model?19:33
EriC^^ruid: maybe you need to press fn+f12?19:33
EriC^^it's a problem relating to the bios and not cause of the encryption19:34
ash_worksiis there a good cli ssh password manager?19:35
hotsoupHi all, got a brief question about LTS vs Rolling releases. So 5.9 Kernel came out of RC and ready for general consumption.  It will probably be seen in rolling releases in a few weeks to months.  How long (roughly) might it be before we see the same release in an LTS (not specifically Ubuntu)19:39
oerhekshotsoup, for LTS, current 20.04, it will not get 5.9. *maybe*  next version Groovy Gorilla 20.10 ..19:43
oerhekscurrent LTS will get backported fixes though19:43
hotsoupok. so in general the kernel project is like 2 -3 years ahead with development?19:45
addiksHi, I just accidentally turned my sd-card reader off in gnome-disk-tool. Does anyone know how I can turn it back on?19:45
oerhekshotsoup, there are stable kernels, and testing ones..19:46
oerheksfor LTS we choose stable, ofcourse19:46
oerheksgood luck with rolling releases, it makes you a testbunny.19:47
hotsoupso eventhough its out of RC its still considered testing for general consumption for a while, which is why the LTS releases hang back as they do. Meaning the 5.4 Kernel in current has been around and stable for long enough to be trusted for most use cases?19:48
hotsoupPersonally I didn't want to mess with rolling releases. I figured more chance of my hardware being detected and working properly.19:49
oerheksWe have !HWE for LTS releases19:50
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:50
oerheksso, there is choice.19:50
hotsoupoh ok.  Thats what the HWE means when I ssh into my server.  The driver work has been backported from the future, not fixes. Thanks. Will spend some quality time there19:52
ruidEriC^^: I had to manually adjust my boot order with `efibootmgr` utility....19:58
ruidworks now19:58
av0c4d0Hello everyone. I've been going nuts trying to figure this one out: how to enable the screen sharing option in gnome through gsettings. It seems you can tweak every other setting but not actually enabling/disabling the vnc service itself. Anybody know how to do this?20:00
EriC^^ruid: ah, interesting20:01
EriC^^thanks for the feedback20:01
oerheksav0c4d0, no clue there, as vino is available through the systemsettings/sharing menu, why would you?20:04
av0c4d0Because my users either turn it off or it mysteriously disables itself :)20:05
leftyfbav0c4d0: org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing.service:/org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/sharing/vino-server/ enabled-connections    looks to be it20:15
leftyfblooks like you need to specify a network connection ID20:15
leftyfbav0c4d0: also org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing.service:/org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/sharing active20:18
av0c4d0leftyfb ah thanks, will give that a shot20:20
av0c4d0I made sure that the nic is set btw20:21
leftyfbav0c4d0: looks like you only need gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing active true20:22
leftyfbav0c4d0: or maybe that's not it. I can't get it to work actually20:23
leftyfbmaybe a good starting place for you20:23
av0c4d0hmm no errors but it doesn't seem to work. could be i'm using a separate user through ssh / user logged in physically in gnome20:24
* av0c4d0 $ gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing active true20:25
av0c4d0but it's not actually on. weird20:26
av0c4d0sudo -Hu other-user dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing active true20:29
av0c4d0no errors but doesn't actually enable it20:29
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av0c4d0   So here is the output of gsettings watch: /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/sharing/vino-server/enabled-connections  ['38596e25-cd6b-3113-abc5-f276d2d76cc9', '09bff6af-bdc0-38ac-b775-d38989f190bf', 'cac41fbe-bc18-3d87-bba7-af2af7f8ffab']20:47
av0c4d0Does anyone know how to actually set this value?20:47
leftyfbav0c4d0: ah, got it working20:49
leftyfbgsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.sharing.service:/org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/sharing/vino-server/ enabled-connections "['$eth']"20:50
leftyfbsetting it to "['']" will disable it20:50
leftyfbav0c4d0: you can do multiple with: "['UUID1', 'UUID2']"20:50
leftyfbBadPidge: can we help you with something?20:53
av0c4d0thanks leftyfb20:53
BadPidgeall good, just lurking20:54
av0c4d0hmm disabling nor enabling works for me. what version are you trying this on? 20?20:55
leftyfbav0c4d0: when I set a UUID, it gets enabled for me20:56
av0c4d0i must be missing something because I still can't get this to work and I know i'm using the correct UUIDs. does this require anything past the gsettings set command?21:12
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jrgilmanIs there something in ubuntu that puts my keyboard to sleep potentially if it's not used? Occasionally I get weird unresponsiveness. At first I thought it was my other keyboard giving up the ghost, but now it's happening to two of them23:12
jrgilmanor even linux itself23:12
jrgilmanmaybe somekind of usb port sleep?23:12
dlamecho "hi"23:17
mefistofelesdoes ubuntu have like a CDN or something like that for it's mirrors? I want to put something like that in my sources.list23:18
mefistofelesThat is, I don't want to specify the mirror for a specific country, but to be able to use some "generic" mirror that points to the closes/better one23:19
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IRC-Source_60hi everybody , I have this error on strongswan when establishing Ikev2 vpn  :  [IKE] expected a virtual IP request, sending FAILED_CP_REQUIRED23:52
sarnoldIRC-Source_60: it'd be worth inspecting logs on *both* endpoints of this, that's often very helpful23:53
IRC-Source_60sarnold , this is the log server side , I don't know what to do23:54
sarnoldIRC-Source_60: i've seen two references to this in various web searches:23:57
sarnoldleftsourceip=%config is missing in my config.23:57
sarnolddouble-check both configs? make sure they're both sane?23:57
IRC-Source_60should I add leftsourceip=%config both sides ?23:57
sarnoldI tihnk it's more nuanced than that, but it's been ~five years since I last read the strongswan docs23:58

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