santa_good morning everybody08:38
santa_RikMills: thanks for the packaging work, I did recently a test rebuild and apparently we have a few packages where the git contents don't match the archive, could you please push the changes to git whenever you have time?08:39
RikMillssanta_: which?08:40
santa_1 sec...08:40
santa_RikMills: list of _possible_ out of sync packages: cantor, dolphin, elisa-player, gwenview, kamoso, kate, kde-spectacle, kdenlive, kdialog, kget, kiten, kmix, konsole, kpat, krfb, libkf5kmahjongg, libkgapi, lokalize, okular08:43
RikMillsooooooh. maybe I didn't push those as was waiting to see id the got accepeted from the unapproved queue :/08:44
RikMills*see if08:44
santa_link to the test rebuild: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp/08:44
santa_btw I have seen some bugfixes in akonadi, in case you can upload the .2 version08:45
RikMillsanything critical?08:46
* RikMills pushes apps git08:47
santa_not sure, I've just checked the git and seen some bugfixes but I didn't have time to check the details08:47
RikMillsI did not have time for PIM, and was reluctant trying to push 20.08.2 for that as they always bump the internal version deps depends. so unless cherry picking pateches, you sort of have to do the whole stack08:49
RikMillssanta_: did you see that kdsoap is in the debian ftp master new queue?08:51
RikMillsso that should be in debian some time in the next 12 months. LOL08:51
santa_RikMills: yes, I hope to get some time to re-check the status of that08:51
santa_I've been still getting some sutff for my new home in the last few days08:52
santa_at some point soon I hope to reach a zenith and have a bit more time for kubuntu :) 08:53
santa_I stil need curtains, it's a 0 floor LOL08:53
RikMillsno worries. I have had less time this release, and am expecting more bugs after release as a result :/08:54
santa_ack, btw soon I expect to start the KA 2.4 devel and I hope to discuss a few things with you08:55
santa_such as changing some default configs ... things like that08:55
RikMillsok. let me know when08:56
santa_maybe I could start this weekend, we will see08:58
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BluesKajHi all13:10
=== amichair_ is now known as amichair
MamarokI do have a problem on a display connected through DP on a docking station: Plasma is extremely sluggish, doesn't happen on Budgie (the initially installed desktop), Groovy up to date. Doesn't happen if I connect the screen through HDMI directly18:07
Mamarokcould this be a desktop effect or what else could I try to check?18:08
Mamarokand by sluggish I mean like almost like slow motion18:08
mparilloIs it that time already? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/418/builds/221997/testcases Any re-spins on the horizon?19:42
valorieit's come up that our link on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GroovyUpgrades is bad20:34
valorieanyone have a clue about that?20:34
valorieI don't think I have permissions on help.ubuntu.com and my skillz on moinmoin are pretty weak20:35
mparillo504 Gateway Time-out Imagine combining the responsiveness of Ubuntu's wiki and help sites with the ease of editing wordpress.21:27
valorieI might have missed something you said before "504 Gateway Time-out"21:28
valoriebut yes, it's all UGH21:29
RikMillsI will sort that page out in the mornign if no-one else has21:33
valoriethank you RikMills21:34
valoriemparillo: I came across a Canadian gov page that shuts down at the end of the work day!21:35
valorieI've not seen that sort of site since the 90s21:35
valorieontario land trust21:36
valorieI did notice a nice change after today's updates and a reboot21:38
valoriemy f keys seem to work again21:38
valorieand my settings were retained21:38
valorieonboard sound seems to work21:43
valoriealthough I had to use pavucontrol to make it work21:43
valorieand the biggest and best: I can plug and unplug the headstet21:47
valoriewell damn, should have knocked on wood after making the success statement22:10
valoriecame in from outside to find the gray screen of death again22:10
valoriesysrq reisub- no workie22:11
mparilloEarlier I wrote that we might have Final ISO candidates up. The 504 was just me trying to login. I eventually got in, and I thought I created a dummy https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GroovyUpgrades/Kubuntu but I cannot see it.22:31
MamarokGroovy here, came back from sleep and the panel is gone, any idea how to get it back without logging out? kill the plasmashell?23:55
Mamarokoh well, off to bed for now, late again...23:58

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