hayukimorihow are you?00:23
wxlfair, and you?00:23
hayukimoriI'm fine00:23
wxlgood. need some help?00:24
hayukimoriI'm just testing the update. never seen this program before00:25
wxlyeah there wasn't an analogue to it in the old version00:25
hayukimorido you speak another language?00:26
wxlnot well :) which language were you hoping for?00:27
hayukimoript br00:28
hayukimorimy english is not good ;-;00:29
wxloh yeah hm00:29
wxli can probably send you to a general ubuntu channel00:29
wxllet's see00:29
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:29
hayukimorithx <300:29
wxlno problem00:30
hayukimoriI will pass here more often00:31
wxlsounds good :)00:32
hayukimoriare you a programmer?00:36
wxli dabble a bit but unfortunately must take off for the evening. be well and hope to see yu again!00:37
hayukimoribye bye00:38
lubot<N0um3n0> @hayukimori [<hayukimori> bye bye], We hace a portuguese channel, but is in telegram00:38
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rafaI am running windows 7 and working on switching to Ubuntu.  i want to run the test platform from the USB boot disk i created but I am having some trouble booting to it. My machine wont see it, during the boot sequence? why?05:10
guivercrafa, did you verify the ISO after download (example is found in the manual; https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.1/retrieving_the_image.html)  you didn't specify a release, but next I'd verify the write to media..05:12
rafai did... first thing i "CHECKED"05:13
rafaa'right... let me check.05:13
guivercrafa, depending on unstated release, you can use the "Check disc for defects" item seen in the first picture of this manual page https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.3/installation.html ; use another box if it won't boot on wanted box; if fails to boot on both boxes, you could try third but it's likely a bad write to media05:13
rafayour gonnna laugh but during the but sequence couldn't you pick your drive to boot FROM?05:13
rafa(windows sux)05:13
guivercgetting a thumb-drive to boot is firmware (box) specific... it may require f9. f12, or other key which is brand/model/firmware specific05:14
lubot<matkoniecz> Any idea where bugs in outdated packages should be reported? Currently Lubuntu packages Inkscape 0.925 with some bugs that would be fixed by upgrading to 1.0.05:33
lubot<matkoniecz> Or is reporting stuff like that waste of time, as bottleneck is elsewhere?05:33
guiverc@matkoniecz, I often see such bugs filed on launchpad as a request to update package... (ie. request to update)  it may only be actioned if packager has time/resources05:34
guivercsorry for repitition;05:35
lubot<matkoniecz> guiverc: "launchpad as a request to update package... (ie. request to update)" - what is the proper way to find such page?05:39
lubot<matkoniecz> I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+filebug but this is old abandoned issue tracker of Inkscape itself05:39
guiverclaunchpad is where Ubuntu bugs are generally tracked. My advice was general, some projects prefer upstream (github or wherever team work; looks like sourceforge for inkscape), but ubuntu uses lp.  current packaged version is 1.0.1-1 is current for groovy05:46
lubot<matkoniecz> So it will be packaged for 20.10.06:07
guivercmathkoniecz, you can use `rmadison inkscape` to view package versions for various supported releases (inc. ESM & stuff unsupported by Lubuntu)06:08
guivercgroovy is frozen currently; final testing pre-release on thursday06:08
murlidharmy android phone messed up my sd card while trying to copy the files from it. can anyone help me force mount the sdcard into desktop now so that i can recover my files?07:12
lubot<matkoniecz> @guiverc [<guiverc> mathkoniecz, you can use `rmadison inkscape` to view package versions …], Nice, what is the meaning of "rmadison" name? (I hope there is some mnemonic here)07:33
guivercI don't know sorry... I have trouble remembering it correctly (it's rmad<tab> to my fingers)07:35
guivercaccording to man it's 'Remotely query the Debian Archive database about packages'07:36
SerbianoHello guys. :) I get this message "/casper/vmlinuz: file not found when starting Lubuntu  20.04.1 LTS 64.bit. My hardware is 4GB RAM,  q8200 Intel - quad core 2,3 GHz and GR1M-ES2L motherboard. I have installed Win10 Pro OS already. Does anyone know what's the problem? Sorry for the bold, I dunno how to change it. Best regards.07:39
guivercSerbiano, My guess is the ISO was flawed (did you verify it's checksum?) or the write to your installation media was faulty (did it verify?)07:39
guiverchttps://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.1/retrieving_the_image.html  has some detail on verifying the ISO07:40
Serbianoguiverc, thanks, I'll see it. My USB installation media is separated in 2 partitions, one of them I can't delete even in CMD.  I did it with RUFUS. I'll try again to make a boot media right and to give a feedback here.07:43
SerbianoHow to verify it with CMD or Powershell?07:43
SerbianoIf you know.07:43
guivercSerbiano, the example uses sha256sum I believe; it's been the same for decades  (not sure if it's default in windows or needs to be added)07:44
Serbianoguiverc, ok, I'll try, thank you.07:44
guivercintroduced 2005; so XP days in windows terms.. not decades ago  (it was sha1sum at one stage too, ie. variation of it maybe required)07:46
Serbianoguiverc, I used this command: C:\Users\xxxxxx>certutil -hashfile Downloads\lubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso sha25607:51
guiverc:)   I'd not have guessed that.. (been away from windows for too long luckily)07:51
SerbianoWell, I have to wait for some good spirit to see is this ok, but the numbers don't match with Lubuntu verification. And if it is verified (let's say :)  ) then I need to just make a boot installation media again now and try again? I should do that? Sorry, I am new completely to Linux and Lubuntu, dunno anything :D07:54
SerbianoI ll do that and see, maybe it is right since it is verification through Windows not through Linux, I dunno...07:56
SerbianoSee ya in couple of minutes if it doesn't work. Thank you.07:56
guivercSerbiano, I've seen issues before where microsoft tool includes the ^Z (EOF marker) in it's calculation that is not part of the actual file.. but I can't help there (i've not taken much notice; apple, BSD, unix, and all GNU/Linux use the same sha256sum codes)08:30
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> guys … how come my 'show desktop' don't work? … I do notice that it's displayed italic09:10
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> picture coming up09:11
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/mi1tNEm.jpg09:12
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> I made sure that this keybinding isn't used anywhere else09:13
lubot<matkoniecz> Is `/panel/showdesktop/show_hide` command working for you?09:42
lubot<matkoniecz> For me it shows that it does not exist (on 20.04).09:43
lubot<matkoniecz> Can you modify what is triggered and see whatever that works?09:43
lubot<matkoniecz> I suspect that you trigger command that used to work in LXDE or something09:43
Serbianoguiverc, I'll see on some national language forum. Thank you, I ve sent messages to Lubuntu official page and I'm waiting to be added in a fb group + I ve sent the request on the Linkeding group, my drive is formatting, I am using a slow option just to be sure everything will be ok. Best regards, thanks09:51
guivercSerbiano, I don't know what you mean by Official page?  (I see nothing on lubuntu.me that applies, nor discourse.lubuntu.me), and am not involved with fb/linkedin sorry10:31
lubot<matkoniecz> Is there now some sane built-in method of storing git credentials? Some time ago I needed to compile something manually and so on and I wonder is it still needed to do this.11:46
Serbianoquiverc https://www.facebook.com/Lubuntu.Official.Page/12:20
SerbianoWait, lubuntu.me is not official?12:20
SerbianoIt is... I guess?12:21
lubot<kc2bez> lubuntu.me is official12:22
SerbianoThanks, quiverc is confusing me.12:24
lubot<kc2bez> I don't think there is much activity on Facebook.12:25
SerbianoWell, I just had problems with verification of Lubuntu on Win10 so I needed help.12:26
SerbianoC:\Users\xxxxxx>certutil -hashfile Downloads\lubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso sha25612:27
SerbianoThat's the CMP I used. I dunno if it is verified or not, because numbers are different, but I used certutil command in Win10. So that's what I'm now making my boot media of.12:28
lubot<kc2bez> hmm, it could be a corrupted download if the SHA256sum doesn't match.12:32
lubot<kc2bez> The few times I have needed to use Win 10 I used powershell. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.utility/get-filehash?view=powershell-712:33
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lubot<teward001> powershell on Windows is best to get hashes with just saying14:09
lubot<teward001> if you're on Windows14:09
lubot<teward001> so +1 to that solution @kc2bez14:10
Serbianolubot thank you, I'll try14:34
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nmzmHello everyone. I can't say I'm new to Linux, but I'm new to compile some packages from source. I the thing which is really strange for me is: Why I need to compile a tons of dependencies, which doesn't even needed if I'll install the same package from repos? :D16:01
tomreynbuild dependencies differ from binary package dependencies. when you install binary packages, they may contain binaries which have already been linked against other software, but still depend on other (non-ebedded) libraries.16:05
nmzmtomreyn: Hmm, makes sense, thank you! :)16:05
tomreynyou're welcome16:06
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