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zygawaveform hello11:41
zygawaveform I have a curious bug11:41
zygaand I need some help11:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1900693 in snapd "snapd cannot refresh on some SD cards due to uboot bug" [Undecided,New]11:42
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waveformzyga, will take a look12:42
zygawaveform thanks12:42
zygaI'm happy to aid, I think we are in a bit of a tough spot now12:42
zygaon updating the gadget12:42
zygaand the kernel12:42
zygaand gadget assets12:42
zygacc mborzecki12:43
zygawaveform: I tried updating the gadget snap by hand, updating uboot12:43
zygathe kernel boots but there are some errors and there's no network at all12:43
zygaprobably because the kernel is now out of sync with the device tree12:43
waveformvery likely12:43
zygaI'm trying to think about two separate topics:12:43
zyga1) what the correct things should be, in all the snaps, so that people can upgrade to a good working set12:44
zyga2) what to do about the devices that are stuck in a failed state12:44
zygaand may not even update snapd (for now)12:44
zygaeventually snapd update will succeed12:44
zygawaveform please examine the bug and tell me what you think12:45
zygawaveform my hunch is to start with the uboot / kernel that is old and broken12:45
zygaand update uboot only, with gadget update, to resolve sd write issue12:46
zygathen we can attempt to update other bits12:46
zygawith synchronized kernel/gadget assets thank to what mvo did12:46
zygabut that's just my quick idea, not sure if that's workable12:46
waveformI didn't think the gadget *could* be updated on core18? Or have I misunderstood?12:46
zygawaveform it can except that it cannot because partition size was changed12:47
zygaand because actually upgrading it failed as I described now12:47
zygacc mborzecki12:47
zygagadget updates also require explicit bump of the edition field12:48
waveformah right, and then there was the separate issue that the gadget contained the boot-time d-t, but it could be upgraded distinctly to the kernel snap and thus the d-t and kernel could get out of sync12:48
zygasimply building an image and upgrading an old image results in different boot assets12:48
zygawaveform: I can experiment with an older uboot (such as that in revision 14 of pi snap)12:49
zygawith a patch that improves SD writing12:49
zygabut I need help to know how to build that12:49
zygaI can also share a vanilla image that fails12:49
zygaat least on my card12:49
zygalinux-side writes are okay12:49
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zygawaveform, mvo_ I tried to capture my analysis of the pi problem in https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1900693/comments/113:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1900693 in snapd "snapd cannot refresh on some SD cards due to uboot bug" [Undecided,New]13:43
zygawaveform added one more idea to the bug thread13:51
waveformzyga, afraid I don't know enough about snap construction to help much with that side of things but one thing I do note is that the env (or more precisely script) we use in core 20 doesn't *always* try and save the env; only when it's changed13:53
zygawaveform: yeah but that doesn't help in any way13:54
waveformI could whip up a similar env for 18 which might avoid some of the issue in future?13:54
zygathis is also true in core1813:54
zygabecause the issue is when we write, we cannot13:54
waveformI thought core18 *always* tries to write13:54
zygawaveform why would it13:54
zygait's only writing when we are trying13:54
zygatry->trying change13:54
zygaanyway, the issue is not fixed by not writing13:54
zygawe must be able to write around some critical operations13:55
waveformsorry, you're right - it's only on the try/trying transitions13:56
zygawaveform, yeah, the error only happens on such boot operations that need to write to FAT from uboot14:19
zygawaveform do you think we could have a HO about the pi issue15:30
zygawaveform perhaps tomorrow morning15:30
zygawaveform or even maybe yoday15:30
zygaI'd like to understand a few constraints better15:30
zygaand learn a few things enough to be able to debug the issue locally, if I can15:30
zygamy first goal would be to figure out how to reconstruct the pi gadet at revision 14, so that I can try to apply the patch that I referenced15:31
waveformzyga, sorry was in another meeting - I'm happy to jump on a HO but I can't say I know how to reconstruct a particular revision of the pi-gadget (I've no idea how those revision numbers map to commits in the original repo)16:00
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zygawaveform: let's try to sync tomorrow16:53
waveformzyga, ok - feel free to stick something in my calendar16:58
zygawaveform thanks, will do16:58

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