IRC-Source_60sarnold , do you think I can find someone to help me with teamviewer to fix that ?00:04
sarnoldIRC-Source_60: probably not; you'll have a lot better success if you pastebin both your configs and both log files to a site like paste.ubuntu.com and00:06
IRC-Source_60sarnold and ?00:07
sarnoldIRC-Source_60: you've got to share the pastebin links once you've made them :)00:11
IRC-Source_60sarnold , I am looking for someone to solve that in 10 minutes . I know it is just a little thing00:11
adam0000345hi everyone01:02
adam0000345so I seem to got Ubuntu 20 working!01:02
adam0000345however, I am now have Ubuntu running on my SSD and I have it running on my regular harddrive01:02
adam0000345I have refind installed01:02
adam0000345I am trying to go onto the SSD to see how much faster my experience will be but I cannot seem to boot into it01:03
adam0000345I don't think I see it on the reFind boot menu01:03
adam0000345boot loader01:03
adam0000345anything I should be looking for in particular?01:03
sarnoldyou'll probably need to change grub things instead of efi things01:04
adam0000345is there a guide on any of this? I do not work with grub related things that often01:04
adam0000345so any guidance would be great01:04
sarnoldadam0000345: grub config snippets are stored in /etc/grub.d, there's a higher-level config file in /etc/defaults/grub, and the generated grub config lives in /boot/grub/grub.cfg -- and is overwritten periodically by the contributions of the previous sources01:09
sarnoldadam0000345: you could directly edit that /boot/grub/grub.cfg file using the entries that are already there, and add new ones for the different installation, but I think you'd need to add more /etc/grub.d/ configuration snippets to *keep* it long-term, if you desired01:11
filohuhumwrong channel01:13
adam0000345sarnold there is not a script I could run that could do this for me?01:16
adam0000345I would have to manually edit the file?01:16
adam0000345is there a way for my SSD to just be the default disk to boot ubuntu from?01:22
adam0000345that might be the easiest option for me01:22
adam0000345just a thought01:23
adam0000345or what is the easiest way for me to check what partition and what disk I am on01:25
adam0000345in terminal01:25
adam0000345nevermind i figured it out01:26
Bashing-omadam0000345: :D - Maybe ' sudo grub-probe -t device /boot/grub ' and ' sudo lshw -C Disk ' will enlighten even more.01:30
adam0000345Bashing-om HI bashing01:30
adam0000345let me try01:30
adam0000345Bashing-om I got ubuntu working on my regular hard drive but now I am trying to boot ubuntu off my installed SSD01:31
adam0000345any ideas?01:31
Bashing-omadam0000345: Glad ya got that Mac intstall figured out :D01:31
adam0000345I did for my regular hard drive01:31
adam0000345but not for my SSD01:31
Bashing-omadam0000345: not on a Mac - sorry - no experience with ReFind.01:32
adam0000345should I just remove the standard harddrive and force my mac to use my SSD?01:32
Bashing-omadam0000345: No, do not remove any drives. I too multiboot and is my experience that having ONE grub control all booting instances works best in the long term. But how to do that with an EFI system I have not done :(01:34
adam0000345ah maybe I could install grub?01:35
Kiraerm... during `apt autoremove --purge`, I got this: https://bpa.st/OIFQ01:35
KiraThe file descriptors leaking isn't very good, is it?01:35
Bashing-omadam0000345: Grub "should" be installed on both drivers, yes. I would recommend that the primary booting system be in control of what gets booted. - But again I do not know ReFind nor EFI.01:38
adam0000345could I not just replace refind with grub?01:39
Bashing-omadam0000345: Mac is a cruel master - so far as I know - and no can not use grub directly. - Vendor lock in attempts :(01:40
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lotharnhello all01:44
lotharnim having mental problems largely stemming from wifi configuration of some rtl8812bu adapters, virtualbox, Linux zotac 5.8.0-25-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 15 10:30:38 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:51
lotharnim trying to get my system to run as bridge between two wifi networks01:53
lotharnnetwork manager is confusing the hell out of me and im starting to not trust the GUI. I'm considering removing it and netplan and just using systemd.01:54
lotharn I'm seeing that one of the wifi adapters dies when the second one is active. Sometimes (and only when its being a little bitch) one of the virtualbox hosts cant seem to send... I'm not sure where it is dropped yet. Whats the right way to have 10 virtual hosts on one broadcast network with a wifi access point, and another wifi adapter entirely pulling in the internet from another adapter?02:18
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signofzetahi, I'm having sleep/suspend/wake issues with Ubuntu 20.04.  is there a good resource for troubleshooting this?  most of the time, it suspends and won't wake up, so pulling logs from systemd might be impossible.02:57
sarnoldsignofzeta: the usual approach is to start unplugging hardware or not loading drivers for the hardware you can't unplug03:20
signofzetathanks, sarnold. i've got a lot of usb crud i can unplug. would usb be the problem?03:28
signofzetasometimes, if i wait ten minutes or so, the computer eventually wakes up.  no, i didn't think to grab the logs then.03:28
sarnoldoh wow03:32
sarnoldI wouldn't expect it to ever wake up :)03:32
sarnoldsignofzeta: yeah, usb crud's a very good first thing to yank, especially wifi devices03:33
sarnoldusb wifi would be first thing I yank, anyway :)03:33
sarnoldtime for me to bail, have fun, good luck :)03:33
Matroxso i closed by laptop lid, and the screen went blank, with a orange light blinking. when i press any key it shows me the login manager03:36
Matroxis this sleep or hibernation?03:36
signofzetasorry i missed you, sarnold, but i paid the extra few bucks for a PCIe Wi-FI 6 device (Intel AX200).  now that you mention it, my Wi-Fi has been dying at about the same time this sleep issue started.  i have to reboot to get my Wi-Fi to reconnect.03:45
signofzetadoes `apt update` log what it does?03:46
lotuspsychjesignofzeta: sarnold is afk atm, feel free to re-ask your original question into the channel please03:55
signofzetaparaphrased: i'm having sleep/suspend/wake issues with Ubuntu 20.04.  it worked great at first, now it's problematic.  it actually broke at the same time my Intel AX200 (Wi-Fi 6) PCIe adapter started randomly dying.03:56
signofzetanormally, I'd journalctl me some logs, but the whole computer freezes up.03:57
lotuspsychjesignofzeta: system up to date to kernel -52 ?04:01
signofzetano, only 5.4.0-51. let me be more apt04:02
lotuspsychje!uptodate | signofzeta04:03
ubottusignofzeta: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.04:03
signofzetathanks, bot. i thought I updated && upgraded earlier today, but I guess not.04:04
signofzetaokay, I've got -52 pending a reboot.04:05
lotuspsychjereboot and try again suspend04:05
signofzetaunrelated to this problem, will Ubuntu switch to the 5.5 kernel? I've got an AMD fTPM? I recently abandoned Windows 10 and returned to the Linux world.04:05
lotuspsychjesignofzeta: ubuntu 20.10 will have kernel 5.804:06
signofzeta@lotuspsychje: cool, thanks!  I'm going to reboot into -52.  be back soon.04:06
guivercsignofzeta, FYI at 20.04.2, focal/20.04 will also be using 5.8 if HWE is enabled (the default)04:45
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DarwinElfi can't believe this: several years later, and networking is still broken in recovery mode?!  It flashes a too-fast-to-read error message just saying something like it's not working, but not what to do.  I mean, that's worse than amateur (but it's not like there's an attempt to be like a real Unix)06:30
marethi i am trying to create a symlink from /var/html/www/wodpress folder to /home/user/ftp/wordpress so I run ls -s /var/www/html/wordpress /home/user/ftp but /home/user/ftp is empty06:50
hotsoupmaret, the first thing I might check is permissions.  It should fail with a permission denied error. Where exactly is /var/www/html/wordpress ?06:56
hotsoupAlso crazy question but have you verified something is in the directory?  Might be worth it to do a $sudo touch /var/html/www/wodpress/testfile06:58
hotsoupcheck your logs. Sometimes commands fail silently. That might tell you why06:59
pomkalk_Hi there07:11
gulzar_I have a 8TB external seagate HDD. Formatted as EFI ext4. I connected that to Ubuntu14.04  laptop for backup but there were some data copy I/O errors. So i used gparted and checked the disk. It corrected few nodes.  After that I tried to connect the HDD to ubuntu 20/.04 desktop it gives me these errors https://paste.debian.net/1167943/  . What happened?08:05
mgedmin"Device offlined - not ready after error recovery"08:15
mgedminit's dead, jim08:15
gulzar_mgedmin: ?08:44
mgedminthat looks like hardware failure08:44
gulzar_any ideas for recovery08:44
mgedminHDDs are notoriously unreliable; I've had four external HDDs die on me around the time warranty expired08:44
mgedminAFAIU there are recovery services, but they're expensive08:45
gulzar_mgedmin: ok, thank you08:45
lotuspsychjegulzar_: I/O errors in the logs is usually bad news08:45
gulzar_lotuspsychje: so whole story is- Desktop machine with ubuntu 14.04 was being used by a student. This ext HDD was connected to it. His main HDD and this both went to I/O errors08:47
gulzar_lotuspsychje: the int HDD is not showing up (it boots up sometimes after like 10 tries but can'08:47
marethotsoup what should be the permissions of /var/www/html/wordpress? and what logs?08:47
gulzar_t can't login as I/O errro on home08:47
gulzar_and both int HDD and ext HDD went to this I/O error lotuspsychje08:48
maretand its not crazy hh , i did verified contents08:48
lotuspsychjegulzar_: mgedmin just explained you, why are you telling me the story again?08:48
random1Hello was curious why my Ubuntu isnt showing up when i do a wireless scan on a seperate device ?? It shows every other device but my Ubuntu :/  . Im not mad but am curious why this is happening and in the past that was not the case. Could it be someone is jacking my connection ?08:48
gulzar_lotuspsychje: sorry, my point here is, both int and ext HDD failed with I/O at same time08:49
gulzar_that's odd08:49
random1Im pretty lost on this. Want to make sure nothing malicious is going on08:50
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random1Has anyone ran across this before ?08:53
gulzar_random1: wireless scan? you mean hotspot?08:54
random1a LAN scan08:54
random1definitely not hotspot. I have a wireless network here at the house08:56
markumanHi. I'd like to know why ubuntu 20.04 does not ship openssh 8.4? because of https://vulners.com/cve/CVE-2020-1414509:00
mgedminubuntu backports security fixes instead of updating to new versions with new fixes but also new bugs and incompatibilities09:09
tomreynmarkuman: ^ and see the notes at https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2020/CVE-2020-14145.html09:09
mgedminthere are some exceptions to this policy; e.g. browsers get new versions because backporting fixes is too hard and browser developers are trusted09:09
CymewI want to disable notifications about new system releases. This page: https://askubuntu.com/questions/218755/how-to-disable-the-update-manager-popup  contains tons of suggestions, but which is the relevant one today?? Firm knowledge requested.09:11
markumanmgedmin: tomreyn ok thx09:16
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tomreynCymew: by "new system releases", you are probably referring to release upgrades, such as ubuntu 20.04 LTS becoming available while you're on 18.04 LTS? or are you referring any updates becoming available for your current release (security and bug fixes for e.g. 18.04 LTS)?09:21
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Cymewtomreyn: Release upgrades to a new LTS kind of notifications.09:29
MaikCymew: Software & Updates -> Updates -> Notify me of a new Ubuntu version09:29
Maikselect Never from the menu09:30
CymewIs there a way to script that? I kind of need to do this on a farm of machines...09:30
tomreynor edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades09:30
CymewAh! That's more like it.09:30
CymewCome to think of it, I think that was one of the options mentioned in the thread pasted above.09:30
CymewRight, but if that's the latest way to do it, I will look into that promptly. Thanks a lot tomreyn and Maik!09:31
tomreyni think it's both the latest and the same method as for the past 8 or so LTS releases09:32
CymewGood to know.09:42
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bootheadHey folks, my desktop (20.04) seems to have updated itself last night and broken the nvidia and bcmwl drivers. I managed to get the nvidia drivers back, but the bcmwl is still broken. I don't really know my way around uefi to know how to fix. Any help gratefully recieved!11:54
bootheadmodprobe -v wl gives: ERROR: could not insert 'wl': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg).11:55
bootheadSame thing happens when I try and load v4l2loopback which was also working yesterday (and which I haven't touched)11:56
bootheadI've been on nixos for a few years and I'm not really that familiar with developments in ubuntu land.11:58
mgedminboothead: have you built 3rd-party kernel modules from source or something?12:02
bootheadmgedmin - no. I installed bcmwl-kernel-source from a .deb (which I had to do when I set the machine up). AFAIR all I did last time was dpkg -i that same .deb and everthing was good!12:03
mgedminthat sounds like a yes to me12:05
mgedminand it seems like the custom broadcom driver isn't using dkms, which would automate recompiling on kernel upgrades12:05
bootheadEhhh, I suppose it does :-)... What I meant was that I hadn't doing any makeing from souce :-)12:06
bootheadmgedmin any idea what I should do intead?12:06
mgedminavoid hardware that uses broadcom wireless chipsets if you can help it12:07
mgedminon a more practical note, if you dpkg -i the same .deb _again_, will that help again? (until the next kernel upgrade at least)12:07
mgedminI suppose if you modprobe and get symbol resolution errors, that means you've already tried it and it didn't work12:08
bootheadI tried that (several times) and, yeah as you say. I also tried getting the newest version of the .deb12:08
bootheadFWIW I just noticed in history that I installed v4l2loopback-dkms which is also having the same problem12:09
mgedminhuh, that one uses dkms and should just work12:09
mgedminunless, of course, the new kernel security update broke api in some incompatible way12:10
mgedminwhich is not unheard of, but should be unlikely in a security update12:10
bootheadYeah - I'm a bit lost to be honest. Beyond downloading a .deb and installing it, I'm not sure what to do. And I guess rolling back is also out of the question12:12
EriC^^you could always use the older kernel from grub if you really had to boot and have it work12:12
mgedmindoesn't ubuntu's driver thing suggest broadcom drivers for you?12:15
mgedminby which I mean the "Additional drivers" tab in software-properties-gtk12:15
mgedminv4l2loopback-dkms is a package in universe, so if it doesn't work, you may want to file a bug12:16
mgedminI see none in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/v4l2loopback-dkms12:16
mgedminah, bad url12:17
mgedminhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/v4l2loopback has plenty12:17
mgedminthe newest one was reported in june12:18
bootheadThanks mgedmin. Software properties says that it's using the driver12:22
bootheadmgedmin my google foo is failing me - any suggestions on how to get my driver back? The built in wired driver on the motherboard also doesn't work, and it's going to take until thurs to get a usb -> lan adaptor delivered. :-(12:26
mgedminyou could boot into an older kernel from the grub boot menu for now12:27
bootheadI tried that too and it wouldn't boot (I only had one older version). Lemme try again12:32
mgedminoh wow12:34
Kvik79just a quick quistion i run ubuntu mate, does that belong in this channel or does it have it's own?12:42
yottabyteI want to write do something like "sh export MY_VAR=7; echo $MY_VAR" but that syntax isn't correct. can someone help me?12:48
mgedminwhere do you want to write it?  what to you want to achieve?12:51
hggdhyottabyte: the syntax you showed is for bash. sh is dash13:04
BluesKajHi all13:11
yottabyteit seems I just needed to do "sh -c export ...; echo ..."13:27
tomreynKvik79: ubuntu mate is an official !flavor, as you such can ask questions about it here, too. ideally ask mate specific questions (those about the desktop environment / graphical user interface mostly) in #ubuntu-mate but everything else should be fine here.13:27
Kvik79@tomreyn, thx mate :)13:29
tomreynyou're welcome13:30
Baikonurdoes anyone know about wsl? I've been on "installing, this may take a few minutes..." for about an hour (ubuntu 20.04 for wsl2)13:40
tomreyn!wsl | Baikonur13:41
ubottuBaikonur: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide13:41
BaikonurI remembered ther was a channel, but it's not on the ubuntu wiki irc channel list so I didn't remmeber what it was called13:44
gebbionehi folks, trying to run a vagrant ubuntu machine and getting error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RRZYRGvswK/ ... i am initially concerned with the Hash Sum mismatch errors as i cannot fix them even if i clean or remove the repos list13:53
gebbioneand then update13:53
gebbioneany idea? happens on 18 as well as 20.04 machines13:54
bootheadQuestion: when an update happens, at what point do the new versions of the packages get into the installation media? I have a borked wifi card and I can't install any of the divers from the installation media because libc has bumped to 9.1 and the stuff in the is is built against 914:01
tomreynboothead: when a point release is prepared, it includes the (then) current versions previously available as updates.14:09
bootheadtomreyn is there any way I can easily undo an apt upgrade? I'm stuck without a working network at the moment :-(14:10
tomreyni don't think libc would upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1 within a release (or due to point releases). also there is no libc++ 9.1 in any supported ubuntu release14:11
tomreynboothead: which ubuntu release are you using, which third party repositories, ho do you determine the libc version you have?14:12
tomreynmaybe you're referring to libc-bin 2.31 patch versions? those increased within focal.14:14
tomreyn(obviously patch versions do increase)14:14
bootheadI'm on 20.04. Last night some kind of update happened and broke my nvidia driver. This morning I rebooted and reinstalled the nvidia driver, and did apt updates... After that when I rebooted my wireless card was broken and I haven't been able to fix it14:14
tomreynare you using a self-compiled wireless driver?14:15
bootheadtomreyn yes I think that's it. i've tried downloading the latest version of bmcwl-kernel-source and dpkg -i but I get a message about missing symbols14:15
tomreynand you installed the nvidia driver how?14:16
bootheadsudo apt install nividia-driver-45014:17
tomreyndo you have broadcom-sta-dkms installed?14:18
bootheadNo, bcmwl-kernel-source. Should I try that instead?14:18
tomreynmay depend on your hardware. which numbers are there given for your wireless chipset in the first line in brackets?   lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller'14:20
tomreynmake it:  lspci -knn | grep -EA3 'Network controller'14:21
tomreyndid reinstalling the nvidia driver make those work again?14:21
bootheadI have [0280] in brackets14:22
bootheadand [14e4:43a0] (rev 03)14:22
bootheadyes, reinstalling nvidia worked14:22
tomreyngood. regarding the wireless, if what https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx says is still current, you should prefer bcmwl-kernel-source over broadcom-sta14:25
bootheadI just dpkg --remove 'd bcmwl and dpkg -i 'd the one you suggested. modprobe is still telling me about Unknown symbol in module though tomreyn14:25
tomreyndid you reboot after installing all upĆ¼dates?14:26
bootheadtrying that now :-)14:26
bootheadNope - still complaining about the symbols14:28
shinobiAnyone else having an issue running calibre in 20.04?14:28
bootheadtomreyn not sure how enlightening this is but I get errors exactly like this in dmesg: https://askubuntu.com/questions/893726/modprobe-fails-to-load-module-wl-on-kernel-4-814:29
bootheadthis was the same with bcml and the one you suggested14:30
BluefoxicyAny idea why watchdog would execute /etc/watchdog.d/foo.sh test, but then never execute foo.sh repair?14:31
Bluefoxicyit gets an error and just keeps running test14:31
tomreynboothead: for now, purge broadcom-sta-dkms, reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source. share the commands you're running, the output they produce, and the output of    apt policy   bcmwl-kernel-source broadcom-sta-dkms broadcom-sta-source broadcom-sta-common    as well as of  cat /proc/version /proc/cmdline14:36
tomreynand use a pastebin14:36
bootheadI can't actually get the machine in question online at all (the lan port doesn't work either :-/  ) will have a look at saving that to a txt file and uploading from this machine though14:38
tomreynboothead: do you have a phone and a wire to connect it to the computer?14:38
tomreyn* smartphone14:38
bootheadtomreyn that didn't work either unfortunately. I didn't see the interface pop up in network manager when I connected usb tethering14:39
tomreynstrange. maybe the phone was waiting for you to confirm that you trust this computer14:39
tomreynor yuo hadn't enabled tethering via usb on it14:40
bootheadI did enable it in settings on the phone, just didn't see anything on the computer. I've got a usb->lan adapter coming from amz, but that won't be here till thurs14:41
bootheadThis reminds me of the 2000s when I used to get linux from a CD :-D14:44
tomreynyet another option could be connection sharing from another computer. but maybe you should just wait until thiursday then.14:45
tomreyni would very much recommend to always have an alternative means of network access if on-board network hardware only provides badly supported chipsets.14:46
bootheadTIL - I didn't know broadcom was such a shit show otherwise I would have specified a different wireless card when I bought the machine! What would you suggest?14:52
tomreyna chipset which the manufacturer provides liberally licensed, open source, linux drivers for.14:54
lordcirthatheros is good, iirc14:54
bootheadlordcirth got any suggestions for a good pci card to buy?14:55
tomreynit's not easy to map chipsets back to specific products you can buy.14:58
bootheadnow bcmwl-kernel-source is complaining about libc6-dev... Not quite sure what Ive screwed up now. :-D14:59
CymewAnyone know how to approve an activity with the "landscape-api" cli tool? My query doesn't get accepted for some reson. I thought I just added an id number...15:00
bootheadI've got 2.31-ubuntu9.1 for libc6-dev. I assume I just have to wait for a bcmwl that's build against that version? Or is there a way I can use the version to filter what I find online tomreyn?15:01
tomreynboothead: normally, just rebuilding the the module via dkms should be sufficient.15:05
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CymewNevermind, I figured it out.15:24
tomreynCymew: for server questions, you'll best /join #ubuntu-server15:26
Cymewtomreyn: Good to know. Thanks!15:52
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multifractalI'd like to get something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/HAL-Wireless-Receiver-Streaming-Projector-Black/dp/B08L1Z5LLB/ref=sr_1_4?crid=715CM7B0KLN3&dchild=1&keywords=hdmi%2Bwireless%2Breceiver&qid=1603193714&sprefix=hdmi%2Bwireless%2Bre%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-4&th=1 for receiving my screen wirelessly at a TV/projector. But does Ubuntu support this kind of thing? I'm running 20.04 on a Dell XPS13.16:27
leftyfbmultifractal: that's just a generic chromecast16:30
leftyfbmultifractal: you can stream from lots of video streaming services from ubuntu to a chromecast just fine16:30
multifractalleftyfb: Does that mean it'll only accept the contents of my browser window, and not my entire screen?16:32
multifractalIt's not the google product though, it claims to support a bunch of input types (e.g. direct from a youtube app on android, airplay - whatever that is).16:32
howudodatlooking for a wiki (newer than 14.04) or instructions on how to get reiser4 fs mounted.  I can create the filesystem (mkfs.reiser4) but it wont mount, gives an unknown filesystem error.  I suspect it's because reiser4 is not in the mainline kernel.16:32
ubottureiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext4, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html16:33
leftyfbmultifractal: it's just a generic chromecast. It doesn't look like it does anything more than allow streaming of online video services to it just like the chromecast. With a chromecast you can cast your entire desktop if you like, yes16:34
howudodatthanks for the note on reiser, I am very well aware of what it is, have been using it on gentoo for years.  However my desktop is ubuntu and I need to be able to mount some data drives coming out of some of my gentoo servers.16:36
TJ-howudodat: "sudo modprobe reiserfs" and "sudo apt install reiser4progs reiserfsprogs" should help16:43
howudodatTJ- did the modprobe, no error, lsmod shows: reiserfs 249856  0, lsblk shows: sdd1 reiser4, mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt produces: mount: /mnt: unknown filesystem type 'reiser4'.16:48
TJ-howudodat: check the kernel log for any further clues as to why. "journalctl -k -n 20"16:50
multifractalleftyfb: So to be clear, if I got an official google chromecast I'd be able to go to the menu of a chrome browser window, select "cast entire screen", and I'd be able to see my entire desktop on the projector? And would I be able to do that with the generic chromecast, like the one i linked?16:55
leftyfbmultifractal: yes and I don't know. I have no idea what that generic one is or isn't capable of regardless of what the marketing says. Personally I wouldn't take the chance. Regardless, I know for a fact casting a video, tab or entire desktop does in fact work on a regular Chromecast.16:57
howudodatTJ- the problem appears to be that it's reiser4.  if I format the partition as reiser, it mounts just fine.  I'm suspecting the module reiserfs doesn't cover reiser417:00
TJ-howudodat: it's unclear; the module's Kconfig file talks as if it is reiser4 and gives a URL to the reaiser4 wiki, but it is possible the file system you're trying to mount has features the kernel module doesn't contain17:01
howudodatunfortunately the kernel log doesn't give any clues either17:02
TJ-howudodat: e.g. config REISERFS_FS says "...Read <https://reiser4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page> to learn more about reiserfs ..."17:02
ash_worksido you store ssh connections in ~/.ssh/config ?17:04
leftyfbash_worksi: context please. Yes, ~/.ssh/config is a place to store profiles and settings for different ssh connections17:04
deadromtomreyn: heya. remember how I told you yesterday that wonky media center I'm banging together had good RAM by memtest86's verdict? Today pulled one module for S&G and lo and behold: stable operation on benchmark stress test for 3 hours now17:05
ash_worksileftyfb: I mean if you frequently connect to hosts foo.example.com something.else.com and another.place.com17:05
leftyfbash_worksi: yes, you can create profiles for those if you like17:06
TJ-howudodat: seems strange as reiser4progs specifically handles '4'17:06
ash_worksithanks leftyfb17:06
leftyfbash_worksi: questions like that can easily be tested. Quicker than asking the question actually.17:06
deadromis reiserfs still a thing?17:07
howudodatTJ- and I can create and format the partition, just cant mount it :(17:07
lordcirthdeadrom, not really, why?17:08
lordcirthOh, I see17:09
howudodatdeadrom: maybe not reiser but reiser4 is (we use it on all our high speed signal collection servers)17:09
lordcirthhowudodat, is it really still faster than modern ext4 or xfs?17:10
TJ-howudodat: this explains it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiser4#Integration_with_Linux17:10
deadrom"high speed singal collection"? like hunting the next wow signal?17:10
howudodatdeadrom: something like that :)17:11
howudodatTJ-: yeah that's what I saw earlier.  so I'll go to compiling the kernel module  (that's why I dont use gentoo on my desktop)17:11
TJ-definition of a high-speed signal - a traffic light getting caught on a speed camera!17:11
howudodatTJ- LOL17:11
MWMIve got to dualkboot Windows10 by necessity.  Is Windows still prone to killing grub? I havent been using it for quite a few years17:16
deadromReiser's wikipedia page scores in deadbeat humour (snark): "known for: ReiserFS, murder"17:16
deadromMWM: win10 installer will walk all over it17:17
MWMthought so.  Fix is to chroot and sudo update-grub?17:18
TJ-MWM: if using UEFI mode, no17:18
TJ-MWM: only affects BIOS boots where sector 0 of the boot device MUST contain the boot-strap code17:18
howudodatdeadrom: yeah the jokes about reiser are endless, putting aside whatever I might think about the man, his work on filesystems was remarkable.  I use ext2/4 depending on my needs but we have probably close to a petabyte of data on reiser417:19
deadromhowudodat: now I'm curious what you actually do.17:21
leftyfb!ot | deadrom17:22
ubottudeadrom: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:22
deadromand yes, it is a shame, I know it has strengths - maybe the people workign on it should change the name.17:22
sarnoldhowudodat: a petabyte on *reiser*? wow17:22
howudodatdeadrom: unfortunately I cant give a lot of details, but we do wideband RF signal capture and analysis17:22
sarnoldhowudodat: reiser3 ate my tree once while my machine was mostly idle over the weekend.. I showed up to work monday morning and it was toast. I reinstalled with extsomething :) heh17:23
ash_worksiis it possible to configure ssh connections based on what network I am (not) connected ot?17:25
ash_worksilike, if I am at work, and on the office network, then I should be connecting to 10..., but if I am at home I want to try dev.example.com17:27
ash_worksiwith just `ssh dev`17:27
edd_lchow do you guys manage your firefox package? best ppa i found is the mozillateam one with firefox-next which only releases cutting edge versions. the default apt repo is a few major releases behind. any "latest stable" best practice i can use?17:30
deadromleftyfb: when was channel administration replaced with channel policing? second time in 2 days I get jumped at for ot.17:30
edd_lcever since the fire nation attacked?17:30
deadromthe who?17:30
leftyfbash_worksi: yep17:31
edd_lcdeadrom: nevermind. just a silly joke17:31
leftyfbdeadrom: if it's the 2nd time, then maybe keep on topic. Feel free to chat about non-support issues in #ubuntu-offtopic17:31
deadromedd_lc: jokes are not allowed in here anymore it seems17:32
xtaoa few major releases behind? i'm on 81.0.2 which is 1 version behind, and that's not bad when 82 was only released today17:34
ioriaand , btw, 82 isa laready available as snap17:34
ash_worksiash_worksi: how?17:34
xtaoi don't like the snap as it doesn't have the widevine DRM module17:35
edd_lchmm, i must be doing something wrong. ok, thanks17:46
lordcirthHere's a fun one - we have very large (in file count) directories on a CephFS. Since metadata write operations are expensive, recursively deleting them causes significant slowdowns for other IO for hours. Is there a decent way to have a script recursively delete files *slowly*?17:57
lordcirthI am thinking something along the lines of find -exec sleep $X; rm17:57
sarnoldwow that's an interesting situation17:58
lordcirthWe have been moving deleted directories to a holding location outside the user-accessible space; this is O(1) and atomic. I'm hoping to automatically drain those away over time17:59
masonlordcirth: execdir, never exec!17:59
lordcirthmason, right17:59
masonlordcirth: Aside from that, I can't think of a better solution.18:00
sarnoldsmacking together a python or perl script to do the deletes slowly wouldn't be horrible, but getting it *right* might take some effort..18:01
sarnoldyou could recompile find to add a delay after each delete, and use -delete18:02
sarnold(don't change the system one, just do a one-off build)18:02
lordcirthI don't want to recompile anything, and the easy ways to write a python script would probably use a ton of memory holding the path list... I suspect I can get normal 'find' to do it18:02
sarnoldthat'd keep a pretty good tool that has already had all the complex corner cases handled, the stuff that'd be easy to get wrng in your own tooling..18:03
lordcirthYup, there we go: find . -print -exec sleep 1 \; -delete18:04
lordcirthdeletes one file a second. If I set that to loop over the temp directory, it should drain away files slow and steady18:04
sarnoldlordcirth: omg find already does this? nice :)18:06
lordcirthYeah, turns out you can specify -execdir and -delete at the same time, no problem...18:07
sarnoldlordcirth: cool cool :) thanks18:07
kur1jI'm trying to figure out where systemd-resolved is pulling its nameserver information and putting it in /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf18:26
sarnoldkur1j: it's best to read systemd-resolved(8) -- it's very complicated :(18:27
kur1jits annoying as hell lol18:28
kur1jwe have a VPN that gets passed a DNS server18:28
kur1jit works 90% of the time, but somehow systemd-resolved will swap the DNS server from the one the VPN passes to the one the LTE device gets from its DHCP server18:29
kur1jbreaking things18:29
pjsIs there still no upgrade path from 18.04 to 20.4.1?18:48
qwebirc95665Hello, someone told me about port knocking. I am looking for something simmilar: a programm that bans any ip (via ip tables) that tryies to connect to a certain port. any hints what the correct word is for that, or does anyone know a programm that does that or help me to achive this?18:49
sarnoldqwebirc95665: are you sure what you want actually makes sense? what problem are you trying to solve?18:51
qwebirc95665the problem i want to solve is that i plan on running an nginx server and currently all ports are closed)18:52
qwebirc95665but i see already a lot of traffic on my firewall18:52
qwebirc95665so my plan since portscanner are usualy the first tool someone would take, before triing anything else i want to make a few ports trap ports that closes someone out18:53
leftyfbqwebirc95665: if the ports are closed, then there's no traffic and nothing to worry about18:53
qwebirc95665yea but an nginx server only on the inside is not that fun18:54
leftyfbqwebirc95665: look at fail2ban. You'll have to come up with some way to log every single attempt on every single port on your system. (don't)18:55
qwebirc95665and since a normal browser would only go to port 80 a mallicions attemt would most likely beginn with 1 and go up18:55
leftyfbqwebirc95665: it's not worth your time18:56
qwebirc95665what would you do instead?18:56
qwebirc95665to secure everything up?18:56
leftyfbqwebirc95665: only open a port to what you plan on serving out to the public, leave all the rest closed and nothing running and forget about them18:57
qwebirc95665i have an openwrt router and 2 ubuntu server, and 2 laptops18:57
qwebirc95665and on one i want a website, and on the other one ssh and vpn18:57
qwebirc95665what can i do to secure everything up?18:58
leftyfbqwebirc95665: I just told you18:58
sarnoldqwebirc95665: use ssh keys, disable password authentication in the ssh server19:01
sarnoldqwebirc95665: install ufw and make sure only ports you want open are open19:01
sarnoldqwebirc95665: and consider using apparmor to confine any internet-facing services19:01
marbarhas anyone tried running ubuntu on the acer swift 3 (this one: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.HULAA.003)?19:43
lordcirthmarbar, why, are you having trouble?19:44
marbarlordcirth, nah, i'm shopping around for a new lappy (this one is falling apart in too many ways)19:44
marbari just want a system the works as well as possible right off the bat (to avoid wasting time)19:45
leftyfbmarbar: this one works with ubuntu https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-laptops-and-notebooks/new-xps-13-developer-edition/spd/xps-13-9310-laptop/ctox139w10p2c3000u19:46
marbarooo yes leftyfb i was considering that one19:46
marbari actually have an xps 13 - it's pretty broken19:46
marbarbut i was gonna get the new one anyway19:47
marbaruntil i realized it's super expensive compared to some of the swifts19:47
leftyfbmarbar: looks like only a $100 difference.19:47
marbarleftyfb, but also that dell comes with an intel chip, which (supposedly i guess) is way worse than the beefy octacore in the swift19:48
marbartomreyn, that makes sense, i was reading somewhere it doesn't work well without a newish kernel19:49
marbarand stock debian is 4.19 right?19:49
marbaroh that's what the guy says in the comment19:50
tomreynmarbar: i think so, they'd know in #debian, but i think this post means things should work out of the box on ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS19:50
marbartomreyn, yeah i seem to be getting that impression19:51
tomreyn(maybe not everything)19:51
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sruliis there a way to get the current terminal tab profile name (using command line)20:12
lordcirthsruli, the terminal would have to export that somehow20:18
IndustrialI have a script that outputs a LOONG generated key. If I copy and paste it with my mouse it works and I can use this token to log in to my app20:59
Industrialif I use `print_key | xclip` and paste then it won't work :S20:59
Industrialwhat up :D20:59
IndustrialThis doesn't make sense at all, I'll keep investigating.21:01
hearitHello i have problems installing savage 2 game, where can i find help?21:36
sarnoldhearit: if they don't have much support community this or askubuntu are a good start21:39
sarnoldhearit: it's possible other people here have installed it too, or it's possible you've got a generic error21:39
hearitlibstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found (required by /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libicuuc.so.67)21:39
heariti will try here first21:39
hearitit ive me that error, when execute the game21:40
Rubatoi have a brand new laptop with ubuntu 2021:42
Rubatojust my system crashed21:42
Rubatoi wanna find out what happened21:42
hearitcheck logs rubato21:42
hearitgather info21:42
hearitwhat steps did u made before the system crash?21:42
Rubatoi was only visiting a webpage21:43
Rubatonothing much21:43
Rubatochecking syslog21:43
Rubatonothing special there21:44
Rubatowhat other logs could i check21:44
hearittry to find some there21:45
sarnoldhearit: try sudo apt install libstdc++621:45
hearityour ubuntu have compiz? it should be a graphical crash for sure21:46
hearitsarnold, is in the newer version, in the folder of the game there is his own lib21:46
Rubatosyslog clear21:48
Rubatoxorg log clear21:48
Rubatodpkg log clear21:48
hearitchek to turn of animations n desktop compiz is a 3d manager for your desktop21:48
sarnoldhearit: I saw a lot of references to this version in web posts from 2012, 2014, etc, so I think it's a pretty old version21:48
hearitwhat version?21:48
Rubatoi never heard of compiz so for sure i dont have that21:49
hearittryy to visit same website again21:49
hearitmaybe it dont happen again21:50
sarnoldRubato: try journalctl -b-121:50
hearityou hgraphic drivers?21:50
Rubatoin the kernel log21:51
Rubatoi see something just logged before the crash21:51
Rubatobut its only that i started libreoffice and vlc21:52
Rubatohowever i wonder why this gives a log in kernel21:52
Rubatojournalctl just gives the last logs of syslog?21:52
sarnoldRubato: the journal is similar to and yet different from syslog21:54
Rubatook anyway the log looks exactly the same as syslog21:54
sarnoldeach one logs different things, but there's substantial overlap21:54
Rubatolet me post it21:54
Rubatothe crash happened between 23:36 and 23:3921:55
Rubatobut log seems clear to me21:59
Rubatonothing logged21:59
Rubatowhich indicates anything21:59
sarnoldOct 20 23:38:39 HQ openconnect[1840]: DTLS handshake failed: Resource temporarily unavailable, try again.22:00
sarnoldvery curious22:01
Rubatothat is the only thing i can see around that time22:02
Rubatowhich i think is just a consequence of the crash22:02
sarnoldand module loading, which I thoght was the start of the reboot..22:02
Rubatovpnclient was active on openconnect22:02
Rubatoso this failed22:02
Rubatobut i think its not the cause but just a consequence22:03
sarnoldI wonder why there's a bunch of .. well, standard bootin stuff, in the same second as the krenel boot line22:03
Rubatohowever it seems weird to me there is still a handshake on an established session22:03
sarnolddtls is done over udp, which isn't really a session-oriented protocol (even though it can be used connectedly)22:03
Rubatoso it means if the session failed22:04
Rubatothis will happen22:04
Rubatoand that failed probably because of the crash22:04
Rubatoand that was logged offcourse22:04
Rubatobut is a normal consequence22:04
Rubatothe crash happeend already before that22:04
Rubatoand nothing is logged of it22:04
sarnoldthat's sadly all too common22:05
Rubatothis indicates a hardware issue22:05
Rubatoprobably related to RAM22:05
Rubatoi suppose?22:05
sarnoldI think it'd be worthwhile to keep an eye on memory use; something like: top -b 1 -d30 > ~/top-log .. and then if it crashes again, you'll have a snapshot of some sort from just before it died22:07
summonnerI'm sorry. I just showed up, and there's a whole diarrhea on my screen. what's the topic?22:09
Rubatook commanded the log22:10
sarnoldsummonner: Rubato's got a crash with no logs22:10
summonnerass and a half, no way. there's always a log that leads to flushing22:12
Rubatocan you help to find?22:12
sarnoldsummonner: nah, it's quite common for the kernel to hit a panic in interrupt context and thus refuse to flush anything to disk22:15
summonnerRubato, so your dump says "I gotta DNS:" and then dies in your ass22:16
Rubatoit said22:17
RubatoI lost the internet connection because the session dropped because my system was unable to reply anymore22:18
Rubatoand it was not logged why22:18
gebbionehi folks, when i create a ubuntu usb drive i end up unable to boot from it, using rufus as suggested on the ubuntu site. The error is /casper/vmlinux not found . And indeed this file does not exist after rufus created the usb drive. Any suggestions?22:31
leftyfbgebbione: use the "Startup Disk Creator" that comes with Ubuntu. Or if on Windows, try Etcher from etcher.io22:33
Rubatorufus will work also in windows22:34
Rubatodid you do this from an iso?22:34
summonnerkee boom kaala someone likes me offline they do! What a flood22:37
leftyfbsummonner: spamming is offtopic here. This is a support channel22:37
summonnerleftyfb, exactly. I seem to have found a fan who floods me22:38
leftyfbsummonner: again, offtopic here. Feel free to ask for support with IRC in #freenode22:38
Rubatogebbione Do you have Bitdefender or Eset or Windows Defender active?22:38
gebbioneRubato, i am actually on teamviewer on the guys machine. I do not use windows. I am trying to get docker working but .... too long story. I see norton is active on winzoz22:39
Rubatodisable norton22:40
Rubatorun rufus again22:40
Rubatoi think that caused it22:40
sarnoldsummonner: /mode summonner +g may help https://freenode.net/kb/answer/usermodes22:40
RubatoThose scan your active processes and block file access for rufus22:40
Rubatowhich prevented it to write into the image22:40
gebbionealready running etcher22:40
summonnersarnold, ah yeee so kind, me thanks22:40
gebbionebut i ll try suspending norton22:41
gebbioneRobato do you know if it might cause similar problems when running vagrant / virtualbox ?22:41
Rubatomight cause definetely22:43
Rubatonorton doesnt like virtual things22:43
Rubatoits an application made for stupid users who would never do such thing22:43
Rubatoso its highly suspicious activity for norton22:44
summonnernorton - a bunch of if else statements that slow your system22:50
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gebbione-> /casper/vmlinuz file still missing :/23:00
gebbioneafter disabling norton too23:00
Rubatoare you doing this from a vm ?23:15
Rubatowhat image do you use?23:15

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