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xubuntu51iI need help05:38
xubuntu51ixubuntu installation is too long I'm waiting 40 minutes already, it's creating FS for mounting '/'. Before that it had a fail with one of discs or something, but then it started launching and a progress bar doesn't move till now.05:43
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xu-irc73whello everyone. I'm sorry to bother you, but I am having trouble getting my Realtek wifi to work.11:42
xu-irc73wI know there are a lot of posts about this, but the instructions are not working for me.11:42
xu-irc73wJust wondering if anyone can help me out.11:42
xu-irc73wThe problem is the exact same problem as this post, but the solution is not working for me:11:42
xu-irc73wMy computer fails on this command:11:43
xu-irc73wwhoops, not that11:43
xu-irc73wsudo dkms build -m rtl88x2bu -v ${VER}11:43
diogenes_xu-irc73w, has this wifi card ever worked under linux before?11:45
xu-irc73wapparently it has, because the model number matches the model number on the referenced github:11:46
diogenes_xu-irc73w, i mean has it ever worked for you under linux on this very machine.11:47
xu-irc73win my case, RTL8812BU11:47
xu-irc73wno, that's the problem.11:47
xu-irc73wi want it to work on this machine.11:47
xu-irc73wi know the unit works because it works on the same machine in Windows.11:47
diogenes_what OS did you have prio to Xubuntu?11:47
xu-irc73wbut not on this hardware.11:48
diogenes_i've never heard of Gallium OS.11:48
xu-irc73wthat's alright11:48
xu-irc73wit's a debian-based linux11:49
diogenes_so are you running Xubuntu or Gallium right now?11:49
xu-irc73wI am on the Xubuntu computer I am trying to get my wifi working on11:49
xu-irc73wi've made a temporary hardwire connection until i can fix my wifi11:49
diogenes_xu-irc73w, run in a terminal: lscpi -nnk | grep Net -A3 | nc termbin.com 999911:50
diogenes_you gonna get an url that you have to paste here in the chat.11:51
xu-irc73wsorry, but it's not working:11:52
xu-irc73wlscpi -nnk11:52
xu-irc73wwhoops, hold on11:52
xu-irc73wlscpi -nnk | grep Net -A3 | nc termbin.com 9999Command 'lscpi' not found, did you mean:  command 'lspci' from deb pciutils (1:3.6.4-1)  command 'lscp' from deb nilfs-tools (2.2.8-1)  command 'lscpu' from deb util-linux (2.34-0.1ubuntu9.1)Try: sudo apt install <deb name>11:53
xu-irc73wkeep in mind, the wifi is not pci11:53
xu-irc73wthe wifi is connected via usb11:53
diogenes_yep sorry lspci11:53
xu-irc73wthe command does not produce output12:02
xu-irc73wlspci -nnk | grep Net -A3 | nc termbin.com 999912:02
xu-irc73wjust back to the command prompt. no error.12:02
diogenes_xu-irc73w, so it's not a build-in module.12:03
xu-irc73wright. it's a USB module.12:04

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