guivercwxl or anyone, everyone is happy with groovy's QA-testing?  no holes/missing bits where effort is required?00:07
wxlguiverc: did you see my comment on bug 1877733?00:09
ubot93Bug 1877733 in calamares (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu 20.10 calamares 'failed to create a partition table'" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187773300:10
guivercthat's a random (likely timing) issue that occurs on rare occasion (that box only for me!)... I've only had it occur on that machine, but it's occurred on other machines (1851188) for prior releases..  I'd not worry about it as not even @Leokolb has tagged himself since re-filing  (No I hadn't seen comment sorry)  at most it's a comment on release notes, but it'll impact so few users I'm not sure that's warranted, I watch askubu/uf so I'd 00:14
guiverchope I'd detect support isuses for it00:14
wxlguiverc: ok, well if you can find any consistency, then we should be concerned00:29
guivercI was expecting a clean run my last comment (on 1877733), was stunned when it occurred (hoping it'd gone forever..)   but install was on that box purely to test for that.. (so had prior 7-8 installs on the box)00:31
wxlhopefully it's not another race condition as those are not something i've been able to figure out how to detect00:32
guiverccommented on bug report wxl00:36
wxlthank you!00:37
guiverchttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/bugs/1877733  shows when occurred, but without dates of all installs (iso.qa api query) I can't know how often (%) that is..00:38
wxlwell i guess i'm not going to worry about it00:38
wxlthanks for all the help chris!00:38
wxli'm signing off for the evening; be well00:39
guiverc(I still believe it's rare.. just can't give % or any accuracy)00:39
guiverchave a good nights sleep & thanks wxl 00:39
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