ubottuIt's out! Downloads are on https://ubuntu.com/download and https://torrent.ubuntu.com/ and there's a party in #ubuntu-release-party!14:40
tomreyn^ might need an update?14:40
hggdh!isitout is <reply> no, it is not yet out. Patience...15:04
ubottuBut isitout already means something else!15:04
hggdh!no isitout is <reply> no, it is not yet out. Patience...15:05
ubottuI'll remember that hggdh15:05
hggdhtomreyn: done15:05
* tomreyn kisses (just virtually, because Corona, this time) hggdh 15:10
ubot5In #ubuntu-desktop, oSoMoN said: !26 is the important one, !27 is mostly cosmetics17:12
=== niko is now known as nuka
tomreyn#ubuntu-release-party is +i23:09
tomreynon purpose?23:10
krytariktomreyn: There, fixed that now, thanks!23:32

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