tewardjayjo-: oh i'm good with things ;)02:42
tewardjayjo-: my opinion stands use the VNC solution for pfSense ;)  It works :P02:42
tewardi'd give up with memstick installer02:42
iceyhey jamespage: would you mind taking a peek at the train and ussuri branches at https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/ubuntu/+source/python-cinderclient/+git/python-cinderclient - adding a Conflicts is something I've not done before so I'd hate to do it incorrectly :)07:27
jamespageicey: looking now08:11
iceythanks jamespage08:11
jamespageicey: Conflicts is a bit hard - a Breaks/Replaces on a versioned python-cinderclient would be better as the bash completion file is moving between packages08:15
iceyjamespage: seems like it would be a Breaks/Replaces generally, not with a specific verison of python-cinderclient?08:18
jamespagebreaks/replaces should always be versioned to < the version where the file is moved between packages08:19
iceyso, in this case, we should probably look at doing it in the stein timeframe?08:31
icey(the cinderclient version that is replaced)08:31
jamespagethe version just needs to be the first version where the bash completion script moved to python3-cinderclient08:38
iceyjamespage: any way to identify that shy of just looking through the package history?08:50
iceyjamespage: something like https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/rpjqqFvrjk/ seems more reasonable (it looks like 4.2.0 is the version where the bash autocomplete moved)09:02
icey( https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2jfmFZ2cWF/ )09:02
maretHi I am trying to solve this issue https://askubuntu.com/questions/205841/how-do-i-mount-a-folder-from-another-partition by using mount --bind. So I have folder /home/user/ and i want  map/ binds contents of /var/www/html/wordpress to it, so when user sftp into server he can access wordpress folder and make changes there. Problem is that when I run11:21
maretsudo mount --bind /var/www/html/wordpress/ /home/user/ I get an error mount: /home/user: mount(2) system call failed: No such file or directory.11:21
mgedminyou have to mkdir /home/user first11:23
mgedmin(sudo mkdir, I suppose)11:23
maretmgedmin what dir exactly? /home/user/wordpress?11:26
mgedminhuh?  if you want /home/user/wordpress/* to reflect the contents of /var/www/html/wordpress/*, then you need to sudo mount --bind /var/www/html/wordpress /home/user/wordpress11:27
mgedminbut in any case both directories need to exist for mount --bind to succeed11:27
maretno I want /home/user to reflect .../wordpress11:28
maretand /home/user does exist11:28
mgedminin that case your command is good, and all you need to do is sudo mkdir /home/user, like I said11:34
mgedminwait, _does_ exist?11:34
mgedminsorry misread11:34
mgedmindoes /var/www/html/wordpress exist?11:34
mgedminmaybe mount didn't like the trailing slashes?11:34
maretmgedmin dunno tried with and without trailing same issuse11:37
mgedmindoes /var/www/html/wordpress exist?11:41
mgedminthis is bizzarre, and I don't know how to explain it11:48
mgedmincan you pastebin the output of ls -ld /var/www/html/wordpress /home/user && sudo mount --bind /var/www/html/wordpress /home/user11:48
paridemwhudson, I think #curtin is another channel you should join at this point :)12:27
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tewardmgedmin: is wordpress inside the userspace?  Because that usually will break php accessing it, bind mount or not13:41
teward(because permissions get weird then)13:41
teward... nvm they disappearified13:42
mwhudsonparide: had no idea that existed!18:21
noonedeadpunkhey folks! it seems something went wrong with image build process19:34
noonedeadpunkas http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-base/releases/18.04.3/release/ looks totally wrong19:34
noonedeadpunkand for  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-base/releases/18.04/release everything except 18.04.5 has been dropped out of there19:34
sarnoldnoonedeadpunk: try http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.3/19:36
sarnoldit also looks a bit funny, it's got everything in it..19:36
noonedeadpunkwell, I need base image for lxc honestly...19:36
Odd_Blokenoonedeadpunk: This was an intentional change, it was reported to the ubuntu-release ML: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2020-October/005113.html19:38
noonedeadpunkso under 18.04.3 directory placed 18.04.5 images is intentional? ok, good to know...19:39
noonedeadpunkweird though19:40
noonedeadpunkit would be also awesome to have some symlink at least to the latest available relase tbh19:41
noonedeadpunkso it could be used in automation and might be reliable19:42
noonedeadpunkas currently this means that all releases of our software which was making lxc containers on ubuntu and do depoyments inside are totally broken which is not really fun...19:43
Odd_BlokeLXD doesn't use images from cdimage (unless you're doing something unusual, of course :).19:43
noonedeadpunkso I was talking about lxc) if you can suggest proper source for getting base images that would be awesome!19:45
noonedeadpunk(without lxd)19:45
sarnoldnoonedeadpunk: perhaps http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/bionic/current/ ?19:46
noonedeadpunkah, bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64-lxd.tar.xz ?19:48
noonedeadpunkwell, I have missed it19:48
noonedeadpunkthanks sarnold!19:48
noonedeadpunkwell, except it's a daily build..19:48
noonedeadpunkbut I think http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/focal/release/ is good19:49
noonedeadpunkuh, and they're pretty far from base image http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-base/releases/18.04/release19:51
noonedeadpunk315M vs 25M19:51
Odd_BlokeAh, I don't have much experience with lxc specifically, apologies for misunderstanding your request!19:55
Odd_BlokeI don't really know what format lxc expects, so I'm not sure what to recommend.19:55
noonedeadpunkoh, I think https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/minimal/releases/bionic/release/19:58
noonedeadpunkanyway thanks a lot as you've pointed me to the right direction:)19:59
noonedeadpunkI think you;re right and lxc aand lxd uses the same image format but yeah, we do wierd things with image before creating container from it:)20:08
Odd_Blokenoonedeadpunk: Glad you found what you needed. :)20:40

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