ttytwisterHello. Is it possible to install both win 10 and ENCRYPTED ubuntu on different ssd? I should first install win 10 and then ubuntu?00:27
sarnoldI'm not sure which order is better but I think either direction will probably work00:28
ttytwisterIf you install ubuntu and then win 10, won't win 10 "forget" about ubuntu?00:30
sarnoldit's entirely possible, I don't know what window's installer is like these days00:31
sarnoldcertainly that's what would have happened ~twenty years ago00:31
tomreynit's still a monotheistic religion.00:31
sarnoldso do windows firsts?00:32
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:32
tomreyni think that's usually recommended here00:32
tomreynttytwister: there's also the option of running windows into a vm (and to switch hardware over to it using lookingglass, if needed)00:34
ttytwistertomreyn, run into a vm inside of ubuntu?00:35
tomreynyes, this way you don't have windows overwrite when it feels like.00:36
ttytwistertomreyn, you mean windows could do some bad things to ubuntu?00:37
tomreynwhatever runs as the main OS can do bad things to whatever is in its reach. theoretically. practically, windows 10 feature upgrades have previously overwritten grub.00:38
ttytwistertomreyn, if it happens, is there an easy instruction how to recover?00:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:40
Rubatoi just found out00:42
Rubatorussia has its own linux variant00:42
RubatoAstra Linux00:42
Rubatofree and even a paid distro00:42
Rubatodid anyone ever try that?00:42
tomreyn!ot | Rubato00:42
ubottuRubato: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:42
ScarletMarauderSo I am currently using mergerfs to merge two drives together. now lately for somereason one of my drives keeps getting unmounted and I can't figure out why. I recently formatted the drive to ext4. I tried running smart tools but there weren't any errors that I could see on it00:43
ScarletMarauderno smart support on the drives not sure what test I should run next00:45
tomreyni have 0 experience with mergerfs, but i assume it would log to the systemd journal if something bad happens?00:46
sarnoldif they are usb drives, you can probably yank them out of their enclosure and hook them up to a real sata controller and check the smart logs00:46
sarnoldif they are sas drives, I haven't got a clue what you do to check their health..00:46
ScarletMaraudernote to sell buy a sata controller and check logs00:47
ttytwistertomreyn, can't I forbid win 10 to make any changes to ssd with ubuntu?00:48
ScarletMarauderit is for my plex server that runs on a laptop, building something to check the smart errors is a bit overkill :(00:48
tomreynttytwister: hmm, maybe, i'm not good at windows, people in ##windows are. don't tell them you're dual booting if you don't have to. ;-)00:48
Rubatoi have plex on ubuntu server works great00:51
ScarletMarauderyeah this one 10tb drive seems to hate me00:53
ScarletMarauderyeah my setup either works nicely or i want to shoot it00:55
Rubatoyou have the 10tb drive connected on a usb port to the laptop?01:00
Rubatowhich runs plex?01:00
ScarletMarauderthe laptop01:01
ScarletMarauderRubato, I got 3 8tbs, and a 10tb connected to the laptop01:02
Rubatoover usb ?01:08
Rubatohow is that even possible to work at all01:08
sarnoldthe usb mass storage spec is probably one of the best-tested and most common usb thingy01:09
sarnoldthe downside is I think (most? all?) usb things can't do SMART passthrough01:10
tomreyni think it works most of the time for usb mass storage if you run it with -d sat01:12
ScarletMarauderRubato, with some hickups01:13
tomreynhttps://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/USB https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/Supported_USB-Devices01:13
sarnoldtomreyn: ugh. that sounds familiar. why is that not probed? :) sigh01:13
ScarletMarauderI connect every drive spin up rtorrent, use mergerfs to merge two drives into Movie and two into TV and then it is all working01:13
tomreynsarnold: i don't really know. maybe they tried and it caused problems?01:14
tomreyn"auto" is actually the default, but i gues sonly when you specify -d01:15
tomreynthe man page section on this option is the longest i've ever seen01:16
nax_'sup boys01:18
nax_anyone awake01:18
tomreynhi nax_, do you have an ubuntu support question?01:19
nax_ye, well dualboot ubuntu / windows01:19
nax_Ive googled for hours01:19
nax_cant access windows anymore01:19
tomreynwhat happened before this happened?01:20
nax_well I needed to restart my pc for something being done in ubuntu01:20
nax_at first I couldnt aacces ubuntu either01:21
nax_after a few tries I managed, and when I wanted to boot win, I didnt find it01:21
nax_tried every disc possible in the bootmenu in bios01:21
tomreynare you booting in bios mode or uefi? did you make persistent changes to the bios configuration? is windows still listed on the grub menu?01:22
tomreyncan you post a system log from ubuntu, to (somewhat) rule out hardware problems?    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999901:24
nax_tomreyn: sure01:27
nax_one sec01:27
nax_tomreyn: https://termbin.com/oe0am01:27
tomreynthat's an old kernel, do you not install updates?01:28
nax_I do01:28
nax_but it wants be to reboot, and rebooting is hell :p01:29
nax_I just wanna be able to boot win10 again01:30
tomreynso you haven't rebooted since april? are you using kernel live patching then?01:30
nax_no, installed ubuntu yesterday01:30
tomreyn<tomreyn> are you booting in bios mode or uefi? did you make persistent changes to the bios configuration? is windows still listed on the grub menu?01:31
nax_how do I check the grub menu01:32
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:32
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:32
nax_I did boot-repair01:34
nax_but Ill give it a go01:36
tomreynso you seem to have installed Ubuntu 20.04.0 desktop from april this year.01:37
tomreynthe current installer version is 20.04.101:37
Rubatoor development edition01:38
tomreynthis error is logged for /dev/sdc (a 1 TB Seagate ST1000DM010-2EP1 CC43 HDD): ldm_parse_tocblock(): Cannot find TOCBLOCK, database may be corrupt.01:40
nax_I didnt check, just downloaded first one I found01:40
nax_oh, is it fixable?01:40
nax_grub-install wont continue without blocklists01:40
tomreyndon't use embedding01:41
tomreyninstall to the MBR instead, to a raw drive which has a partition table01:41
tomreyni'm not sure what LDM in     "sdc: [LDM] sdc1 sdc2"    stands for, it seems that linux is failing to interpret the partition table on sdc01:42
nax_wich one is that? :d01:43
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 Dos -> ../../sde101:44
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 Dunder -> ../../sdc101:44
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 Ladd -> ../../sdc201:44
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 MULTIBOOT -> ../../sdf101:44
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 PQSERVICE -> ../../sdd101:44
nax_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 okt 21 02:53 Övrigt -> ../../sdd301:44
tomreyn!paste | nax_01:44
ubottunax_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:44
tomreynwhile it will seemlike you posted it all to the channel now, we only saw part of it. use a pastebin instead.01:44
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tomreynLDM seems to be what windows calls "dynamic disk"01:45
tomreynwhat's the purpose of this post?01:46
nax_install to the MBR instead, to a raw drive which has a partition table01:47
nax_wich one01:47
tomreynnax_: MBR as in a DOS/MBR partition table01:52
tomreynyou can post    sudo lsblk -o NAME,MODEL,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL,PARTLABEL | nc termbin.com 9999   to share more details on your partition tables, partitions, and file systems01:52
tomreynbut i'm not sure we'll make progress here. you'll need to get ##windows help to fix windows, i think.01:53
tomreynif doing so will overwrite grub, you can then recover that using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub01:54
nax_tomreyn:  https://termbin.com/963z01:56
nax_it doesnt look good01:57
tomreynsda doesn't seem to have a partition table, is it supposed to have one?01:58
nax_no idea01:59
tomreynthat's the seagate ST9500325AS 500 GB storage01:59
tomreynsdd2 is the main ubuntu file system, mounted at /02:00
tomreynother than this you have various ntfs file systems02:00
nax_oh yeah02:01
tomreynif you want to try to recover a partition table on sda, you can try your luck using testdisk - that's a dostware you can install. you'll need to look up a how-to, though, it's guided but not super simple.02:02
tomreyndostware -> software :)02:02
tomreyni'm afraid i need to leave it there, i'm getting too tired. good luck, nax_ !02:03
nax_ait, thanks a bunch tomreyn02:04
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sybaritenoh hai03:10
sybaritenI'm on a ubuntu derivative, a live system from USB. I'm not able to ssh to the machine. I've set up a new user and installed openssh. I normally do this, on other hardware, so it usually works without any problems. What are some obvious things to troubleshoot?03:10
sybaritenhostname -I says its a 192 adress, and netstat -plan shows an sshd thing on 2203:11
guivercsybariten, please provide your system details (what do you mean by deivative, release details too please)03:16
sybaritenguiverc: ubuntu 18.04 according to lsbrelease, modern laptop, wLAN03:22
guivercwhat do you mean by derivative, what is it?03:23
ledenisybariten: what say 'systemctl status sshd.service'03:24
sybaritenguiverc: lubuntu something something03:24
masonsybariten: Sounds like a firewall if you see sshd on port 22.03:24
sybaritenledeni: i think its up, i checked it with netstat ... but let me go over there and check03:24
sybaritenledeni: active, running03:25
sybaritenuh i wish my router would give some info about this machien but apparently its so cheap that it only shows the devices that are attached with a TP cable? Uh...  weird03:26
guivercsybariten, fyi: Lubuntu is a flavor & on-topic here, I'm using it myself  (not a Ubuntu derivative)03:26
sybaritenguiverc: gotcha03:27
ledenisybariten:check other system sshd.service is active03:27
Geosybariten: if you're on the local terminal, ssh localhost   and see if it connects that way, that may suggest a firewall issue03:28
GeoYou can type 'ufw status' iirc, to see what is allowed and blocked, as well03:29
sybaritenGeo: good point03:29
sybariteni cant ping it though03:29
sybaritenledeni: hmm how do you mean03:29
Geointeresting, I've never used hostname -I before. neat.03:30
sybaritenit's not been around for ages i think03:30
sybaritenGeo: ssh localhost seems to work like a charm, ufw status just says "inactive" more or less03:31
Geonetstat -ano|grep "LISTEN "03:32
sybariteni was under the impression that all of these live distros were always quite "open" upon bootup, ive done this many times and the HW shouldnt really matter as long as the machine has a net connection....03:33
GeoI can't imagine why it owuld be, but check which IP port 22 is bound to?03:33
sybaritenGeo: with that netstat thing? Or what am i looking for trhere, got 30 lines of text03:34
GeoYeah, look for the line that has an x.x.x.x:2203:34
Geo*should* be , but if its not, maybe thats the issue03:34
sybaritengeo yep it is03:35
Geoand, just to confirm, is the machine you're trying to ssh from on the same local network?03:35
sybaritenif i grep for listen and then 22 i get two lines .... one of them is
Geoand both machines you're using have 192.168.1.x  IPs?03:36
sybaritenGeo: yep . I will confirm now that it can ssh to another machine in the lan, using an 192 adress03:36
Geojust double check that third octet03:36
Geobeyond that, I'm out of ideas03:36
Geotry ssh'ing the other way, from the live cd machine to your other one, just to test connectivity  (or just ping it)03:37
Geoand what is the exact error you get on the other machine when trying to connect to the live cd machine03:38
sybaritenyep, so, the problematic machine is .13 and i tried sshing from that now to .5 which is also ubuntu (albeit not a live system, should be said) ... worked fine03:39
Geoso they can talk03:39
sybaritenwhen sshing again from a win machine to this .5 , i see : last succesful login was from .1303:39
Geowhats the error you get03:39
sybaritenso its presenting itself as .13 , as expected ...03:40
sybaritenGeo: well i just cant reach it i guess ....   lemme tryu going from windows to .5 to .13 once03:40
sybariteni mean i can ping .5 from win but i cant ping .13 from win03:40
Geoit'll tell you something when it doesn't connect03:40
Geowhen you ssh from the other machine to the live cd machine, some error will be displayed03:41
sybaritenuh wait a minute03:41
sybariteni cant reach it from .5 it seems03:41
sybaritenHm, OK. So this is quite interesting. It's almost as if this .13 machine doesn't like my Win machine as a sender.03:43
sybaritenI can: ssh from Win to .5 (ubuntu) . I can not ssh from Win to .13 (ubuntu) . I can however ssh from win to .5 and then from .5 to .13 , no problem03:44
sybaritenany logic to that?03:44
Geodoesn't make sense, and I would posit something in there isn't accurate03:45
Geowell, take that back03:46
sybariteni think its like this guy!    https://askubuntu.com/questions/977781/cant-ssh-from-windows-10-16-0403:46
Geostill looking for the error message03:46
ledenisybariten: just for record you try to ssh from live cd usb that is laptop with win10 to another laptop with lubuntu03:49
sybaritenYeah very confusing for me03:50
sybaritenledeni: hm, how do you mean03:50
Geosybariten: seriously, what's the error message :P03:50
sybaritenGeo: the error message when doing win to .13 ? Just somehting about not reachable i think... lemme see03:50
Geothat would imply it is a networking/routing issue from that machine03:51
sybaritenGeo: yeah i mean it does... nothing, for the longest of time. THen connection time out03:51
Geotimes out is different from not reachable03:52
sybaritenits very very odd that it (win) can reach another machine though. With the (only) difference being that that other machine is a real HD install, different ubuntu, and cable connected03:52
Geoso I'm going to step away now, unless you can give the actual error message03:52
sybaritenGeo: sorry geo i dont know what else to tell you or what you're asking for. The win ssh client doesnt see the machine. It times out or if i try to ping it just loses the packets03:54
ledenisybariten: sorry if you could not explain properly situation you have it is difficult to help you what i know live doesn't have sshd.service by default you need to install and activate03:59
sybaritenledeni: ah. i think you may have missed what was writing then. sshd is active and running.04:07
ledenisybariten:i didn't miss i assumed that is active on your lubuntu system04:09
ledenisybariten:what about your livedvd usb stick04:11
sybaritenledeni: thats the one i mean04:15
ledenisybariten: ok did you check firewall04:16
sybaritenledeni: i mean, good to know, first of all:  i can't do A -> C . I can however do A -> B. And i can do B -> C. So i can do A -> B -> C . C is the new problematic live OS machine, A is Win, B is Ubuntu04:19
ledenisybariten:you complicated for youself focus on your live os mashine ssh to lubuntu and only help you can got from us in that case rest ask ##windows04:24
sybaritenledeni: sorry but your sentences are a bit hard to comprehend, because of lack of punctuation and such.04:25
sybaritenledeni: i dont know in what sense you think i complicated for myself. I had a machine that i couldnt reach. So i tried reaching it from another machine in the same LAN. And that worked. So that's odd.04:26
sybaritenaiiight off to the bed for me for now. Thanks for all the suggestions here!!04:32
adam0000345does anyone have a guide for mac on how to boot ubuntu from another hard drive?04:33
adam0000345I have a ssd that has ubuntu04:33
adam0000345and using refind boot loader04:33
waffl3xI am trying to figure out the best way to set up pulseaudio to work with jackaudio, I was previously using QJackCtl to run scripts on startup, but it's unreliable, I am thinking of just using default.pa to achieve what I need now, any suggestions?04:37
waffl3xI also am having trouble understanding the default config in default.pa04:39
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nmshi to all06:31
ducassewaffl3x: maybe #ubuntustudio is a better place to ask06:33
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WalterWhitesCookApt error or ubuntu software error paste: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8WVvwNBV6Z/06:39
WalterWhitesCookDownloaded Calibre and not able to open application06:40
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WalterWhitesCookUbuntu software does say something about /usr/share/appdata on 20.0406:43
lotuspsychjeWalterWhitesCook: check the existing bugs first, a lot of crash reports there, see if you can one to affect to; https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calibre/+bugs06:43
WalterWhitesCookI only found one thing and it didn't help online: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1246668/ubuntu-software-error-error-opening-directory-usr-share-appdata-no-such-fil06:44
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mgedminthe curse of too small /boot partitions strikes again07:17
ThinkT510do you need a separate /boot partition? I tend to just have /07:18
Seveasif you encrypt your /, you need a separate unencrypted /boot07:19
mgedminI tend to go with whatever the installer does, since I hope the people who work on the installer are smarter than me07:22
SeveasWhen you tell the installer to encrypt the full system, it will create a separate /boot :)07:25
Seveas(not sure if it does so without encryption, haven't used that in a while)07:25
mgedminyeah, this system has FDE07:27
ThinkT510it would be interesting to know how many ubuntu users do opt for encryption07:27
mgedminmy current one doesn't because the installer wouldn't allow me to enable FDE if I want to install side by side with another OS07:27
mgedminand life's too short for manual partitioning07:28
SeveasThere's a simple solution for that: stop using that other os :D07:37
mgedminyes, but subnautica doesn't run well enough under wine07:41
WalterWhitesCooksubnautica ran perfect for me in wine07:44
mgedminyes, well, intel video07:50
mgedminI barely get 20fps on windows, and rendering glitches under wine make it totally unplayable07:51
WalterWhitesCookI figured out the calibre 20.04 error, it uses an older version of calibre that relies on python 2 but 20.04 doesn't support it07:59
mgedminthere's a calibre SRU in progress08:01
WalterWhitesCookthe calibre version in ubuntu is 4.99 but at 5 they switched to python and 5.3 is the latest on the site08:02
mgedminthread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2020-October/041228.html08:02
WalterWhitesCookoops meant python 308:02
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HamidrezaI would appreciate if you could help me: https://pastebin.com/63yZsXiR10:26
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ducasseHamidreza: that looks a lot like hardware failure10:50
BluesKajHi all11:06
ROKO__[Office]i am facing a syslog issues on ubuntu 20.04 specially with auth.log11:25
ROKO__[Office]it's empty, and cannot get any info for fail2ban11:25
ROKO__[Office]is it there any tips for fixing it ?11:26
lotuspsychjeROKO__[Office]: the logs these days are watched with journalctl11:27
ROKO__[Office]so, fail2ban doesn't care about that.11:27
ROKO__[Office]i mean the old auth.log.1 have records but rotated one is empty11:28
mgedminI dunno, I'm seeing fail2ban happily logging to /var/log/fail2ban.log on my 20.04 server11:28
mgedminoh wait you're interested in the other side11:28
ROKO__[Office]how you've managed to get it work ?11:29
mgedminso AFAIU ubuntu doesn't install rsyslogd by default, but if you apt install it, it'll start fetching log entries from journald and writing them to /var/log/auth.log and other files as per usual11:29
mgedminI have rsyslog installed11:29
ROKO__[Office]mgedmin rsyslog is installed by default11:29
ROKO__[Office]and it doesn't log anything in this file11:29
ROKO__[Office]-rw-r----- 1 syslog adm   0 Oct 21 13:37 auth.log11:30
ROKO__[Office]-rw-r----- 1 syslog adm 39K Oct 10 00:15 auth.log.111:30
ROKO__[Office]since when it doesn't do nothing.11:31
mgedminis it running?11:31
mgedminsystemctl status rsyslog11:31
ROKO__[Office]of course it is, most of logfiles are actual.11:31
ROKO__[Office]     Active: active (running) since Wed 2020-10-21 14:23:11 EEST; 8min ago11:32
mgedminmaybe you don't get any log entries matching the criteria for auth.log?11:32
mgedmin/etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf is the one that configures auth.log by default11:32
mgedminbut hmm, I see plenty of recent ssh breaking attempts in my /var/log/auth.log11:33
ROKO__[Office]mgedmin but there's nothing changed, just a working system.11:36
ROKO__[Office]and regular updates11:36
ROKO__[Office]i cannot realize how it stopped working11:36
ROKO__[Office]https://termbin.com/yk5p there's the config11:38
maretHi I am trying to solve this issue https://askubuntu.com/questions/205841/how-do-i-mount-a-folder-from-another-partition by using mount --bind. So I have folder /home/user/ and i want  map/ binds contents of /var/www/html/wordpress to it, so when user sftp into server he can access wordpress folder and make changes there. Problem is that when I run11:40
maretsudo mount --bind /var/www/html/wordpress/ /home/user/ I get an error mount: /home/user: mount(2) system call failed: No such file or directory.11:40
lotuspsychjeplease no crossposting maret11:40
ROKO__[Office]i cannot believe if there's no one facing such issue.11:56
zambai have huge problem with my ubuntu installation.. a bit heavy disk i/o makes the computer totally useless..11:56
zambathe GUI freezes11:56
zambai can't ssh into it to try and kill the running process that consumes all the disk i/o11:57
zambaand the load skyrockets11:57
mgedminthat sounds like excessive swapping when you run out of ram11:57
zambamgedmin: and how can i work around that?11:59
mgedminmake sure you have a swap file or partition and try to avoiding running out of ram?11:59
zambabut when i read a large file.. then i have to run out of ram, no?12:00
gst568923Hi guys, why synaptic show me that package 'secureboot-db' is obsolete?12:00
mgedminI mean usually disk i/o doesn't make the entire system unresponsive12:00
mgedminbut disk i/o caused by paging can12:00
mgedmingst568923: I dunno, what does apt-cache policy secureboot-db print?12:02
mgedminaccording to https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=secureboot-db the package still exists12:02
mgedminzamba: okay, plenty of free ram, and you still have the freezing issue?12:03
mgedminany 'out of memory, killed process XXX' messages in dmesg/journalctl?12:03
Bashing-om!info secureboot-db focal | gst56892312:03
mgedminany slow (say, USB) disks attached where you're doing i/o?12:03
ubottugst568923: secureboot-db (source: secureboot-db): Secure Boot updates for DB and DBX. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5 (focal), package size 8 kB, installed size 28 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386)12:03
Bashing-omsysop@2004x-c:~$ apt show secureboot-db >> Version: 1.6~20.04.1 .12:05
gst568923mgedmin apt-cache policy secureboot-db print me: https://pastebin.com/2SrYZ2ca12:06
mgedminthat looks like a version that was pulled from the archive?  maybe it was in focal-proposed?12:07
zambamgedmin: i believe you're right12:07
mgedminoh hey I have that weird version too12:07
zambamgedmin: the problem is thunderbird12:07
zambait's consuming a whole lot of ram12:07
mgedminI never had focal-proposed installed12:07
sruliis there a way to get the current terminal tab profile name (using command line)12:08
mgedmin/var/log/dpkg.log says my system upgraded secureboot-db 1.5 1.6~20.04.1 on 2020-10-0812:08
mgedminso there was an update released to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/secureboot-db/+bug/189083512:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1890835 in secureboot-db (Ubuntu Trusty) "secureboot-db 2020 update" [Undecided,New]12:09
mgedminand it was pulled later?12:09
mgedminyes, see comment #1512:11
mgedmingst568923: does this answer your question?12:11
gst568923mgedmin in synaptic package property there is versions: 1.6 20.04.1 (now) and 1.5 (focal)  Actualy I have 1.6, should I downgrade to 1.5?12:13
mgedminno point in it12:13
hamidreza_I would appreciate if you could help me: https://pastebin.com/63yZsXiR12:16
hamidreza_why did it happen to my hard disk?12:17
mgedminhardware fails12:18
mgedminlaws of physics or something12:19
mgedminnothing lasts forever12:19
mgedminsecond law of thermodynamics12:19
hamidreza_mgedmin, but when I restart my server , it works correctly12:19
mgedminuntil you try to access some data stored in a bad sector12:20
hamidreza_mgedmin, you mean I will fall in trouble again?12:21
hamidreza_should I change my disk?12:21
hamidreza_mgedmin, is there any way to fix the broken sector?12:23
hamidreza_mgedmin, OK thanks12:24
BluesKajmgedmin, try smart tools12:24
hamidreza_BluesKaj, it can fix it or just show the health of disk?12:25
mgedminsmartmontools (or the GUI for them in gnome-disks) are good for testing if a SSD/HDD is going bad, but here we have a kernel message reporting the badness, so it's a bit pointless12:25
ubottusmart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools12:25
mgedminin theory that message could be caused by a bad cable?  but these days of laptops with M.2 connections and SSD disks don't even _have_ cables12:25
mgedminsmartmontools could maybe explain _why_ the SSD went bad (e.g. very large number of write cycles)12:26
hamidreza_mgedmin, it's not laptop , its my server disk12:26
hamidreza_I will check this tools12:27
hamidreza_thanks to all12:27
=== bugle is now known as bugLe
ROKO__[Office]https://bpa.st/DDQQ nothing..12:51
ROKO__[Office]give me some tips guys..12:51
ROKO__[Office]if works for some one do not mean it works for all12:52
ROKO__[Office]https://sysadminjournal.com/how-to-install-fail2ban-on-ubuntu-20-04/ all this just not working12:53
nbusronehi , I can create a new document on Desktop ( touch ~/Templetes/New\ Document )12:58
nbusroneI can only create a document on window manager12:59
ROKO__[Office]well, thank you for your terrible support13:01
iseneI want to start urxvt from a terminal and execute the function "r" straight away. Doing ' urxvt ' and then, in the terminal window that pops up, issuing ' r ' works fine, but not ' urxvt -e r '. How can I make this work?13:05
nbusroneanyone ? ( touch ~/Templetes/New\ Document ) does not work on desktop.13:14
mgedmin"Templetes" looks like a misspelling of "Templates"13:14
mgedmindoes that directory exist?13:14
mgedminis it spelled right?13:15
nbusroneanyone ? ( touch ~/Templates/New\ Document ) does not work on desktop.13:17
nbusronemgedmin : my typo , drectory correct , I can right click and create a document on window manager like nautilus but not on desktop13:18
nbusronemgedmin : you can try 20.04  touch ~/Templetes/New\ Document13:19
mgedminah!  maybe the gnome-shell extension that handles the desktop doesn't implement templates13:19
mgedminyou'll have to file a (wishlist) bug for the extension then13:19
nbusronemgedmin : but it works on 18.0413:19
mgedminnautilus was responsible for drawing the desktop in 18.04, iirc13:20
mgedminthe code was moved into a gnome-shell extension in 20.0413:20
mgedminapparently the reimplementation dropped some features along the way13:20
nbusronemgedmin : is it possbile to manually edit the gnome-shell to add the extension ?13:21
mgedminI don't understand the question13:22
nbusronemgedmin : Manually edit the features13:24
mgedmindepends on if you're skilled enough, I'd say13:25
mgedmin(and if you were skilled enough, you wouldn't need to ask this question)13:25
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Kvik79@nbusrone, there is a webpage with gnome extensions13:27
=== savoiringfaire is now known as Payhn_
=== Payhn_ is now known as Payhn
leftyfbnbusrone: what does touching a file in ~/Templates have to do with the ~/Desktop directory?13:28
leftyfbnbusrone: ah, I see. Yeah, you need to install the desktop extension. Not sure why you want to edit it at all.13:29
nbusroneWait a minutes , compare with 18.04 with 20.04 , at Desktop it's totally useless beside launching icon13:29
leftyfbnbusrone: why is that?13:30
Kvik79@nbusrone, you need a gnome extension, can't remember the webpage13:31
nbusroneleftyfb : wait a minutes , let me screenshot13:31
hungrygenerationAnyone available to help troubleshoot a postfix problem on ubuntu 20.04 Server?13:33
leftyfb!ask | hungrygeneration13:34
ubottuhungrygeneration: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:34
hungrygenerationOk! First time on here :)13:34
hungrygenerationMainly just wanted to make sure I was in the right place!! ;-)13:34
hungrygenerationSo I can send emails with the mail command from command line but when I try to send emails externally with SMTP I am getting the message, "The Server refused to allow a connection on port 587." It says the same on Port 25. Do you know what could be going wrong? I am just trying to set up a server to send mail not receive it. I have set it up as13:36
hungrygenerationloopback and even set up opendkim. Thanks so much!!13:36
Kvik79@hungrygeneration, i don't know anyting about mail server, but i know that some ISP close the ports for e-mail13:38
hungrygenerationI'm on Google Fiber and they say they keep all ports open?13:39
leftyfbhungrygeneration: on the server run:   "sudo lsof -i :587" and "sudo lsof -i :25" to see if anything is listening on those ports. Then try using nmap from external to see if you can access those ports externally as well.13:40
leftyfbhungrygeneration: I'm pretty sure loopback isn't going to allow you to send email out to the internet. Why do you need this anyway?13:41
psusiin 18.04 I used systemctl add-wants to make rescue.target want ssh.service so I could still access the machine remotely after isolating to rescue.target to back up the system.  After upgrading to 20.04, sshd is killed when isolating to rescue.target.  Any idea why or how to figure it out?13:42
hungrygenerationIt looks like just localhost is listening. Is that normal or does that mean I have a configuration problem?13:43
hungrygenerationmaster  30159 root   18u  IPv4 205474      0t0  TCP localhost:submission (LISTEN)13:43
hungrygenerationI'll turn try turning off loopback too13:44
hungrygenerationOh I was wrong loopback is not on. inet-interfaces is set to "all"13:47
nbusronemgedmin ,Kvik79, leftyfb : I tested with 18.04 vs 20.04 with screeshot on right click , https://imgur.com/a/8gyFbny .At desktop I am not able to create any document , copy , cut , paste rename and etc.Which I need to manually go to desktop window to do all the action.It render Desktop screen as Useless.13:48
kur1jSomeone f'ed up big and chowned the entire directory structure of a machine to their user. It seems the best course of action is to reinstall. Is there a way of reinstalling without losing all of the data on the machine? Or would it just be best to wipe it all and start over?13:51
psusikur1j: just don't format the drive when you reinstall and your personal data will still be there13:51
leftyfbnbusrone: look for an extension13:52
kur1jpsusi: what about other files/folders that are on the system? Applications? etc13:52
leftyfbhungrygeneration: again, why do you need to send email from this machine ?13:52
leftyfbhurfdurf: wipe and restore from backup13:53
psusikur1j: if you want to reinstall the same packages after you can use dpkg --get-selections to save the list of packages you have installed, and dpkg --set-selections and apt-get deselect-upgrade to reinstall them13:54
hungrygenerationleftb: It is a web server and I am wanting to be able to send with SMTP with an email client and then also with gmail.13:54
leftyfbpsusi: I would not recommend just reinstalling from a list of every package that is installed. Use the list to build your own list based on package names you recognize13:55
psusileftyfb: if you want the packages on the system to be put back the same way they were before, then there's no sense doing it by hand13:56
leftyfbhungrygeneration: I think you want to setup postfix to be a relay for gmail: https://www.linode.com/docs/email/email-services/configure-postfix-to-send-mail-using-gmail-and-google-apps-on-debian-or-ubuntu/13:56
nbusroneleftyfb : where i can find the extension ? why remove the features when it's not broken and useful ? any reason ubuntu dev ?13:56
hggdhnbusrone: this is Gnome. Ubuntu packages it downstream. This is a question for the Gnome developers13:57
eeoshi everybody! I have a problem with xorg on ubuntu 20.04.113:58
eeosIt does not detect correctly the external monitor (a Thinkvision P32-u10) so the possible modes are incorrect.13:58
hungrygenerationleftyfb: Yes! Ok I will look into that. I mean ultimately that is what I am trying to accomplish.13:58
leftyfbnbusrone: extensions.gnome.org for extensions.  https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gnome-desktop-icons-removed-3-28 to answer your other question13:58
sruliis there a way to get the current terminal tab profile name (using command line)13:59
eeosIt is from a Thinkpad Yoga X1 with Intel hd620 graphics last generation.13:59
nbusronehggdh ,leftyfb : reading now , finding for solution13:59
eeosSorry, It is from a Thinkpad Yoga X1 with Intel hd620 graphics last but one generation.13:59
eeosI have google as much as possible but I cannot find a solution .... is there a way to reconfigure the xorg?14:00
eeos(I mean the other monitor are recognised correctly, so not reconfigure everything)14:01
hungrygenerationleftyfb: Actually I just read through the guide and thought through it. I don't think this will work for me. Let me know if I'm thinking correctly--but what I am wanting to accomplish is set up being able to send mail through Gmail from my domain user@mydomain.com but gmail needs to see a functioning SMTP server to set that up. If it sees itself as14:07
hungrygenerationthe functioning server I'm thinking that would not work right?14:07
nbusroneleftyfb: https://extensions.gnome.org/local/ having problem with extension14:21
nbusrone( Unable to locate GNOME Shell settings or version. Make sure it is installed and running.Installed Extensions GNOME Shell Extensions cannot list your installed extensions. )14:21
nbusroneGDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface “org.gnome.Shell.Extensions” on object at path /org/gnome/Shell14:22
leftyfbnbusrone: then try another one or contact the developer of the extension. Sorry, but extensions can only be supported by their developers. Not here.14:22
hggdhnbusrone: I have seem this under Chromium (which is a snap). I will try it now on FFox, got curious14:28
hggdhnbusrone: seems to work on FFox. It may be the Chromium snap is too restricted, so a bug might be a good idea14:29
leftyfbhggdh: I'm pretty sure the extension they're trying isn't compatible with the version of gnome they're running. Seems to be an issue with some of those desktop extensions14:30
hggdhleftyfb: yes, apart from that. Also, I am running Grrovy, which may also be a factor14:30
nbusronehggdh , leftyfb : I found a solution but still not perfect. How do I remove an extension.I can't remove this extension  ( Desktop Icons by rastersoft ) at firefox https://extensions.gnome.org/local/14:33
leftyfbnbusrone: why can't you remove it?14:33
mgedminit's a preinstalled system extension, I don't think users can remove or disable those14:34
nbusronehggdh , leftyfb : This extension works well https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2087/desktop-icons-ng-ding/ but with (Desktop Icons by rastersoft extension ) every file and shortcut icon added twice or double14:34
leftyfbmgedmin: "Desktop Icons by rastersoft" is not a system extension14:35
mgedminoh oops14:35
nbusronemgedmin : even preinstall , should be a remove since it's just an extension ? disable does not work. still showing the icon . This exension is what i wanted (  https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2087/desktop-icons-ng-ding/ ) but it conflict with "Desktop Icons by rastersoft"14:36
nbusrone<leftyfb> How do I remove the "Desktop Icons by rastersoft" ?14:37
leftyfbnbusrone: go to https://extensions.gnome.org/local/ and click the X next to it14:38
nbusroneleftyfb : there is no x on firefox14:39
leftyfbnbusrone: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/01/install-gnome-shell-extensions-firefox-chrome14:41
leftyfbnbusrone: I think all you need is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gnome-shell-integration/14:42
mgedmingnome-tweak-tool shows the preinstalled extensions as disabled even when they're not14:45
mgedmingnome-extensions-app seems to work better14:45
mgedminthe gnome-shell-integration plugin is a dead end afaiu14:49
nbusronemgedmin leftyfb : Would you mind trying  this extension https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2087/desktop-icons-ng-ding/ .You will know what i mean by double icon14:52
leftyfbnbusrone: I'm not running 20.0414:52
nbusroneleftyfb : which OS you are running ?14:52
nbusroneif anyone is running 20.04 and having some spare time. Can test this extension ? how do I remove the double icon with the extension running ? https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2087/desktop-icons-ng-ding/14:54
code-witchHey, so the other day I messed up my grub when I assigned unallocated memory to the virtual partition , i had windows and ubuntu dual booted , i used the `boot-repair-disk` to repair and it got the windows running, but ubuntu isn't showing up14:54
code-witchalthough i can see the partitioned disk, i don't know why the dual boot screen is not showing up14:56
code-witchhow do i get ubuntu running? when i turn on the laptop it directly loads windows14:58
mgedmincode-witch: boot from USB?  then reinstall grub14:59
code-witchi have `boot-repair-disk` booted from usb, i can reinstall grub here?15:00
threeyou just need to be booted into the installer to repair grub15:01
nbusroneLooks like "Gnome Extensions are designed for only one desktop environment called GNOME Shell."15:08
nbusroneleftyfb , mgedmin , hggdh : Long read , replacing with different file manager , not sure will work but will try https://askubuntu.com/questions/1231413/basic-desktop-actions-are-not-available-on-ubuntu-20-0415:11
* mgedmin doesn't want any icons on _his_ desktop thankyouverymuch15:12
leftyfbnbusrone: if you are running Ubuntu desktop, you are running gnome shell15:12
nbusroneleftyfb : I try running Flashback Desktop https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-gnome-flashback-desktop-installation but it should be gnome shell , i wonder why the extension is not working.15:14
nbusroneleftyfb : but i am running xorg15:14
leftyfbnbusrone: "flashback desktop" is not gnome shell15:15
threeDid you log into Flashback Desktop from GDM?15:17
nbusroneleftyfb : ? https://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-20-04-gnome-flashback-desktop-installation link said , gnomeshell 315:17
nbusronethree : flashback-metacity15:18
leftyfbnbusrone: let me rephrase, it's not the gnome-shell installed by default and cannot be assumed will work properly with the rest of the system.15:18
leftyfbnbusrone: are you making this mess just to get icons on your desktop?15:18
threeTry xfce before gnome flashback if you just wanna try a different desktop environment. Though I joined late idk what your issue is15:19
threeor try MATE if you want that old gnome feel15:20
nbusroneleftyfb : I am trying on VM currently. Sorry for the mess of question.I was just wanted to retain or find a solution to add back the Basic Desktop environment function.15:21
threewhat is "the Basic Desktop environment function"?15:22
nbusronethree : trying for nemo15:22
leftyfbnbusrone: most of that should be able to be done with stock Ubuntu desktop and extensions. Not sure about the desktop icons issue. You might have to do without that.15:22
nbusronethree : https://imgur.com/a/8gyFbny15:22
nbusroneleftyfb : I am trying to replace with nemo https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons/+bug/1813441/comments/1415:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1813441 in gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons (Ubuntu) "Can no longer drag and drop files between desktop and applications" [Medium,Triaged]15:23
threehmmmm intresting15:24
threeso whats the issue youre running into15:25
nbusronethree : on flashback or wayland , I can't copy, paste , create a new document like all  the desktop environment you did in window or old 18.04. If you are using 20.04 you'll know what i mean.15:26
threeno i know what you mean15:26
threei mean what issue did you run into installing nemo15:26
iseneI want to launch a terminal and execute a program in that terminal - but when I exit the program, I don't want the terminal to exit as well. How?15:27
nbusronethree : i am replacing gnome shell icon to nemo icon.15:28
nbusronethree : no issue yet15:28
threeisene it shouldnt close the terminal when you close the program. Do you mean you wanna close the terminal but it also closes the program?15:28
threenbusrone ah well let me know how it goes. looks interesting15:28
nbusronethree : you are using 20.04 ?15:29
threeno i use arch15:29
threeI have used 20.0415:29
Bashing-omisene: ' <command> & disown '.15:29
Joelanyone know of a good tool to track shipments on the desktop? Something I can stick ups/fedex/usps stuff into, and get notified when there's changes?15:29
leftyfb!ot | Joel15:30
ubottuJoel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
Joelleftyfb seems pretty on topic to me15:31
leftyfbJoel: software recommendations/opinions aren't support questions.15:32
isenethree: I want the program to close, but not the terminal15:32
threejust do Ctrl+c in ther terminal? I'm confused normally programs dont close the terminal that ran them when you close them15:33
iseneBashing-om: That just closes the terminal but leaves a job hanging...15:33
ioriaisene, try   :   gnome-terminal -e "bash -c 'my_program; exec bash'"15:34
isenethree: Say I want to open a terminal and run a file manager ( urxvt -e rtfm ) but when I exit the file manager, I want the terminal to keep running.15:34
threeoh you mean at the same time15:36
threei thought you just meant you were opening a terminal and running a program and when the program closes the terminal did15:37
iseneYooohooo! Got it working with: urxvt -e zsh -c 'source ~/.rtfm.launch; r; exec zsh'15:37
iseneioria: Thanks for that hint :-)15:37
ioriaisene, ok; indeed depends on  terminal and shell in use15:38
leftyfbisene: you never mentioned zsh. That certainly affects things15:39
nbusroneleftyfb , three : I am able to replace desktop enviroment nemo to gnome shell (icon is less high contrast quality ) but not on gnome flashback , will continue tomorrow , been hours setting and finding solution.15:48
nbusroneleftyfb , three : Thnaks for the hlep15:48
iorianemo should be a file manager, not a de15:49
zen_coderis there a way to download the binary time zone datbase and install it?15:53
dmoernerHow do I stop a service I installed with a snap? For example, nextcloud installed by snap isn't a systemd unit under that name16:02
dmoerneroh, I can just use snap stop.16:04
dmoernerI got too little sleep last night for this much abstraction16:04
threeI didnt know snap had its own way of doing services16:17
leftyfbdmoerner: I think the systemd name has snap in it16:25
ogradmoerner, yes, you should use "snap stop <snapname>" to stop teh whole of the snap or "snap stop <snapname>.<servicename>" to stop a single service in a snap that ships multiple of them ... the stop command can aslo take --disable and --enable as arguments for making the setting permanent16:49
codecutterhow do i list the largest files inside /17:25
lordcirthcodecutter, individual files, or recursively by directory? For the latter, du -d1h or ncdu17:26
leftyfbcodecutter: use ncdu17:27
mgedminncdu ftw17:27
codecuttermy disk space is close to full so I need to find all logs files that I don't need17:27
leftyfbcodecutter: sudo ncdu /17:27
lordcirthcodecutter, yeah, "apt install ncdu" and "sudo ncdu -x /"17:28
lordcirth-x prevents it crossing mount points17:28
codecutter6.2 GiB /var17:28
leftyfbcodecutter: if log files are filling up your space, then your filesystem is either inadequately small or you have something severely wrong that is growing logs that fast.17:28
lordcirthcodecutter, you can navigate down through the filesystem with ncdu, and use 'd' to delete things17:28
codecutterits a small file system17:28
leftyfbcodecutter: that is not the full output of sudo ncdu /   # feel free to paste to pastebin17:29
leftyfbcodecutter: how small?17:29
leftyfbcodecutter: and is this a desktop or server? If server, what's it's purpose?17:29
leftyfbcodecutter: also, what version of ubuntu?17:29
codecutter  3.0 GiB [##########] /journal17:30
codecutter3.0 GiB [##########] /ee20030321224e1c92af12771e3b647817:30
leftyfbcodecutter: please do not paste the output here17:30
leftyfb!pastebin | codecutter17:30
ubottucodecutter: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:30
codecuttercan I delete it?17:30
leftyfbcodecutter: Please answer the questions above17:31
leftyfbcodecutter: deleting your journal file is not the answer17:31
leftyfbcodecutter: Please answer the questions above17:31
codecutterwill truncate do any harm?17:31
lordcirthcodecutter, yes, you should use the journalctl tools, not rm or truncate17:32
codecutterIts a small DO Cloud Core for develpment17:32
lordcirthcodecutter, journalctl --vacuum-size=100M17:32
leftyfbcodecutter: CoreOS is not supported here17:33
lordcirthIs that CoreOS? I thought that's Ubuntu Core17:33
leftyfblordcirth: Ubuntu Core (snappy) is an IoT OS, not very useful in the cloud17:33
leftyfbalso, I don't think it even runs systemd(journal)17:34
lordcirthOk, but is a "Cloud Core" VPS on DO CoreOS? I don't know17:34
codecutterUbuntu running on DO17:34
mgedmincat /etc/os-release should tell17:34
lordcirthCoreOS is more for container hosts I thought17:35
leftyfbcodecutter: please run the following: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};lsblk -o +type -e7 )17:35
leftyfbcodecutter: and paste the termbin URL here17:35
codecuttertold you its ubuntu17:36
leftyfbcodecutter: please please the output here17:36
mgedminso, wait, /var was 6.2 GiB and now it's 3.3 GiB?  what changed, did you run that journalctl --vacuum-size=100M command?17:37
VozivI'm on Ubuntu 20.04 with nvidia driver 440.100. I'm seeing screen flickering on my main display (It's a 144hz Asus display). My two other displays are 60hz dells and don't show flickering, but I do see 'tearing' when scrolling a website on the dells. I tried setting the refresh rate back down to 59hz. Any idea what might be going on?17:37
leftyfbcodecutter: so you have roughly a 10-15G filesystem with 4G swap and 5.2G in your /home and you feel cleaning logs is the solution?17:39
leftyfbcodecutter: got that termbin output?17:39
codecuttertemporary solution - yes17:39
codecutterI have enough space for now17:40
codecuttersudo ncdu / <-- pretty kewl17:40
mgedminyeah, it's awesome17:41
codecutterwho was it that recommended it?17:41
codecutterlet me scroll up17:41
lordcirthcodecutter, several of us at once :P17:41
lordcirthBut you may want -x to avoid crossing filesystems, depending on layout17:41
codecutterleftyfb thx17:41
mgedminisn't the journal limited to 10% of the disk by default?  which would imply a 30GiB partition, and my numbers don't add up17:41
leftyfbmgedmin: we don't know since they refuse to give us any relevant information17:42
xBfroganyone know what i'm suppose to do with this?  sudo apt-get update17:48
xBfrogHit:1 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable InRelease17:48
xBfrogopening the link shows: 404. That’s an error.That’s all we know.17:49
mgedminyes, and?  it's not a link meant to be opened17:50
xBfrogok then what do i do with it?17:50
xBfrogis it saying there is an update? or no?17:50
mgedminwhy do you want to do anything with it?17:50
mgedminah, to determine if there's an update?17:51
jStefanxBfrog, seems normal output, unless there's something else afterwards, but don't paste all those lines here, use a pastebin17:51
xBfrogok, then just tell me what is it trying to say17:51
ash_worksiwhere would you put this?: https://github.com/aaronbassett/Pass-phrase17:51
mgedminat the bottom of 'sudo apt update' output look for a line that says something like "10 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them."17:51
xBfrogok i did17:51
xBfrogthen what?17:52
jStefanxBfrog, it's saying it hit the website to fetch a file which later is processed to see if there are updates or not17:52
mgedminthe 'Hit:' means it's a cache hit, no changes, the repository's metadata didn't need to be re-downloaded on this run17:52
xBfrogok so nothing needs to be done?17:53
leftyfbash_worksi: what do you mean where would you put it?17:53
jStefanxBfrog, depends what it says after17:53
leftyfbxBfrog: can you explain what you are trying to accomplish exactly?17:53
xBfrogi dunno really, it just seemed like it wanted me to do something, it has said run apt...and see upgradable17:54
jStefanxBfrog, who/what wanted you to do something?17:55
leftyfbxBfrog: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-update-ubuntu-packages-on-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux17:55
jStefanthe OS usually checks for updates on it's own.17:55
xBfrogit seemed like it was alearting me apps could be upgraded17:55
ash_worksileftyfb: like, where would you clone this to use it? Just your home directory? That's where I had it and I just found it a bit irksome to leave there17:55
xBfrogok then thanks i'll ignore it17:56
leftyfbash_worksi: sudo snap install xkcdpass17:57
jStefana default installation would notify you of updates, and security related updates should be automatically installed17:57
VozivWell, it turns out disabling g-sync in the nvidia drivers solved my flickering issue :D17:57
jStefanxBfrog, you can use the notification window to do the updates using the GUI, or open it yourself from your apps list.17:59
DeyaaIs Mac OS similar to Linux  mean does it have the same file structure and terminal commands?18:00
lordcirthDeyaa, some of the basics are the same18:01
lordcirthBut the filesystem layout is different18:01
leftyfbDeyaa: ubuntu is free and easy to try out18:02
Deyaadoes it have cronjobs by default18:02
leftyfbDeyaa: ubuntu does support cron, yes18:02
leftyfb!osx | Deyaa18:02
leftyfbDeyaa: any questions about OSX need to be addressed elsewhere. Feel free to try out Ubuntu in a VM or live CD/USB18:03
ash_worksileftyfb: thats not the same thing is?18:03
ash_worksithis one uses parts of speech18:03
DeyaaI'm just writing persist func18:03
ash_worksiit: adj noun verb adj noun18:03
DeyaaBut I never used Mac before18:04
DeyaaI'm using Linux18:04
leftyfbDeyaa: ok, please ask mac questions in a mac IRC channel18:04
DeyaaI'm sorry18:04
leftyfbash_worksi: it looks to be the same thing to me. Though it segfaults for me18:09
leftyfbah, there's an apt package as well18:10
leftyfbash_worksi: sudo apt install xkcdpass # that is the same thing and it works18:10
ash_worksileftyfb: ah, I was told it does not use parts of speech18:16
ash_worksiI'll try it18:16
ash_worksileftyfb: indeed it doesn't appear, at least just running the command with no arguments, to use parts of speech18:17
leftyfbash_worksi: it might not. It says "inspired by XKCD 936" so it looks like it doesn't do the exact same thing. Though the original script hasn't been touched in 8 years and is unsupportable18:17
ash_worksiI just like passwords like "colorful rain fights 6 beetles"18:18
ash_worksiits more memorable when using parts of speech, imho18:18
mgedminwell don't share your passwords on IRC!18:19
ash_worksimgedmin: I made that up just now18:19
ash_worksiin fact, I just finished writing scripts to update my password using password-store and expect so I don't even KNOW what my passwords are18:20
ash_worksiI just run `conn server` and it copies my password to a buffer that expires18:20
ash_worksi(also, I basically use this exclusively for ssh; I know, I know, keys. In addition to that, I am required to passwords18:21
leftyfbash_worksi: anyone that requires passwords over keys doesn't have a clue about security18:22
ash_worksinot my call :(18:26
ash_worksinonethe less, I threw it in /opt/Pass-phrase, does that sound like a nice place for it to live? Is that FHS-y?18:27
ash_worksis/the less/18:27
ash_worksis/the less/theless18:27
ash_worksialso, I symlinked a couple of scripts I wrote and put there to /usr/local/bin18:29
ash_worksidunno if that was a good or bad idea18:30
ash_worksimostly just a lazy one I think18:30
mindofmateoridiculous question but how do you perform basic maths in the terminal?18:32
mindofmateoeg + - / *18:32
mgedminif you don't need floating point, you can use bash's builtin echo $(( 2 * 2 + 3 ))18:35
mindofmateothank you18:35
mgedminif you do, well, _I_ would open a python3 prompt18:35
ash_worksimindofmateo: or possibly without the dollar-sign, depending on how you're using it18:36
mindofmateoI guess a better question is, what is the conventional way to inc/decrement a variable?18:37
mindofmateooh this is ubuntu, not bash, I'm sorry18:37
chriswitthi i'm in a system state where i cant reboot18:39
chriswittsystemctrl reboot does not work , neither shutdown -h now or shutdown -r now18:39
chriswitton one console i get a lot oaf read-only filesystems errors from systemd18:40
chriswitthow to trigger restart?!18:40
lordcirthchriswitt, / is read-only? That's not good18:40
chriswitthow can this happen? perhaps my ssd is faulty...18:41
lordcirthQuite likely18:41
mgedmincheck dmesg for ext4 errors18:41
chriswittthis occured before, but only after resume18:41
chriswittdmesg gives input/output error :*(18:41
mgedminthere's always the alt+sysrq+(s, u, b) emergency reboot18:41
chriswittwhat is sysrq?18:42
mgedminI suppose the s(ync) and u(nmount) are redundant if / is already readonly18:42
mgedminsysrq is printscreen18:42
mgedminmore precisely, alt+prinscreen is sysrq18:42
mgedminit's used for emergency system commands in linux18:42
mgedminyou hold down alt, hold down printscreen/sysq, and then press and release s, u, b18:43
chriswittok print, ill try that18:43
mgedmin(and then release alt and sysrq)18:43
mgedminif the system doesn't reboot after the b, it's wedged hard; but if you can still type 'shutdown -h' at a shell, you're not in that situation18:43
chriswittok alt+print+u triggered reboot thanks...18:44
chriswittwhat do u suggest to test my system? smart tools on ssd? or fsck on ext418:44
tomreynalt+print+u would trigger unmount, not reboot18:44
tomreynsmartmontools to test, fsck to recover the file system if you don't expect it to make things worse.18:45
chriswitti tried with s, nothing happend or i was impatient, then tried next u and after that got a reboot18:45
ash_worksimindofmateo: again, it depends on what you want to do, but you cah do something like just `var=0; ((var++))`18:45
tomreyn...which can happen if the storage is coming apart18:45
chriswittis it a clear indication of storage related issue or could it still be resume or an unfinished update state?18:46
chriswitti would have to check from a live system, as far as i recall i can not check a mounted ext4 partition, or can i?18:47
tomreynjournalctl -k    to view kernel messages of the current boot,    journalctl -k -b -1    for those or the previous18:47
tomreynchriswitt: not a clear indication, yet, see logs18:47
tomreynyou can't fsck a *r/w* mounted file system, you CAN fsck a *r/o* mounted file system18:49
chriswittok thx for the clarification18:49
tomreynbut if storage failure seems likely, fsck is not the way to go, at least not immediately18:49
chriswittthe last entry in journal of pervious boot is from around 16:20. so persumably before last hibernate.18:50
chriswittno ext4 errors popping up... i'll check my ssd from a live system soon thx for the magic key hint!18:51
tomreyn!sysrq | if you'd like to read up more on it, chriswitt18:51
ubottuif you'd like to read up more on it, chriswitt: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:51
mgedmindon't expect to see ext4 errors in the _journal_, when the error happens on the partition where the journal is stored, and that causes a read-only remount18:53
danielbI'm pretty excited for 20.10 to drop tomorrow. Is there any way to get an early access to the final ISO? (I.e. maybe it's already on some servers but they're waiting for it to propagate to all mirrors?)18:59
ubottuGroovy Gorilla is the codename for Ubuntu 20.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.18:59
tomreynbut the answer will be 'no' for the *final* iso, i'm sure18:59
danielbAh. Gotta do the usual beta + update I see19:00
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MibixI don't see a lot of address in my /etc/apt/sources.list file but there are quite a few 3rd party ones in the GUI under other software, are there two lists or something?19:14
sarnoldMibix: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/19:15
Mibixahh ok that looks better sarnold19:21
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=== SysGh_st is now known as SysGhost
Mibixhmm after a restart i used to be able to remote in with Ubuntu and put in the password19:58
Mibixany idea why this isnt working anymore?19:58
tomreynMibix: you changed something, or something you changed (but did not persist) was overwritten by an update.20:04
tomreynif, by "remote in with Ubuntu and put in the password" refers to unlocking an encrypted block device which is required for booting, then this isn't a default confdiguration.20:05
Mibixno its the login screen20:06
Mibixand i used to be able to get to it from teamviewer20:06
tomreynif it refers to logging in via ssh to a running ssh daemon then it should still work, unless the boot failed for some reason.20:06
Mibixno this is loggin in via the gui in ubuntu20:06
tomreynoh, teamviewer is not something that's part of ubuntu20:06
Mibixugh this doesnt work either https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/user-autologin.html.en20:09
tomreynyou should probably set up an ssh server on this system you need to be able to access remotely, whether or not you also have access by some graphical utility in case everything succeeds at booting.20:09
tomreynif it's physically remote and / or not easily servicable by you or remote hands you trust, then you may also want to set up out-of-band access.20:10
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MibixI really only want access via gui :D20:33
sybaritenSo. I was here yesterday asking about this (but now the situation has worsened :-D ) , i have a lubuntu machine thats up with a live OS. I can't ssh into it from windows, but im pretty sure everything's kosher with the server part etc. I can connect to localhost for instance. It has net acess outwards. What are some things i want to check?20:33
sybaritenoh, AND, yesterday it was even stranger. I have three machines in my LAN, they have like .2 .5 and .13 as internal IPs. Yesterday, the Win machine couldnt connect to the lubuntu one (like now). BUT. I could connect from a ubuntu to the lubuntu. AND. I could connect from Win to ubuntu. Isn't that weird? As if the lubuntu wouldnt accept ssh connections from a WIn machine , specifically20:35
sybaritenufw status : inactive20:38
Ntemis@Bashing-om you around?20:47
Bashing-omNtemis: affirmed I be here :D20:47
Ntemisremember when you helped me fix nvidia driver?20:48
Ntemissome days ago20:48
Ntemisnow i have audio issue20:48
Bashing-ombtYeah - mostly .. maybe some details have slipped from the mind by now.20:49
Bashing-omNtemis: Sound is not something I deal with ... No sound on  this my work station :D20:49
Ntemisyou gave me this sudo apt purge nvidia* ; dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P20:50
Ntemisand fixed my issue20:50
Ntemisnow sometime hdmi out doest work and also when monitor sleeps and comes out of20:50
Ntemisin sound preference it says20:51
Bashing-omNtemis: Well no - that command did not "fix" ... just deletes files that the package manager has marked "rc" -- when the rc means (R)emoved but (C)onfig files remain.20:51
ducasseNtemis: which issue are you having?20:52
NtemisGM206 High Definition Audio controller Disabled Off20:52
Ntemisin profile i see only off20:52
Ntemisif i restart or logout then in audio returns20:52
Ntemismost of the times20:52
Ntemisthis might help or not20:54
Bashing-omNtemis: Might help to have a common reference for the channel - bot's tutorial on sound follows:20:55
Bashing-om!sound | Ntemis20:56
ubottuNtemis: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:56
rk4hey all, i noticed my 10th gen intel w/ intel graphics makes for a sluggish desktop. wondering if i'm missing some hardware acceleration or something, any thoughts on how to tell? it's a pretty new CPU and 20.04 is a little old so that's also a thing21:52
tomreynrk4: what does     glxinfo | grep Accelerated     say?21:55
tomreynglxinfo is from the "mesa-utils" package21:57
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sybaritenHey i have a web server running on a machine and i can reach it from another machine in my LAN. THey are both on 192 IPs and the web server is on 8080 . However i also have another kind of server running on 8088 . I can reach that one locallyu on the machine by doing http://localhost:8088 from a browser, but i cant reach it from the other machine. Do these things usually have to be opened in a consumer router22:00
sybaritenor something?22:00
sybaritenCause i never remember opening 8080 for instance22:00
sybaritenOr is there a nifty ubuntu command to see which server ports are open on that machine22:01
random1i cant find a motion detection security camera for ubuntu. Any recommendations ? "Motion" doesnt work for some reason.22:02
sarnoldsybariten: try sudo ss -ptl22:04
sybaritensarnold: yeah i got a very strange list there...  i think i see the sshd and the webserver but i donbt think i see this VS Code server.... unless its the one that says "node"22:08
sarnoldsybariten: it could be, yeah; is it running on the port you expect?22:08
sarnoldsybariten: what IP addresses is it bound to? if it's bound to, then it'll be reachable only via localhost; if it's or one of the addresses on the NICs, then it can be reached from off the machine22:09
sybaritensarnold: hmmm wait it probably is actually, the PID from ps matches up with the node thing from ss -plt22:09
Batzyhi all, im having a lot of trouble with ubuntu server. Im trying to create multiple ssh users all with the same home directory. This directory is a folder on a mounted file system. However any time i ssh in or try to cd to the directory im getting permissions denied22:10
sybaritensarnold: good question, i dont know where there are configs for that.... web servers have to be configured to be reached from only localhost or from all IPs right? This one has pretty limitied conf possibilities i think...22:10
tomreynBatzy: what's the use case for "multiple ssh users all with the same home directory"?22:11
Batzytomreyn, i want to set up a directory where people can use the remote dev toolkit on vscode. It establishes an ssh connection to edit the remote files22:12
Batzyplease dont recommend ChrootDirectory, it sucks22:12
sarnoldBatzy: try namei -l ~/.ssh/authorized_keys22:13
Batzysarnold, im not using keys22:14
sarnoldBatzy: make sure ~/.ssh is 700, and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 64422:14
Batzyit's just a pw auth right now22:14
tomreynBatzy: hmm, i don't know how the "remote dev toolkit on vscode" works, so can't recommend a better approach. but note that this setup is quite unusual22:14
tomreynyou can have multiple separate system users accessing the same files, or you could even have a single shared system user which multiple people authenticate to, using individual ssh keys.22:16
sybaritensarnold: i was wrong! There was in fact a startup option, as i discovered when i googled some tutorials. --bind-addr ... i set it to and now it works from other machines!  thanks22:16
sarnoldsybariten: nice!22:16
ducasseBatzy: create just one user that owns the homedir, switch to keys and add a key for each user to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys22:16
int0x6hHey, how can I exit or kill a VIM process with an open file by another user?22:18
Bill73so I've done a complete fresh install to 20.04 lts with a new 2nd hdd for storage. I had most everything ready except drive wasnt really "automounting". once I changed that feature in disks subsequent reboots had it automounted and files were there. during a recent reboot the drives mount location and name changed from /media/user/media/... to /mnt/f2a4c3d1-394e-4d87-87f2-1281650b9e0f messing with kodi and samba(which I have been fightin22:18
Bill73g shares on anyway)22:18
Batzyducasse, wont all users be able to view all other users keys?22:18
Batzyducasse, right now i think the directory is owned by root...but i did a chgrp on it22:19
ducasseonly the public part22:19
Batzyso who needs to own the directory? i am confused about this22:19
compdocBill73, does it normally mount in a directory youve created?22:19
ducasseBatzy: all users will connect as the same user-id, which owns the homedir22:20
tomreynint0x6h: you mean the process is owned / was started by a different system user?22:21
int0x6hyes tomreyn. then exited vim incorrectly leaving the file/process running22:21
Batzyducasse, ah and then they verify with different keys22:21
Batzyi see22:21
tomreynint0x6h: either vim wasn't exited (is still running) or it did exit, then the file is no longer locked to vim (but vim may want to recover it on the next run)22:22
int0x6hupon trying to edit the file it says "File /etc/xxxx/xxxx.json is being edited by OTHERUSER (with Vim 8.1, PID 73379); open anyway?"22:23
tomreynint0x6h: and is this pid still in use?  ps u 7337922:24
int0x6hit does not appear so tomreyn22:24
tomreynint0x6h: can you work as OTHERUSER ?22:25
int0x6hother user is thelounge from trying to edit a user file. not sure of password22:25
tomreynint0x6h: do you have a user which can run administrative commands, e.g. sudo?22:26
Bill73compdoc: it did but it was not accessible via samba until i physically opened or mounted from other locations in filemanager22:26
int0x6hyes tomreyn22:26
DocMorsI  just came accross a Mate 18.04.4 that didn't seem to have changeme available in any repo. I checked the Ubuntu site and it will appear that it should be there. Does anyone know why this could be?. It's not really important but my brother wanted to use it to scan his home network, he has some dodgy web cams.22:26
tomreynint0x6h: sudo -u OTHERUSER -i22:27
tomreynint0x6h: then: vim /etc/xxxx/xxxx.json22:27
int0x6h^^sudo: unable to change directory to /home/thelounge: No such file or directory sudo: unable to execute /usr/sbin/nologin: No such file or directory22:27
tomreynint0x6h: okay, then try:  sudo -u OTHERUSER vim /etc/xxxx/xxxx.json22:28
tomreynrecover + save the file22:29
int0x6hgreat. that worked. thank you kindly22:29
tomreynint0x6h: then sudo rm /etc/xxxx/.xxxx.json.swp22:31
tomreyni.e. same file name but with a leading dot and .swp to the end22:31
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int0x6hrofl, how to close vim please22:31
tomreynint0x6h: :wx   to exit while saving22:32
tomreyn:q!  to exit without saving22:32
int0x6hweird, I tried that earlier and could not get it to work, however it worked this time. thanks. rm swp now22:32
jStefanwasn't aware :x was also an exit command, i thought it was always q22:33
adam0000345do we have any mac experts online22:35
adam0000345I am struggling hard22:36
DocMorsadam0000345, comiserations22:37
adam0000345not sure if anyone can help but basically ubuntu installs efi/grub by default22:37
adam0000345this is not working with refind and can't boot off of it22:38
DocMorspress the ALT button when you hear the sounds when you power on, you should get an option to boot to efi22:38
adam0000345I get this error22:39
adam0000345starting grubx64.efi Not found while loading grubx64.efi macbook22:39
int0x6hthank you kindly again tomreyn. many blessings22:39
adam0000345I DocMors that does not work22:39
tomreynint0x6h: you're welcome22:40
adam0000345I get a folder with a flashing question mark22:40
adam0000345never works22:40
DocMorshow did you install ubuntu22:40
adam0000345tried that already22:40
adam0000345I have a new SSD drive22:40
adam0000345installed ubuntu on it22:40
adam0000345wiped the old hard drive that had Mac installed22:40
adam0000345because I want to mount that for extra file storage22:40
adam0000345I want to take my macbook and go full Ubuntu22:40
adam0000345no macox22:41
DocMorswhat ubuntu version?22:41
DocMorshow did you install, did you follow all defaults? Did you chec the sio checksum?22:43
en1gmai followed this guide "http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2020/05/boot-ubuntu-20-04-command-console/" and everything is working. im at the command line now. what is the command to start gnome desktop? im on ubuntu 20.04.1 amd64 and i dont want the desktop perm. i like the command line but sometimes i need the GUI22:43
DocMorsDid you chec the ISO checksum22:43
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adam0000345no I think this might be helpful22:44
sarnolden1gma: try systemctl start gdm and see what that does22:45
en1gmasarnold ok gimmie a sec. rebooting again22:45
tomreynen1gma: i think you may want "systemctl isolate graphical.target"22:46
sarnoldoh that souds better22:47
tomreynit would terminate the previous tty, though22:47
en1gmaim not sure but it asked for my user password and took me to login screen where i selected my user and entered password again22:47
en1gmais that the correct way?22:47
en1gmagoing to reboot and try the other command and see what happens22:48
sarnoldwas that the first time going into gnome?22:48
sarnoldthere's a first-boot tihng gnome walks users through22:49
en1gmanope. i was already in the gui but i did do a fresh install a bit ago22:50
en1gmaboth commands take me to login screen but i have to enter password first to get there and then again after i click user at login22:51
en1gmai thought there was a command like StartX or something that took the currently logged in user (command line) and went straight into gui22:51
en1gmabut that was like 5 years ago :)22:51
tomreynyou can enable autologin in gnome settings22:51
en1gmanah its cool. so the command you suggested would be more proper then the one sarnold gave?22:52
rk4tomreyn: hmm, that one says 'yes'22:52
rk4tomreyn: potentially this 4k monitor isn't helping, but i'd have thought 2020 hardware ought to be able to handle 2D 4k desktops fine22:53
tomreynen1gma: it's a bit of a matter of choosing preferences. i suggest you read up o n the man pages and decide for yourself.22:53
en1gmaalso if i want to close my laptop lid and have it disable the screen but not shut off or sleep or suspend how do i do that? i still want ssh but like headless unless i open lid22:53
tomreynrk4: you mean the cpu you have, whch comes with an embeeded miniature graphics chipset?22:54
rk4a fullscreen glxgears manages 30fps, at its default size it also reports 30fps22:55
tomreynrk4: i'm not even meaning to say "no", but note that intel integrated graphics chipsets are not very powerful. it may be possible, though.22:55
rk4tomreyn: correct, the common laptop arrangement - https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/195436/intel-core-i5-10210u-processor-6m-cache-up-to-4-20-ghz.html22:55
tomreynen1gma: man logind.conf22:56
tomreynrk4: so you're getting 30 FPS on full screen on 4k?22:56
rk4looking at those specs, interesting it pushes a low framerate over HDMI vs dp22:57
rk4tomreyn: correct, also when not fullscreen22:57
tomreynrk4: hmm, weird. maybe a new artifical limit was introduced for 4k, and i'm not aware of it, yet. does it say "Running synchronized to the vertical refresh." when you start it from a terminal?22:59
tomreynen1gma: does this help?23:00
rk4tomreyn: no kidding, switching to the usbc/dp output instead of HDMI kicked things up to 60fps23:01
tomreynrk4: so when you run     vblank_mode=0 glxgears    you should hget different values with different outputs and screen sizes23:02
rk4tomreyn: it did indeed say :synchronized with the vertical refresh rate', with vblank_mode=0 am getting 6500fps, and a very high pitched whine, guess you can't have everything23:04
rk4tomreyn: thanks! it would seem acceleration does work, and i was just hitting the limits of the igp's HDMI23:04
sarnolddoes that pitch sound like it's 6.5khz? :)23:04
tomreynrk4: if you prefer the FPS output on screen for any opengl application such as glxgears, run     GALLIUM_HUD=fps glxgears23:05
tomreynhttps://docs.mesa3d.org/envvars.html for more usful options23:06
deadromis it possible to create a null-disk? I'd like to perform a copy operation for performance tests and debugging but cannot write to a real target for want of space. I'd like to read as fast as possible anyway but with a real cp operation.23:10
deadromnow you cannot cp -a to /dev/null. can one .. have a dummy fs that discards everything?23:11
sarnolddeadrom: most folks use dd instead23:13
sarnolddeadrom: dd if=/path/to/whatever of=/dev/null23:13
darrendnot sure what the benefit of cp is in your test deadrom. If you want to get the read performance of the disk, using hdparm will give you a better idea23:14
deadromdarrend: cp large fileset from NFSv4 stalls the client. want to test on other machine23:15
sarnolddeadrom: you could try something like this https://github.com/xrgtn/nullfs23:17
sarnoldbut I don't know if that can really keep up with the speeds you need, nor how reliable it might be23:17
rk4tomreyn: interesting, thanks23:21
tomreynit doesn't really say so, but you'd need to    sudo modprobe -v null_blk23:22
rk4haven't used it before, but dmsetup has a zero target, perhaps related to null_blk23:23
roothorickWhat, exactly, does the text scaling setting change? dconf dump / is identical before and after, xrandr --verbose is identical before and after, gsettings list-recursive is identical before and after... what else can I check?23:23
roothoricknot text scaling, blah23:24
roothorickunder Displays in the settings GUI, the "Scale" option, typically has 100%, 200% etc as options23:24
roothorick20.04.1 if it matters23:24
roothorickit's not some Gnome-specific thing because the setting affects Discord as well23:26
tomreynrk4: apparently the dmsetup 'null' target is more like /dev/null and /dev/zero (quoting dmsetup(8)) "zero   Returns blocks of zeroes on reads.  Any data written is discarded silently.  This is a block-device equivalent of the /dev/zero character-device data sink described in null(4)."23:27
tomreynbut if you don't mind the (probably minimal) overhead dmsetup introduces there, this is another option.23:28
en1gmatomreyn checking logind.conf now23:30
en1gmait might thanks23:31
JustLandedOnMarsso I can add atributes "chmod o+w file" and anyone can delete a file, can I change attibutes of a process so anyone can kill some process ?23:37
tomreynJustLandedOnMars: i don't think processes have attributes in the way file system objects have. and, for all i know (which may not be much), the answer is 'no'.23:40
JustLandedOnMarsso how to allow other user to access your processes ?23:43
JustLandedOnMarsso process runs as "user" it doesn't runs as "group" so you can't just create "priveleged" group and add someone to it so they can manage your processes ?23:43
tomreynyou could create a sudo rule to have a specific or any restricted user run commands as ther target user23:44
tomreynthis can also be a user group23:44
roothorickSo I figured out my question... it's pretty convoluted. gnome-control-center sends a DBus command to Mutter which applies the configuration and then saves it to a monitors.xml file23:44
tomreynJustLandedOnMars: what'S the goal? is this !xy ?23:45
JustLandedOnMarsI wasn't sure if that is possible, seems like not23:45
tomreynJustLandedOnMars: so it's just theoretical?23:46
JustLandedOnMarsif I run some process, a web browser, under user "test" I would have to "su test" if I want to control it23:46
tomreyn"sudo -i test" for a shell or "sudo -u test somecommand" to run somecommand as the other user23:48
tomreynsorry, that's "sudo -i -u test"23:48

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