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LastSilmarilheyo, I just logged into my 18.04.5 Lubuntu system and got a do-release-upgrade message in the motd. Is this now safe to do, or was this something forwarded to all Ubuntu users by default?06:14
TimothyPPretty much everyone gets that notification when a new version is available06:18
TimothyPif it's a remote server that is important I would not just upgrade without testing06:19
TimothyPif it's a home computer you should be fine06:19
guivercLastSilmaril, A Lubuntu 18.04.5 system should not be upgraded to a Lubuntu 20.04 LTS system, if you follow Lubuntu official advice, instead we recommend a re-install06:20
guivercBecause of the change of desktop (LXDE to LXQt), problems with your GUI can occur, thus the re-install advice06:20
guivercsee https://lubuntu.me/focal-1-released/06:20
guivercthe Ubuntu base sees the upgrade so offers it to everyone... Lubuntu users can have issues, thus we've suggested re-install instead  (it may work, but it may not, and you're on your own if it doesn't work; as we'll suggest re-install)06:22
LastSilmarilYeah, I remember the official advice, was wondering if anything changed. Thanks for confirming otherwise06:22
guivercyou're most welcome06:23
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Guest47100I need help with reparing lubuntu instalation10:23
Guest47100is it posible to logg in in secure mode?10:26
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