luna_Ubuntu 20.10 release day and my sisters birthday :p13:52
pavloshow do you sort the 'show applications' icons ?15:30
ubottuno, it is not yet out. Patience...16:13
DumbLDoorGreetings all, I did a partial upgrade to Groovy Gorilla earlier this morning. I guess it is still the beta version.17:15
tomreynit's out http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/20.10/release/17:30
pavlosI dont see a desktop image ...17:33
tomreynsorry, nothing announced, yet17:37
tomreyndesktop is at http://releases.ubuntu.com/20.10/ - but still not released until there's a ML announcement17:40
tomreyn... at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2020-October/thread.html17:41
luna_tomreyn: pavlos: its out now18:40
pavlosthanks luna_ 18:47
pavlosluna_: would you know my previous question, how do you sort the Show Apps icons?18:59
luna_pavlos: good idea i only used it with awesome wm and not gnome 18:59
luna_but i think you hold a mousekey on an icon and then drag it somewhere else18:59
pavlosluna_: I see, no worries18:59
pavlossure but I'm not going to drag 15 icons to sort them ... I thought there would be an option to sort alphanumerically the icons19:00
luna_ah no idea19:03
pavlosno worries19:07
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