lotuspsychjegood morning03:56
ducassegood morning06:18
* TJ- waves06:20
ducasseTJ-: what would you recommend as an alternative to lxd for a couple of containers? i really don't want to use the snap06:47
TJ-ducasse: we're using k3s but it can be a bit more involved06:48
ducassei just need it for two or three containers, so i'd want something lightweight06:48
ducassemaybe i'll just use systemd-nspawn06:49
lordievaderGood morning06:56
TJ-ducasse: you want 'system' (lxd) or 'application' (docker) style containers?07:07
TJ-ducasse: could you use 'raw' lxc-utils ?07:18
ducasseyou mean 'old' lxc? i thought that was deprecated07:21
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