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lordievaderGood morning06:56
micmacHi, are leading zeros accepted in crontab for minutes/hours, or should they be avoided ?08:03
micmaclike "00 01" to trigger something at 1 am or just "0 1" ?08:04
grendal-primeanyone had any issues with 18.04 to 20.04 upgrade?11:41
grendal-primei want to have access to the desktop streaming features in 20.04...i need to cast to a roku tv in our conference room?  also has anyone had an luck with that?11:42
grendal-primeseems like a pretty benign upgrade with mostly interface enhancements11:47
goddardi can't update from 19.04?14:04
mgedmingoddard: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:05
goddardgetting an error14:05
goddardwhere is my sources.list file?14:07
lotuspsychjegoddard: be carefull upgrading from eol releases for security issues14:13
lotuspsychje!usn | goddard see14:13
ubottugoddard see: Please see https://usn.ubuntu.com/ for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.14:13
goddardprobably easier to just move the data over to a new install14:21
goddardits just a cloud vm so i can keep the same ip with a new OS install14:21
tewardgoddard: i would suggest moving data to a new install, yes.  especially if your system is very EOL.14:42
tewardyikes yeah that's EOL, I'd spin a new 20.04 system up and then move your data over15:28
tewardsince 19.04 has been dead for over a year15:28
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