jrwreni love LVM so much. filesystem near full... just `lvextend` to add more space. BAM, it finds free space from the volume group, and you've got more space. mirrored, raid, whatever.00:05
rick_hgreg-g:  nice! Tell him I said hi!15:12
rick_hgreg-g:  he's good people for sure15:12
greg-gyeah, definitely.15:12
greg-gyesterday I had a meeting with David Planella (now at gitlab). It's been a old-school Ubuntu reunion tour lately :)15:12
rick_hhah, that's awesome15:13
cmaloneyhow is everyone holding up?15:16
cmaloney(more a general question for the channel than about the Ubuntu-Alumnus)15:16
greg-gwaxes and wanes, you know life. But the average is positive. Failing to get to a daily meditation practice again. Work is *crazy* right now, mostly for me and one of my sub-teams (see also: why I was talking with David yesterday).15:18
cmaloneyYeah, we've been working from home and it feels like most days are yesterday with some minor changes.15:20
greg-gluckily Rowan is going to be able to go back to school more soon: 2 days/week instead of the current 2 days every other week.15:23
greg-gOur county moved from Purple to Red COVID status15:23
cmaloneyhope he stays safe15:23
greg-gyeah, not worried about him really :) Except in so much as being with friends and learning.15:25
jrwrenLMAO https://www.costco.com/terra-delyssa-first-cold-press-extra-virgin-olive-oil-3l%2c-tin%2c-2-count.product.100681877.html15:30
greg-g"Only olive oil with IBM Blockchain traceability"15:31
cmaloneyhow exactly does one use the blockchain for the oil:15:36
greg-gwell, you watched Lorenzo's Oil I presume? Don't you remember olive oil is a medium (or long?) chain triglyceride. So obviously it's built into the flavor.15:40
cmaloneyI think part of it is just having a decentralized centralized bill of materials for where something has been15:42
cmaloneybut that's assuming that everyone plays along15:42
cmaloneyit's like saying that someone won't forge shit into the blockchain15:42
cmaloneyI mean bully for trying, but it does seem a lot like sprinkling "blockchain" on a ledger15:43
jrwrenwell... that is basically what blockchain is. so it makes good sense.15:50
cmaloneyIt just feels like empty marketing though15:54
greg-gIs there a "Always has been" meme for this? :P15:58
jrwrenJFYI: https://twitter.com/benhawkes/status/1318640422571266048  chrome 0 day is actively being exploited.16:12
_stink_should i use links2 to view that16:18
_stink_hah, it doesn't work in links2.16:19
_stink_booyah thank you16:25
jrwrento view a twitter link?16:48
jrwrentwitter got REALLY strict about non-js browsing of tweets. AFAICT it doesn't work.16:48
jrwrenI think it is to prevent scraping of tweets. they really want you using their API16:49
cmaloneyit'll still work with the "legacy" Twitter under w3m17:27
cmaloneybut yeah, ad blocking makes things interesting17:27
Scary_GuyWhat's a twatter?17:54
jrwrengroovy released!18:57
jrwrenqueue your do-release-upgrade18:57

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