adam0000345sorry I got disconnected00:17
adam0000345anyone have any thoughts00:17
adam0000345this file cannot be found00:17
adam0000345linux /boot/vmlinuz〈...tab here!...〉.efi.signed00:17
jStefanadam0000345, do you have the signed kernel installed?00:30
adam0000345I dont know, I just do the standard install00:31
adam0000345how do I check00:31
WaltS48Thunderbird 78.4.0 has been released. When will users get an update from the repo from the very, very old 68.10.0?00:32
r4u1uname -a00:38
adam0000345how do I check if I have a signed kernel installed00:39
adam0000345I just install00:39
adam0000345I would assume so00:39
tomreynadam0000345: dpkg -l linux-image*00:39
adam0000345do I have to mount the drive first?00:39
tomreynsigned images don't say they're signed, unsigned ones are called -unsigned-00:40
tomreynmount which file system?00:40
adam0000345I am on usb live stick00:40
adam0000345and I have SSD that has ubuntu00:40
adam0000345I assume I would have to mount the SSD00:40
adam0000345to check if I have signed kernel?00:40
adam0000345am I wrong?00:41
adam0000345ubuntu was installed there00:41
tomreynright, you'd need to mount the ssd's /boot file system00:41
adam0000345could I just do /00:41
tomreynusually that'S the first or second partition00:41
adam0000345and navigate to boot once mounted00:41
adam0000345I would assume so00:41
adam0000345just mount root00:41
adam0000345and navigate there/00:42
tomreyn!enter | adam000034500:42
ubottuadam0000345: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.00:42
adam0000345ok will do00:42
tomreynif you booted an ubuntu installer live system, you could mount the file system from your ssd which contains what would be mounted at /boot in the running system.00:43
tomreynonce this is mounted you could use the gfraphical file browser to navigate to it. you may also be able to use the graphical file browser to do the mounting.00:43
adam000034520tomreyn so I am following this guide00:45
adam000034520it seems I need to have a signed file in my directory00:45
adam000034520when I try running this00:45
adam000034520it says file not found00:45
adam000034520linux /boot/vmlinuz〈...tab here!...〉.efi.signed root=UUID=〈the UUID from above〉00:45
adam000034520thats why I was mounting the drive00:45
tomreynso you're at the grub prompt?00:47
adam0000345or at least I was00:47
tomreynso what's your question?00:48
adam0000345I cant find the .efi.signed file that I need00:48
adam0000345why does it not exist00:48
tomreyni don't think there are such files00:48
tomreynthe guide you were reading dates back to 2014, maybe there were such files back then00:48
adam0000345ok so what would be the equilvalent way of doing what the guide says?00:49
adam0000345I need to boot from grub00:50
adam0000345is this still possible?00:50
tomreynwith general purpose hardware and firmware, yes. for your hardware, i do not know.00:51
tomreynprobably, but i don't know how.00:51
WaltS48Thunderbird 68.* is now EOL.00:55
adam0000345tomreyn do you think this will work00:56
adam0000345lets say my hardware and firmware is general purpose00:57
adam0000345it is a macbook pro 201300:57
tomreynthis pretty much contradicts one another00:57
adam0000345are macbooks not general purpose?00:57
tomreyni wouldn't say so, and probably apple wouldn't either.00:58
tomreynare you having a simple, easy, ubuntu installation experience?00:58
tomreynif not, i guess you're not saying so either.00:58
jStefanfrom what date is the guide you are following? I see various guides on youtube, but I don't know much about the subject to recommend any00:59
adam0000345no but its because I am doing an unusual approach I think00:59
adam0000345installing on a separate drive, etc.00:59
bigterdhooked up an old weird camera, usb identifies in dmesg, trying to pull data from /dev/bus/usb/ with dd has odd errors.01:00
tomreynadam0000345: give this https://linuxhint.com/grub_rescue_ubuntu_1804/ guide a try, see how far you can get01:00
adam0000345ok will do01:00
tomreyn(i know that's the one you pointed to)01:00
bigterdi tried to pull data from all of files listed, nothing was read with ddrescue01:00
bigterdor dd01:00
adam0000345ok cool01:00
adam0000345tomreyn do you know if the standard ubuntu 20.04 creates an EFI partition by default?01:01
jStefanlast time I used a mac, it had a power pc processor and 256mb of ram :/01:02
tomreynadam0000345: if you booted the installer in uefi mode and chose to install ubuntu, replacing any data on the target disk, then yes, it would.01:03
adam0000345uefi mode, I am using the usb live stick01:03
tomreynbigterd: these are devices, presented as files in the file system, but they really aren't file on a file system01:03
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tomreynadam0000345: more correctly, if there are multiple storages and one of the other storages (not the one you're installing to) already contains an efi system partition, then i thinktthe installer would install grub to the existing efi system partition.01:05
tomreynbut since you're already running grub, i guess installing grub is not the tak that's failing01:06
adam0000345correct grub doesnt work with macs01:06
adam0000345I think01:06
adam0000345because Macs use EFI boot loader01:07
tomreynthere's a bios-bootable and an efi-bootable grub variant.01:07
tomreynthe ubuntu installer will install the one which correponds with the mode it was booted in.01:08
adam0000345ok I am trying to do a default install on my fresh disk01:08
adam0000345before I was doing custom option01:08
kk4ewtlinux installs fine on a mac01:08
adam0000345WHAT, IT DOES01:08
adam0000345kk4ewt well whats your setup01:08
adam0000345it installs fine on my mac too01:08
kk4ewteasy most linux distros have efi enabled installers01:08
adam0000345ok so question01:09
adam0000345I have ubuntu installed on my SSD01:09
adam0000345I have the default drive that the laptop came with emptied01:09
bigterdtomreyn: the fuser? i think? opened a file manager window on the desktop, shows a usb address, but blank. so i'm attempting some other means to grab data across the wire.01:09
adam0000345I plan to mount it later and use it as extra storage, it seems I cannot boot into the SSD, do you think doing a brand new install on the SSD will help?01:10
adam0000345I have been doing custom where I create my EFI and swap disk partitions01:10
adam0000345but does not work01:10
adam0000345cant find my disk with Ubuntu on it01:10
bigterdit's an old digital camera. it beeped when the usb hooked up, and says 'pc' on the two character 8 matrix LCD.01:10
bigterdany advice?01:10
adam0000345I tried Refind and still no luck01:10
kk4ewtadam0000345,  i have installed fedora and ubuntu on almost every model of macbbok pri since 201501:11
adam0000345kk4ewt when you install Ubuntu do you just do the standard install01:11
jcrawfordhello everyone, so I have a question when it comes to system environment variables vs shell variables.  We are running a laravel application and need to reference one of the environment variables in supervisor, however, it appears that the supervisor process does not have access to the environment variables from the .env even after doing . .env to01:11
jcrawfordpull the variables into the shell.  We are using Docker and in our init scripts we are loading the environment before we start supervisor.  However, when supervisor starts it cannot seem to expand the environment variable.  I have tried 3.2.0 which is the default version for Ubuntu through apt-get and also tried 4.1.0 with a manual install, neither01:11
jcrawfordversion can see the variable because it seems to add it to the shell and not the system variables returned with env or print env, how can I add all or a few variables to the system from the .env file?01:11
adam0000345not custom?01:11
kk4ewtnot custom at all01:12
adam0000345kk4ewt also how are you installing them, all on the same disk?01:12
adam0000345or seperate disks?01:12
kk4ewtformatted as efi01:12
adam0000345so you run the OS off USB key formatted as EFI?01:13
kk4ewtboot the mac while holding the option key and select the linux01:13
adam0000345not installed onto the drive01:13
kk4ewtand then install to the hard drive01:13
adam0000345correct but what if you have 2 harddrives? for you are you doing this on 1 hard drive?01:13
tomreynbigterd: diosconnect it. run    journalctl -n0 -f    in a terminal window, and keep it running. open another terminal window and run    sudo udevadmn monitor    in there, and keep it open. attach the usb device (camera), keep it conected. and wait for a minute. then gather the output of both terminal windows and post it to https://paste.ubuntu.com and share the resulting url(s) here.01:14
kk4ewtadam0000345, is both harddrives phyically mounted in the mac are are you talking about a fusion drive01:14
adam0000345no both harddrives are installed in the mac01:14
adam0000345it is a macbook pro 201301:15
adam0000345I have the standard harddrive in it01:15
adam0000345and the SSD01:15
kk4ewtyou should be able to select both drives in the installer01:15
kk4ewtand format and set them the way you want them01:15
adam0000345I have been doing thius01:17
adam0000345but cannot see the SSD at bootup01:17
adam0000345are you running refind?01:18
adam0000345or using standard EFI bootloader?01:18
kk4ewtand i did say 2015+01:18
adam0000345this is true01:18
adam00003452013 vs 201501:18
adam0000345but can 2 years make a huge difference01:18
adam0000345I guess?01:18
kk4ewt2 years is only running sierra vs catalina01:19
adam0000345well as long as you are getting EFI detection on the drives doing everything standard and default, I can try that01:19
kk4ewtinstall to the ssd01:19
jcrawfordanyone have any suggestions?01:19
adam0000345yes I do install to SSD01:20
kk4ewtboot and select the ssd with the option key01:20
adam0000345SSD does not show up01:20
adam0000345there is no SSD option01:20
kk4ewtno idea what your issue is01:21
adam0000345I will probably have to use thius01:21
tomreynjcrawford: your question is somewhat implementation specific, i don't know what this .env file is. see if https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables helps you. basically, enviuronment variables can be defined system-wide in /etc/environment and per user in ~/.pam_environment. you can also set and export variables to a users' shell01:23
tomreynjcrawford: maybe you're looking for something like this: https://gist.github.com/mihow/9c7f559807069a03e302605691f8557201:25
ledeniadam0000345: new ssd that not show up is nvme ?01:27
adam0000345what is that01:27
adam0000345it is a samsung SSD01:27
adam0000345500 GB01:27
bigterdtomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hHq2kShYSF/01:29
jcrawfordtomreyn I tried adding TEST='blah' to the /etc/environment but when I did a source on the file and then ran env it did not output the TEST variable, I then tried printenv and it did not print out the variable.  Basically it seems that supervisor will only expand a system environment variable that is available in all shells and not from a .env file01:30
jcrawfordwhich is loaded into the shell through . .env,.  For clarity the .env file is simply a key=value file for environment variables.01:30
jcrawfordlet me try that gist and I will get back to you with the results tomreyn01:30
jcrawfordtomreyn export will only load the variable for the current shell correct?  If that is the case that is not what I am looking for, I am looking for how to add a variable that would be available through printenv01:34
jcrawfordeven variables put in place using export do not appear in the printenv output01:34
jcrawfordohhh I see I am wrong export does in-fact make it available :)01:36
jcrawfordmaybe not :(01:36
jcrawford$ echo $WORKER_THREADS101:37
jcrawford$ supervisorctl rereadERROR: CANT_REREAD: Format string '%(ENV_WORKER_THREADS)s' for 'program:laravel-worker.numprocs' contains names ('ENV_WORKER_THREADS') which cannot be expanded. Available names: ENV_HOME, ENV_HOSTNAME, ENV_OLDPWD, ENV_PATH, ENV_PWD, ENV_SHLVL, ENV_TERM, ENV__, group_name, here, host_node_name, program_name in section01:37
jcrawford'program:laravel-worker' (file: '/etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisor.conf')01:37
jcrawfordit's specific that you add ENV_ to the variable with supervisor, not quite sure why01:37
Batzyim trying to create a user with a specified home directory. If i create the user and su into them im getting permission denied for the .bashrc file :)01:38
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Batzyfuck me i guess01:45
isapgswellanyone experience xhci_hcd error/fail01:46
isapgswelli brought a typec hub01:47
isapgswellplug keyboard/mouse and the error has gone01:47
isapgswellthis is usb 3.101:50
isapgswellthis is linux built-in01:50
isapgswellother question01:52
isapgswellanyone knows why nvidia-prime on demand works slow external monitor primary?01:53
isapgswellubuntu 20.04 nvidia driver 45001:53
bigterdtomreyn: any luck? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hHq2kShYSF/01:54
=== laeti is now known as beaver
tomreynbigterd: hmm, does it show up in    gio mount -l   as a mountable device?01:54
tomreynapparently it's not detected as mtp capable01:55
tomreynbigterd: "093a:010e" is the device specifc USB ID, you can search the web for this to find suggestions on what to try.01:56
tomreynmaybe combine the search with    linux OR ubuntu OR debian01:56
tomreynjcrawford: /etc/environment is not meant to be sourced, pam would set this on login. supervisor is not a default ubuntu component, and i'm not very familiar with it. you may need to refer to its documentation if you depend on how it works.02:04
jcrawfordtomreyn yea I created an issue for the project and they instantly closed it citing I was using an old version, I tried the new version and got the same issue. SMH.  Basically supervisor just watches processes and if they die it restarts them02:05
jcrawfordsince version 3.2.0 it is suppose to expand environment variables with %(ENV_VARIABLE_NAME)s but it does not appear to be doing that.02:05
jcrawfordjust trying to set the amount of workers for laravel to process the jobs but meh02:06
isapgswellthere's a way to set usb 3.1 function as 3.0 or 2.002:06
isapgswellvia kernel parameter02:07
tomreynjcrawford: http://supervisord.org/configuration.html?highlight=environment02:08
bigterdtomreyn: thanks.02:09
bigterdtomreyn: old family photos on this thing.02:09
tomreynnoteworthy statements there seemto be "at the time that supervisord is *started*" (you may have exptected this since it is to be expected), and "In Supervisor 3.2 and later, %(ENV_X)s expressions are supported in all options. In prior versions, some options support them, but most do not."02:10
tomreynjcrawford: ^02:10
tomreynokay, you already discussed the second part, so you read this already.02:11
tomreynbigterd: and there's no removable storage media in it?02:12
tomreyni.e. you can'T connect that to your computer directly?02:12
tomreyn(usually by means of an (micro)sd card reader)02:13
bigterdno man. it has one button, a manual focus slider, no screen, one tiny weird removable battery.02:15
bigterdthe usb cable is queer too.02:15
bigterdgthumb import attempt shows it up as dual mode digital camera02:16
bigterdwonder if mplayer or ffmeg ccan pull a stream of data from it?02:16
tomreynbigterd: did you try gphoto2 with     gphoto2 --auto-detect -a -P    as is suggested by some (admittedly very old) posts online?02:17
bigterdi was going to attempt a device dump then pick through it with testdisk.02:17
bigterdtom Digital camera, CD302N         usb:001,01302:18
bigterdone line after loading usb drivers.02:18
bigterdoh, well, i tried it. haha.02:19
bigterdthat's the reuslt.02:19
tomreynyou tried ghoto?02:19
bigterdtomreyn: yes. laods usb drivers, then prints that last line.02:19
bigterdattempting to import with gphoto results in no files to import.02:20
tomreynoh gphoto prints this, ok, i was thinking you're referring to the previous output02:20
tomreyni see02:20
tomreynso that's also with the above gphoto2 options, right?02:21
bigterdi guess next concolusion is to try and take a photo and retry this process and see if a photo is saved, at risk of overwritting anything previous, corrupt or not?02:21
bigterdtomreyn: yes02:21
Batzywhy can't a user cd into their home directory... .bashrc permission denied :)02:21
Batzyim getting really pissed off with ubuntu :)))02:21
tomreynbigterd: you could try, but i'm not sure what it'd achieve really if you know this.02:22
tomreyn!language | Batzy02:22
ubottuBatzy: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:22
bigterdoh, it might really be empty? but i remember it being used.02:23
tomreynBatzy: sudo -u targetuser -i02:23
bigterdi'm out a ideas, and also limited in experience, but there probably are precious photos on here i want to get back to someone.02:23
bigterdin the mean, i do appreciate the help.02:24
Batzyi got warned for language for saying 'pissed off'?02:24
tomreynBatzy: that, and other things, yes02:24
Batzywell...you're blocked02:24
Batzyanyways sudo -u user -i just says unable to cd to home directory... permission denied. Also /bin/bash permission denied02:25
tomreyni'd tell you more, but i guess you just blocked me.02:25
Batzytomreyn, i unblocked you02:26
Batzyjust please dont be unnecessarily rude or problematic02:26
Batzyand we should be fine02:26
tomreyni wasn't, just had the channel bot kindly remind you of the channel rules02:27
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you running there?02:27
Batzy20.04.1 LTS02:28
Batzyit's ubuntu server02:28
tomreyndoes the home directory of the target user actually exist?02:28
tomreyndoes the target user have access to this directory?02:29
Batzyidk what that means02:29
tomreyna user needs to be able to enter their home directory.02:29
Batzyyes that's what im complaining about02:30
Batzythey cant do it02:30
jcrawford0tomreyn thanks for the link but I have referenced that more than a few times and that is exactly what I am doing yet it says it cannot expand the variable, the project itself has not been much help: https://github.com/Supervisor/supervisor/issues/138002:30
jcrawfordtomreyn ^^02:30
tomreynBatzy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:31
tomreynBatzy: the target user needs to be able to access (change into, mode +x) the directory above their home directory, as well as the home directory itself.02:32
jcrawfordI am *sure* it is something I am doing wrong but I cannot seem to figure out what it is, I am following the docs to a T02:32
oerheksi think it is not su <user>  but su - <user>02:34
oerheksfor the correct environment.02:34
Batzytomreyn, useradd wont let me specify directory now02:35
tomreynBatzy: I can't help without knowing the command you ran (incl. all arguments) and the output it produced, on the pastebin.02:37
Batzyjust did a useradd -d username02:37
tomreynjcrawford: in case it helps, you can pass an environment variable TEST with a value of VALUE to a comand COMMAND by running:   TEST=VLAUE COMMAND02:38
tomreynjcrawford: much depends on how you're starting supervisord, i guess.02:38
Batzytomreyn, still permission denied02:39
Batzyi did chmod +x02:39
tomreynBatzy: see what i told you previously02:39
Batzyi did02:41
Batzythats why i chmod +x'd two directories02:41
tomreynalso note that ubuntu and debian derivatives in general prefer the use of "adduser" rather than "useradd" to ensure some defaults are applied. you can use either, but unless you're very careful, chances are you may use useradd incorrectly.02:41
Batzyi did adduser just now02:41
Batzyit worked02:41
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Batzytomreyn, they still cant get into the directory but it set their home directory i mean02:43
Batzypermission denied on the .bashrc02:43
sarnoldtry namei -k /apth/to/the/.bashrc02:43
sarnoldtry namei -l /path/to/the/.bashrc02:44
Batzythe best part of this is that i cant tab complete any of these directories :)))02:44
sarnoldhah that'll drive you insane quick02:44
Batzythe user is /deenz02:45
sarnoldusername doesn't match the home directory? oof :)02:45
jcrawfordtomreyn talk about a bug... https://github.com/Supervisor/supervisor/issues/1380#issuecomment-71418609802:46
jcrawfordbasically if i start supervisor letting it find the configuration file it would not expand the variable, if I specified the file it did expand just fine.  Either way I start it, it is using the same file because when I started without specifying the file it complained about the variable not being able to be expanded, once I specified the file it02:47
jcrawfordseems to work fine and expands the environment variable SMH02:47
Batzysarnold, ?02:47
rfmBatzy, need o+rx on /media and /media/slackfs02:48
sarnoldBatzy: so -- you'll need to give world read and execute access to /media and /media/slackfs -- I don't know if the mismatched names will cause you any other problems, it's probably fine, it's just something extra to remember02:48
Batzyit needed to be ALL parent directories? ok02:49
Batzythat worked02:49
sarnoldyes, unless the process has another path to the directory (bind mount)02:49
Batzyive been having problems all night with this, thanks02:49
sarnoldnamei -l has become a regular tool in my toolbox after I spent twenty minutes one day tracking down a similar problem :)02:50
tomreynjcrawford: glad you found a solution that works for you. i'm not fully convinced, yet, that this same configuration file was being used when you didn't specify it as an argument to supervisord. you could strace it, or try to see if you can determine its build configuration. note that the package in ubuntu can be configured differently than the upstream release (also in terms of which configuration files they'll read)02:53
tomreynhttps://github.com/Supervisor/supervisor/blob/master/supervisor/options.py#L107 seems to list the configuration file locations upstream looks for02:53
jcrawfordtomreyn I am because when I modified the file to reference the environment variable and did `supervisorctl reread` it would error about the environment variable, if it was not finding that same file it would not have complained it would have just restarted and not implemented the value./02:54
Batzysarnold, can multiple users have the same home directory in ubuntu?02:54
jcrawfordsince it complained that tells me it was reading the file I was modifying, for some reason when you manually specify it expands the variables, creating a new ticket for that now02:55
sarnoldBatzy: only if you give all the users the same uid -- in which case they're essentially the same user. each one could have their own username, and their own password, but a LOT of software assumes that there's a 1:1 mapping between username and uid, and if you violate that assumption, random pieces of software will fail in ways that may not be easy to spot02:56
tomreynjcrawford: hmm, i see, i guess this does sound wrong, i agree02:58
ouyesHOW can I make a command run without sudo nor password?03:17
ouyesI am trying to run a command wondershaper in a program03:18
adam0000345has anyone here experienced ubuntu install freezing on them03:21
adam0000345when it said retrieving file 1 of 103:21
adam0000345is this normal or should I restart the process?03:22
guivercadam0000345, I'd switch to a text terminla & explore what it's doing, you can also check you don't have network issues...03:23
adam0000345I dont see text terminal option during install03:23
guiverc(you didn't provide any release details, or which ISO so it's general advice)\03:24
guivercctrl+alt+T may open a terminal still, but I'd use ctrl+alt+F4 probably03:24
guivercI also usually check for squashfs errs... and like issues too03:25
devslashIm using ubuntu server. i installed ufw, removed unnecessary aps, am using a reverse proxy , not using UI. is there anything else that I should do to harden the security of my server04:07
matsamandoesn't seem like Ubuntu has an official hardening guide04:09
matsamanmight want to hit up https://wiki.debian.org/Hardening and see what's applicable04:10
matzy_quick question, looking for debugging ideas. so my cousin is a recent linux convert and i was helping him install i3-gaps on his ubuntu setup. being an arch user, i totally forgot about PPAs, so I had him do a manual install (via makefile) per the instructions here: https://gist.github.com/boreycutts/6417980039760d9d9dac0dd2148d478304:35
matzy_long story short, it never worked, so i tried using `sudo make uninstall` to remove it, and it seemed to work based on the output, so then we tried to install i3-gaps via the PPA, it looked like it installed but on his login screen was only i3 (not i3-gaps), and booting into i3, there were no gaps.04:39
matzy_so then i had him uninstall the i3-gaps package from the PPA via apt, had him uninstall i3 via apt, but here's the problem - i3 is still on his system04:39
matsamanmatzy_: try this maybe: https://wiki.debian.org/CheckInstall04:40
matsamanmatzy_: ...alternatively04:40
matsamanI usually recommend people install the specific distro that is preferred by whoever it is will be supporting them04:40
matsamanwhich in this case is arguably Arch04:41
matzy_i had him query apt to see if the package was installed and apt said no. he then tried `dpkg -l i3` just to be safe and it also said i3 isn't installed04:41
matzy_but he's in this chat right now, running it through i3 :O  it's still there, somehow!?04:42
matzy_matsaman: i can have him try re-installing from source if you think that's the best way to go from here04:43
matzy_(per your link)04:43
matsamanmatzy_: well it would allow you to know where all the files the install process generated are04:43
matsamanmatzy_: oh, but04:44
matsamanthat i3 is still _running_ is not the same as i3 still being _installed_04:44
matsamanon Unix systems you can delete applications while you use them04:44
matsamanthey disappear fully only after you cease all their processes04:44
matsamanthat's totally normal on Unix systems04:44
matsamanand wonderful04:45
matsamanbecause you can upgrade software while you use it04:45
matzy_but if i had him delete it and then restart (well he's restarted multiple times by now), and it's still there everytime on his login screen04:46
matsamanif you restart and it still works, it's still installed yeah04:46
matsamanthink checkinstall will be your simplest route, if you wnat to fix this system without reinstalling04:47
matzy_yeah that's what i thought. so if apt doesn't think it's installed and neither does dpkg, what does that even mean?04:47
matzy_installing via the makefile didnt make a .deb and isnt tracked by apt?04:47
matsamanjust that you didn't install it via apt/dpkg04:47
matsamanwhich you didn't04:47
matsamanindeed, it is not04:48
matsamanyou just said "hey throw some files wherever you like" basically04:48
matsamanso all you can do is use something like checkinstall to find that list of files04:48
matsamanand then move them elsewhere04:48
matsamanif your regular OS/package manager doesn't complain then you're good04:48
matsamanif it does, some of the files might need to go back04:48
matsamanin the case of something like i3, probably there will be no complaints04:49
matsamanthis is also why it's a total waste of time to try and remove malware _after the fact_ without reinstalling04:49
matsamannot unless you already have a comprehensive list of files that you trust, via a system like AIDE or the like, etc.04:49
matzy_so basically, ignore the fact it's already there, go through the manual makefile-install process again, but use checkinstall this time and i should be able to see what's going on04:50
matsamannow some distros have utilities to scan all files in a hierarchy and determine whether they're untracked by the package manager, at which point you can potentially just delete them04:50
matzy_ah, that's really cool about malware - never realized that04:50
matsamanbut I'm not sure what Debian/Ubuntu has for that, I mostly use another distro04:50
matsamanyeah you just need to know what it installed to where, so you can remove it (moving/backing up would actually be smarter, in general)04:51
matsamanonce it's gone you should be able to use apt/dpkg as normal, hopefully04:52
jacobmayhew27hey i'm the cousin and i did find several different i3 files under /usr/bin. I stopped looking after that so there could be other directories that i dont know about that has i3 files04:52
matsamanmatzy_: and, you can also use checkinstall even if you _do_ want to install something without apt04:52
matsamanmatzy_: as a very rudimentary package manager of its own, since it can tell you what is installed and where04:52
matzy_wow, i had no idea, that's really neat04:53
matsamanprobably a lot of other approaches to that, of course, too04:53
matsamanthe string 'i3' is pretty unique, you could probably fudge it by doing find / -xdev -iname '*i3*' and taking care of all it finds04:54
matsamanbut using checkinstall's info would be more precise04:54
jacobmayhew27matsaman: should i leave the files alone that i found under usr/bin or delete the files,or is that a bad idea?, and go through the Checkinstall process?04:55
matsamancheckinstall should tell you _exactly_ what was installed and where04:56
matsamanif you'd rather just mv or rm things, like I said 'i3' is a pretty unique string04:56
JPSmanHello everyone :D05:00
JPSmanWhat is the difference between kernel 4.15.0-121 and 4.15.0-122 ??05:02
JPSmanbecause my wifi works with 121 but not 12205:02
JPSmanis there a security concern?05:02
matsamanmatzy_: actually this page says checkinstall just makes a deb, so you'd still be keeping track with dpkg, ultimately =P but still05:03
matsamanJPSman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ#Kernel.2FFAQ.2FGeneralVersionMeaning.What_does_a_specific_Ubuntu_kernel_version_number_mean.3F05:06
matsamanJPSman: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-signed/linux-signed_4.15.0-122.124/changelog05:07
matsamanprobably have to get both and diff them05:07
JPSmanfirst of all, thank you very much matsaman :D  - I have both installed - how can I diff them?05:08
matsamanwell dpkg -L packagename should list all the files05:09
matsamanif the files are mostly in two separate directories, you could use diff -r path/to/121dir/ path/to/122dir/05:10
jacobmayhew27matsaman: i followed your command and this was the output of where all i3 files where located. https://imgur.com/wITF492  would it be safe to delete these or not?05:10
matsamanor diff -qrs might be better05:10
JPSmanthank you :D05:10
matsamanjacobmayhew27: probably the 'i3' ones but not the 'libpci3' ones05:11
matsamanjacobmayhew27: mv them instead of rm and if anything goes pear shaped you can mv them back05:11
matsamanif nothing breaks, then rm them05:11
jacobmayhew27matsaman: thank you05:13
JPSmanmatsaman: I found this that describes bluetooth vulnerabilities - https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/canonical_kernel_team/xenial/main/base/linux-headers-4.15.0-12205:14
matsamanJPSman: good idea to update regularly05:15
JPSmanwhats the best way to delete a new kernel and revert back to the old one? edit the grub? delete the package?05:15
JPSmanI know its a good idea - but my wifi doesn't work with 122 - only 12105:15
matsamanas a temporary measure you can just change the number in grub.cfg most likely05:17
matsamancertain update processes will overwrite the main grub.cfg05:17
matsamanif you wanted it to truly persist you'd have to get into the 'custom' stuff: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup05:17
JPSmanor I could delete the new kernel altogether right?05:22
matsamanyou could but there's no need05:22
matsamanunless you're _incredibly_ low on space05:22
matsamanI'm not sure merely uninstalling the new kernel would fix your grub.cfg to use the old one05:23
matsamanhaven't tried it05:23
JPSmanI updated my grub (and backed it up) and am about to shutdown -r now right this second to go test it out.  As I log out that'll be what I'm doing - wish me luck :D ---- and thank you again :D05:25
JPSmanmatsaman, it worked! :D05:29
JPSmanhave a good night everyone05:30
asdfghi am going to buy a printer (epson XP-4100), is this printer compatibile with ubuntu 20.04?07:32
rk4best to google about, find a few opinions, often you won't find distro specific ones but you can get a good feeling for it, if it works on centos it's plausible you'll get it working in ubuntu07:35
asdfghwhat is one known compatible printer07:36
rk4http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule seems promising07:41
rk4maybe it's terrible, i don't know (:07:42
asdfghHP printers seem have better compatibility07:48
ducasseasdfgh: aiui hp are pretty good at providing linux drivers, but so does epson and brother - at least for many models08:02
asdfghis there a not a list of compatible printers ducasse ?08:08
ducasseasdfgh: well, there's https://www.openprinting.org/printers but i don't know how up to date that is08:13
kolamanHi All, I'm using more then one ubuntu machines (main daily driver + home laptop etc.)08:41
lotuspsychjekolaman: you want to discuss about ubuntu?08:42
kolamanI use google tasks most of the time to remember day to day tasks and searching for some gnome widget that can integrate with google tasks so that i can configure on both laptops and see those08:42
kolamanAny suggestions08:42
kolamanlotuspsychje, :) just explained what I'm searching for08:43
lotuspsychjekolaman: snap find google might give you some results you can try, or apt-cache search google08:45
obreHi. Is this the correct place to wish for updated packages in UCA? There is a crucial bug-fix in version 6.0.1 of octavia for openstack ussuri, but UCA is only having 6.0.008:46
kolamanlotuspsychje, thanks, tried earlier but didn't find anything suitable :)08:49
Seveasobre: Wishing you can do anywhere :) But to request a change, probably best to file a bug, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive08:51
lotuspsychjekolaman: i liked todoist a lot, but dont think they use google tasks08:54
obreSeveas: Ack. I just realized though that octavia 6.1.0 is in UCA proposed, så I guess its on its way :P08:55
obreSeveas: So ill skip the bug-report for now :P08:55
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ubottuno, it is not yet out. Patience...10:45
=== PowerTower_121 is now known as PowerTower_120
Deano59what's the party channel? :)11:05
guivercDeano59, #ubuntu-release-party, but they're re-spinning ISOs so will be awhile11:06
MaikDeano59: another re-build is needed and to be tested at the moment because of a bug11:07
Maikbe patient ;)11:07
Deano59what does that even mean guiverc11:07
guivercwhat Maik said (last line)11:07
Maikread my reply Deano5911:08
Deano59oh :D11:08
Maikalso, the iso's might be released late in the evening or at night if you're located in Europe11:08
Deano59I'm in the UK.11:09
Maikat least if i remember correct11:09
Deano59I can wait :) just want to test it on a PI4.11:09
MaikDeano59: stick around, we'll let you know when it's out11:09
BluesKajHi all11:37
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hungrygenerationSo I can send emails with the mail command from command line but when I try to send emails externally with SMTP I am getting the message, "The Server refused to allow a connection on port 587." Do you know what could be going wrong? I am just trying to set up a server to send mail not receive it. I have set it up as loopback and even set up12:11
hungrygenerationopendkim. Ports are open on the router and the firewall. Thanks so much!!12:11
bertptrsHello, can some one help me? I'm looking for where is the PATH set for postinst and similar scripts in deb packages. It seems that it no longer includes /usr/local/bin as of 20.04, whereas it previously did12:12
bertptrsWeird thing is that the path is different depending on whether you're installing a package via `apt install ./foo.deb` or `dpkg -i foo.deb`12:24
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hotsoup Hey all. I have a question about VPN configuration on 20.04. Is their a way to configure a VPN connection immediately on connecting to a specific SSID? I vaguely remember doing this with Mate but not sure.12:56
ubottuno, it is not yet out. Patience...12:59
nualaoh VPN question? I got one too. Using openvpn on 20.04 and... 'it does not work' :D  Admin has send me a few files: A .ovpn file which should provide an 'import this and everthing works' solution but I do not know where. So I've set it up manually via Network GUI: Password with Certificates (TLS), added all the passwords, .crt files and disabled IPv6. However I still can not seem to connect. Admin asked me if13:43
nualaI have a firewall running (not unless there's something by default enabled on 20.04?) because they suspect VPN server wants to 'bind' but doesn't get a positive response. I have never used VPN before and don't even know where to look for additional info/log files.13:43
Mad_HatI believe the default openvpn log goes to syslog, try   grep "vpn" /var/log/syslog13:48
Mad_Hatand see what's in there13:48
leftyfbnuala: open network settings, under VPN, click the +, then click import from file13:48
luna_Ubuntu 20.10 release day and my sisters birthday :p13:52
nualaMad_Hat: theres a lot to investigate thanks!  And def a lot of thanks to leftyfb !! Dunno how I missed that button. Imported config is different from what we set up. So I'll investigate further!13:54
nualathanks a lot again!13:54
Enchanter_timhi, can I ask a question about deploying openstack using juju here?14:05
leftyfbEnchanter_tim: you might be better off in #juju14:15
ubottuno, it is not yet out. Patience...14:18
leftyfbDeano59: please stop. Please join #ubuntu-release-party for that14:19
Deano59leftyfb: the bot isn't in that channel so...14:19
leftyfbmaybe there's a reason for that. Either way, that might be the best place to find out when it's out. Everyone there is watching mirrors like a hawk14:20
Deano59the bot is here for a reason too, to check if it's released. :)14:20
Deano59otherwise it would state nothing..14:21
leftyfbDeano59: please join #ubuntu-release-party for the best method to find out when it's released. Please stop using the bot here to check when it's out.14:21
Deano59leftyfb: am I breaking rules by checking? :)14:23
hggdhDeano59: you are adding noise. If you want to, you can '/msg ubottu !isitoutyet'. This will get a response direct to you, not the channel14:25
leftyfbDeano59: being done every hour becomes annoying. It's also not the fastest and best way to determine if/when ubuntu+1 is released. It's one of the last places that gets updated.14:25
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Deano59thanks hggdh :)14:26
Deano59leftyfb: but not breaking *any* rules but k.14:26
lotuspsychjeDeano59: !botabuse is also breaking a rule14:27
Deano59lotuspsychje: abuse? how?14:27
hggdhDeano59: lotuspsychje: not here, please14:27
DocMorsI  just came accross a Mate 18.04.4 that didn't seem to have changeme available in any repo. I checked the Ubuntu site and it will appear that it should be there. Does anyone know why this could be?. It's not really important but my brother wanted to use it to scan his home network, he has some dodgy web cams.14:28
lordcirthDocMors, I don't understand your question. What is your native language? There are channels for other languages14:31
ioriaDocMors, available only on focal not bionic14:32
leftyfbDocMors: looks like it was removed in 18.04 and is available in 20.1014:32
DocMorsioria, thanks!14:32
leftyfboh right, it's in 20.04 as well14:32
ioriaDocMors, np14:33
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pmarreckSo if 20.10 is supposed to release "today", what does that mean as far as when exactly lol15:57
ash_worksiis there a shortcut key to dismiss notifications?15:58
xtaowhen tech things say "today" i usually assume US west coast15:58
leftyfbpmarreck: please join #ubuntu-release-party. It'll more than likely be announced there when it is finally released15:59
leftyfbpmarreck: to be clear, there is never a set time in any timezone that it will be released. It will be released when it is ready.15:59
ograwell, it will be released before the day ends in the very last timezone16:00
jcrawfordHello everyone, we are using docker with ubuntu and laravel and supervisor.  I am trying to reference an environment variable within supervisor.conf however, when the process is started it cannot seem to find the environment variable.  Our dockerfile executes a shell script so in there I have . .env to load laravels environment into the shell, then16:05
jcrawfordI have export WORKER_THREADS=$WORKER_THREADS to try to add it to the system so that supervisor can access it, however this is not working.  I have tried appending it to ./etc/environment and again supervisors process cannot see the variable.  I need a way to set a variable on deployment that will allow for the supervisor process to access the16:05
jcrawfordvariable.  If I export the variable manually in the shell and restart supervisor everything works, however, it fails when doing the same thing through the dockerfile and shell script, anyone have any clues as to what I may try?16:05
Maikpmarreck: when it's ready16:06
pmarreckthanks for the realistic answers, all :) Joined the release party channel.16:06
tpw_ruleshi. i have a machine without a keyboard because it's not necessary for the application it runs. sometimes when i turn it on, grub counts down from 30 seconds before starting the os. other times, grub does not even show up. the timeout is 0 in /etc/default/grub . any idea why?16:08
danielbjcrawford, someone in #docker might be able to help.16:08
mgedmintpw_rules: if grub thinks the previous boot failed for some reason it'll show the menu with a 30 second timeout the next time16:10
leftyfbtpw_rules: did you run update-grub after making the change to the /etc/default/grub?16:11
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tpw_rulesleftyfb: yes. i never changed it actually. it's been like this since i installed the OS16:11
tpw_rulesmgedmin: huh. it never seems to fail to boot16:12
alakxI have a weird problem, my config is here: https://pastebin.com/HqGKe1jN  when i use netplan try and then netplan apply it works. it even creates br0 interface but when i reboot the server then the server won´t get back online16:17
alakxany ideas anyone?16:18
javi404brand new install of ubuntu20.04, gparted doesn't work out of the box? did a apt remove, then apt install, still no luck16:25
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alakxjavi404, by not working you mean it´s not opening in your graphic enviroment?16:26
javi404not opening16:26
javi404looking to see if there is a log somewhere16:26
alakxopen terminal and write for i in $(pgrep -f gparted); do kill -9 "$i"; done ;16:26
alakxand try again16:26
javi404made sure not running16:29
javi404removed with apt16:29
javi404removed in gui16:29
javi404added in gui16:29
javi404click icon16:29
javi404asks for password16:29
slyonalakx: You define the same IP and gateway/default route on br0 and enp4s0... I guess there is a conflict there. Try changing the IPv4 on one of them16:31
javi404alakx: error when trying from terminal: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jy65hXMvgQ/16:31
ubottuDebian bug 955858 in gparted "gparted: does not start, 'unable to init server', tmp.mount does not exist" [Grave,Open]16:32
pavlosjavi404: can you run xclock from the terminal?16:34
javi404apperently it's an issue with wayland16:34
javi404let me check pavlos16:34
javi404xclock works16:34
javi404down the rabbit hole i go16:35
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tomreynjavi404: please make sure you point out when you are using non-default configurations (such as xwayland rather than xorg, the default for ubuntu  20.04 LTS)17:00
DumbLDoorGreetings all, I did a partial upgrade to ubuntu 20.10 early morning. I guess it is still the beta version.17:02
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | DumbLDoor: correct, please17:03
ubottuDumbLDoor: correct, please: Groovy Gorilla is the codename for Ubuntu 20.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.17:03
tomreyn*please note17:03
DumbLDoortomreyn and ubottu: ty17:04
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en1gmawhat channel is for ubuntu 201.10 release?17:25
mgedminit's still about 180 years before ubuntu 201.10 is out17:32
clarkkHow can I allow a non root user to change network routes?  I need to allow a normal user to start a openvpn tunnel to a remote host18:12
pmarreck2 questions: 1) when does zfsonlinux 2.0 (the one with zstd and persistent L2ARC) get into Ubuntu? 20.10 or a later version? 2) Is Wayland the default in 20.10? I didn't see an option on login to pick which compositor I wanted.18:15
mgedminclarkk: I don't recall the network manager openvpn plugin ever asking me for elevated privileges?18:18
mgedminpmarreck: the option shows up in the menu on a little circular icon on the bottom-right corner in gdm that shows up after you type your username and press Enter18:19
pmarreckWell hidden, will look for it18:19
mgedminpmarreck: I'm still on 20.04, but I haven't heard about switching to wayland by default, so I think the default remains xorg18:19
mgedminone day I'll figure out how to change the login session for the autologin user18:20
clarkkmgedmin, I'm using openvpn from the command line.  So, what plugin do you recommend?  network-manager-openvpn  or  network-manager-openvpn-gnome ?  I'm on 18.0418:20
mgedminclarkk: I've both packages installed; I can enable/disable the VPN from the command line with 'nmcli con up/down MyVpnConnectionName'18:22
mgedminclarkk: I don't know if it's possible to set it up from the command line, I just imported my .ovpn file from the gui18:22
clarkkmgedmin, ok, I'll try that. thanks :)18:22
mgedminalthough nmcli --help shows some import/export options meant for VPN configuration18:22
mgedminfinally there's always the option to drop into a root shell and edit files in /etc/NetworkManager, where the configuration actually lives; but it's easier if you have a working file to copy18:23
pnwiseWhere is the xorg config with nvidia?18:32
pnwiseI want to try overclock my monitor18:33
pnwiseWith this - https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Guide-to-Nvidia-monitor-overclocking-on-Linux18:33
craigbass76When I'm looking in Nautilus (I think that's the equivalent of old-fashioned Windows File Manager) I can see SMB shares. How do I get to them from a command line?18:33
javi404tomreyn: wayland is default in ubuntu 2018:34
craigbass76^^ Nautilus there meaning whatever Ubuntu's GUI file browser is.18:34
mgedminis there a script or something to print the codenames of still-supported ubuntu releases?18:35
mgedminI get tired of googling every time18:35
oft_gegonganyone ever tried putting a linux live ISO onto an SD card and booting from it?18:38
oft_gegongbecause I want to try it but I'm 95%lazy to learn new things.18:39
pnwiseMy question is about ubuntu 18.0418:40
mgedminoft_gegong: usb key not sd card, but yes (and htis requires the linux live iso to support hybrid booting, which ubuntu live isos do)18:42
oft_gegongmgedmin, OK I do liveUSBs. My computer has an SD port.18:43
adam0000345hi everyone, question18:45
adam0000345when I run this in grub recovery18:45
adam0000345grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz〈...tab here!...〉.efi.signed root=UUID=〈the UUID from above〉18:45
adam0000345with the proper info filled in18:45
adam0000345things seem to hang or freeze18:45
adam0000345anything I can do?18:45
oft_gegongdo it right and it should work18:46
oft_gegongyou're doing something 100% wrong. what's the error message?18:46
adam0000345I did? I have the following, linux /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-42-generic root=UUID=434f03db-3fdd-4780-afa6-0367b1ef9be918:47
adam0000345oft_gegong following guide here18:47
adam0000345I get no error message18:47
adam0000345it just hangs or gets frozen18:47
oft_gegongadam0000345, have you tried booting into ubuntu and then hitting 'e' to edit and copying some of that into your boot command?18:47
adam0000345I cannot boot into ubuntu18:48
adam0000345its why I am doing the grub off the live usb18:48
adam0000345with c18:48
oft_gegongwell I mean not the "boot into ubuntu" but "boot into grub's menu"18:48
adam0000345oft_gegong I am using that guide and this guide18:48
pavlosadam0000345: can you try boot-repair ?18:49
adam0000345before I try other things is there a reason why that command hangs?18:49
adam0000345I am following the guide18:49
adam0000345as oft_gegong mentioned, it should work18:49
kre10hey guys, I hope I found you well. Can you please help me with something? I want to remove " from one txt file. For example:18:50
kre10#EXTINF:-1, chetvartak18:51
kre10#EXTINF:-1, petak18:51
pavloskre10: do you know how to use nano the editor?18:51
weretav1aHi All, so I ran into the weirdest issue I have ever ran into yesterday. I was trying to do an edit on an image (change some shades to make it darker in GIMP). I Found that when I saved it, the image appeared in image viewer and google chrome, as the old, pre edited version. (I compared the colors to make sure I was not going insane with gpick) Then I tried to use the screenshot capture utility to take a picture of the image in gimp (figuring this18:51
weretav1awould mitigate any kind of image format / color space issue) yet STILL in image viewer and chrome the colors were significantly different! I eventually found that if I viewed in firefox, or gwenview, it was correct. So I told my friend to please view the image in firefox. Like, uhh, what the heck is going on here?18:51
adam0000345should I just let it hang?18:51
adam0000345maybe it is doing something18:51
mgedminweretav1a: color profiles maybe?18:52
mgedminimage files can declare their colorspace; image viewers might or might not do the conversion to your monitor's colorspace18:52
kre10hey there pavlos, yes I know, but there's 20~ txt files with 1125812958812 " :)  That's why I'm asking for bash or something18:52
pavloskre10: you did not mention that and I cannot click on that http18:53
weretav1amgedmin: i'm not sure what that is, should it make the image look different in different programs? How can I be sure that the artist I am sending the image to, sees the same things I am ?18:54
kre10actually this is not a real address because is on my local network18:54
pavloskre10: so you have 20 txt files and you want to remove a " from each of them18:55
kre1020 txt files with 4182418858 links there - I want to remove a " from each of them18:56
oerheks1how did you put " in a filename?18:57
pavloskre10: can you pastebin a sample of the text file where the change needs to occur?18:57
=== krytarik changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: https://ubottu.com/y/gl | #ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, 20.10 | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here. | IRC info: https://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: https://ubottu.com/y/dl
adam0000345oerheks1 yup just restarted and did everything again, it still hangs18:58
adam0000345any other ways I can boot into my ubuntu OS from grub18:59
adam0000345that is all I am trying to do18:59
adam0000345it seems like it freezes whenever I run that command18:59
kre10pavlos https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SYdCH29hvZ/19:00
random1Hey im confused on something https://www.osradar.com/guide-to-initial-server-setup-on-ubuntu-20-04/ . It asks me after I create a SSH key to "copy the new public key .ssh/id_rsa.pub file data to server ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. For convenience, you can also run the following command."  This is for creating a server for Wordpress. I originally19:01
random1made a sysadmin user for this. Now am i supposed to add this key to the sysadmin user or keep it under my current user?19:01
oft_gegongadam0000345, you need to use your own UUID19:01
adam0000345oft_gegong I did twice19:01
pavloskre10: so the dr" needs to become dr19:01
adam0000345I get it by running ls -l (hd2,gpt2)19:01
adam0000345where my home/adam directory is19:02
oft_gegongadam0000345, hmmm are you sure (hd2,gpt2) is the proper partition?19:02
adam0000345it is the only partition that this works on19:02
adam0000345grub> ls (hd2,gpt2)/homejason/19:02
adam0000345instead of getting json19:02
adam0000345I get Adam19:02
adam0000345so I am pretty sure19:03
kre10pavlos yes, exactly19:03
oft_gegongadam0000345, *faints* (this problem is too hard. i can't solve it....*fake dies*)19:03
oft_gegongadam0000345, the partition you want is the one with /boot/ on it19:03
adam0000345yup I have boot on it19:04
adam0000345that is the correct partition19:04
adam0000345the hd2, gpt2 is the one with boot on it19:04
oft_gegongbut you said it was the /home/ partition19:04
adam0000345no when I do this (hd2,gpt2)/home19:04
adam0000345I get adam19:04
adam0000345if I do (hd2,gpt2)/boot19:04
adam0000345I get efi/ grub/ etc19:05
oft_gegongoh ok19:05
oft_gegongI wonder why grub freezes instead of giving an error message.19:06
pavloskre10: sed 's/dr"/dr/g' file > newfile                  sed will search for dr" and replace it with dr in file and the output will be newfile19:06
adam0000345exactly my thoughts too19:08
adam0000345is there anything else I can do?19:08
adam0000345I have ubuntu installed on the hard drive19:08
adam0000345can I use the usb live stick to get into it somehow?19:08
oft_gegongmkdir hero; sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb3 hero; chroot hero; grub #?19:11
oft_gegongadam0000345, I'm guessing19:12
kre10pavlos thank you!19:12
kre10sed: can't read evrocom_new.m3u: No such file or directory19:13
kre10after sed 's/dr"/dr/g' evrokom.m3u evrocom_new.m3u19:13
pavloskre10: you forgot > before the newfile19:13
kre10Thank you so so much, pavlos :)  I really appreciate it!19:14
pavloskre10: no worries19:14
random1Hey im confused on something https://www.osradar.com/guide-to-initial-server-setup-on-ubuntu-20-04/ . It asks me after I create a SSH key to "copy the new public key .ssh/id_rsa.pub file data to server ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. For convenience, you can also run the following command."  This is for creating a server for Wordpress. I originally19:14
random1made a sysadmin user for this. Now am i supposed to add this key to the sysadmin user or keep it under my current user?19:14
random1btw #wordpress told me its off topic. So not sure where else to ask for help on this -_-19:15
kre10do you have any idea how to do this for 20~ files? something like bash?19:15
kre10pavlos for 20~ files with the same dr" string19:17
mgedminrandom1: do you plan to ssh wordpress@your-vps? if so, put our id_rsa.pub in /home/wordpress/.ssh/authorized_keys19:17
mgedminrandom1: if you plan to ssh someotheruser@your-vps, then put id_rsa.pub in /home/someotheruser/.ssh/authorized_keys19:18
random1mgedmin: I believe so. Im new to this. The wordpress tutorial told me to create a user thats non root. So im assuming this goes in the non-root user correct ?19:18
random1for security reasons19:18
pavloskre10: are all the files ending in .m3u19:20
random1mgedmin: ah i get it. thank you :)19:20
kre10pavlos yes19:20
kre10like the one I have sent to you19:20
pavloskre10: for f in *.m3u ; do  tr -d '"' < $f > new$f ; done                          this will change FILE as newFILE.m3u is that ok?19:27
pavloskre10: if you want the new file to be FILE_new.m3u it needs more work19:27
kre10it's perfect! Let me try :)19:27
kre10pavlos it works great on my end, but can I overwrite the old files with the new ones?19:29
ash_worksiif there's a better channel let me know, but does anyone know if there's a way to hide input fields when running expect programs?19:32
ash_worksiexpect scripts*19:33
pavloskre10: here's an updated version, first it creates newfile, then removes file, and moves newfile to file    (take a backup of that dir, just in case)19:37
pavloskre10: for f in *.m3u ; do  tr -d '"' < $f > new$f ; rm -f $f; mv -f new$f $f ; done19:37
kre10pavlos thank you sooooooooooo much! Really, thank you!!!19:41
kre10this is exacly what I was looking for19:42
pavloskre10: instead of sed, I used tr to delete (-d) one character '"'19:44
kre10what is the difference?19:45
kre10I mean I have tr and sed installed on ubuntu 20, so it's not a problem, right?19:45
pavloskre10: both good tools in UNIX/Linux19:46
kre10Got it! once again, thank you so much for everything!19:47
pavloskre10: np19:47
leftyfbpavlos: kre10: for f in *.m3u ; do mv $f new${f//\"};done19:58
leftyfbactually: for f in *.m3u ; do mv $f ${f//\"};done20:00
leftyfbnot sure why we're moving then deleting then moving back20:00
Batzyif i ssh into a server to setup an ssh tunnel... will the tunnel get killed if i close my first ssh session?20:05
Batzyif so how do i get around that?20:05
leftyfbBatzy: setup autossh on the server20:06
Batzygot it20:06
Batzyi saw that on stackexchange20:06
pavlosleftyfb: kre10 wanted to remove a single " from all his files and replace them in-place. I opted for the simple solution to make a newfile, remove the oldfile, and rename the newfile back to the oldfile. There are more ways to do this.20:07
kre10It's perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for :>20:08
javi404is using someones SUDO wrapper my only option? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gparted/+bug/172654520:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1726545 in gparted (Ubuntu) "Gparted not working in Wayland Ubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:08
leftyfbkre10: for f in *.m3u ; do mv $f ${f//\"};done20:08
kre10leftyfb mv: 'travel_channel.m3u' and 'travel_channel.m3u' are the same file20:09
leftyfbkre10: for f in *.m3u ; do mv $f ${f//\"} 2>/dev/null;done20:09
leibniz[m]dmesg is spamming me about CPU1: Package temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 3090) every few seconds but temp is actually around 55 everytime20:49
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bumblefuzzso, I have a weird problem21:29
bumblefuzzI store backups of my password manager on a different drive than my boot drive21:30
bumblefuzzup till now, I've just manually mounted the drive at every boot to access my passwords21:30
bumblefuzzand it works fine21:30
bumblefuzzhowever, I recently tried to set an fstab entry to automount the drive at boot21:31
bumblefuzzthe line looks like this:21:31
bumblefuzzUUID=14D82C19D82BF81E /data    auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 021:31
bumblefuzzthe automount worked perfectly21:31
bumblefuzzall the other files on that drive are accessible and readable21:31
bumblefuzzhowever, when I attempt to access my password database using the master password, it fails21:32
bumblefuzzit says I have the incorrect password21:32
bumblefuzzto confirm it was the fstab entry, I reverted the fstab file21:32
bumblefuzzrebooted, then manually mounted the drive21:33
bumblefuzzand it unlocked just fine21:33
bumblefuzzso, there's something screwy with how that fstab entry mounts the drive that prevents me from unlocking my password manager21:33
bumblefuzzand I can't figure out what it is21:33
bumblefuzzdoes anyone here have any ideas?21:34
sarnoldbumblefuzz: what command line do you use to mount it by hand?21:35
bumblefuzzactually I don't mount it via cli21:35
bumblefuzzI use the file manager21:35
bumblefuzzbut I do mount it 'manually' in the file manager21:36
bumblefuzzit doesn't automount at boot21:36
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sarnoldwhat mount flags does the file manager / udisks2 etc pick for you?21:37
bumblefuzzI was just wondering that21:37
bumblefuzzI have no idea how to check21:37
TJ-bumblefuzz: when you mount via file-manager that uses udisks which mounts it owned user account (to /media/$USER/14D82C19D82BF81E) - when you do it via fstab it's owned by root21:40
bumblefuzz'cat /proc/mounts' shows:21:41
TJ-bumblefuzz: presumably it is a FAT32 file-system so doesn't contain owner attributes, so the OS uses the mounting user's details, and I'd further presume that the password manager file is owned by 'root' and only accessible to 'root' when you mount via fstab21:41
bumblefuzzthat's the output of 'cat /proc/mount'21:43
bumblefuzz...for the partition of interest21:43
bumblefuzzshould I just use that in the fstab?21:44
sarnoldbumblefuzz: I think taking all those flags and the type is probably a reasonable approach21:47
bumblefuzzok, I just added that line to the fstab21:47
TJ-bumblefuzz: ahhh, it's NTFS, and you would use "allow_other" -- see "man mount.ntfs"21:47
bumblefuzzand tried 'sudo mount -a'21:47
bumblefuzzI used UUID=75EE1B32138477A2 /home/user/2TB fuseblk rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096 0 021:48
bumblefuzzand it gives the following error:21:49
bumblefuzzmount: /home/user/2TB: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.21:49
TJ-bumblefuzz: why not just allow udisks to mount it?21:50
bumblefuzzI want it to automount at boot21:50
sarnoldbumblefuzz: *maybe* it needs to be 'fuse' instead of 'fuseblk'? I'm not sure :/ I have'nt done fuse things in ages21:50
TJ-bumblefuzz: oh, yeah, you did say :D21:50
bumblefuzzthe odd thing is those flags are the ones used by the file manager21:50
bumblefuzz...at least according to 'cat /proc/mount'21:51
bumblefuzzwhy would it suddenly throw an error with the same flags?21:51
TJ-the file-system type should be 'fuse' - mount will call the mount.fuse helper program21:53
TJ-bumblefuzz: try " sudo mount -t fuse -o rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096 /dev/sdb1 /home/user/2TB"21:54
summonneraren't you supposed to use id/gid >=1000 for fuse mounts? I remember reading that a few years ago21:55
bumblefuzzwhy am I using sudo mount?21:55
bumblefuzzI'm trying to add an fstab entry for automounting21:55
TJ-bumblefuzz: that's a manual command to test if the file-system type and options work correctly21:56
TJ-bumblefuzz: if it works, you can use those same values in fstab21:56
bumblefuzzit said permission denied21:57
TJ-summonner: uid/gid should be orthogonal to which file-system type is used21:57
bumblefuzzI'm lost now21:57
bumblefuzzwhy would a sudo command yield 'permission denied'??21:57
TJ-bumblefuzz: any clues in "journalctl -k -n 20" (that's the kernel log)21:58
summonnerah? okay. I also thought that fuse allowed users to mount into their own userspace. so if you're using fuse and you're using sudo, wouldn't that contradict the process? ignore me if I'm not helping :D21:58
bumblefuzzTJ-, no clues just UFW entries21:59
TJ-summonner: fuse is simply File System In User Space - not related to user ids21:59
TJ-bumblefuzz: ok, well in the fstab, try using "fuse" not "fuseblk" as the type21:59
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bumblefuzzthrows an error but this time it's a different one: permission denied22:00
bumblefuzzsame as the sudo command22:00
TJ-so does the device or mountpoint exist ?22:01
bumblefuzzthe mountpoint exists and has been given permssions 77722:01
bumblefuzzand the device exists... I can mount it right now through the file manager22:02
bumblefuzzthis is very confusing to me22:02
TJ-bumblefuzz: do your mount options include "allow_root" ?22:03
bumblefuzzin the fstab?22:03
TJ-as part of the mount options, yes22:03
bumblefuzzI don't think so22:05
bumblefuzzis that safe?22:05
bumblefuzzmounting it as root22:06
TJ-you're already doing that!22:06
bumblefuzzthen why would allow root change anything?22:07
bumblefuzzwell I added it anyway and it said permission denied22:07
TJ-see "man 8 mount.fuse" and the explanation of 'user_allow_other' in /etc/fuse.conf and the mount options 'allow_other' and 'allow_root'22:07
TJ-to use that you NEED user_allow_other in /etc/fuse.conf, as the man page explains22:08
bumblefuzzI'm very lost22:08
bumblefuzzI don't understand fuse or any of this22:08
bumblefuzzI just want to autmount the drive22:08
RadSurferare there any text editors for Linux that handle highlighting Columns of text/numbers?22:08
TJ-RadSurfer: vim does22:09
sarnoldRadSurfer: I use ^V for 'visual block' selection in vim often22:09
sarnoldRadSurfer: depending upon what you're trying to do, you may be able to use theterminal, too; urxvt lets you do a rectangular block selection with alt+mouse drag22:10
RadSurferwow! vim worked better than I imagined!22:11
bumblefuzzto backtrack, is 'cat /proc/mounts' the correct way to view how a drive is currently mounted?22:12
bumblefuzzmaybe these flags weren't the correct flags to start with?22:12
bumblefuzzbecause 'cat /proc/mounts' also shows a line for gvfsd-fuse22:13
bumblefuzzmaybe mounting with fuseblk just acts as a pointer?22:14
bumblefuzzand we have to go through gvfsd fuse somehow?22:14
bumblefuzzI don't understand fuse...22:15
compdocbumblefuzz, if you always mount the same drive, maybe fstab is the way to go22:15
RadSurferpressing ESCAPE is not giving me "insert" of standard vim prompt! what do I do here?22:15
sarnoldRadSurfer: escape should cause you to leave insert mode if you were in it22:17
bumblefuzzcompdoc, I'm trying to create an fstab entry... that's the problem22:19
compdocthen you should use the UUID for the drive22:22
compdocmatch the entries in fstab, so the dirve never fails to mount22:22
sarnoldbumblefuzz: can you use an ext4 or zfs formatted drive instead? :)22:23
bumblefuzzzok, I just tried this entry22:25
bumblefuzzzUUID=75EE1B32138477A2 /home/user/2TB fuse user,noauto 0 022:25
bumblefuzzzand 'sudo mount -a' gave no errors22:26
bumblefuzzzhowever, upon reboot the drive doesn't appear to be mounted22:26
compdocyou use fuse?22:26
notrealAfter installing Ubuntu Base from scratch in vmware, my filesystem is read-only...and I am getting the following kernel message:22:26
notreal[sda] Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, doesnt support DPO or FUA22:26
bumblefuzzzI used the line above22:26
compdocis it a hard drive youre mounting?22:27
TJ-bumblefuzzz: "noauto" means it won't be auto mounted at startup, or using "mount -a", only "mount /home/user/2TB" or similar (referring to it specifically) will cause it to mount22:27
bumblefuzzzTJ-, what about:22:29
bumblefuzzzUUID=75EE1B32138477A2 /home/user/2TB fuse auto,nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 022:29
compdocis that working?22:30
bumblefuzzzit says permission denied22:30
bumblefuzzzbut it seems to attempt it22:30
compdocwhat filesysem is the dirve formatted with?22:30
TJ-compdoc: NTFS22:30
bumblefuzzzI dual boot ubuntu and windows22:31
TJ-compdoc: at least, I deduced that from the UUID size and earlier mount options22:31
bumblefuzzzand I need a drive that I can pass stuff between machines22:31
bumblefuzzzhow do I check, formally, the formatting?22:31
compdocI dont think you should use fuse22:32
bumblefuzzzdf -T shows "fuseblk"22:32
bumblefuzzzeverything already works22:34
bumblefuzzzI just need it to automount22:34
bumblefuzzzok, it's NTFS22:36
compdocThat doesnt look like a good UUID number, unless its weird because of ntfs22:37
bumblefuzzzI think it is22:37
bumblefuzzzand the UUID is good22:37
bumblefuzzzit's the UUID used when mounting from the file manager22:38
bumblefuzzzit's also the UUID given in22:38
bumblefuzzzsudo blkid22:38
compdocon another topic, I'm getting an error at login asking to report a problem ubuntu had, but it gives no other info. what log should I check?22:38
compdocuuid for fstab is usually longer and has dashes22:39
Bashing-ombumblefuzzz: 'sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' The switch "-c /dev/null" ensures the command is not using any cached values and polls all of your hardware directly. The "-o list" switch is an option to order the output for easier reading.22:40
Bashing-omcompdoc: Did you check /var/crash/ ?22:41
compdocI will22:41
bumblefuzzI've gotten a bit further22:44
bumblefuzzthis fstab line works: UUID=75EE1B32138477A2 /home/user/2TB ntfs auto,nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 022:44
bumblefuzzbut there's one little snag22:45
bumblefuzzthe owner and group are root22:45
bumblefuzzpermissions are 77722:45
Bashing-ombumblefuzzz: You want to tell the kernel it is NTFS file system - mount option " ntfs-3g " ; see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions .22:46
Bashing-ombumblefuzz: A working example: " UUID=ABCDEFGHIJKLKLMNOP /media/Windows ntfs-3g defaults,auto,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002 0 0 "22:47
basenodedoes using full-disk encryption prevent me from deleting files/directories from sublime text?22:48
bumblefuzzzBashing-om, ntfs and ntfs-3g both seem to work as far as mounting goes22:48
bumblefuzzzthe problem now is that the password manager will not open with the correct password22:49
bumblefuzzzI believe this is, somehow, a permissions issue22:49
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bumblefuzzzownership of the file is root22:49
bumblefuzzzso, to be clear, the fstab entry 'works'22:50
bumblefuzzzthe partition automounts at boot22:50
bumblefuzzzfiles on the drive are readable at the correct mountpoint22:51
TJ-bumblefuzzz: so the file modes presumably limit other users from reading the file?22:51
bumblefuzzzmy password manager fails to open with the correct password22:51
bumblefuzzzTJ-, I'm not entirely sure at this point22:51
bumblefuzzzas far as I can tell the only difference is the owner22:52
bumblefuzzzpermissions are 77722:52
bumblefuzzzbut the owner is now root22:53
TJ-owner won't affect it, if permissions are 777 (rwxrwxrwx)22:53
bumblefuzzzyou say that22:53
bumblefuzzzand I thought as much22:54
bumblefuzzzbut the correct password fails to open the password manager22:54
TJ-are you sure this isn't about the password containing characters in the Windows charset that is different to what you've got set in Ubuntu?22:54
bumblefuzzzhowever, when mounting through the file manager instead, it opens just fine22:54
TJ-is the password pure ASCII 7-bit or uses some non ASCII characters?22:54
bumblefuzzzpure ASCII22:55
TJ-file manager uses udisks, which'll presumably ensure the mountpoint (under /media/$USER/) is owned by $USER, whereas using fstab it'll likely be owned by root22:56
TJ-I think you're hitting an idiosyncracy of fuse22:57
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nickgreally dumb question but i'm stuck.  how do I upgrade but stay in the same major release? ie 16.04.1 to 16.04.7  not 18.04 or 20.0423:28
ash_worksifrom home i have to ssh to a hostname, when I'm at work, I have to ssh via 10.... internal IP. Is there a way for me to configure 1 connection in .ssh/config that'll try one and then the other (or in some other way know which one to use)?23:31
sarnoldnickg: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade23:31
sarnoldnickg: if you want to move to the HWE kernels, you can do that too ..23:31
ash_worksiokay thanks everyone23:39
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bumblefuzzso, I just restarted my machine23:46
bumblefuzzand I'm missing an audio controller23:47
bumblefuzzhow the hell does an entire audio device go missing on a simple restart?23:47
bumblefuzzcan someone help?23:47
bumblefuzzI have no idea how to fix this23:47
karainierHey gang. I thought I had a pretty good handle on permissions, but apparently I'm thick.23:50
karainierRunning transmission through a vpn user for split tunneling, and I can't not get permissions to work for my downloads dir23:51
bumblefuzzjust do chmod after it downloads?23:51
karainierI can't the user to write to downloads or even crack a log file23:53
karainierI can mkdir as the user, modify files, etc... but if the daemon tries, no touchy23:54
karainierproof of permissions, daemon user23:59

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