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DarxusOkay, so, I created this ppa, which worked yesterday, and people have been excited about:  https://code.launchpad.net/~darxus/+archive/ubuntu/linux-firmware-amdgpu-daily https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxhardware/comments/jg6ivb/i_created_a_ppa_to_automatically_upgrade_amd/g9qy88n/14:19
DarxusIt starts with the ubuntu linux-firmware package, merges in a delete of the amdgpu directory, then nest-parts the amdgpu directory from upstream.  That merge to delete seems extremely messy.  And the same merge does not work with groovy, because it's trying to delete updated versions.  Can we just have a delete command for recipes?  Pass the argument to rm -rf?  This seems like a common problem, with an14:26
Darxusobvious solution.14:27
Darxusrun?  There's a run?!  I can just run a command?  Why is that not on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes?14:41
Darxus"Error parsing recipe:3:1: The 'run' instruction is forbidden."14:44
DarxusYou're just making my life hard on purpose, right?14:44
tomwardillDarxus: sorry, we've been opening the release for the HH series, so I've been moderately distracted today14:48
tomwardillwe don't allow run, as recipe builds shouldn't allow code execution in the build farm14:49
tomwardillunfortunately, I'm also not very good with recipe packaging so don't have an ideal solution for you (our team member who I'd usually ask is on leave today)14:49
Darxustomwardill: I appreciate the response.  I totally understand being distracted today.  And I can understand not allowing run.  Do you think there is any harm in having a delete?14:52
DarxusI think I just had a build failure that might be related to changes in the launchpad build system today.  One of my automated builds just failed.  The linux-firmware package I'm basing it on, upstream, and the repo I'm merging to delete haven't changed.  The only recipe change was in package versioning.  And the failure seems unrelated to anything I've done.15:19
Darxusinstall: cannot stat '/<<BUILDDIR>>/linux-firmware-1.187.3+20201023~ubuntu20.04.1/debian/linux-firmware/lib/firmware/atmel_at76c504_2958.bin': No such file or directory15:19
tomwardillthere's been no code changes to the LP or the builders today, so that's interesting15:23
DarxusI'm still digging....15:25
DarxusYup, I was mistaken.  That was a different recipe that automatically failed to build.  Sorry.15:56
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cjwatsonDarxus: Honestly I think you might be better off uploading source packages directly rather than using recipes; they aren't necessarily intended to cover all possibilities16:58
cjwatsonDarxus: Recipes are an optional add-on to PPAs, not the only way to do it16:58
Darxuscjwatson: Weird, I think recipes are amazing.22:37
cjwatsonDarxus: They're definitely useful in a lot of cases, but I do sometimes see people running off the edge of their capabilities and the barrier to extending them is pretty high23:00

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