jameshwe got https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/-/merge_requests/1508 merged01:20
callmepkgoood morning01:47
callmepkAlso morning jamesh 01:48
jameshmorning callmepk 01:50
dufluMorning callmepk, jamesh 03:02
duflujamesh, that mutter bug didn't close automatically (?)03:03
dufluAh that's because the fix is not on master03:06
callmepkmorning duflu 03:15
jameshduflu: it sounds like they want to actively disable the abstract socket for 4.0.  If they do, I hope they do it for GDM launching Xorg too, so this doesn't turn into an Xorg vs. Wayland compat issue03:29
duflujamesh, the good news is that this is rare. I am only aware of two other bugs where they landed fixes in branches but not master03:35
jameshduflu: I was going by Jonas's comments in the merge request03:36
seb128goood morning desktopers05:30
dufluMorning seb128 05:56
jibelGood morning all06:12
dufluHi jibel 06:14
jibelHi duflu 06:14
seb128hey duflu, jibel , how are you?06:17
seb128lut oSoMoN , comment ça va ?06:17
dufluseb128, going OK other than family issues I won't discuss here. Happy Friday anyway. How are you seb128?06:17
seb128I'm alright thanks06:18
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:20
oSoMoNsalut seb128, ça va bien, et toi?06:21
dufluHi oSoMoN 06:21
oSoMoNno hangover from release party? ;)06:21
marcustomlinsonjamesh: awesome! very well done!06:27
marcustomlinsonand good morning jamesh callmepk duflu seb128 jibel and oSoMoN06:27
marcustomlinsoncongrats to all for another great release06:27
oSoMoNgood morning marcustomlinson 06:28
dufluMorning marcustomlinson 06:35
didrocksgood morning07:02
dufluMorning didrocks 07:02
didrockshey duflu 07:02
dufluAnd gitlab goes down. Perfect time of week for me to stop looking at it :)07:03
marcustomlinsonmorning didrocks07:03
didrockshey marcustomlinson 07:03
callmepkhey marcustomlinson and good morning/afternoon seb128 jibel SoMoN didrocks 07:12
didrocksgood afternoon callmepk 07:14
jibelsalut callmepk marcustomlinson didrocks seb128 oSoMoN 07:15
jibelça va bien merci :)07:15
didrockssalut jibel 07:27
jibelhola Laney 08:05
dufluHi Laney08:06
didrocks999hey Laney 08:07
Laneyyo jibel duflu didrocks999 08:07
Laneyhappy friday to you08:07
ricotzgood morning desktopers08:07
marcustomlinsonhey ricotz08:09
marcustomlinsonhey Laney08:09
Laneyyo yo marcustomlinson 08:16
seb128hey Laney, marcustomlinson, ricotz, how are you?08:21
marcustomlinsonseb128: doing well thank you. yourself?08:21
seb128marcustomlinson, I'm alright, looking forward the w.e, release week are frustrating to me usually, that one was no exception08:22
seb128I feel like I need a break :)08:22
marcustomlinsonwell deserved08:22
oSoMoNfortunately, release week only lasts… a week :)08:23
seb128yeah, I just wrote an email about it, now I need to think about something else08:24
seb128I just get frustrated because work and discussions happen being closed doors, I wish we would be able to do better as a community08:25
jameshTrevinho: kenvandine suggested I get your help with getting the Mutter Wayland fix released to groovy.  We basically just need the two patches from https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/-/merge_requests/1508, which have been reviewed and merged upstream to the gnome-3-38 branch.09:32
Trevinhojamesh: ok09:35
Trevinhojamesh: do you have the ubuntu bug handy? as I don't find it anymore09:38
jameshTrevinho: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bug/189722409:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1897224 in snapd "Graphical snaps can't run in Gnome 3.38 Wayland sessions (can't open X display)" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:39
Trevinhoduflu: do you have some other cherry-pick you'd be interested before .2?09:45
dufluTrevinho, let me see09:46
TrevinhoI was checking https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bugs?field.tag=fixed-upstream09:46
dufluIf there was anything it would still be under review09:46
dufluLet's see09:46
Trevinhoi'd prefer to be approbed, as we go through debian09:47
Trevinhojamesh: if you can update the bug to be SRU compliant... :)09:48
dufluTrevinho, most things can wait for approval but this one has nothing left to wait for (it needs to be rewritten which doesn't help 3.38 so it's ready now): https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/merge_requests/1395.patch09:48
Trevinhoah that's on shell though, I'm releasing just mutter now09:49
dufluNo problem09:49
dufluTrevinho, the only serious crash fix I have waiting is a regression in 40, not in 3.3809:51
jameshTrevinho: okay09:51
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Trevinhojamesh, kenvandine: mutter with the snap fix queued: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/503299427/mutter_3.38.1-2ubuntu1_source.changes11:10
KGB-1mutter signed tags ad8b0b7 Marco Trevisan ubuntu/3.38.1-2ubuntu1 * mutter Debian release 3.38.1-2ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/jYIs11:10
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master 68f9aa8 Marco Trevisan * pushed 9 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3ZipU11:11
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master 77ea692 Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/patches/ series Revert-wayland-Drop-Xwayland-abstract-socket.patch wayland-start-Xwayland-on-connection-to-either-public-X11.patch * debian/patches: Wayland start Xwayland on public X11 sockets as well * https://deb.li/3e5bC11:11
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master fb334bd Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/patches/ series window-Don-t-override-tile-monitor.patch * debian/patches: Don't override window tile monitor * https://deb.li/3kYHh11:11
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master e8c034e Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/patches/ series constraints-Use-orig-rectangle-for-interactive-resize.patch window-Do-not-go-past-size-hints-on-resize.patch window-props-Check-for-actual-size-hints-changes.patch * debian/patches: Fix resizing issues * https://deb.li/i735c11:11
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master 8ddb9f1 Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/changelog * Update changelog * https://deb.li/p5Xy11:11
KGB-1mutter ubuntu/master e21b196 Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/changelog * Upload to unstable * https://deb.li/3j7d411:11
marcustomlinsonthanks Trevinho!11:12
hellsworthgood morning desktopers14:46
jibelgood afternoon hellsworth 14:46
jibelhow are you?14:46
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth14:47
hellsworthhey jibel i'm pretty good thanks. you?14:47
hellsworthhey ther oSoMoN 14:47
hellsworthhaha i meant marcustomlinson 14:47
hellsworthyou can tell my coffee hasnt been absorbed yet14:47
jibelhellsworth, I'm good, doing some stats to peacefully wait for the day to end the the week end to start14:48
jibels/the the/and the/14:48
hellsworthright well i hope you have a lovely weekend :)14:48
jibelIt surely will :)14:49
jibelnothing planned yet though14:49
didrocks1hey hellsworth 14:49
hellsworthyeah same here. it's going to snow so maybe play in it?14:49
hellsworthsalut didrocks1 14:50
jibellast time there was snow here was almost 3 years ago14:50
jibeldidrocks1, likes to change nicks. Ranking from 1 to 999, the question is what does the number stands for?14:51
jibelmood, number of bugs squashed, number of lines coded per minute?14:52
hellsworththe number of coffees remining for the day :)14:53
jibelcould be, he often starts at 999 in the morning14:53
hellsworthmakes perfect sense14:54
didrocks1going from 999 to 1 directly though14:54
didrocks1how do you explain that, thus? :p14:54
jibelyeah, and I think this discussion means it's time to end the day :)14:54
jibeldidrocks1, intravenous14:55
didrocks1looks like it! but want to commit, push14:55
luna_Anyone knows when the translation work for Hirsute starts ? 16:38
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oSoMoNluna_, there's usually an announcement on the ubuntu-devel ML when the new series is open for development, and there won't be much to translate before any significant uploads have happened anyway17:40
oSoMoNkenvandine, we should aim at releasing a new version of gtk-common-themes with the last few fixes. What's the process for this? (I assume it involves lots of testing in the candidate channel first)17:44
kenvandineoSoMoN: yes, the yaru folks asked me to wait for an SRU they have for focal first17:46
oSoMoNkenvandine, okay, I'll let you handle it, let me know when it's ready for testing17:47
oSoMoNI'm calling it a day, have a good week-end everyone!18:00

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