alkisgHi, possibly due to overlayfs changes, rsync fails on then 20.10 live CD when /proc isn't mounted. To reproduce:05:42
alkisg# mount --bind / /mnt; chroot /mnt rsync -p /bin/ls .05:42
alkisgrsync: [receiver] failed to set permissions on "/.ls.CDExhu": Operation not supported (95)05:42
alkisgrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 3) at main.c(1330) [sender=3.2.3]05:42
alkisgShould I file a bug report against the kernel or rsync, or is that by design?05:42
alkisgIt's strange that when /proc is mounted, the problem doesn't appear...05:46
LaneyThe primary archive publisher is off for a little bit while we initialise the new series10:09
alkisgAh OK the problem is limited to rsync, it appears to need /proc to be mounted in 20.1010:14
alkisgIt's trying to chmod /proc/self/fd/*10:14
alkisgFiling a bug there...10:15
Hejkkihello. How do i compile a source to .deb applying some settings to the compiler such as enabling libfribidi library on the configuration of the program10:17
Hejkkii already have fetched the esource using apt source10:18
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Hejkkiok, seems like i don't have to. I just need to install the required library -dev package and rebuild the program i want11:02
LaneyPublisher back on, archive should be normalish now12:31
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