wildmanne39krytarik, Thanks I planned to look when I am done with my work for tonight, I just took a break earlier, no I did not just subscribe again, I will have to find out why I did not receive them, I looked in the spam folder earlier too but they were not there00:14
krytarikguiverc: Huh, while I had the feeling earlier that in the 20.10 post the headers are a bit big, I just looked and indeed they are 'h2' instead 'h3' as usual. >_>00:18
guivercI think I did <b3> (instead of <h3>) so it was made heading in editor not my usual mousepad..00:20
krytarikOk, who of us is fixing this now? :P00:22
guivercI can in a bit00:23
krytarikOk, cool.00:23
krytarikGreat, thanks!00:27
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