cranberryHello! I am trying to install a systemd service, but the unit file is causing issues. Would someone mind looking at the unit file and the systemctl enable output? https://pasta.lysergic.dev/?fbe34c06e139f429#AfyrrY7ZhwGadnPMi7YG8AJhGCQBvas274sgP8c8ueAj00:11
cranberryFrom what I know RequiredBy= and Also= and Alias= should not be necessary, at least they werent in the past for me00:11
sarnold(handled elsewhere :)00:55
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lordievaderGood morning07:29
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iceyhey rafaeldtinoco: any progress or anything I can help with regarding the OpenStack package set?11:39
rafaeldtinocoivey: morning! I'm phasing out lots of bugs to someone else as I start in a new project on Monday so I have it in my queue for sometime now. It's is very likely that I'll end up doing it on the weekend. Sorry for the delay there, but end of cycle didn't help much as well.11:49
iceyrafaeldtinoco: thanks for the update! timing so late in the cyclec certainly makes it more difficult!11:57
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haysAWS claims that their AMIs are 'optimized' but even the Linux 2 AMI is super old Centos derivative. is there any way to know how true that claim is compared to a recent Ubuntu LTS image. like--its they are backporting patches into CentOS sure I could see its maybe better than running Centos. But Ubuntu has a much newer kernel.19:42
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bindiboiI have a physical SSD with Ubuntu 18.04 server on it, encrypted with whatever the installation offers you with (luksencrypt?). Is it possible to browse the contents with a windows machine using usb to sata?21:35
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tewardbindi: I don't think Windows can read/decrypt the LUKS encryption since I think that's done with LVM (and Windows doesn't speak LVM)21:37
tewardbindi: so the safe bet is "no" that's not going to be doable with a Windows system21:37
teward(I haven't tested/confirmed though, but this is my 'gut instinct')21:37
sarnoldbindi: probably installing ubuntu into a VM on windows, then using cryptsetup open command ...21:38
bindiI thought about VM, I even thought about booting it physically to reduce the chances messing up (something funky with the usb-to-sata for example)21:39
bindibut it's been a project for over a year now, some nice2have data but not exactly important :D21:39
sarnoldgood job gtting started on outstanding projects :)21:39
bindithen there are utilities like disk2vhd, i wonder if it works with usb to sata21:41
JanCbindi: there are/were implementations of LUKS for (some versions of) Windows23:27
JanCso in theory it might be possible, if they still work with your version of Windows23:27
ratracehello. I have PrintMotd no in sshd_config, and yet ssh connections print all kind of stuff upon login.23:30
mybalzitchdid you hup/restart the ssh daemon?23:31
ratracerebooted even23:31
JanCbindi: https://sourceforge.net/projects/freeotfe.mirror/ might be useful...23:32
sarnoldratrace: it may also be pam_motd(8) or perhaps shell startup scripts23:33
ratraceso how do I shut it up?23:34
sarnoldfirst find out where it's coming from :)23:35
ratraceit's fresh installation of bionic23:35
sarnoldcheck /etc/pam.d/ and /etc/*profile*23:35
ratracelike, litreally fresh I haven't yet put it into ansible's grip23:35
ratraceI commented out the related entries in pam.d/login, but no dice, still appears23:36
sarnoldhrm :( I had hopes for that one23:36
ratraceI don't see anything relevant in any bash rcs23:36
ratraceoh wait, there's more motd crap in pam.d/ssh23:38
ratraceaaah..... precious SILENCE. finally.    that's 3 out of 3. netplan garbaged, snapd sniped.23:39
mybalzitchI hate netplan, such trash23:41
ratraceutter garbage.   now imagine if I put that into ansible config.   Yaml that configures Yaml that configures .ini ..... LOLOLOLOL23:42
ratraceunfortunately the company that hired me wanted ubuntu for this particular server, as otherwise I'd gladly stick Debian onto that. Arleady have plethora of ansible playbooks for Deb23:43

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