jrwrensorry for the tracker flags.16:19
greg-gs'ok, I know how to delete text ;)16:22
greg-gthat window stacking for tiling is pretty neat16:24
_stink_oh wow that is awesome.  is that part of upstream GNOME or something special to pop os?16:34
_stink_i really miss my old tiler, but i just can't justify the setup time because i just fullscreen everything anyway.16:34
greg-gyeah, mostly the same about 80% of the time. But the other 20% would really benefit from tiling16:37
greg-g(eg terminals/file browsers/zimwiki/etc)16:37
jrwrenit is popos17:21
jrwrenthey do their own WM.. or at least their own  default config17:21
_stink_cool thank you17:22
jrwrenoh boy... they coming after youtube-dl19:40
cmaloneyI'll unsub from all of the youtube if they do that19:43
jrwrenyes, and of course /i/ don't have a clone of the repo.19:43
jrwrenthey already did.19:43
jrwrenit is gone from GH.19:43
jrwrenRIAA issued DMCA takedown19:43
cmaloneyFuck the RIAA19:43
jrwrenah: a mirror: https://git.furworks.de/opensourcemirror/youtube-dl19:43
cmaloneychoosy folks use pip19:44
_stink_hah i just threw that into a venv like 3 days ago19:53
jrwrenyes but... source?19:59
_stink_don't tell the RIAA :P20:04
_stink_oh and in case anyone is wondering, i did not know that it was going to get a takedown notice.  it was coincidence20:05
_stink_i've been fiddling with sight impared accessibility stuff on an rpi zero, with no X (and no orca).20:06
cmaloneyno worries20:10
cmaloneywe all know it's part of your music streaming service for the latest Kelly Clarkston releases.20:10
cmaloneyno shame in that20:10
_stink_i just follow the money, what can i say20:12

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