karainierhttps://pastebin.com/SELFqJUh - adding list of groups for daemon user00:02
cobracommandAnyone familiar with using /dev/null00:03
basenodedoes using full-disk encryption prevent me from deleting files/directories from sublime text?00:05
KurozenI get 404 when trying to add ppa:codeblocks-devs/release00:09
Bashing-omKurozen: Like "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/codeblocks-devs/release/ubuntu bionic main" ? See: https://launchpad.net/~codeblocks-devs/+archive/ubuntu/release .00:14
karainierhttps://pastebin.com/65AkpRkS - added transmission permission denied log00:15
karainierAm I taking crazy pills?00:15
KurozenBashing-om: I have Kubuntu, I add the ppa as I'm suppose to, it does add it, starts updating, then fails00:21
Bashing-omKurozen: Ouch - pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so we see all in context.00:23
Bashing-om!paste | Kurozen00:25
ubottuKurozen: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:25
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit00:26
karainiertest !pastebinit00:27
karainier!pastebinit test00:28
KurozenI asked the guys on #codeblocks, pending reply, I'll need to wrap up for today and try tomorrow.00:29
Bashing-omKurozen: :D We are here to help.00:30
adam0000345Bashing-om in that case I have a question haha!00:31
adam0000345I finally booted into Ubuntu 20.4!00:31
adam0000345however, things are very slow00:31
KurozenOh sure, I mean to say it's late, I need to go to sleep, that's why.00:31
Bashing-omadam0000345: You *KNOW* I will try :P Ask and see how much I do not know :D00:31
adam0000345things were a lot faster on my regular hard drive :(00:32
adam0000345on Solid State, things are very slow00:32
adam0000345haha I know00:32
adam0000345and thank you!00:32
Bashing-omadam0000345: Any hints ' systemd-analyze blame ' ?00:33
adam0000345should I run that in terminal?00:33
Bashing-omadam0000345: Yeah - in terminal.00:35
adam0000345ok I ran that00:35
adam0000345how long should I wait to expect a response00:35
adam0000345so I see snapd.seeded.servicew00:36
adam0000345as top one00:36
adam00003453 min00:36
Bashing-omadam0000345: Will start immediatly with several "pages" of output.00:36
adam0000345it did not start immediately for me00:36
adam0000345had to wait 1 min00:36
Bashing-omadam0000345: Something reeks big time on your system. "sysop@2004x-c:~$ systemd-analyze >> Startup finished in 2.786s (kernel) + 11.385s (userspace) = 14.171s" On real old hardware that I have managed to get an SSD working on.00:38
adam0000345any ideas, I just installed ubuntu on the whole drive00:39
gurkihttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1277817/is-tor-browser-installation-broken <- i got the same issue00:39
gurkiis there a sane way to go forward?00:39
gurkii feel like manually messing with things isnt a very good idea00:39
gurkiubuntu 19.1000:40
Bashing-omadam0000345: "whole drive" ?? show us what you have - pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu '. make sure here we are all on the same page.00:40
adam0000345ok will do one sec00:41
gurkii tried reinstalling (including purge) and manually providing gpg2 it seems to require although the dependency isnt resolved by apt00:41
Bashing-om!19.10 | gurki00:41
ubottugurki: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html00:41
adam0000345is the command just pastebin 'sudo fdisk -lu'?00:41
karainier@gurki sudo apt update ?00:41
gurkikarainier: no new packages00:42
Bashing-omadam0000345: i like termbin the better ; ' sudo fdisk -lu | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .00:42
gurkiBashing-om: while i see how i should update my ubuntu install a "broken" package shouldnt come out of apt :-|00:42
Bashing-omgurki: The repo no longer exist to get any packages ?00:43
adam0000345I cant do that00:43
adam0000345no internet connection00:43
gurkii can install new packages ...00:43
gurki"new" probably being the final version thats in 19.1000:44
gurkiits just torbrowser that stopped working lately00:44
adam0000345Bashing-om should I go into live usb and mount the drive00:45
adam0000345and show you info that way?00:45
Bashing-omgurki: The eoan repo is still on-line :)00:45
gurkiid have been surprised if it werent.00:45
Bashing-omadam0000345: For our purpose presently either will work - but booting a live environment takes a spell.00:46
gurkiso i guess its broken and ppl decided its wontfix since 19.10 is eol?00:47
Bashing-omgurki: EOL releases do die - http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ .00:47
Bashing-om!eol | gurki00:48
ubottugurki: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:48
gurkiim fully aware what eol is. eol should mean that things are stuck on $versions, not things stopping to work00:49
gurkisb has to manually change a packge for it to stop working00:49
gurkithats sth different in my book00:49
adam0000345Bashing-om sadly I think I will have to do live boot00:49
adam0000345because Ubuntu is super slow00:49
adam0000345one sec00:49
gurkiid need to strongly reconsider using ubuntu for anything i care about if that were the current ubuntu approach00:49
gurkihence why im picky on this one00:50
Bashing-omgurki: Your choice - ubuntu moves on every 6 months.00:52
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sarnoldgurki: if you don't want to upgrade every six months, you can stick to the LTS releases00:55
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adam0000345Bashing-om what is the command to mount01:07
Bashing-omadam0000345:From live ' sudo mkdir /mnt/look ' sudo mount /dev/<sdXY) /mnt/look/ ' where the sdXY is known from the result of ' sudo fdisk -lu ' .01:10
nikolamShouldn't upgrade app (do-ubuntu-upgrade) say in GUI: "Upgrading Ubuntu to version 20.10" ? It is now saying "Upgrading Ubuntu to version 20.04" instead and it shouold be 20.1001:11
Bashing-omnikolam: Not if you are upgrading from 18.04 AND release_upgrader is set to "LTS".01:12
nikolamI am on 20.0401:12
adam0000345ok I did sudo mount /dev/sda2 /01:12
adam0000345that is what I was booting from01:12
nikolamBashing-om, and release updater is set to any newer version as I know.01:13
Bashing-omnikolam: verify: what shows ' grep -i ^prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ?01:15
nikolamBashing-om, Prompt=normal01:16
Bashing-omadam0000345: Ho-kay - for what reason are you mounting sda2 ?01:16
adam0000345because that is what I was booting ubuntu from01:16
Bashing-omnikolam: Agreed - should workie :( .. is the current 20.04 system fully updated ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' ?01:17
nikolamlsb_release -a and cat /etc/*release says Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS , uname -a says 5.4.0-52-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP01:17
nikolamBashing-om, yes, and yust updated minutes ago and reboted prior starting upgrade to newer version. It is I suppose bug in updater, not reporting newer release01:18
adam0000345Bashing-om I went onto live usb and now I cannot connect to the internet :(01:18
adam0000345it was working before01:18
Bashing-omadam0000345: Has no relevance, however, to know the drive's partitioning .. as to what the system is looking for - which in due time we will get to.01:18
Bashing-omnikolam: nvidia graphics ? And the propriatary driver reverted ?01:20
nikolamBashing-om, amdgpu, AMD RX480 and Intel 4600 (i5 4570)01:21
adam0000345any reason why my internet is not working now on live USB01:21
adam0000345it was just working this morning01:21
adam0000345so I am confused as to why my internet is causing these issues01:22
nikolamBashing-om, ony thing there is is that amdgpu repo from launchpad.. olaf something.. and I deisabled it and others (but not uninstalling) before upgrade started01:23
Bashing-omnikolam: So much for my Nvidia thought - All I can suggest at this point is to pastebin the output of that ' sudo do-release-upgrade ' for the channel's inspection. See what we can learn.01:23
adam0000345should I restart my live usb?01:24
adam0000345maybe I can still get wifi?01:24
Bashing-omadam0000345: maybe try and reboot both the router and the liveUSB ?01:24
adam0000345I am getting wifi from my current laptop?01:25
nikolamBashing-om, I have upgrade running on route. Should I just stop it and restart it since, it is just still fetching files now?01:25
nikolamok, doing it01:26
nikolamnikolam, can't re-do do-release-upgrade, it already moved sources in sources.list to 20.10 I suppose. Now updater offers partial upgrade, because I stipped it in mid-upgrade..01:30
nikolamI can go back to previous state of affairs with Btrfs snaphost I have and start over. :D01:31
Bashing-omnikolam: Oh Dear ! Maybe a fix ? .. what shows ' cat /etc/issue ; cat /etc/lsb-release ' ?01:33
oft_gegongI can only solve like 3% of all problems posted in this channel. Why am I even here?01:35
sarnoldwell if you handle 3% and I handle 3% and Bashing-om handles 3% that's like, 90% left01:36
karainiersudo -u vpn touch /media/kyle/media/test gets permission denied01:36
karainiercd /media/kyle/media && touch test works01:36
sarnoldkarainier: namei -l /media/kyle/media/test  may help you understand what permissions are necessary01:40
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karainierYeah, I'm pretty sure i've got the chmod and chown stuff right, this one is weird01:42
karainierNot sure if it's related to a mount or something01:42
karainierhttps://pastebin.com/65AkpRkS - shows user of daemon, group of user, group permissions for relevant dirs. Yet no touchy.01:43
sarnoldkarainier: so, my guess, sudo may not be setting the supplementary groups of your new process as you're expecting01:46
karainierSomeone in the #linux channel asked if it was my users 'primary' group, is that a thing?01:47
karainierI thought a group was a group01:47
karainierAny way to set 'primary' if there be such a thing? This user has one job...01:47
sarnoldkarainier: I don't know off-hand what sudo does for the supplementary groups of a process01:47
sarnoldkarainier: you could use https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.exec.html#SupplementaryGroups=  to include the 'vpn' group in the process if you switch to using a systemd unit file to start transmission01:48
adam0000345Bashing-om I got internet, ok getting you info soon01:48
karainierI'll head down the ol' rabbit hole, beats googling 'transmission permission denied'01:49
Bashing-omadam0000345: \o/01:49
adam0000345do I have to mount to run this01:49
adam0000345sudo fdisk -lu | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .01:49
karainierGreat, I do use systemd, I just couldn't get logging to a file going (because of the same issue) so I ran as shown to see live output01:49
adam0000345or do you just want the results?01:49
Bashing-omadam0000345: No mounting . just that command and post back the link it provides.01:50
adam0000345ok will do ow01:50
adam0000345I am getting no link01:52
sarnoldkarainier: heh, that makes sense; it might also be worth configuring the unit file to capture stdout and stderr to the journal (I  think this is the default), and then you can use journalctl -f in one terminal, try things in another terminal, etc..01:52
adam0000345I run this sudo fdisk -lu | nc termbin.com 999901:53
karainiersarnold nice, didn't occur to me. I like it.01:56
Bashing-omadam0000345: Hum - tool not installed by default ? what shows ' which nc ' ?01:59
adam0000345now my internet has gone back down :(01:59
adam0000345no internet01:59
adam0000345but I have it on my laptop01:59
adam0000345my other laptop01:59
adam0000345so it is not a wifi router problem I think01:59
adam0000345Bashing-om I get /usr/bin/nc02:11
sybaritenoh hai02:11
adam0000345that is what I get02:11
sybariteni'm completely new to snap packages. I'm trying to install one, called bpytop. And it all seems normal. But i can't run it afterwards. Whats the first thing i wanna check? I expected to get a "bpytop" executable in my path.02:12
Bashing-omadam0000345: Then the fault of not connectiing to "nc" is not your system end :(02:12
adam0000345what is another tool?02:12
adam0000345any other way I can post a link here02:12
Bashing-omadam0000345: There is as to topic advises " pastbinit" amongst a score of others :D02:13
sybariteni installed snapd via apt-get and then i installed bpytop with sudo snap install bpytop. Do i typically have to do something more? This is python based and requires python-psutil, which i installed previously (using apt) . And python3.6 which i supposedly have02:13
adam0000345Bashing-om any easy examples02:15
adam0000345something I can just use really quick02:15
Bashing-omadam0000345: ' sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit ' = providing that pastebinit is installed.02:17
adam0000345ok installed it02:17
adam0000345Bashing-om BOOM GOT IT02:18
adam0000345here is the link02:18
Bashing-omadam0000345: Looking ^ ,02:19
nikolamI have done: btrfs subvolume snapshot @_snapshot @now , and then sudo mv /mnt/@ /mnt/@_badroot sudo mv /mnt/@now /mnt/@  . But when trying sudo btrfs subvolume delete /mnt/@_badroot , get error: ERROR: Could not destroy subvolume/snapshot: Directory not empty ...02:20
nikolamwhat .. directory, when that is now unmounted btrfs subvolume..? (and system booted right form @ now.. (that is replaced older snapshot..)02:21
sybaritenproblem solved everyone! Apparenlty after a freshly installed snap (or snapd!) you should log out and log in, to get things into your $PATH ....02:22
nikolamIt's 20.04.1 on Btrfs02:22
Bashing-omadam0000345: Well, going to expose my ignorance - I expected to see a Boot flag - as I do not I am dead in the water for additional help as now I do not know. Anyway - sdb1 is what is that drive a factor ?02:25
adam0000345sdb1 used to have the MAC OS installed onit02:26
adam0000345I wiped it02:26
adam0000345I want to use it as an extra drive I can mount02:26
Bashing-omadam0000345: sdb1 - OK . We can ignore that drive for now - however as I have no EFI experience I do not know what to expect for the boot flag ( see your output for sdc ).02:30
adam0000345the sdc is for my usb stick02:31
nikolamjust using rm on Btrfs subvolume dataset/snapshot worked removing it.02:31
adam0000345the EFI System is the 512 M on /dev/sda102:32
Bashing-omadam0000345: Yeah but note that the USB stick has a boot flag - whereas your sda does not :(02:35
adam0000345the boot flag is the EFI (Fat012...)?02:35
Bashing-omadam0000345: Got me -- my knowlege is not up to answering :(02:36
adam0000345how do you know that the USB stick has a boot flag?02:36
adam0000345oh the * in the boot?02:37
Bashing-omadam0000345: Yeah -- that one :P02:37
adam0000345are you sure drives are supposed to have that?02:41
adam0000345does yours have that?02:41
adam0000345I did a default ubuntu install02:41
adam0000345on the whole dirve02:41
adam0000345that was the output02:41
Bashing-omadam0000345: Mine: https://termbin.com/k1eu - note that I boot legacy mode.02:43
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adam0000345Bashing-om was that default install?02:49
Bashing-omadam0000345: NO - I preset my partitions for my use cases.02:50
karainierIssue resolve. Apparently my "effective permissions" were incorrect. Used getfacl to uncover and setfacl to correct02:50
karainierThanks for the pointers guys02:50
Bashing-omadam0000345: Another look at what I have installed: https://termbin.com/5zec .02:53
adam0000345does this mean that the default ubuntu install is messed up?02:55
adam0000345since I do not see the boot flag?02:56
adam0000345whats weird is that I can boot into /dev/sda202:56
adam0000345it is just super slow02:56
Bashing-omadam0000345: No does not "mean" that --- just that as I am legacy and you are EFI we should not vpmpare apples to oranges . Someone who also boots EFI on a SSD should advise.02:57
adam0000345that makes sense, I am all ears for any advice, I have been pounding on this problem for days02:58
adam0000345I feel I am close02:58
adam0000345since I finally got Ubuntu to boot02:58
Bashing-omadam0000345: Do you also boot up very slowly ? My thoght is that maybe - as boot is not identified the system is spending time hunting for files.02:58
adam0000345I think that is true because when I boot from sda202:59
adam0000345it spends a while booting02:59
adam0000345I get a black screen02:59
adam0000345and a bunch of texts with Ok Ok Ok02:59
adam0000345until I get into Ubuntu02:59
adam0000345so it is defintly hunting for files I believe03:00
Bashing-omadam0000345: And with SSD, you should boot up in 2 seconds or so !03:00
adam0000345yes which is why I bought it!03:00
adam0000345I thought my SSD is not compatible but the fact that I see you are using Samsung SSD as well03:00
adam0000345makes me feel better03:00
adam0000345so at least I can cross that off the list03:00
adam0000345besides hanging out here and hoping for an answer are there any other areas where I can ask my question?03:01
adam0000345Ask Ubuntu stack overflow?03:01
adam0000345the issue here is I think I have to keep reexplaining the problme03:02
Bashing-omadam0000345: While we wait - we can read the boot log - see if we get any hints on the delays . ' journalctl -b -0 ' shows messages from the current boot. I got nothing better to do now than read a log file :D03:02
Bashing-omadam0000345: I frequent ubuntuforum.org. That is a great resource too.03:03
DarwinElfif I want the 'touch-focused' GUI on a Lenovo X1 Yoga (x86 (64)) do I need to install UBPorts or I just install the standard Ubuntu OS then install Unity?03:27
n00b101I installed 20.4-1 server image.03:50
n00b101I cannot do upgrade03:50
n00b101archive.ubuntu.* is not reachable03:50
n00b101tried nl.archive.*03:51
n00b101This time, I could fetch few packages, but still, it's saying not reachable03:52
n00b101Basically, I cannot upgrade/update the system03:52
tomreynn00b101: this can be a dns / resolver issue, or bad network connectivity (packet loss, bad routing)03:53
n00b101I've a good network03:55
n00b101I could ping other sites03:55
tomreynn00b101: you could use systemd-resolv to test resolving some domain names (it needs to be different ones, due to caching, though the cache can be cleared), or run a traceroute to different targets and see whether packets reachtheir target, and use ping to different targets to see how many packets are lost03:55
n00b101I'll try03:55
tomreyncould also be a problem with a proxy server03:55
n00b101No proxy server03:56
n00b101I'll try what you said03:56
tomreynthere can be some you haven'T configured03:56
tomreyntransparent proxies run by your isp / hosting provider03:56
tomreynmaybe start by showing   apt update 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999903:56
n00b101Oops! If I remember correctly, the TUI while install asked me for a proxy server and I left it blank03:56
n00b101tomreyn: what is the meaning of piping output to nc04:00
n00b101That's a paste-like service?04:00
tomreynn00b101: yes04:00
n00b101How you read it04:01
tomreynyou don't have to, of course. it's just a way of sharing it with us04:01
tomreynn00b101: you'd need to post the url retruned on your temrinal04:01
n00b101that's cool04:01
n00b101tomreyn: just asking04:19
n00b101apt update 2>&1 | termbin.com 9999 is the same as apt update | termbin.com 999904:20
n00b101I mean, why 2>&1 is necessary?04:20
lotuspsychjen00b101: please when volunteers ask something, they need it?04:20
n00b101It's outputting everything anyway04:20
n00b101lotuspsychje: I'm just clear my understandings04:21
n00b101Not questioning what they told me04:21
lotuspsychjen00b101: you can use #ubuntu-discuss for command discussions if you like04:22
Bashing-omn00b101: "2>&1" to insure that error notices are not discarded,04:22
tomreynn00b101: i got side tracked there, but looks like you got your question answered already. :)04:31
lotuspsychjen00b101: did you get an output allright?04:41
random1I know this isnt the right chat but can anyone help me with a problem i got with WordPress on Ubuntu 20.0404:47
random1u can message me if u like.04:47
random1im at the end of it all and just stuck on something04:47
random1apache web server wont start @_@04:47
random1Im using XAMPP.04:48
random1Easy install. It goes through and everything. I get to the point where i am supposed to start the apache web server04:48
random1and it says "starting" (5 seconds) "stopped"04:48
random1tried disabling firewall. same deal04:48
bumblefuzzhow do you start it?04:48
random1exactly like on that tutorial04:49
random1sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.4.10-0-installer.run04:49
random1chmod it and everything04:49
bumblefuzzthat sounds like how you install xampp04:49
bumblefuzzhow do you start the service?04:49
bumblefuzzsudo systemctl start xamppd04:50
random1no clue04:50
bumblefuzzor similar?04:50
random1i cant get past that part on the installation.04:50
bumblefuzztry 'sudo systemctl status xamppd'04:50
tomreynapt install lamp^     is less typing, and you get software you can maintain04:50
random1cant be found04:50
tomreynoops, sorry, i need to look up what the task is called04:51
random1cant be found for bumblefuzz and tomreyn04:51
random1just need to get this working so i can start the tutorials in the morning04:52
random1going insane on this -_-04:52
random1midnight and my brains pooting out04:52
tomreynso: sudo apt install lamp-server^04:54
random1its installing04:54
random1now once it installs how do i start wordpress ?04:54
n00b101Seems update error got fixed when I added my country prefix.archieve.ubuntu.*04:54
random1will have to go through a tutorial i guess04:54
n00b101But, upgrade speed is only 30-40kb/s04:55
n00b101I have good internet04:55
n00b101Reflector package is not available for Ubuntu?04:55
tomreynrandom1: you can either install an older wordpress version from ubuntu archives (but i wouldn't), or follow the instructions on wordpress.org04:55
n00b101I tried to install it and saying; E: Unable to locate package reflector04:55
random1tomreyn: i have seen a 100 different tutorials. you got any one you can link me?04:55
random1tomreyn: im losing it tonight. just want someone to spoon feed me for one second :P04:56
random1just one second. let me get spoon fed is all i ask!04:56
tomreynn00b101: then a package by this very name was not available from the sources you have configured at the time the apt cache was last refreshed04:56
ax562feed the man04:57
random1starving over here04:57
lotuspsychjerandom1: please easy on the enter button, this is a support channel not a chitchat04:57
random1lotuspsychje: sorry -_-04:58
n00b101tomreyn: can I do something now?04:58
tomreynrandom1: if you'Re looking for brainfood, there's a lot of documentation you could, and, if you're setting this up for the first time, should, read.04:59
random1i agree. seems alot of different documentations for XAMPP then LAMP etc etc04:59
tomreynthat is, for the compoentns that make up the 'lamp-server'04:59
random1just have tried this a few times failing. will go at it again. alright thank you anyhow04:59
random1do appreciate the lamp install info05:00
tomreyni.e. apache https, mysql server, php. and then follow the wordpress.org documentaiton on installing that.05:00
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/05:00
lotuspsychjen00b101: if apt-cache does not return an output, the package isnt there?05:00
random1tomreyn: thank you05:00
lotuspsychjen00b101: alternate you can check your !sources see if you want packages from other repos, or search snaps05:01
n00b101! sources05:01
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:01
tomreynrandom1: also see the "Services" documentation on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs05:04
random1tomreyn: gotchya. appreciate it05:04
tomreynn00b101: if you were looking for this software    https://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/try    - they don't seem to support Linux.05:06
n00b101What should be in sources.list?05:47
n00b101Same repo for all releases?05:47
n00b101I mean, I use 20.04 lts05:52
ubottuUbuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) is the 32nd release of Ubuntu and is the current !LTS release. Download at Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes05:53
n00b101Can I have same repository as Ubuntu 1805:53
tomreyncodename is "focal", this should be present on sources.list05:53
tomreynyou should never mix repositories from different releases05:53
tomreyn(unless it's explicitly stated that this is supported by who managed the apt repository that you chose to trust)05:54
Bashing-omn00b101: For an instance - my spartan sources.list file: https://termbin.com/pvso .05:55
n00b101Bashing-om: can I use the same for my 20.04-1 lts ?05:58
n00b101I mean, do all releases have unique repo?05:58
Bashing-omn00b101: That mirror is in Chicago Ill. While it is verry fast - your time travel may be a factor. But yes you can use that sources.list file.06:00
Bashing-omn00b101: "There are 529 mirrors registered for Ubuntu." https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors06:03
TJ-!info python-scour focal06:19
ubottuPackage python-scour does not exist in focal06:19
TJ-haha! bug06:19
krytarikBecause it's python3 only now..06:28
Bashing-om!info python3-scour focal06:32
ubottupython3-scour (source: scour): SVG scrubber and optimizer (Python 3 module). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.37-4build1 (focal), package size 44 kB, installed size 215 kB06:32
TJ-missing python-scour breaks Inkscape optimised SVG save06:42
n00b101sudo apt install resize07:01
n00b101E: Unable to locate package resize07:01
TJ-n00b101: because there is no package 'resize'07:02
n00b101Is it within a group?07:02
n00b101For arch Linux, it's in xterm group07:02
TJ-n00b101: what is a group? not heard that expression07:03
TJ-n00b101: are you looking for an *executable command* ?07:03
n00b101how can I get resize binary installed07:03
TJ-n00b101: the apt-file package and executable can search the entire archive lists for any filename fragment07:03
ducassen00b101: it's in the xterm package07:03
TJ-!info apt-file07:03
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2 (focal), package size 27 kB, installed size 90 kB07:03
n00b101ducasse: okay07:04
n00b101Is there a way to search for a package that is only available when I install a specific package?07:05
n00b101Consider current situation07:05
n00b101I wanted resize and it's available inside xterm because you said. Can I search for it?07:05
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ducasseyou can use apt-file ike TJ- suggested07:08
mgedmincommand-not-found usually tells you what to install if you try to run a thing that's not installed07:09
=== Mibixy is now known as Mibix
cjokeWhere to find python3-pip python3-venv in focal server LTS ?07:15
TJ-!info python3-pip focal07:16
ubottupython3-pip (source: python-pip): Python package installer. In component universe, is optional. Version 20.0.2-5ubuntu1.1 (focal), package size 224 kB, installed size 1022 kB07:16
mgedminwhat do you mean by 'where'?  apt install python3-pip python3-venv07:16
cjokemgedmin: gives me nothing07:16
mgedminif apt says it doesn't know anyhting, enable universe with sudo add-apt-repository universe07:16
TJ-cjoke: ensure "universe" repository is enabled in software properties07:16
cjokeTJ-: ic, thanks :)07:18
lotuspsychjeim noticing in 20.04 after installing teamviewer, the snap-store doesnt list teamviewer under installed apps so i have to purge it via synaptic, it might be interesting to test this on 20.10 too, anyone else noticed it i can file a bug or affect and existing?07:29
mgedminhow did you install it?07:30
mgedminhm, synaptic implies a deb package07:30
mgedminthere was that little incident last week(?) where a snap store channel for snap-store had accidentally expired07:30
mgedminand some people were upgraded to the wrong version of snap-store that didn't have the right deb integration bits07:31
lotuspsychjemgedmin: teamviewer is via their website/deb/ppa so not really supported, but i assume this could happen to other software too07:31
mgedminah!  I don't know if snap-store is supposed to show locally-installed .debs not linked to any known repository07:31
lotuspsychjeyeah that might be the logic mgedmin, ill have a look around more07:33
haltHI All, I found a bug after system update, but unsure what package it comes from so don't know where to raise it, can someone help me to identify it ? It's around the compose key, I set my compose key to be Caps Lock as I never use it, but since the update I have to set and re-set again to make it work.07:43
mgedminhalt: probably gnome-settings-daemon07:50
bootheadHey folks, I was in here a little while ago when some kind of update (sunday evening)? Borked my wl driver. I've managed to build a driver for my wired connection and get back online, but both my wireless and my audio are still not working. I'm afraid I'm a bit stuck, can anyone help me out?08:34
tomreynactually, "wl" IS a wireless module, for some broadcom chipsets.08:43
tomreynoh, you didn't state otherwise, i misread.08:43
bootheadHi tomreyn - not sure if you remember you were helping me on monday08:44
tomreynboothead: i rmeember i was trying, but not very good at it.08:45
bootheadHonestly - I haven't had this much of a frustrating experience with linux of any flavour for 10 years or so - I thought we were over the hump, year of the deskop etc ;-)08:46
TJ-boothead: the problem you've got is non-mainline out-of-tree kernel modules, that don't get supported by the chipset manufacturers08:46
bootheadPossibly related (in that these issues sound similar): https://askubuntu.com/questions/1285883/no-sound-after-update-from-ubuntu-18-10-to-20-04 https://askubuntu.com/questions/1284262/default-audio-device-typically-built-in-analog-does-not-show-in-kubuntu-20-1008:47
bootheadTJ- I didn't do anything special to set up the sound card when I installed ubuntu ~2 months ago (at least not that I remember)08:47
TJ-boothead: for audio, often the issue is the HDMI audio device is discovered first and gets index 0 and that is used by default. So it needs the default changing via user's pulseaudio settings, or system-wide via the ALSA config08:48
bootheadIs there a way to use my broadcom based wireless adapter in a way that is better supported08:48
bootheadTJ- ha that makes sense - you wouldn't have a link to docs on how to do that would you?08:49
TJ-boothead: "aplay -l" will show you the audio device list and indexes08:49
TJ-boothead: also: https://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Setting_the_default_device08:50
ApOgEEboothead: which broadcom driver u're using?08:51
bootheadOh - that's weird pavucontrol now shows all my devices and the sound it working! I didn't even do anything! but the sound control in my xmobar is still saying N/A08:51
bootheadbcmwl-kernel-source ApOgEE08:51
ApOgEEwhich BCM is your device boothead ?08:53
bootheadNetwork controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)08:54
TJ-boothead: use "lspci -nn -d ::0280"08:56
boothead05:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter [14e4:43a0] (rev 03)08:56
TJ-boothead: to match drivers we need the vendor:product IDs - 14e4:43a008:56
bootheadAh gotcha08:56
TJ-drivers 'claim' those vendor:product IDs to indicate they can handle that device08:57
TJ-boothead: you can also try "ubuntu-driver list"08:58
bootheadbcmwl-kernel-source is the only non-nvidia one included there08:59
ApOgEEboothead: perhaps you may try this solution https://askubuntu.com/questions/1190728/broadcom-bcm4360-not-working-after-software-update09:03
bootheadApOgEE that looks promising! I have linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04  whereas all the other linux-image-5.4.0-*-generic are signed kernel images09:06
bootheaduname says  5.4.0-52-generic, so which version would I need do you think? (I already tried manually downloading and dpkg -i 'ing these: bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.271+bdcom-0ubuntu5_amd64.deb bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.271+bdcom-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb09:08
mgedmin(dpkg -i is a bad idea usually; you want packages to come from a repository that offers timely upgrades)09:09
bootheadmgedmin this was when I didn't have access to the internet :-)  I've since removed and reinstalled with apt (but it still isn't working :-)  )09:11
lotuspsychjeboothead: broadcom driver you can install offline from your install media too inside /pool09:13
bootheadlotuspsychje I tried that too - I think the update may have updated the kernel version?09:14
bootheadWHUUUT?! modprobe wl just worked and I have my link back09:14
bootheadAnother update in the background perhaps? I haven't done anything to it :-D09:15
lotuspsychjeboothead: its been a while since i notices broadcom issues, theu usually work nicely out of the box these days09:15
mgedminit is a mystery (but there are logs probably if you want to solve it)09:15
ApOgEEboothead: great09:19
zetherooHow do you define the default shortcuts in the launcher?09:22
zetherooI want to make it so that when a new user account is created there is a different set of default shortcuts there09:23
quadrathoch2zetheroo: on which DE are you on?09:26
zetheroothe default for 20.04 ... I guess Gnome09:26
matsamanhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/38331/how-to-change-default-launcher-icons-in-unity-for-a-new-user https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=229541309:27
quadrathoch2Ahh sorry I don’t know too much about gnome, but I guess it’s probably a dconf setting (which is in /etc/dconf/)09:27
zetheroo matsaman: ok, thanks ... will give that a try09:29
pyrophiliakeyboard is malfunctioning. the quote  key is doing this ****10:15
pyrophiliaHave tried two different keyboard same issue across all devices.10:17
pyrophiliaso it cannot be hardware.10:17
pyrophilialatest version btw. fully updated10:18
nanothiefpyrophilia, sounds like a keyboard layout issue. Try https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/keyboard-layouts.html.en and try changing it to English (US) or similar10:20
pyrophiliaits been set as such for awhile  I do have japanese installed and switched back and forth but no luck10:33
pyrophilia***** same issue10:33
absurdistis it possible to update from 18.04 diretly to Gnarly Godzilla?10:43
dalurkausually you can only skip versions that are between LTS releases10:44
absurdistthank you very much dalurka san10:45
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zetherooI asked earlier about changing the default sidebar/launcher shortcuts for new users, but the URL I got was to a very topic. Does anyone know of what works currently?10:58
quadrathoch2Ohh, you were talking about the sidebar shortcuts. Look into gsettings get org.gnome.shell.extension.dash-to-dock <tab> (for all the options) (to set them use set. (And then you can put them into the /etc/dconf conf file you create specifically for it (please do search in your fav search engine as I am on mobile right now. So kinda sucks to search right now) zetheroo11:08
zetheroo quadrathoch2: ok, I am using  dconf-editor and found the location you mention ... I'll see if I can make some sense of it ...11:12
quadrathoch2Just ping me here is you need more assistance. Just remind yourself that I am on mobile zetheroo11:13
imiI've updated my 20.04 lts today, and now after update it only boots to an (initramfs) prompt11:16
imihow do I fix this?11:17
quadrathoch2imi: I guess we need more info, what specifically happens11:19
imiI used the default gui updater which autostarts when there are new updates11:20
imiwhat else would you like to know?11:20
imiI did not upgrade to 20.10. I updated my lts11:21
quadrathoch2Hm, do you maybe know if you use some hardware which could interfere with kernel updates?11:21
imithis ubuntu boots from usbc11:22
quadrathoch2Something like a Nvidia gpu or wifi card11:22
mgedminwhat are the errors shown before you get the initramfs prompt?11:22
imino nvidia, intel wifi but disabled11:22
quadrathoch2Ugh, that sounds weird. Does the boot process give you any hint maybe (with maybe removing quiet from the grub menu)11:23
imiok let me try to do that brb11:23
imifor some reason now my ubuntu booted up perfectly11:28
imiI think it's prime time to do an unplanned backup now11:29
quadrathoch2Sounds like a very good idea. But interesting that now it works fine imi11:35
BluesKajHi all11:36
imiwhen I first rebooted it booted the windows OS (which is secondary)11:36
imibut then I unplugged and replugged and then it booted up to initramfs11:36
imithen you told me to try to boot without quitet and splash and now it booted up. a bit strange but maybe it'll be ok from now on11:37
Deano59hello BluesKaj :)11:38
BluesKajhi Deano5911:38
aLeSDhi all11:47
aLeSDhow could I randomize the root passwd ?11:47
lotuspsychjeaLeSD: randomize?11:48
aLeSDsudo passwd -l root11:48
imirandom.org maybe?11:48
Deano59or a password manager like lastpass.11:49
zetheroo quadrathoch2: not really seeing anything here that looks like shortcuts12:51
zetheroothere is 'show-favorites' ... maybe I need to change the favorites?12:52
quadrathoch2zetheroo: sorry I misremembered. It’s just the normal favorite apps, so it’s under org.gnome.shell favorite-apps12:56
JayDoubleuAny one knows if ubuntu server 20.10 does have snaps installed by default?12:56
quadrathoch2JayDoubleu: yes it does12:56
JayDoubleudarn it12:56
zetherooquadrathoch2: great, ok12:56
JayDoubleuand If I want to install gnome without the SNAP, is there a way to do that?12:57
quadrathoch2JayDoubleu: just remove it oO12:57
quadrathoch2JayDoubleu: theoretically yes. But it’s just way more work than just removing it12:59
JayDoubleuso if I remove the snaps and i have gnome as snap, will i have to reinstall the gnome ?13:02
tomreynJayDoubleu: as far as i know, (have not tested / checked 20.10), you can still remove snadp (and thus all snaps) safely without breaking the gnome DE.13:04
quadrathoch2JayDoubleu: the Gnome snap that is installed is not the DE you use, it’s just the „libs“ for the gnome stuff13:07
trupsalmsGood morning all13:08
trupsalmsI'm running darkice on Ubuntu, I have about 3 USB mic, I notice some time that the initial order is changed on some reboots, card 1, will now be card 3, 3 would be 2 and etc. Is there i way I could map to the device ID of the USB mics, so that it doesn't change.13:11
tomreyntrupsalms: i assume those don't show up in    ls /dev/input/by-id/usb-*    or do they?13:14
trupsalmsls /dev/input/by-id/usb-*13:15
trupsalmsdevice          = hw:1,013:16
tomreynah, probably rather /dev/snd/13:16
trupsalmsDarkice uses this term to ident the device13:17
tomreynthat's the alsa denominator to point to the hardware in the order it was initialized in, i think.13:18
tomreynhttps://www.alsa-project.org/wiki/Changing_card_IDs_with_udev should work, but there may be a better way to do it13:19
tomreynthis also suggests udev13:21
trupsalmsI've seen a few post about udev, all seems unsure when using darkice, because of the reboots still13:27
basenodedoes using full-disk encryption prevent me from deleting files/directories from sublime text?13:28
trupsalmsAnother option I'm thinking about is, someway of forcing the device to keep there names on reboot, but how would that be possible13:28
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tomreynbasenode: "sublime text" is some third party text editor, i think? seems very unlikely.13:29
basenodetomreyn: apparently its related to sublime needing to put deleted files into trash, but FDE somehow changes the Trash location/id?13:29
tomreynbasenode: no, it doesn't. "trash" would be a file system location, but FDE does not modify the file system, it's a separate block device layer.13:31
basenodetomreyn: https://forum.sublimetext.com/t/unable-to-delete-files-folders/6470/413:32
tomreynthat's assuming that by "FDE" you're referring to the full disk encryption option offered by the ubuntu installers, i.e. dmcrypt-LUKS (managed through cryptsetup)13:32
tomreynbasenode: a python library reporting file system permissions issues has nothing to do with dmcrypt-LUKS.13:34
basenodetomreyn: what exactly is the solution?13:48
basenodedidn't really understand from the thread13:48
zetheroois it possible to set a command to be run when a new user is created?13:53
tomreynbasenode: we usually don't try to support software not available in ubuntu here. i can't tell whether this is or was a bug in the send2trash python module, and the 2017 "solution" of changing permissions on the Trash directory certainly isn't the right approach.13:54
tomreynbasenode: if this still affects their current releases, you may wish to seek support from the developers / vendors of this software, using the support channels they provide.13:55
basenodetomreyn: ok, thanks13:56
tomreynzetheroo: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15567887/execute-shell-script-everytime-a-new-user-is-created13:57
TJ-zetheroo: yes, if using 'adduser' see its man-page. A script /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local can be used13:57
zetheroo TJ-: is 'adduser' what is used when making a new user via the GUI?13:58
leftyfbzetheroo: How often are you adding a user to a desktop system that requires running a custom script every time where you can't use commandline to administer?14:03
TJ-zetheroo: I don't know; likely not14:07
JohnnyLHow can I get the original configuration package files for apache2?14:41
JohnnyLlike 000-default.conf14:41
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quadrathoch2JohnnyL: I guess downloading the deb file and extracting the file14:44
quadrathoch2You can find the file through packages.ubuntu.com14:45
JohnnyLquadrathoch2: ok thanks.14:47
quadrathoch2JohnnyL: next time it’s easier to cp the file, so you got a backup 🙃14:48
JohnnyLquadrathoch2: yeah, it's one of the few times i didn't! :p14:49
quadrathoch2At least (hopefully) you learned to not forget it ^^ JohnnyL14:50
JohnnyLhm, internal server error for those files.14:51
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quadrathoch2Oo, did you download the right version? JohnnyL14:52
jStefanHello, is there an Ubuntu compile of the 5.9 kernel WITH all the Ubuntu patches? I'm currently using the 5.9.1 mainline kernel provided by ubuntu, which says doesn't include said patches.14:56
JohnnyLi downloaded apache2-doc , the apache2.conf is there but not the 000-default.conf15:01
EriC^^JohnnyL: it says 'apache2' package provides it15:04
EriC^^(dpkg -S /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf)15:04
tomreynjStefan: i think groovy's 5.8.x is the latest you can currently get in terms of readily built + patched ubuntu images. you may need to build it yourself.15:04
tomreynfocal also has a copy via linux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge15:05
JohnnyLEriC^^: wow, thank you.15:06
JohnnyLEriC^^: wait, what?15:07
tomreynJohnnyL: what'S your question?15:09
IniGithi, can somebody help me with a small bash script? I would like to find the drive with the file THIS_IS_THE_BACKUP_DRIVE.txt in it? Output should be for example /mnt/d. I cannout search by PARTUUID, because I'm using wsl15:10
JohnnyLtomreyn: what package has 000-default.conf in it?15:10
IniGitwsl throws an error for this line:15:10
IniGitBACKUPDIR="${find /mnt -type d -name "c" -prune -o -type f -name "THIS_IS_THE_BACKUP_DRIVE.txt" -print 2>/dev/null}"15:10
IniGitbad substitution...15:10
tomreynJohnnyL: you seemed to have read what EriC^^ said?15:10
EriC^^IniGit: why dont you use the UUID to figure out if the fs is the one you want15:11
EriC^^UUID is like the unique ID a filesystem has15:11
IniGitEriC^^: I'm on windows using the wsl Ubuntu15:13
EriC^^(sudo blkid /dev/sdxY or lsblk -f /dev/sdxY)15:13
tomreynJohnnyL: ...-doc packages usually contain upstream projects' documentation, not rarely also sample files. Ubuntu configuration failes are usually found in the non ...-docs ones.15:13
IniGitYou cannot get the PARTUUID from there15:13
EriC^^IniGit: so? it doesnt have blkid or lsblk or....15:13
IniGitblkid, lsblk etc is not available15:13
EriC^^IniGit: what is available?15:13
IniGitEriC^^: AFAIK not15:13
IniGitlsblk: failed to access sysfs directory: /sys/dev/block: No such file or directory15:14
IniGitsame for blkid15:14
EriC^^/dev/disk/by-uuid ?15:14
IniGit-bash: cd: /dev/disk/by-uuid: No such file or directory15:14
tomreyn^ would need to migrate to wsl215:15
tomreyn!wsl | IniGit15:15
ubottuIniGit: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide15:15
IniGitok, and when I do the update then those commands work?15:16
JohnnyLtomreyn: yeah, that shows me the destination file. Not the one in the package.15:16
tomreynIniGit: i don't know for sure, but it's quite likely, since it's then a VM with a proper Linux kernel.15:16
tomreynIniGit: "For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows."15:16
JohnnyLokay. i found it, but only in the main package.15:17
IniGitI'll try that, thx15:17
JohnnyLokay. I have it. Thanks guys.15:19
IniGitbtw is it possible to create an image of a NTFS drive with Windows on it via the dd image tool of Disks (sry I don't know the exact name, Ihope you know what i mean) and restore it, or should I better use Clonzilla for that?15:19
CarlFKIniGit: both work.  I like using Clonezilla.15:21
IniGitCarlFK: Does the drive where I restore the image on have to have the same size?15:23
CarlFKIniGit: no.  but...15:23
IniGitCarlFK: I mean can it be bigger15:23
quadrathoch2IniGit: with dd you copy bit by bit, so you even copy the empty space, that’s why the transfer takes longer and is most of the time not recommended15:23
IniGitAnd should I store the image on ext or ntfs? Is it even possible to store it on ntfs?15:24
IniGitquadrathoch2: But the image created via dd is smaller then when I just dd right?15:24
tomreynIniGit: for better recommendations, give us the greater picture, what are you try to do, and why.15:24
CarlFKIniGit:there are ways to shrink the fs.  and if you move to bigger, dd the whole drive will copy the smaller drivers partition table.  which won't know about the additional space15:24
IniGittomreyn: Backup my windows system15:25
tomreynIniGit: the full (bootable) system, in hopes it will be restorable?15:25
IniGitCarlFK: That means I'd not have all space available of the bigger drive?15:26
IniGittomreyn: yes15:26
tomreynIniGit: and you'd restore it to the same storages and computer, or different ones? i doubt the latter would work this way (without more changes).15:26
CarlFKIniGit: correct, but also no.  you can fix the partition table later.  but that's dangerous and you may trash everything15:27
IniGittomreyn: To a new harddrive on the same computer15:27
IniGitCarlFK: And do you know is that also the case with clonezilla?15:28
tomreynIniGit: i would suggest you check in ##windows whether that is going to work.15:28
CarlFKIniGit: clonezilla is basically all the disk utilites orgized with a menu that tries to make it easy for you to use15:29
IniGitCarlFK: I mean I can just try it and unplug the current harddrive and use the new one with a restored image for example15:30
IniGitBut I'm worried that windwos does crazy stuff then15:30
CarlFKIniGit: I suspect you should read up on partition tables.  then, most of your questions here will fall into place15:30
IniGitWould not be the first time15:30
IniGitCarlFK: ok15:31
CarlFKIniGit: warning: partition table things have evolved over time.  because now there are disks much larger than originally expected.15:31
CarlFKIniGit: so you may see something like "mbr only works on drives upto some size"  which may not be true any more.  I've lost track :p15:32
tomreynalso uefi, and efi system partition (which can be on a different storage)15:34
IniGitCarlFK: But generally if I dd to a drive of the exact same tpye and size, then I can switch back and forth theoretically right without windows doing crazy stuff like not booting or complaining about keys or something like that?15:34
tomreynIniGit: you may have noticed this channel is called #ubuntu15:35
IniGittomreyn: yeah, right I'm sry :/15:35
tomreynjust ask in ##windows for windows questions ;)15:35
tomreynoh you did15:36
CarlFKwindows is always doing crazy stuff regardless of what you do ;)15:36
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nax_need some help with restoring win10 from ubuntu15:42
Guillaume___I have a little question. I have recently upgraded my ubuntu server to the last version (20.04) and since then, there's a black screen during 10 seconds before i see the verbose of the loading/startup, does it speaks to someone ? thanks !15:54
shrinitry ESC15:55
Guillaume___gonna right now15:55
shriniand see whats going on15:55
coolusername12hey does anyone know what this error means? ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating named object [\_SB.PCI0.XHC.RHUB.HS02._UPC], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20190816/dswload2-326)15:55
tomreyncoolusername12: look for a bios upgrade15:56
nax_how do I add a kernel in grub?15:57
coolusername12why would my bios need upgrading?15:57
coolusername12also I'm just gonna say it, I'm fairly certain I'm rooted and no one is online in ##security15:57
tomreyncoolusername12: because it can be buggy, as this messages suggests. and new versions usually provide bug fixes.15:58
coolusername12ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating named object [\_SB.PCI0.XHC.RHUB.HS02._UPC], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20190816/dswload2-326)15:58
coolusername12sorry that one15:58
coolusername12ACPI Error: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, During name lookup/catalog (20190816/psobject-220)15:59
coolusername12sorry last try15:59
coolusername12same answer right?16:00
tomreynnax_: are you asking how to add a custom built (or third party provided) kernel, to the grub menu, as a bootable option?16:00
tomreyncoolusername12: probably.  journalctl -b | grep DMI:    will tell you which mainboard and bios version you have now16:01
coolusername12ok ##security updated me16:01
tomreyncoolusername12: it is very, very, very unlikely that there is any relation between these messages and "I'm fairly certain I'm rooted"16:03
nax_tomreyn, when I boot with unibootin16:03
nax_it says I need to add kernel first16:03
Guillaume___so i see the grub menu when i type escape, maybe there's a delay before it select the first entry, which is weird because i don't have any other entry except ubuntu advanced boot options, gonna check the grub16:03
tomreynnax_: hmm, i don't know what "unibootin" is.16:03
nax_a bootloader recover16:04
nax_Ive tried em all16:04
coolusername12yea I know the odds I just think I'm special, someone on the internet has it out for me and hard16:04
Deano59tomreyn: think they mean "unetbootin" something like rufus but it's for ubuntu/linux.16:07
Deano59bootable usb's.16:07
Deano59but why they'd use that idk. it's so old now.16:07
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tomreynDeano59: thanks, i'm (somewhat) familiar with "unetbootin", but that's spelled differently and, as far as i can tell, not a bootloader recovery tool, but only nax_  would know what they're using.16:14
Deano59odd but important question, can firefox's cache be loaded to my RAM? I did look on Google but there all from 2010 or so.16:16
lordcirthI created a 20.04 LXC container using lxc-download, on an 18.04 host with HWE kernel. Getting this error on lxc-attach: relocation error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnss_files.so.2: symbol __libc_readline_unlocked version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference16:17
lordcirthI see bug reports for docker that say updating docker fixes it; but I am using LXC16:18
lordcirthThe host does have very high uptime, and I would like to reboot it, but that probably won't happen soon16:19
TheRedRippershould I upgrade to 20.04? i have 18.04 right now.16:45
Deano59TheRedRipper: why not upgrade? :)16:46
Deano5920.04 is nice.16:47
TheRedRipperi have been told to skip 19.04 but i just found out 20.04 was released16:47
Deano5919.04 is EOL, no?16:47
TheRedRipper? end of life?16:47
Deano59upgrade to 20.04.1 :)16:47
lordcirthOk, I was able to get a reboot after all, and it works!16:47
lordcirth.1 being out is usually good enough for me16:48
Deano59TheRedRipper: or if you want the latest, 20.10 is also decent. :)16:49
TheRedRipperyeah i think i should upgrade to 2016:49
TheRedRipperalright here i go16:49
mgedminwoohoo 20.10 fixed the annoying pause I used to get in fullscreen youtube windows when alt-tabbing between chromium and gnome-terminal16:55
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haysAWS claims that their AMIs are 'optimized' but even the Linux 2 AMI is super old Centos derivative17:13
haysis there any way to know how true that claim is compared to a recent Ubuntu LTS image17:13
hayslike--its they are backporting patches into CentOS sure I could see its maybe better than running Centos. But Ubuntu has a much newer kernel17:14
Deano59off-topic... kinda; what's the official ubuntu forums?17:18
tomreynhays: this may be more suitable in #ubuntu-server and ##aws17:18
tomreynDeano59: forums.ubuntu.com redirecty to https://ubuntuforums.org/ - there is also https://community.ubuntu.com17:19
dTal...shouldn't it be 'fora'17:20
tomreynthis probably makes a great topic on that forum17:20
weretav1aIf a 'mv' command gets interrupted by something (on a single file), does the file stay in the original location or does it exist in two corrupted halves?17:22
Deano59thanks tomreyn :)17:24
geosmileapt update is stuck at: 100% [28 Contents-amd64 store 0 B]17:28
geosmileany ideas on how to fix this?17:28
sarnoldweretav1a: it depends -- if you're moving a file within a single namespace, it should happen nearly instantly, and you should have only a single copy of it. you'll also have trouble actually interrupting it ..17:29
sarnoldweretav1a: if you're moving a file across filesystem mount points, then it's implemented via a 'copy' loop followed by unlinking the source file -- if you kill -9 the mv, chances are good it hasn't issued the unlink() call yet17:30
weretav1asarnold: in my case I am moving the file from a local disk to an NFS mount, mv would not respond to sigint?17:30
sarnoldweretav1a: oh, ugh, because nfs :/17:30
weretav1aok, actually not nfs, but glusterfs ;p I think it likely works similar tho.17:30
tomreyngeosmile: did your file system run full by chance? you can cancel using ctrl-c.17:31
tomreyngeosmile:   df -h   and   df -i   show how full a file system at a given mount point, or all file systems are.17:32
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b247_euhi, wondering about suspend-then-hibernate in #ubuntu, anyone tested if working? i'm using swap file (not partition) ...17:48
mgedmindoesn't hibernation need a swap partition specifically?17:50
b247_eui quess yes ... because suspend-then-hibernate works but .... hibernate actually performs shutdown ... that's why asked the question if shall i use swap partition instead of swap file17:53
mgedminthere can be other reasons for that17:56
mgedmine.g. if you upgrade your kernel, don't reboot, suspend to disk, then on resume it'll say "oh the kernel doesn't match the hibernation image" and will simply boot a fresh session17:57
mgedminthe message is hidden away discreetly somewhere in your dmesg/journalctl and is easy to miss17:57
mgedminalso, heh, if you hibernate to install more ram into your laptop, thinking you'll save some effort reopening all your running apps17:58
mgedminon next boot it'll say the amount of physical memory doesn't match what was stored in the hibernation image and refuse to resume17:58
mgedminask me how I know17:58
b247_eumqedmin so you say hibernation is not a deal on systemd ....18:02
ax562Just a random question.  Why does ubuntu get so much hate in the linux community?  I personally <3  ubuntu but I've noticed the shade thrown it's way.  Keep up the good work y'all!18:07
Deano59ax562: I <3 ubuntu too. would also like to know the same. a lot of hate for a very decent OS.18:16
ax562I honestly feel like it's the best "first" linux OS for a noob..but that's just my honest opinion.18:17
ax56220.04 lts is amazing18:17
mgedminfwiw all my hibernation adventures and disappointments happened long before systemd18:24
mgedminubuntu gets hate because of contempt culture basically: https://blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-contempt-culture18:24
mgedminubuntu wants to make things just work out of the box, and some people latch on to that trying to feel more elite by loudly disclaiming that they don't need these conveniences18:26
mgedminalthough there's also some fallout from canonical's copyright assignment policies18:26
ax562mgedmin ty18:28
tomreynthat's probably a good topic for #ubuntu-discuss18:28
threebartrying to do-release-ugprade and it says "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading." but i'm up to date. i'm on 20.04 ideas?18:32
sarnoldthreebar: try sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade18:33
threebari did18:33
threebari did it all from command line18:33
sarnolddo you have both -updates and -security configured in your apt sources? I wonder if there are complaints if you only have one enabled18:34
mgedminthreebar: does the file /run/reboot-required exist?  e.g. if you'd upgraded to a newer kernel, you need to also reboot before you can start the upgrade18:35
sarnoldgood call18:35
threebarmgedmin, doesn't exist, but I just upgraded the kernel and rebooted before trying to update18:36
mgedmindo-release-upgrade worked for me fine this morning18:37
tomreynthreebar: are there any warnings when you run     apt-get update && apt-get full-upgrade18:38
pavlosthreebar: sudo apt dist-upgrade18:38
tomreynthat also works18:39
threebarOkay guys, I figured it out18:53
threebarI had a package that was held back18:53
threebarYep, I need to learn to read. Sorry, everyone!18:54
EsperantistoLuizHellow,Guys !19:20
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jgukhi, im wondering if anyone can help me with installing ubuntu server in a dual boot system with manjaro?20:12
Examknowjguk: I can try20:13
jguki appreciate that, ive got a couple of issues with it, first off the installer wont seem to connect to internet, it says that the autoconfiguration failed20:13
Examknowjguk: Is your machine using DHCP?20:14
ExamknowHow is it connected to the network?20:14
ExamknowLike a wifi router?20:15
ExamknowAre the other devices on the network connecting fine?20:15
jgukyup all fine20:15
jgukconnect on manjaro fine20:16
Examknowjguk: Strange. What's the exact error message?20:16
jgukil get that for you20:16
jgukintegrity check is all fine btw20:17
jgukit is a laptop if that helps at all20:18
ExamknowI don't think that would cause any issues20:18
jguki have a picture, any way to send that?20:20
sarnoldimgur.com is pretty easy20:20
Examknowor ttm.sh is what I use20:20
mgedminExamknow: looks like ubuntu detected only your wired ethernet adapter20:21
luketheduke1Anyone here have experience with ubuntu's snort package? I'm having trouble with configuring alerts with it20:21
mgedmindo you have a broadcom wifi chip in there or something like that?20:21
mgedmin(not that I think I'll be able to help much if you do)20:22
mgedmindo you have an ethernet cable handy?20:22
jgukim not sure, its a 7 year old laptop20:22
jgukand no i dont20:22
mgedminthe server installer gives you a shell on tty2, you can switch with ctrl+alt+f2 and run lspci so see what kind of wifi hardware you have20:23
mgedminlspci -nn, probably; you need those XXXX:XXXX pci vendor/device identifiers to look up specific hardware drivers20:23
jguksorry for the delay20:28
FreeBDSMcntlm package is crapware20:35
mgedminatheros! huh, I thought those were normally well-supported20:35
FreeBDSMcrapware quality20:35
FreeBDSMrequests get stuck20:35
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mgedminyeah, https://certification.ubuntu.com/catalog/component/168c:0032 is a 404 page20:36
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mgedminhuh https://askubuntu.com/questions/514018/how-do-i-get-to-work-my-atheros-ar9485-wireless-card-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts20:37
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mgedminjguk: what does 'rfkill list' print?20:37
jgukcannot be found20:38
sarnoldI wouldn't be surprised if the server installer doesn't ship with wifi tools20:39
jgukthe command could not be found but can be installed, but when i try to install it is unable to locate the package20:39
jgukif it is a driver issue perhaps i could fix it after the install orr?20:40
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mgedmindo you have a hardware switch for airplane mode?  or a special function key?20:43
mgedmintry toggling that maybe20:43
jgukdidnt work20:44
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jgukmgedmin if its something i can fix after thats ok il fix it after20:53
jguk i have another issue with the installer20:53
jgukwhen setting up partitions, i can set up the primary partition just fine but i cant select the device as the boot device or anything20:55
jguki would not like to wipe the drive as manjaro is on it with some stuff i set up20:55
jgukanyone got any ideas to my issue?21:05
mgedminI can't see your screen, and I've never installed ubuntu _server_ side-by-side with another os21:07
mgedminI'm sure there's a way to do that, but I can't help you21:07
sarnoldjguk: it's been ages since I've seen the server installer, but I'm pretty sure there was a way to pick which partitions you wanted to install into. but boot device is a funny thing, since there's usually one EFI partition that knows how to boot everything else on the system, no?21:07
mgedmin7-year old laptop, does it even use UEFI?21:08
jgukmgedmin alrighty, thanks a lot for the help provided21:08
Sven_vBjguk, (shameless plug) in such cases the SuperGRUB disk can help: you can install Ubuntu without a bootloader, have the SGD boot it, and then install a boot loader later from the inside.21:08
jgukmuch info, how would i go about setting that up?21:09
jgukif i choose to reformat the device then i can make gpt partitions and i can set it as boot disk, but id rather not because of the data on it21:10
Sven_vBjoin #sgrup , follow the link in the topic, and if you need more help, ask there. :)21:10
Sven_vBerr, #sgrub21:10
jgukthanks a lot il check it out21:11
Sven_vBusually gdisk can convert MBR disks to GPT, but make sure you have SGD first, in case your BIOS doesn't like to boot from GPT disks.21:12
Sven_vB(e.g. in some Thinkpads)21:12
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JPSmanSo, youtube-dl has been removed from GitHub21:49
JPSmanwhat does that mean for the youtube-dl repository in ubuntu?21:49
oerheks1JPSman, i think it will disappear21:50
Sven_vBoh wow, that's news to me21:50
oerheks1war on youtube-dl,..21:50
JPSmanyeah, ive been trying to goto every corner of the web to spread the news21:50
oerheks1lets move this to #ubuntu-discuss21:50
random1I am running ubuntu 20.04 and my battery wont go past 15%. Was wondering if there was a way I could run a diagnostic to see if the battery is dying. Its the only thing I can think of21:51
random1spread what news?21:51
Sven_vBwhere can I read about the reasons?21:51
jpdsSven_vB: Google21:51
Sven_vBI'm lucky I updated it just yesterday21:53
Devriminb4 you youtube-dl development moves to TOR lol21:56
random1Trying to see about a battery diagnostics for Ubuntu 20.04. My battery has been stuck at 15% and not really to sure why. Any help? thank you in advance22:00
random1Hello ubuntu. Anyone able to guide me to why my battery stays at 15%? lol..22:10
random1My power statistics shows its at 100% capacity22:10
Sbur3I'm trying to upgrade to 20.10, but it doesn't work through update-manager.  And my display keeps shutting down and turning back on ....22:28
random1i got u22:28
Sbur3Any ideas as to how to bypass that22:29
sarnoldSbur3: check journalctl -f perhaps?22:29
Sbur3sarnold: In task manager or somewhere else?22:29
random1open up terminal. apt-get dist-upgrade22:29
random1that should work i think22:30
random1Sbur3 what version of ubuntu do u have ?22:31
random1ctrl alt t22:32
random1bring up terminal and then type in 'lsb_release -a'22:32
Sbur3random1: I just tried.  verbose comes back about libboost-atomic and libboost-system and getting rid of them and nothing about dist-upgrade22:32
random1tell me what you get when you type 'lsb_release -a' in terminal22:32
Sbur3^random1: Ubuntu 20.0422:33
random1You have the most updated version of ubuntu.22:33
random1let me double check22:33
random1i got u either way22:33
random11 sec22:33
random1sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade22:33
random1type that in terminal22:33
random1few more steps after that22:33
random1then type 'sudo do-release-upgrade'22:34
random1tell me what you get after you type that last command in22:35
Sbur3Checking for a new Ubuntu release22:35
Sbur3Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.22:35
random1did you type in 'sudo apt update'22:35
random1'sudo apt upgrade'22:36
Sbur3random1: Yes. But what bothers me is that I ask for update-manager to upgrade and it gives me the button to push.  I push it and nothing else happens22:36
random1your trying to get a new distro on ubuntu right ?22:37
Sbur3random1: When I run update-manager, it says that I can upgrade to 20.1022:38
random1thats what i am going to show u22:38
random1did you type in sudo apt update22:38
random1'sudo apt update'22:39
random1'sudo apt upgrade'22:39
random1going to show you a way to do it via terminal22:39
random1then type in 'sudo do-release-upgrade'22:40
random1then tell me what the output is22:40
Sbur3random1: Done that .... but in task manager, I see this "unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown--wait-for-signal"22:40
Sbur3random1: Is that significant?22:40
random1dont worry about it for right now22:40
random1just focus on the terminal22:40
random1did you type in the upgrade and update commands followed by the22:41
random1sudo do-release-upgrade22:41
Sbur3random1: Would it be wrong syntax to group all three commands in one with &&?22:41
random1i wouldnt do all 3. But you can do it with update and upgrade22:42
random1then do 'sudo do-release-upgrade'22:43
random1let me know what output you get after typing in the 'sudo do-release-upgrade'22:43
Sbur3random1: From update && upgrade, I get this :22:43
Sbur3random1: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/7DmYd65Gfd/22:44
random1type in 'sudo apt-upgrade'22:44
random1see what it does22:44
random1try it by itself. see if it gives you same output22:44
Sbur3random1: command not found22:44
tomreynrandom1: Sbur3 just wrote they have "unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrade-shutdown--wait-for-signal" in their process list, so the system is going to shutdown soon - not a good condition to start a release upgrade in22:45
random1sudo apt upgrade22:45
random1tomreyn will show you what to do :)22:45
random1Hes trying to upgrade distro22:45
sarnoldthis feels like something a reboot would help22:45
tomreynactually, sorry, i take this back, this is a common process22:45
random1sarnold: i was about to recommend that22:45
tomreynor it can be common22:46
random1sbur3: try this now "sudo do-release-upgrade"22:46
random1tell me the output please22:46
Sbur3tomreyn: Been having some issues getting the computer to boot of late22:46
Sbur3random1: sudo do-release-upgrade22:46
Sbur3Checking for a new Ubuntu release22:46
Sbur3Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.22:46
tomreynSbur3: any error messages you remember about booting?22:46
tomreynSbur3: better do a fresh reboot before you start the release upgrade22:47
random1sbur3: definitely try doing a reboot. then try typing that command in and let me know the output22:47
Sbur3tomreyn: I hear some of the familiar noises, but not all of them22:47
random1hey tomreyn22:49
tomreynrandom1: what's up?22:50
random1My battery stays at 15% and i ran 'power statistics'22:51
random1and it shows 100% capacity22:51
random1probably sure my batter is dying. But was wondering if u had any opinions on the matter22:51
random1refrubed labtop fml22:52
tomreynif the battery is dying there's not a lot you can do other than replacing it. you can check the bios for a recalibration routine, but this will just improve the reading.22:53
random1good idea22:53
random1was thinking about freezing my battery lol22:55
random1heard its a hit and miss22:55
random1throw it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer next to some frozen veggies22:55
compdocwont help22:56
random1what about microwaving my battery then beating it with a hammer? lol jk. Yeah its pretty much done22:57
compdocbeating the microwave wont help either23:00
Sbur3No improvement.  When I look at task manager, still that weird process.  And I can't seem to kill it or terminate it or stop it23:00
RadSurferis there any way to properly load in a text file containing Ansi and expanding the commands, say in Vim or some editor that can interpret Ansi?23:00
Sbur3I sometimes wonder if someone's playing with my computer23:01
tomreynSbur3: it's probably fine to have this process then23:01
Sbur3tomreyn: Any ideas as to how to get the upgrade that is out there?23:02
tomreynSbur3: can you show    apt update && apt -sy full-uograde     on the pastebin?23:02
tomreynSbur3: can you show    apt update && apt -sy full-upgrade     on the pastebin?23:02
Sbur3tomreyn: I'll be right back with that23:02
tomreyn^ typo fixed23:02
Sbur3tomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/8SmskRZjgV/23:04
BalooRJanyone know if there is an equivalent of regionset for bluray drives?23:04
BalooRJI have a blu-ray optical drive in my PC running Pop OS and wanted to know if regionset worked for the blu-ray portion of it23:05
BalooRJI had to use regionset to set the DVD part to Region 1, but now testing with a blu ray it seems that the region needs to be set on the blu ray portion of the optical drive as well23:05
tomreynSbur3: apt --purge autoremove && apt policy libboost-thread-dev23:05
RadSurferIs there something called 'ansifilter' for ubuntu?23:05
Sbur3tomreyn: As sudo, I imagine23:06
leftyfb!popos | BalooRJ23:06
ubottuBalooRJ: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)23:06
tomreynSbur3: yes, please, the former23:06
BalooRJleftyfb, ah understood. Though really I am just looking for a package that would be in the Ubuntu 20.04 repos.23:06
Sbur3tomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/2JcpxcSkXB/23:08
tomreynSbur3: apt --purge -y autoremove && apt full-upgrade23:09
tomreynboth with sudo23:09
quidnuncDoes anyone know how to setup xrdp? I can't get it working and don't see much in the logs23:09
Sbur3tomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/bbGkmY432R/23:10
tomreynSbur3: do you have any apt related GUIs running?23:11
tomreynSbur3: if not, what does this report?    sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend23:12
Sbur3tomreyn: Not that I'm aware of. But I put "sudo" in both parts of the last command before and after the && and got another verbose23:13
Sbur3tomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/pmvPmt2MBZ/23:13
tomreynSbur3: oh that calrifies it, sorry23:13
tomreynSbur3: it's not clear why this package is being held back, though. do you have apt preferences (pinning) set?23:14
tomreynls /etc/apt/preferences.d/23:14
jadaxhi, using ubnt 18.04. After connecting FTDI USB cable, I get no activity under minicom. But if I unplug FTDI USB and plug back again, then it works, any ideas what's wrong?23:14
Sbur3tomreyn: To your lsof command, I got this ... https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/bRxGF8xy4q/23:15
jadaxmodem/network manager getting in the way, perhaps?23:15
tomreynSbur3: thats fine, thank23:15
Sbur3tomreyn: And no verbose from the ls command23:16
tomreynjadax: you're referring to Sbur3? if so, where did you see those mentioned, modem/network manager (what am i missing?)?23:16
tomreynSbur3: you mean no output?23:16
tomreynSbur3: ls /etc/apt/preferences    also, does this exist?23:16
jadaxtomreyn nope, i'm just asking about FTDI USB serial23:17
Sbur3tomreyn: Nothing typed on the terminal in response to the command ls except for the command line prompt23:17
tomreynjadax: oh, sorr,y i missed this first line where oyu asked23:17
tomreynSbur3: sudo apt -y install apt-forktracer && sudo apt-forktracer 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999923:18
tomreynthis is to get a better picture of why thiere is this pending installation, and your apt package management systems' state23:19
RadSurferCAN SOMEONE tell me please : is there a way to save to a file the scrollback buffer from terminal?23:20
Sbur3tomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/sbmB3N8BHG/23:20
tomreynSbur3: https://termbin.com/oy77 is the output of apt-forktracer23:21
Sbur3tomreyn: I'm sure it is. But I have no clue what that means for me23:21
tomreynSbur3: packages without [ brackets ] on the same line are leftovers, for which no apt repository is configured23:21
tomreynSbur3: they will just get in the way. either purge them, or find an apt repository providing these very packages so they have an upgrade path. but for a release upgrade, it'd be safer to remove them.23:22
fructoseRadSurfer: The script command might be what you want23:23
Sbur3tomreyn: So that crap is what is preventing me from upgrading?23:23
RadSurferWhat script command?23:23
fructoseman script23:23
=== disillusion- is now known as disillusion
tomreynSbur3: that is well possible. i would not recommend upgrading a system in this state23:23
EriC^^RadSurfer: are you speaking for the future or you want the stuff that's already on the scrollback right now?23:24
Sbur3tomreyn: Is there a simple command or some kind of magic thing to do this?  And brackets aren't ( ) but rather [ ] ?23:24
tomreynSbur3: at least some of these packages seem to be leftovers from when you ran ubuntu 19.04, and ubuntu 19.10.23:25
tomreynright, lines without [ ... ] mean no apt source is configured23:25
Sbur3¨tomreyn: I keep running "autoclean" and "autoremove" regularly23:26
tomreynSbur3: this won't help if you have packages in this state23:27
tomreynSbur3: this is just for testing, it doesn't make changes:   sudo apt-forktracer | grep -vF '[' | cut -d ' ' -f1 | xargs apt -sy purge23:29
ChetManlycan the ubuntu partitioner partition macos (macbook air) or is it better to use the macos partitioner?23:29
Sbur3tomreyn: So I should purge almost the entire list except the maybe 4 things that have [] as opposed to those don't?23:29
tomreynSbur3: tightly spoken, PPAs and third party packages and even community maintained packages are not supported (i.e. any packages not from main or restricted, for your current Ubuntu release)23:32
Sbur3tomreyn: Ok, so here's the next set of information https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/GnksSXdF32/23:33
tomreynSbur3: but there is a good chance you can get away with keeping those two or three packages, for which you still have an apt repository configured, installed23:33
tomreynSbur3: you missed a blank space there in the "cut" command23:33
tomreynjust edit it and run it again23:34
Sbur3tomreyn: I added a blank space too many or I was missing one?23:35
tomreynSbur3: missing one23:35
tomreynsudo apt-forktracer | grep -vF '[' | cut -d ' ' -f1 | xargs sudo apt -sy purge     # is correct23:35
tomreynsudo apt-forktracer | grep -vF '[' | cut -d '' -f1 | xargs sudo apt -sy purge     # is what you wrote23:36
ChetManlyholy shit is lsblk ever more easy to mix up when you dont have persistent mount points23:36
Sbur3tomreyn: This should be better : https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/w8rZSy6Pfy/23:37
tomreynSbur3: okay, this should be more readable, hopefully:   sudo apt-forktracer | grep -vF '[' | cut -d '' -f1 | xargs sudo apt -syV --autoremove purge23:38
tomreynSbur3: have a look at the list of packages in the section "The following packages will be REMOVED:", see if you're ok with removing them as well as all of their configuration files off /etc, and any data (stored outside your home directory), too23:41
tomreyne.g. for a database server this could mean loosing databases, for a webserver it would mean loosing all virtualhost configuration files23:41
Sbur3tomreyn: It seems to have done its business. I can try to upgrade now?23:43
tomreynSbur3: it hasn't, unless you removed the -s option to apt23:44
tomreynnote also the "NOTE: This is only a simulation!" at the beginngin of the output23:45
tomreynto proceed, if you're happy with purging allthese packages and their data, remove the -y option passed into apt, and run again23:45
Sbur3tomreyn: So what you are saying is that I remove the -s ... just the -s or all -syV and it will do the dirty work of cleaning up and I can upgrade?23:46
tomreynjust the 's'23:46
tomreynso make it23:47
Sbur3tomreyn: So I keep the yV and it will happen?23:47
tomreynsudo apt-forktracer | grep -vF '[' | cut -d '' -f1 | xargs sudo apt -yV --autoremove23:47
Sbur3tomreyn: Will this crash the system and make me lose everything?23:47
tomreynSbur3: hopefully, not. but then i cannot speak for the quality of non ubuntu packages23:48
Sbur3tomreyn: Too late to hesitate ... it's in the process of doing its job23:49
tomreynSbur3: running     sudo apt-forktracer     again  after that will show you what's left23:50
tomreynshould be these: manuskript google-chrome-stable nordvpn nordvpn-release secureboot-db lynis23:50
tomreynsecureboot-db is actually an ubuntu package, but the version you have installed is from focal-proposed, an apt repository you do not have configured at this time.23:51
Sbur3tomreyn: I think I'll need to reboot before I check to see what is left and if it worked ... brb?23:53
tomreynno :)23:54

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