daftykinsdon't think it helps when there are all these daft pieces online of "ooh what are the top 20 junk repos and programs you can install on the $new_release ?"00:00
tomreyn:) probably not. but, especially for windows converts, who don't know better, we must already be grateful if they down't download .deb's (or .run's) from random websites.00:02
tomreynthe irony is that if you don't work with an admin account on windows, that'd be potentially safer there than on ubuntu.00:03
sarnoldtomreyn: hah, yes, that's entirely possible :(00:15
sarnoldas annoying as go and rust are to package and support, there's no denying that they're safer languages than C and C++ or python or shell, I wish they were better adapted in the foss communities00:17
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:28
ducassegood morning06:17
oerheks1https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hirsute .. is this the new name?23:28
oerheks1.. from https://launchpad.net/youtube-dl/+packages23:30
guivercoerheks1, part of, my system already reports "OS: Lubuntu Hirsute Hanimal (development branch) x86_64"  (from neofetch)23:45
oerheks1oh nice23:46
oerheks1could not find the 2nd part23:47
oerheks1Ubuntu Hirsute HANIMAL Release Schedule “Hanimal” is a placeholder name. We do not have the actual animal name yet23:48
guivercI believe I've seen it before, (?animal) but it's not something I take notice of..  I was instead looking up the meanin gof hirsute!23:49

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