phunyguyHey, is there anyone in here that can renew my IRC membership? I missed the launchpad emails because they were going to junk mail for some reason.00:22
phunyguy“Ubuntu IRC members” team00:22
elphunyguy: done02:23
elany other teams?02:24
phunyguyel: I'll take another look through the email and let you know.  Thanks!16:04
phunyguyel: I can't see anything else.  I caught the u-ops one early enough.16:06
phunyguyAppreciate it.16:06
wxlthe #ubuntu-communitycouncil channel has a founder flag set on an old council member that should be removed but since they're the only founder, i can't do this. i also don't have access to set the founder. could someone please set the founder flag on sabdfl?19:56
elwxl: one moment i'll find someone21:13
MontresorI'm here.21:16
eloh there you are21:16
eli forgot you changed nick21:16
MontresorSo, would you like to ACK his request?21:19
elyes, also i found another staffer21:19
eli've deferred the other staffer, please go ahead now21:20
elthank you21:22
MontresorSure thing.21:22
=== nuka is now known as niko

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