ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Nice12:23
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <h> 22.04 is the next lts if i am right12:27
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <bittin1> thats correct (re @h: 22.04 is the next lts if i am right)12:28
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <h> i wonder will there be 99.1012:28
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <h> and then 100.0412:29
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <rs2009> Sorry @Eickmeyer, dunno how I missed your message. I'll try by the end of this year. 🙂 (re @Eickmeyer: @rs2009 , @ItzSwirlz So, when can we expect you all to apply for official flavor status?)12:31
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <rs2009> Unfortunately, Lomiri is not very stable for desktops yet. Hence, I created an Experimental edition with Lomiri, but majority of the apps crash. (re @KajiiNarumiChat: have you thought about using unity 8?)12:33
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Well cinnamon launcher crashed19:08
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz>19:08
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <ItzSwirlz> Crashed with file not found error19:08
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <Zachariah> Did you send the report to the developer? Maybe they can help. 🤣🤣🤣19:23
ubuntutestingbot[telegram] <h>23:38

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