tomreynhmm, Sbur3 seems to be gone for good. I'll head to bed as well. If they return, please tell them they should be good to upgrade, after backup.00:12
Matroxdo i need to use this in my bashrc [   export GPG_TTY=$(tty) ]  to be able to use gpg?00:13
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sarnoldMatrox: I think I've heard that is very handy if you're doing gpg operations on remote hosts00:18
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Sven_vBfinally I was able to observe my Ubuntu focal's wifi issue while it happened. :-) https://paste.debian.net/plainh/d5bda9f7 It seems to not be an actual wifi issue, because connectivity is immediately restored when I run "sudo ifconfig wlxe894f6XXXXXX". Is there an easy way to make NetworkManager do that for me automatically? or is there a way to avoid the disappearance of the IPv4 address in the first place?00:38
ApOgEESven_vB: you can set it in netplan00:45
ApOgEESven_vB: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-configure-static-ip-address-on-ubuntu-18-04/00:45
Sven_vBApOgEE, there's currently a static IP in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi.ini that NM correctly applies when I (re)start NM. do you mean NM might apply the netplan IP in a situation where it doesn't apply its own config?00:47
HallcyonDo you ever run anything other than LTS on a server?00:58
sarnoldHallcyon: sure, the decision of what to run is more individual than a clear proscription01:00
Sven_vBonly if I have to01:00
Hallcyon20.10 has official support for raspberry pi's, should I upgrade those from the current 20.04 lts, would that make sense for a wireguard server?01:01
HallcyonI will keen my KVM hosts running 20.0401:01
sarnoldHallcyon: I understand eg microk8s isn't supported or isn't built for 20.10 or something similar to that01:02
Sven_vBHallcyon, what would be your motivation to upgrade?01:03
sarnoldoh, actually, thanks for the idea. I've got an rpi3b+ that's on 20.04 at the moment, and the one application I run on it throws some C++ warnings while building it...01:03
sarnoldit *might* be a toolchain problem, and upgrading the machine would get a new toolchain pretty quick :)01:03
HallcyonSven_vB https://liliputing.com/2020/10/ubuntu-20-10-released-and-its-the-first-version-with-full-raspberry-pi-support.html and a newer kernel so maybe backporting wg isn't required?01:04
leftyfbHallcyon: it's the first version with the full desktop. There's been an official server version for a while now.01:05
Hallcyonah I see.01:05
Sven_vBHallcyon, oh ok. before I didn't gather that 20.04 isn't officially supported01:05
HallcyonI guess I will stick with 20.0401:05
leftyfbHallcyon: https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi01:05
leftyfbSven_vB: it is01:06
Sven_vBleftyfb, thanks!01:06
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hayshmm. no one knows about my AMI question anywhere...02:11
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Felishiawhy did ubuntu suddenly stopped recognizing my host?02:37
Felishiait modified the /etc/hosts file all on its own02:38
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DrNostrilhey can anybody help me increase my swap space?07:40
rk4sure, your choices are swap file or swap partition07:41
EriC^DrNostril: what's the output of 'swapon -s'07:41
DrNostrilone moment07:43
DrNostrilno output as i am on a livedisk07:44
DrNostrilmaybe that will give an idea07:44
DrNostrilthe target is made with LVM and is encrypted07:44
DrNostrilTHANK YOU eric07:44
EriC^DrNostril: i'd just make a swap file then07:45
DrNostrilim worried about ruining my main partition when i resize it07:45
EriC^DrNostril: yeah, no need to resize07:45
DrNostrilwait so i can just make a file within the main partition to use as swap?07:45
EriC^DrNostril: how much bigger do you want the swap?07:46
DrNostrilat least 8GB i think07:46
DrNostrilmaybe less is more :p07:46
EriC^type "sudo fallocate -l 8G /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile"07:46
DrNostrilim trying to run a windows OS in vmware, and it suggests that i need more swap for vmware07:46
DrNostrilso with 64 GB of ram, i'm a bit confused07:47
DrNostrili feel that i shouldn't need it as i do not use hibernate07:47
EriC^yeah, i think so too07:47
DrNostrilwould it be better to do this after logging into the hardware-native system?07:48
EriC^DrNostril: doesnt really make any difference07:48
DrNostrilokay then one last question..... how do I notify my system that this swapfile exists?07:49
DrNostrilswapon .../swapfile ?07:49
EriC^fstab so its permanent, did you run the fallocate command?07:49
ducassefirst run mkswap on it, too07:49
DrNostrilyes i did07:51
EriC^DrNostril: ok, type "sudo chmod 600 /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile"07:51
DrNostrili ran fallocate, did not touch fstab yet07:51
EriC^then "sudo mkswap /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile/media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile"07:51
DrNostrilokay chmoded07:52
EriC^finally add a new line with "/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0" to /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile/media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/etc/fstab"07:52
DrNostrilmkswap: cannot open /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile/media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile: Not a directory07:52
EriC^* to /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/etc/fstab07:53
EriC^sorry typo07:53
DrNostriloops i saw as soon as i pasted07:53
EriC^sudo mkswap /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile07:53
EriC^then add "/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0" to to /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/etc/fstab   and you're done07:54
DrNostrilmkswap: invalid block count argument: '/media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/etc/fstab'07:54
EriC^DrNostril: sudo mkswap /media/mint/782c5c8f-994f-4f2b-a9d7-f9a2f8c76bb3/swapfile07:54
DrNostrilSetting up swapspace version 1, size = 8 GiB (8589930496 bytes)07:55
DrNostrilno label, UUID=2f65ca2b-0074-4fa5-b8a9-8090e86abfc507:55
DrNostrilyou rock07:55
DrNostrilokay im editing fstab07:56
DrNostrilshould i leave the current swap entry in place?07:57
DrNostriljust add another line?07:57
DrNostrili might add that this fstab entry does not look like the others........07:59
DrNostrilwell..... here goes nothing..... i guess i reboot x|08:01
DrNostrilEric you still around?08:07
EriC^^DrNostril: sorry back08:08
EriC^^DrNostril: yeah leave the current swap line and add a new line with /swapfile ...08:08
DrNostrili booted and everything worked great08:18
DrNostrili modified your fstab line a little bit08:18
DrNostrilthanks a bundle08:18
EriC^^DrNostril: great, no problem08:18
DrNostrileric what's your favorite stuff to work on? why you here?08:19
xBfroghi, one of the nice features of Ubuntu is dark mode But I noticed that Ubuntu help guide is white backround unless you change to "all Help" then its dark. can this be made permenant?08:37
xBfrogok is it a bug?08:38
DarkTrickHello, I try to format my SD card with "disks", but it tells me "failed to probe the device mmcblk0 error-quark, 0. Any ideas?08:53
xBfrogtry gparted it worked for me08:54
DarkTrickdidn't work. Gave me hundreds of popup errors in a loop08:54
Maikdownload Raspberry Pi Imager and try to erase the SD card with that08:56
xBfrogafter you insert the drive in files an you right click and choose format?08:56
DarkTrickxBfrog, what do you mean with "insert the drive in files"?09:00
xBfrogcan you insert the drive in usb port?09:01
xBfrogor in a sd port?09:01
DarkTricksd port09:02
xBfrogok then use files to see the drive and right click on it. do you get a format option?09:02
DarkTrickxBfrog, I guess you mean nautilus?09:02
xBfrogwhere ever you can see your files09:03
DarkTrickdrive doesn't appear in nautilus09:03
DarkTrickalso not in thunar09:03
DarkTrickit's not mounted, I guess09:03
xBfrogi dunno either09:04
gebbioneis gio trash a ubuntu specific application? is there something amongst gio trash, trash-cli, gvfs-trash  that is ubiquitous in all distros?09:05
mgedmingio is part of gnome, so it's not specific to ubuntu, but I'm not sure it would be right to say it's ubiquitous to everything09:06
mgedminI think there's a freedesktop spec for trash, so it should be more-or-less universal09:06
mgedmin(except for people who use twm and rm -rf and don't care for all the new-fangled desktop thingys)09:06
xBfrogNormally you don't need to do anything special. Could you update the question to include the version of Ubuntu you're using? Also, you can open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t), type "tail -f /var/log/syslog", insert an SD card, and see what messages pop up. If you don't know what they mean you could paste the lines that appear when you insert the SD card in your question too.09:07
ThinkT510for multiple lines it is recommended to use a paste site09:10
xBfrogyes true, pastbin.com works well09:15
Deano59xBfrog: see the topic in the channel. use ubuntu's paste site, pastebin is riddled with ads.09:17
Deano59xBfrog: this; https://paste.ubuntu.com/09:19
xBfrogok thanks, i've never had issues but ok09:19
MaikDeano59: not if you use a proper ad blocker but i agree that https://paste.ubuntu.com/ is the way to go :)09:19
Deano59Maik: shouldn't have to use an ad-blocker but k.09:20
xBfrogi guess thats it then, i have adblockers09:20
mgedmineh pastebin dot com is annoying even with adblockers09:25
mgedminit also mangles whitespace in some circumstances09:26
Deano59mgedmin: indeed.09:26
Toxic_Wastemorning guys :) was wondering if anyone has got ubuntu 20.10 running in virtualbox already09:45
Toxic_Wastethe guest additions don't seem to play nicely on groovy gorilla09:46
WoCwhat would i use to create the initrd for a manually compiled kernel ?09:46
WoCk, update-initramfs09:52
tomreynToxic_Waste: virtualbox as distributed by ubuntu?09:54
tomreynToxic_Waste: if not, head over to #vbox09:54
Toxic_Wastefair point, I suppose that is more a vbox thing :)09:54
BustinHey there, trying to install the newest ubuntu 20.10 on my laptop, which has an nvidia rtx 2070, sporting dual external monitors, one via display port, one via hdmi. Prior to this version, worked out the box fine. Now, when booting, I get EXTREME lag, can barely move the mouse, click on things, etc.09:58
Bustindisconnecting the dual monitors, lets the OS function fine, but as soon as I reconnect, back to extreme lag.10:00
dkaI have a user on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, he destrroyed the system (with an apt autoremove). He forgot the root password, the password he his giving me for him is not working, he tells me he used that password all the time and he seems to be confident the password should work11:05
EriC^^dka: what's your objective? recover access to the pc?11:15
dkaEriC^^, we are trying password over and over, I am 100% with the username as he saved some log in his usb backup drive and I can see the username being "alexander"11:23
dkaHe never wrote the password anywhere, he says the password he use, but I have tried it with root user and alexander, both didn't work11:24
dkahe does not have the live cd, he has one, but he gave me one from debian, tought it is obvious it is not debian running here but  Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS11:24
dkaI am downloading the Ubuntu iso so I'll make another USB drive, i'll probably try to chroot11:24
dkaThere's no grub boot loader, instead there's a splash screen11:25
dkaI personnally use debian, how can I access the grub boot loader instead of the splash screen ?11:25
dkaI was able using ESC to access the Grub Boot Loader. Can I recover the access for this computer?11:27
dkathe older kernel is stuck on "Loading initial ramdisk"11:28
EriC^^dka: hold shift to get grub11:28
EriC^^dka: if he hasnt set an actual root password, just his username password, then you can go to advanced > recovery and from there you can press on "drop to root shell" and type "mount -o remount,rw /" and then do "passwd alexander" to change his password11:30
BluesKajHi all11:30
EriC^^dka: if he's set an actual root password, then you can boot to a shell by adding "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" to the linux /boot/vmlinuz....., after pressing "e" in grub to edit the Ubuntu entry and pressing F10 to boot the edited entry11:32
dkaI finally recovered the user password and root password11:32
dkahe was giving me a wrong username from a wrong old from a wrong computer, such missleading informations...11:33
tux__Hi, I am trying to make systemd-boot use shim. has anyone done this successfully? If yes, can you share your layout of /boot? I have my ESP mounted at /boot11:47
MetamorphosisHello. I wonder why is the highly praised software "GNU PSPP" has been removed from the official repositories. I'm having trouble installing it on 20.04.11:58
BluesKajMetamorphosis, pspp is in the 20.10 universe repos12:07
MetamorphosisBluesKaj Oh? Didn't knew that. What can I do? I'm on Kubuntu 20.04 and I don't really want to upgrade at the moment.12:12
BluesKajMetamorphosis, check this,  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1234137/why-is-the-pspp-program-not-present-in-the-ubuntu-20-04-lts-focal-fossa-reposito12:27
mgedminmaybe there's a ppa?12:36
rotaercThe computer screen flickers occasionally after installing Ubuntu 20.04 for Mac RRO.12:48
rotaercWhat should I do with it?12:49
ttytwisterHi, I've installed both ubuntu and win 10. But I didn't manage to encrypt "ubuntu's drive" during installation. What is the propper way to encrypt it after installation?12:53
tomreynttytwister: ideally, you'll do it during installation. it's quite involved and error prone later on. see the cryptsetup-reencrypt man page.12:56
Deano59ttytwister: just re-install again but this time encrypt the drive, less hassle.12:57
ttytwisterDeano59, it is easy (and I always do so) when you install ubuntu only12:57
tomreynright, it won't work (using just the GUI) for a desktop installation which shares a drive with windows.12:58
Deano59do it through the install instead of trying *after* less hassle.12:58
ttytwisterI need two OS and one of them encrypted :) So, you say it is not possible during installation?12:59
tomreynat least that's what i seem to remember. i duggest you double-check, I don't mean to spread FUD.13:00
tomreyn* suggest13:00
tomreynI'm sure it should work if you install Ubuntu to a different physical storage.13:01
tux__Hi, I am trying to make systemd-boot use shim. has anyone done this successfully? If yes, can you share your layout of /boot? I have my ESP mounted at /boot13:05
tomreynpop os is not supported here13:05
][o4|-o_5o_PYcki\ (•◡•)13:12
ttytwistertomreyn, well, it is exactly my case. I want to install to different hard drive. But when I choose to install along with win 10, encryption is not offered13:15
tomreynttytwister: i assume your windows installation is configured for uefi boot mode. if you'll install ubuntu the same way, to a separate storage, without choosing to install side by side with windows, but with encryption, i would assume you will be able to boot either.13:20
ttytwistertomreyn, in this case, should win 10 hard drive be connected during installation?13:23
ttytwisteror it is not necessary?13:23
tomreynttytwister: yes, needed, because it'll contain the efi system partition which both windows' and ubuntu's  boot loaders need to be placed on.13:27
tomreynyou could also copy it later, though, if you want to prevent windows' being overwritten (i don't expect that to happen, though)13:28
ttytwisterThere is nothing important there on windows hard drive. So I can experiment13:29
ttytwisterSo, at installation type page, I should choose "Something else" right?13:29
tomreynwhat are you installing?13:30
tomreyn!YY.mm | ttytwister13:30
ubottuttytwister: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle13:30
tomreynserver? desktop? some other flavor?13:31
tomreynglad we got all the basic info gathered.13:31
tomreynthen yes.13:31
ttytwistercan you guide me?13:31
tomreynselect advanced when it asks you about partitioning13:32
tomreynthen encryption13:32
ttytwisterwait a sec13:33
EriC^^i like the idea of putting the efi partition on the ubuntu hdd so that it's a standalone install, not dependent on the windows hdd to boot13:33
ttytwisterI've chosen "something else". At next page I can see my hard disks13:33
ttytwisterI haven't installed both OS before13:34
tomreynEriC^^: are there mainboards which can handle more than one ESP?13:34
tomreynttytwister: "something else" was wrong then, take a step back13:35
tomreyni'll have a look at the screens, give me a minute13:35
EriC^^tomreyn: i dont think there's a limit on the efi partition in the uefi entry to have the same partuuid in all entries there13:35
ttytwistertomreyn, ok, Im on prev page. 3 options: 1. Install ubuntu alongside win 10. 2. Erase disk and install ubuntu (Warning: this will delete blah-blah...) and button Advance features. 3. Something else13:36
tomreynEriC^^: hmm, nice idea. but i guess this means you'll need to update the second ESP to match the ID of the first, right?13:37
EriC^^it should be fine i guess, never seen any complain, but havent seen so much i guess13:37
ttytwisterif I choose 2 option, I don't what disk it is going to erase13:37
EriC^^tomreyn: nope, just install to 2nd hdd as usual, it'll add the entry in the uefi list to grub's efi file, and ubuntu's grub will pick up the bootmgfw.efi on the windows efi13:38
ttytwister*don't know13:38
Deano59what's the package name for lxqt themes??13:38
Deano59*not lubuntu*13:38
EriC^^tomreyn: the board doesnt really have a efi designated kinda thing, just a list of stuff like this for instance, Boot0000* ubuntuHD(1,GPT,472ed800-a2c2-4f94-bbb0-85207dba31f3,0x800,0x96000)/File(\EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi)13:39
EriC^^the hex stuff is the PARTUUID, i guess that's how it knows what to mount and look for /File.... and just boot it13:40
EriC^^ttytwister: i think it would erase windows13:41
tomreynEriC^^: hmm, nice idea, i hadn't though of this approach.13:41
ttytwisterEriC^^, I do think so too. So what should I do :(13:41
tomreynttytwister: I guess you're better off following EriC^^'s suggestion13:41
EriC^^ttytwister: either manually partition, the easier thing would be to just remove the windows hdd and let it do its thing13:42
EriC^^after its done plug in the windows hdd, boot into ubuntu, and run 'sudo update-grub' windows should be in grub now13:42
Veltumhey am i registered13:44
EriC^^ttytwister: however it's important you make sure ubuntu is booted in uefi mode, it's easy to check if you can get a shell and run 'ls /sys/firmware/efi' before starting the actual installer13:45
tomreynVeltum: you must be. this channel is cmode +r.13:45
ttytwisterEriC^^, can't I see it in BIOS?13:46
NIKOFIGOXXhey again13:47
tomreynNIKOFIGOXX: for irc help, please /join #freenode13:47
ttytwisterEriC^^, so, what output should it give?13:51
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ttytwisterI can several folders and files13:51
ttytwister*can see13:51
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Deano59I have this installed: linux-image-5.9-rpi-lobo-arm64 is already the newest version (5.9.1~lobo-arm64+) but when I check uname -a: Linux ayescott89-desktop 5.8.0-1006-raspi #9-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 16 12:55:30 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux -- why is that?13:53
Voltummy irc so broken13:53
Voltumany good client to try?13:53
Voltumirssi or weechat13:53
ttytwisterVoltum, I use hexchat13:53
Voltummirc ?13:54
Deano59I use weechat. :D13:54
Voltummirc used to be good13:54
Deano59anyone know how to change it?13:54
BluesKajmirc is a windows client13:54
Voltumwe used to use mirc before 12 years13:55
BluesKajhexchat is good on gnome or kde/plasma desktops13:55
Voltumi thought it was the first irc client13:55
Deano59can you guys to to /join #ubuntu-offtopic13:57
tomreynDeano59: linux-image-5.9-rpi-lobo-arm64 is not an ubuntu kernel image, the kernel you're now probably is one, though.13:58
Deano59tomreyn: yeah but it's defaulting to the ubuntu one and I want to know why. the other kernel is installed and up to date...13:58
Deano59am I missing something, tomreyn?14:01
tomreynDeano59: it's probably a matter of file names in /boot14:02
ttytwisterEriC^^,  'sudo update-grub' didn't help14:11
Deano59tomreyn: Ignoring old or unknown version 5.9.1~lobo-arm64+ (latest is 5.8.0-1006-raspi)14:13
Deano59how can I force it?14:13
waveformDeano59, the kernel that gets loaded (along with initrd, etc.) is the one installed to the boot partition; that's copied there from its installed location by the "flash-kernel" tool - you can try running "sudo flash-kernel" too see whether it notices the new kernel14:15
waveformhowever, my guess is it won't because it's the wrong "flavor" - on the Pi it expects kernels to have the "-raspi" (or historically "-raspi2") suffix. You can override this by adding an "overlay" entry to the flash-kernel database14:16
waveform(let me just go check something as it's been a while since I messed around with flash-kernel's innards)14:16
Deano59waveform: yeah it doesn't show the kernel :(14:17
Deano59it flashes 5.814:17
waveformright, under /usr/share/flash-kernel/db/ you'll find "all.db" which is flash-kernel's "database" (it's just a text file)14:17
Deano59see it14:18
waveformopen that in $your_text_editor and have a look for the "Raspberry Pi 4" entry14:18
Deano59found it.14:19
Deano59Kernel-Flavors: raspi14:19
leftyfbDeano59: why do you need linux-image-5.9-rpi-lobo-arm64 (unsupported)?14:19
waveformyou want to copy that chunk to /etc/flash-kernel/db (which is the local-administrator controlled file which overrides flash-kernel's built-in one)14:19
waveformand once you've copied it, you've probably guessed already, just delete that "Kernel-Flavors" line14:19
Deano59waveform: copy all the pi4 lines?14:20
waveformthat whole block14:20
waveform(delimited by blank lines))14:20
leftyfbDeano59: why do you need linux-image-5.9-rpi-lobo-arm64?14:20
Deano59delete the line from where waveform ?14:22
Deano59> /usr/share?14:22
waveformno, in the /etc copy14:22
waveformthat /etc one overrides the /usr/share one14:22
Deano59there's nothing in the etc one :/14:22
leftyfbDeano59: why do you need linux-image-5.9-rpi-lobo-arm64?14:23
Deano59leftyfb: please stop.14:23
leftyfbDeano59: please answer14:23
waveformyes, you need to copy the raspberry pi model 4 block to the /etc one, then delete the kernel-flavors line from the /etc one14:23
Deano59oh :P14:24
Deano59it's still doing the old kernel14:24
waveformin that case the new kernel may not be installed in the places flash-kernel expects to find it14:25
Deano59I added them db files to locations it said it was missing14:25
leftyfbwaveform: this is a lot of effort to support installing an unsupported kernel on a platform with it's own support channel to someone who refuses to explain why they need it in the first place14:25
waveformleftyfb, I wouldn't call a single entry in an /etc config file a "huge" effort (assuming it worked), and it's also pretty trivial to rollback (remove the override, re-run flash-kernel). I'll admit I'm curious as to why someone might want a later kernel, but I can think of plenty of legitimate reasons one might - doesn't seem like an obvious X/Y problem to me?14:27
Deano59waveform: this is in etc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tzHynDsGzp/14:29
* mgedmin is curious if the rpi becomes bricked if you flash the wrong kernel and how hard it is to recover14:31
Deano59mgedmin: if this works (which I hope it does) it *will* benefit other rpi4 users.14:31
waveformDeano59, yup - that's fine - if it's not working then as mentioned above it's likely that f-k isn't finding your kernel, which probably means it isn't installed in the places it expects to look - at this point I'd say if you *really* want to stick with it you still want to have f-k work (because it's the "right" way to do this and offers an easy recovery mechanism, but you'll need to read /us/share/flash-kernel/functions to figure it out14:32
waveformmgedmin, in this case "flash" really is a misnomer - it's just copying stuff to the boot partition14:32
waveformwhich is just a FAT partition; furthermore when it overwrites a file it always places a .bak next to it so, at worst, recovery is just "copy the .baks over the originals"14:33
waveform(however, personally I loathe that mechanism - would much rather have separate dirs for old / new state so switching becomes near-atomic - it's on my todo list, but it means a lot of changes to the boot setup)14:34
EriC^^ttytwister: ?14:34
EriC^^did you install ubuntu and plug back the windows drive?14:35
wyoungwin 1214:46
dkaI did wanted to upgrade skypeforlinux ubuntu, and it offered me to do apt auto remove14:48
dkasince, I am not able to boot, but I have access to the console with terminal14:48
sunrunner20what's the current correct way to mount an image to a loopback device upon boot in ubuntu? (well rpi os)14:48
leftyfbsunrunner20: please join #raspberrypi for support with rpi os14:49
sunrunner20all I can find is a pre systemd SO post14:49
sunrunner20its going to be the same14:50
leftyfbsunrunner20: rpi os is based on debian and has nothing to do with Ubuntu. We can only support Ubuntu here. Not other OS's.14:51
leftyfbsunrunner20: there's no reason you can't join the support channel for the OS you're running and ask for support with it there14:51
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dkfkdni've updated and now lightdm fails to start, what to do?15:39
dkfkdni have to login manually and use startx (and sound does not work that way)15:40
sqppWhat can I do if, I get Dummy Output in Sound settings?15:50
Deano59waveform: how long does the server image take to boot?15:53
sqppI am not using PulseAudio15:54
waveformDeano59, on a pi4 it's pretty quick (usually sub 1-minute, though there's wide variation in SD card quality), but the first time boot you do have to wait a good minute (sometimes a bit more) for cloud-init to do its thing, and snapd's pre-seeding takes up a fair bit of IO bandwidth. Obviously those are one-time things though15:55
Deano59waveform: yeah weird thing is happening, I'm stuck at it trying to configure cloud init, shows the ubuntu loading screen and repeat. Usb boot.15:57
sqppAlso as a reminder15:57
sqppI want to use 5.1 (DTS) on this machine, not sure if possible?15:57
Deano59Keeps saying a load of lines saying okay then back to the ubuntu loading screen for a second and that's all it does lol waveform15:57
waveformDeano59, this is the groovy server image? (I've been so focused on desktop  I don't think I've booted a server image with a screen attached for weeks - didn't realize we even had a loading screen!)15:58
Deano59Yeah server image15:59
waveformhmm, okay - let me find a spare drive here and see if I can replicate...15:59
Deano59Keeps saying a load of lines with okay and back to a purple loading screen and that's all it does xD15:59
Pr070calAnyone use advanced features zfs on the install16:01
Pr070calOf Ubuntu 20.1016:01
sqppSo I guess noone is into DTS who uses Ubuntu?16:02
mgedminwhat's DTS?16:02
dTalaudio codec16:02
Pr070calShould I use zfs on 20.10 or overlay FS for read only root16:02
sqppDigital Audio16:03
Deano59waveform: where do you want this video uploaded to of what's happening16:03
waveformDeano59, no need - I've got a spare drive here - I'll try and replicate it once it's flashed16:05
waveformAm I right in assuming this is basically a fresh flash and you're running it on a pi4? (just want to be sure I'm replicating the same hardware)16:05
Deano59Yeah fresh flash with the server image with rpis imager16:06
sqppaudio worked for a while, but once I followed some guides on Google to get DTS working it caused the issue16:06
sqppbut DTS didnt't work just to inform you16:06
sqpponly stereo sound16:06
Deano59waveform: video above explains it :)16:07
Deano59Usb boot if that matters16:07
Austin__hi all, my new aptxHD capable headphones are cutting out when paired to my laptop. (im using 20.10, new laptop). im suspecting that its because aptxHD codec isnt supported out of the box by 20.10. any pointers?16:07
Deano59September 3rd eeprom16:07
Deano59Desktop image is fine, weird.16:08
Deano59Yeah desktop is fine just not the server image16:09
waveformDeano59, huh - yup - I'm seeing the same16:10
waveformwell, this definitely warrants an issue16:12
Deano59Happening to you also?16:12
waveformyup - going to grab a serial console and see if I can figure this out (console's enabled by default on server)16:13
Deano59Nice :)16:13
Deano59I'm not alone!!! XD16:13
waveformoh hang on ...16:14
Deano59Hang on? Figured out why?16:15
waveformha! got it! I shall now make a prediction: you're on a pi4 and you've got a pimoroni fan-shim installed :)16:15
Deano59How did you know??16:16
Deano59You have to?16:16
waveformthe fan-shim "abuses" the serial pins and basically fires garbage down them all the time; two options: remove the fan-shim or disable the serial console16:16
Deano59What's the fix lol xD16:16
Deano59How can I disable it?16:16
Deano59I like the fan lol16:16
waveformin config.txt on the boot partition, change enable_uart to 016:17
Deano59Gonna try now16:17
waveformargh, I had that in the release notes on focal and forgot about it on groovy because on the desktop we disabled the serial console precisely because I anticipated *loads* of people using the desktop would have a fan-shim16:18
sqppPls someone :D16:18
Deano59Thanks waveform16:23
jmspeexHi, I have a minor issue that Ubuntu (and probably other distros) turns into a disaster. I suspect the fix would be a one-liner or so, but I just can't find where that would be.16:27
jmspeexBasically, there's an issue with my battery where it sometimes stops reporting its charge.16:28
jmspeexAs in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/ stops existing for a brief moment16:29
jmspeexThat normally wouldn't cause any problem *except* that some daemon somewhere decides that it means my battery is critically low and the system has to be shutdown immediately16:29
jmspeexAnyone knows which of the many interacting pieces of software is responsible for making that decision?16:30
mgedminhmm, upower?16:30
jmspeexThat was my first bet, so I cloned that, but all I can see is layers of redirection and I've been unable to find where that decision is taking place16:31
jmspeexSo either I missed it (totally possible) or upower is just somehow propagating values from somewhere else16:31
mgedminI see a bunch of options in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf that hint that it is upower making these decisions16:32
mgedminhey can you check the journal of the previous boot to see why the laptop went into shutdown?16:33
mgedminjournalctl -b -1 -e16:33
jmspeexOK, all I can really see is: systemd-logind[966]: System is powering down.16:38
jmspeexwhich I realize isn't quite informative16:39
jmspeexOK, so I see something around UP_DEVICE_LEVEL_ACTION. I assume that "action" here means shutdown, right?16:44
jmspeexIn upower/src/up-daemon.c16:44
sqpp:(  really noone had issues with intel HDA?16:56
tomreyn!audio | sqpp: this is a bit dated, but many of the debugging approaches still apply17:02
ubottusqpp: this is a bit dated, but many of the debugging approaches still apply: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.17:02
TR2990WXhi, does a package get updates when the app is installed through snap ?17:03
tomreynTR2990WX: i whoever published the snap pushes updates, yes, otherwise, no17:05
mgedminTR2990WX: yes17:07
mgedminTR2990WX: you can see what apps were automatically updated when with snap changes17:07
mgedminand you can see what apps have available updates with snap refresh --list17:07
mgedminand you can ask all snaps to update right now with sudo snap refresh, but normally that happens automatically in the background17:08
mgedmin(except when a snap-ified application is running, that pauses updates for that app for up to 7 days)17:08
sqppThis didnt help17:09
sqppI just still getting Dummy Output17:17
TR2990WXSysinfo for 'legion5': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.20.1 on KDE neon 5.20 powered by Linux 5.4.0-52-generic, CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics at 1276-1676/2900 MHz, RAM: 4970/15370 MB, Storage: 6/916 GB, 333 procs, 0.52h up17:28
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Deano59TR2990WX: show off. :P17:40
BustinIs there a bug in the latest nvidia driver with the latest kernal on Ubuntu 20.10? 20.04 worked fine, doing a fresh install of 20.10 external monitor support seems broken. Getting EXTREME lag with the desktop, can barely move the mouse, or click on anything. One display is Display port connected, the other is HDMI. Disconnecting both, then using17:41
Bustinthe laptops display, it seems to function proper.17:41
Deano59waveform: just a fyi.... I couldn't get that kernel flashed :( gave up and went ahead and installed the server image :) no more gnome! also, not sure if you actually know or not but kms doesn't work. I just get a blinking cursor. fkms works just fine, though. :)17:44
waveformDeano59, hmm, sounds like there's been some regressions in kms - last time I tried it (months ago) it at least did *something*; anyway, it's still the "future" option for $when_its_ready - we'll keep an eye on it :)17:46
Deano59waveform: good to know. :) I love playing with this rpi4. :D17:47
Pr070calAnyone used overlayfs17:55
Pr070calWith read-only root17:56
Pr070calSo changes to root are stored somewhere else17:56
Pr070calThen if you install a new version of the os wiping root your changes are stored somewhere else all you /etc conf file etc you firewall your ids17:57
Pr070calI need help with this I had it working once but forgot how17:58
Deano59ask what *you* need help *with* then wait Pr070cal :)17:59
oerheks1"With read-only root" .. interesting.18:00
Pr070calI need help with overlayfs read only root18:00
Pr070calYeah man18:00
Pr070calFancy doing it with me18:00
Deano59what sort of *help*? you're not being clear.18:00
oerheks1and on what ubuntu version?18:01
Deano5920.10 iirc.18:01
Deano59he's been here for a while now oerheks1...18:01
Pr070cali started with https://dev.to/napicella/how-are-docker-images-built-a-look-into-the-linux-overlay-file-systems-and-the-oci-specification-175n18:04
Pr070caland came up with this18:04
Pr070calsudo mount -t overlay overlay-example -o lowerdir=/:/media/user/500GB/lower,upperdir=/media/user/500GB/upper,workdir=/media/user/500GB/workdir /media/user/500GB/tmp18:04
Pr070calbut its not working18:05
Deano59define not working. again, you're not being clear. it's not hard. :D18:05
Pr070calthe example works if you create a file the folders are stacked and merge folder shows files created18:05
* Deano59 lurks18:06
Pr070calso fancy trying it with me18:11
Pr070caloh its not working because root isnt readonly and changes to root dont get written somewhere else18:12
gambl0rehi everyone, are there any issues running docker on fedora?18:15
Deano59gambl0re: this is a ubuntu channel... ask in fedora's channel.18:16
gambl0rei mean ubuntu...lol18:16
Deano59I'm running docker fine.18:16
Deano5920.10. also used 20.04...18:16
mgedminI have this one problem where a containerd shim randomly dies and then the container it was managing blocks forever trying to write to stdout18:18
gambl0reoh i thought you were in #docker18:18
mgedminI'm _everywhere_ muahahaha18:19
pmitrosDoes anyone know of a good Bluetooth headset for WFH/LFH? All the ones I have don't have working mikes in Ubuntu (and yes, I did flip between A2DP and HSP/HSF)18:40
pmitrosMy #1 concern is just works. #2 is adequate microphone to be understood clearly (I don't need great quality). #3 is price.18:41
lotuspsychje!hardware | pmitros18:41
ubottupmitros: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:41
lotuspsychjepmitros: see also #ubuntu-discuss if you want to meet other users and discussing ubuntu friendly hardware18:42
pmitrosI'm not seeing much on headsets on Ubuntu's wiki. I went down a rabbithole of understanding Bluetooth codecs and things, but...18:44
mgedminhuh weird my Street HL-430 just works[*]18:45
mgedmin[*] most of the time18:45
mgedminaudio quality of HSP/HSF is terrible, you're better off using a separate microphone and A2DP for the headphones18:46
pmitrosmgedmin: Part of the point is to be mobile. Kid activities involve running around the house. Adults want to fold laundry during meetings.18:47
Pr070caloh i didnt do the docker bit in the tutorial you dont need it just the mount18:47
Pr070calfor overlayfs18:48
pmitrosBut terrible audio quality is probably fine, so long as it works18:48
mgedminpmitros: I was on the receiving end, and I have to say the quality was much better when my coworker used his thinkpad's builtin mic compared to his BT headset's mic over HSP/HFP18:49
pmitrosBut streetz hl-430 is not coming up on Amazon.18:49
mgedminI don't know that I would recommend this particular model, but it was cheap and had a nice carrying case, and there was a sale at a local electronics dealer like a year ago so *shrug*18:50
mgedminhave you checked that the mic's volume was non-0 in audio settings?18:50
mgedminincidentally when you choose the headset as the input source it automatically switches to HSP/HFP18:50
pmitrosmgedmin: Yes. I spent an inordinate amount of time futzing with it.18:51
pmitrosmgedmin: From what I can find online, there are issues with codecs and compatibility, but very little information on how to debug.18:52
mgedminbluetooth is the worst technology ever, worse than printers18:55
mgedminthe hoops I had to jump through to make it work in a dual-boot situation18:56
mgedmin(both OSes need to use the same private link key or the headset gets confused)18:56
pmitrosSounds like I should get a dedicated bluetooth receiver, and go over analog, I guess.18:57
IndustrialHi! `lsof -i -P -n | grep :80` shows `chrome` having bound this port18:57
IndustrialI don't even have chrome, I have chromium-browser18:57
mgedminchromium also uses 'chrome' as its process name18:59
IndustrialI see.18:59
Pr070calok i found this https://spin.atomicobject.com/2015/03/10/protecting-ubuntu-root-filesystem/18:59
mgedminalso are you sure it's a bound port?  outgoing connections to port 80 also show up in lsof18:59
IndustrialWell, why does it take up that port? I want ot launch an nginx server on port 8018:59
mgedminbound ports show up as `TCP *:80 (LISTEN)`18:59
mgedminit's not suspicious at all to see a web browser talk to remote web servers on port 8019:00
mgedminalthough ideally it would talk to port 443 because encryption is good19:00
Industrialmgedmin: okay, well, this is the error I'm getting19:06
IndustrialERROR: for nginx  Cannot start service nginx: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint platform_nginx_1 (f00434420580053d8820bef493810706a4d2fe9af19cf2bb200600c09b724140): Bind for failed: port is already allocated19:07
IndustrialI'm trying to start an nginx on ubuntu (desktop) with docker and docker compose19:07
Industrialon port 8019:07
TJ-Industrial: check what is already there: "sudo ss -tnlp sport = 80"19:07
Industrialoh. lmao. It's a Traefik proxy that I'm using in the same project >_<. I added nginx because I'll also use that in my kubernetes cluster on production because atm I'm not sure how to configure the traefik for kubernetes and I thought just throwing up a nginx quickly to deploy my `web` container at / and my `api` container at `/api` would be the quickest solution towards golive :D19:09
mgedminor sudo lsof -i TCP:80 without the confusing grep19:09
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IndustrialTJ-, mgedmin; got it working with Traefik instead of Nginx :-)19:24
BustinIs there a bug in the latest nvidia driver with the latest kernal on Ubuntu 20.10? 20.04 worked fine, doing a fresh install of 20.10 external monitor support seems broken. Getting EXTREME lag with the desktop, can barely move the mouse, or click on anything. One display is Display port connected, the other is HDMI. Disconnecting both, then using19:26
Bustinthe laptops display, it seems to function proper.19:26
jmspeexmgedmin: So I think I managed to understand how to "fix" upower. Now, I need to recompile it. How can I figure out the right configure options to make sure it's "compatible" with the existing binary I have on my system?19:29
mgedminjmspeex: best fetch the source package and build on top19:33
jmspeexhow do I do that?19:34
mgedminpull-lp-source upower focal (or whatever your distro is)19:35
mgedminthere should be a guide somewhere online...19:35
MrMobiushi, I just started using Ubuntu. I'm following some instructions and I should type % export PREFIX = "$ HOME / opt / sh-elf-2.32-9.2.0"19:37
MrMobiusbut I get the error bash: fg: %: no such job19:38
mgedminjmspeex: the tools that will help you are apt-get build-dep upower; dch -i to increase the version number in debian/changelog to note that your local package build doesn't match the ubuntu version (I tend to add mg1 to the ubuntu version number), and debuild -i to build the patched package; then finally apt install ../*.deb19:38
MrMobiuswhat am I doing wrong?19:39
mgedminapt-get build-deb needs deb-src lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list, these are commented out by default19:39
mgedminjmspeex: you also need to have build-essential and ubuntu-dev-tools installed19:39
mgedminMrMobius: % is the default zsh prompt character, don't type it in19:39
mgedminalso I don't think you're allowed to put spaces around the = in export VAR="value"19:40
mgedminand definitely not in "$HOME/opt/sh-elf-2.32-9.2.0"19:40
Pr070calIt looks like overlayroot is what I want it works but stores changes to tmpfs19:46
Pr070calIn ram19:46
Deano59you still going on... lol19:47
MrMobiusmgedmin, ya google translate added the spaces19:47
MrMobiushow can I get the terminal to tab complete a file name? tab doesnt always work19:47
Deano59I just type and tab, works here.19:47
MrMobiusI must be doing something wrong. it just beeps at me19:49
mgedminuse alt-/ to complete pathnames anywhere19:50
mgedminby default tab-completion is smart: the first word is the command so it completes all available commands in your $PATH19:50
mgedminfilenames in . are not in your $PATH so aren't completed19:50
danielbMrMobius, try typing ls binu and then press tab.19:50
danielbtarballs are not executable files, so the shell isn't expecting you to try to run them as commands.19:51
MrMobiusmgedmin, that did it19:51
tomreynit is not executable so just "binutils" would serve nu purpose and isn't tab completed19:51
MrMobiusright. I was trying tar binu first and that doesnt work either19:52
MrMobiusas mgedmin explained19:52
tomreynbecause "tar filename" is improper syntax19:52
tomreyn"tar l filename.tar.gz" would have worked19:53
MrMobiusso its smart enough to know I should put a flag first?19:53
mgedminbash-completion is nice19:55
tomreynMrMobius: sorry, i meant "tar lf filename.tar.gz"19:58
Pr070calhow do i use overlayfs with a real drive and not tmpfs it says use dev= but doesnt work20:00
Pr070calsorry i mean overlayroot20:02
Pr070calnot overlayfs20:02
BustinIs there a bug in the latest nvidia driver with the latest kernal on Ubuntu 20.10? 20.04 worked fine, doing a fresh install of 20.10 external monitor support seems broken. Getting EXTREME lag with the desktop, can barely move the mouse, or click on anything. One display is Display port connected, the other is HDMI. Disconnecting both, then using20:09
Bustinthe laptops display, it seems to function proper.20:09
Deano59Bustin: you check if there's an active bug?20:10
BustinDeano59, sorry, where do I check for active bugs? I did a quick google search, and since the release is so new, there aren't many (but there are a few, 2 actually, 3 including me), saying they have the same problem.20:11
garrettkajmowiczI have a 16.07 machine running an i386 install. It only has 4GiB of RAM so I didn't bother switching to x86_64 when I moved to a compatible processor. Now I need to upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu. How can I make this work?20:14
Deano59garrettkajmowicz: fresh install if you *don't* want problems. :)20:14
dustrestore thunderbird... in 20.04 had a snap install and now at 20.10 is normal package... how to restore from snap to normal install? its super important!20:14
BustinDeano59, that's not true, I am attempting a fresh install, and having nothing *but* problems lol.20:15
Deano59Bustin: idk it off by heart but sounds like you found it already20:15
garrettkajmowiczDeano59: That's why I run LTS distributions. And why I'm asking about upgrading.20:15
Deano59Bustin: nvidia have always had issues with drivers on linux.20:15
Deano59garrettkajmowicz: what's your specs?20:16
dustrestore thunderbird... in 20.04 had a snap install and now at 20.10 is normal package... how to restore from snap to normal install? its super important!20:16
Bustin20.04 was fine, so was Pop!_OS ootb, prior to this current release (they just released their new update yesterday too, following Ubuntu's).20:16
Bustinleads me to think it's a new driver, or Kernal issue20:16
Deano59Bustin: I done 3 fresh installs, including a rpi4 (one issue) and they've been fine.20:16
FunGUIWhat is the number one method to staying secure and private on Ubuntu?20:16
garrettkajmowiczDeano59: -4.75 diopters.20:16
Deano59guntbert: encrypt your hdd.20:17
Deano59garrettkajmowicz: excuse me?20:17
garrettkajmowiczDeano59: Bad pun. (Specs as in spectacles, -4.75 diopters is the principle part of a lens prescription)20:17
BustinDeano59, well you're lucky the. I mean, for the most part, older hardware is usually, for the most part, issue free, but I'm on *somewhat* newer hardware.20:17
Deano59garrettkajmowicz: funny, I mean specs of your system.20:18
dustrestore thunderbird... in 20.04 had a snap install and now at 20.10 is normal package... how to restore from snap to normal install? its super important!20:18
Deano59if it's nvidia like Bustin's could probably have the same bug. :)20:18
Deano59dust: we saw, wait like everyone else.20:19
garrettkajmowiczDeano59: Minor server. Uses a headless embedded motherboard (ASUS C60-1) with a NIC plugged in, and the RAM maxed out at 4 Gib. A MD array of 2 SSDs mirrored. Nothing remotely spectacular.20:19
Deano59so a clean install would be *best* for you imo.20:19
garrettkajmowiczIt would be inconvenient. That's the whole point of upgrades. (Not that Ubuntu has ever managed to have upgrades work correctly)20:20
Deano59yeah so a fresh install would be best. you asked. :)20:20
Deano59I've never upgraded from 1 ubuntu to another, I don't like fixig issues.20:21
BustinLikewise, always fresh install.20:21
Deano59yeah but you're out of luck, Bustin :D20:21
Deano59you could always try the latest gpu drivers though.20:21
zeroessomeone know how to fix usb capacity? It is "Disk /dev/sdb: 956 MiB", too low.20:21
Deano59sec let me see if I can find it.20:21
tomreynzeroes: who much did you expect to see?20:22
zeroes8 GB20:22
tomreynzeroes: can you pass the url returned by     sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999920:23
Deano59Bustin: when you're booted with your laptop screen attatched, trying adding this, apt update and reboot: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers20:24
Deano59may fix it, may not Bustin.20:24
tomreynwouldn't it be better to try and understand what the problem is beforehand?20:24
zeroestomreyn: https://termbin.com/5ck3j20:24
Deano59tomreyn: go ahead. I'm still learning. :)20:25
tomreynzeroes: this is an external slash drive, 1 GB capacity, i t would seem.20:25
tomreynzeroes: you could check how it was initialized by searching through    journalctl -b    for     sdb20:26
zeroestomreyn: yesterday it was way bigger than than 1 GB. I tried to write an os to usb stick at capacity got messed up.20:27
tomreynBustin: are you able to install ubuntu 20.10, yet, or did you already install?20:27
TJ-garrettkajmowicz: step 1: replace 32-bit i386 kernel with amd64 kernel so it is running a 64-bit kernel + 32-bit userspace. step 2: add amd64 as a foreign architecture if not already. step 3. create a chroot with the new amd64 release userspace in it using 'debootstrap --foreign ...' . step 5. use 'debfoster' to get a list of all the 32-bit top-level packages that are installed, then install those20:27
TJ-in the amd64 chroot. step 6. copy over the service configs from /etc/ on the i386 to the amd64 chroot. step 7. generate a 64-bit initrd.img in the chroot, copy it to the 32-bit /boot/ directory along with the matching vmlinuz-$VERSION. step 8. on the 32 bit host, run 'update-grub' to add the 64-bit kernel+initrd.img to the boot menu. step 9. reboot and in GRUB choose the new 64-bit entry, edit its20:27
TJ-'linux ...' line and add "break=mountroot" then boot into the initrd shell. step 10. inside the initrd busybox shell mount the rootfs, create a sub-dir /old/ in the root-fs mountpoint $m, and do "mv $m/usr $m/var $m/old/" then mv $m/new/usr $m/new/var $m/" and other minor fixups. step 11. 'exit' to continue the boot into the 64-bit userspace and new release if you're lucky20:27
TJ-garrettkajmowicz: or just do a config backup and install the new amd64 release from scratch :)20:28
tomreynzeroes: let's see this:   sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdb 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999920:28
garrettkajmowiczHrrrm. Now to see if I can find a CD (not DVD) install ISO I can use.20:29
zeroestomreyn: https://termbin.com/z9j1r20:29
TJ-garrettkajmowicz: you could potentially do a net install via PXE20:29
garrettkajmowiczThis is my server which would be the PXE server.20:30
TJ-garrettkajmowicz: you could use your laptop/PC as a temporary TFTP+NFS host for PXE booting20:30
tomreynzeroes: try again, this time with lower case I20:30
tomreynzeroes: if this also reports 1 GB, you can try installing f3 (available via apt) and testing with that: http://oss.digirati.com.br/f3/20:31
tomreynzeroes: you ran it with duso?20:32
tomreyn* sudo20:32
zeroesran as root20:32
tomreynwell, try f3, and watch journalctl -f20:33
tomreynyou could also try to just write a new partition label to it (loosing all the data stored on it)20:34
tomreynpartition table, that is20:34
jmspeexmgedmin: where should I run dch -i? and how do I add a suffix?20:34
tomreynzeroes: i.e. using fdisk or parted20:35
zeroestomreyn: which f3 command should I use?20:35
zeroesthere is nothing in /dev/sdb20:35
tomreynstart with f3probe20:36
BustinDeano59, I personally believe it's a kernal issue, 20.04 was 5.4? 20.10 is 5.8? I mean, as I said, prior versions seem to work fine with external monitor support. One of the monitors is plugged in via USB C to display port, and I think 5.8 adds some sort of support? Will have to confirm.20:38
tomreynusb c to DP has been working for a good while. at least with open source drivers, not sure about nvidia20:41
BustinYea, just odd it's happening on a fresh install, on Ubuntu 20.10, AND now on Pop!_OS's release yesterday, which follows Ubuntu's.20:42
Bustinprior version of both worked fine OOTB20:42
Deano59wait for the bugs to be ironed out then Bustin :(20:42
TJ-Bustin: maybe the nvidia driver kernel wedge hasn't kept up with the mainline Linux kernel20:42
zeroestomreyn: https://pastebin.com/AXuEhnE420:43
tomreynzeroes: so i guess it was fake 4 GB yesterday, now is what it really is, 1 GB20:43
tomreynsorry, 8 GB yesterday20:44
zeroesDon't understand this anymore. USB stick is cheap, but I am interested in fixing it :)  Long time ago I got similar problem but USB stick vendor told me to run their program to fix. Unfortunately, their program is not open source.20:49
zeroesSomething similar seems to have happened: https://askubuntu.com/questions/289971/usbs-storage-capacity-reduced-to-2-mb-from-16-gb20:50
zeroestomreyn: thanks for helping anyway. Learned new tool f3. and termbin.com20:50
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tomreynzeroes: fdisk seems to have confirmed that it's not just a matter of unallocated storage that you'Re seeing. fdisk reports a total stroage of 1 GB. and f3 confirmed it.20:53
tomreynf3 actually writes different patterns of data to the stick and reads it back, ignoring any capacity limits20:53
tomreyn* total capacity (not storage)20:56
zeroestomreyn: happened again, https://pastebin.com/JzR786vv :D21:07
zeroesfrom 14.9 GiB => 3.8 GiB ^^;21:08
zeroesI have only one DataTraveler G221:08
tomreynzeroes: this is a different stick now, though, right?21:09
zeroesThis is different stick.21:09
tomreynso it didn't happen again.21:10
zeroesfirst stick from 8 GB => 1 GB, second stick from 14.9 GiB => 3.8 GiB21:10
zeroesfirst stick and second stick are different stick.21:10
tomreynthese are either fake capacity sticks or faulty hardware (or both)21:12
dustrestore thunderbird... in 20.04 had a snap install and now at 20.10 is normal package... how to restore from snap to normal install? its super important!21:49
TJ-dust: find out where the user's snap .thunderbird/ directory lives so you can get the profile21:52
dustand where is that?21:52
TJ-dust: 20.04 installed thunderbird from the archive too; if you installed from a snap that would have been a manual choice21:53
dustthats my question...21:53
TJ-dust: I don't use snaps but maybe $HOME/.snap/ ?21:53
tomreyni think the snap data folder isn't hidden, so it's just $HOME/snap21:54
ttytwistertomreyn, yeah, installed ubuntu, and then plug in win 10 drive21:54
TJ-tomreyn: ahhh, right21:55
tomreynttytwister: were you responding to <EriC^^> did you install ubuntu and plug back the windows drive?21:55
dustin home7snap7thunderbird are no mails21:55
dustthere is no thunderbird profile...21:56
TJ-dust: did you look for 'hidden' directories? e.g. "find $HOME/snap/thunderbird -ls"21:56
dust /snap/thunderbird’: No such file or directory21:57
TJ-dust: you do have $HOME set? because the path should have been /home/$USER/snap/thunderbird21:59
dustyes but in that folder is no profile... i can only use the deja dup backup to restore or i find a way to mount the broken zfs of 20.04... thats the reason i did a fresh install on another disc of 20.1022:00
dustseems the snap profile of thunderbird isnt in home and deja dup didnt do a backup because of this22:02
TJ-dust: snap is a weird monster best avoided"22:03
davrosis it ok to ask here about setting up samba in a linux install (18.04)22:03
dusttell that the ppl who decided on ubuntu side to use snap...22:03
compdocdavros, you can ask, or try #samba22:09
audiowhy can't i install python3-venv on 16.04, 18.04, nor 20.04? Did sudo apt-get update and everything22:11
davrosah let me try #samba first. to sumarise, i see what i setup with smbclient -L localhost, but from other machines using the IP adress of my desktop machine, it always say NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED  or NT_STATUS_UNSUCESSFUL or something.. )..   SSH is working fine, i'm using SHH to make the other machine attempt to connect to samba22:11
audio"No installation candidate"22:11
audio1171 people in here and no one is talking22:16
tomreynaudio: run     apt policy python3-venv 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999922:19
tomreynit will return a url you can share here22:19
krytarikMy guess is 'universe' is disabled..22:19
tomreyn1 audio and not one is talking22:24
audiotomreyn: i fixed it22:25
audioneeded another update/upgrade22:25
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ttytwistertomreyn, what if I install ubuntu first, then windows 10, and then somehow repair grub. Will it work?22:52
WoCthe other way around is alot easier22:53
tomreynttytwister: i don't know the context (you weren't discussing this with me), but generally, i'd suggest the other way around.22:53
tomreynor better yet, don't dual-boot at all22:54
WoCvm ftw :)22:54
WoCif you really have to have win22:54
ttytwisternot my case22:54
ttytwisterI need win on top of hardware not on top of ubuntu22:55
WoCgpu ?22:55
WoCAnyhow, for multi-boot, very simple as long as you install win first22:56
ttytwisterWoC, yes, but it is simple if don't need encryption22:57
WoCafaik, you can do that too, during install22:57
WoCand installer set it up for you22:58
ttytwisterIt seems to me I can't. I can do it if I agree to erase everything including win 1022:58
ttytwisterI tried yesterday22:58
WoCah, fulll disk encryption ?22:59
WoCfor multi-boot, that would be a bad pick22:59
ttytwisterI have two hard drives. One for win, another one - for ubuntu. Yes I want the hd for ubuntu to be fully encrypted22:59
ttytwisterWoC, so, should I install both OS on one hard drive?23:00
WoCtwo disks should be fine23:00
WoCHmmm, I to make it easy, d/c the linux disk and install windows, then d/c the windows disk and connect the linux disk and install linux, then you reconnect both and use the uefi menu for boot menu until you have grub updated23:03
WoCanyhow, that's how i would23:04
tomreynit's also what was suggested to ttytwister some hours ago23:05
WoCi hope they fix the timezone thing some day...23:08
WoCGood thing there's rc.local :)23:12
ttytwisterWoC, I didn't manage to do it. I'll try again23:14
WoCfor the linux disk, it will still wipe the whole disk23:16
ttytwisterit's ok, because I'll use the whole disk for linux23:16
WoCjust making sure23:17
WoCyou d/c'ed the win disk completely right ?23:18
ttytwisterwhat is d/c? detach?23:18
WoCdis-connect = d/c23:18
ttytwisterWoC, No, I think I disconnected linux disk when I was install windows23:19
WoCright, then linux the same way (w/o win disk)23:20
ttytwisterWoC, this is what I'm going to try23:20
WoCk :)23:20
ttytwisterand when I finish, what should I do with grub?23:20
ttytwister'sudo update-grub' ?23:21
WoCshould work, as long as you remember to use the uefi boot menu to choose os23:21
WoCaye update-grub2 should detect otheros23:21
WoCand you can use efibootmgr to set default disk23:22
WoCso you dont really need win in grub23:22
ttytwisterok, I got it23:23
ttytwisterthank you23:23
WoCnp :)23:23

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