rogman[m]Hello, I installed Ubuntustudio 20.10 today and wanted to tell you that I like it very much !!09:00
rogman[m]I have one question.09:00
rogman[m]Is it recommended to install the backports ppa?09:01
Sbur3I'm perplexed to learn on the site that a direct upgrade from 20.04 to 20.10 is not possible.  Is it because of COVID? If I have 20.04, can I install Plasma on it and work around the inability to direct upgrade?09:22
benganthat was actually announced already in april09:30
Sbur3Perhaps, but I hadn't kept up with all the tech side of things. Besides, with the COVID thing going around, there are reasons to be distracted, not to mention the fact that what is in alpha can be subject to change in beta or final release09:32
Sbur3bengan: Perhaps, but I hadn't kept up with all the tech side of things. Besides, with the COVID thing going around, there are reasons to be distracted, not to mention the fact that what is in alpha can be subject to change in beta or final release09:34
benganI agree it's a bit of nuisance to have to do the full home-backup but to be fair to to the developers I think it's to many degrees of freedom going from xfce to plasma. so the second best thing is to go the backup route. it took me about 2-3h to get it right. and I think it's worth the effort09:39
Sbur3bengan: But I can do an alongside approach? And can you point me to a way to backup?  I mean, I have several hard drives.  I would like to backup only /home and its sub directories, but I'm not sure any more on which hard drive it is located09:41
Sbur3bengan: And I, too, commend the developers ... I couldn't ever do what they do09:42
benganSbur3: I had a spare 256GB-SSD on USB so I just made a "cp -a /home/bengan <moutn-point-of-usb>". Checked that alls well and then installed 20.10. then the reverse "cp -a <mount-point-of-usb>/bengan.old /home/bengan.old". and checking that all went well I just swapped "bengan.old" to "bengan".09:53
benganit should have said "cp -a /home/bengan <moutn-point-of-usb>/bengan.old" as my first command09:55
benganI might have gotten the slashes wrong. I tend to do that. Sometimes the command should be ended with a / in one direction and somteimes not. What happens is that you get one directory extra. like /home/bengan/bengan.old or similar. that's why I check things. this is from top of my head10:00
tomreynit's be better to copy directly to a different storage that's not an el-cheapo flash memory storage, to prevent data loss. also, it'd be better to suggest writing to a tar archive, because the target file system may not be able to preserve unix style ACLs.10:01
MauroGaspari[m][Sbur3](https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_Sbur3:matrix.org) [bengan](https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_bengan:matrix.org) since this is not really an ubuntu studio support at this point, but more generic backup restore topic, can you please move the discussion to #ubuntustudio-offtopic ?10:01
benganMauroGaspari[m]: ok. thanks for the heads up10:02
* twojukeboksi does the new distro download dance10:07
twojukeboksiDoes it matter if the USB devices are present when installing 20.10 or not? I mean like my modeling amp and midi controller and such10:15
MauroGaspari[m][twojukeboksi](https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_twojukeboksi:matrix.org) not really. You can even unplug and replug your usb devices and studio-controls won't bother you too much. Worst case just stop and restart JACK.10:19
twojukeboksiThanks for the info MauroGaspari[m]. I have tried Kubuntu+US and old US and in there I had problems with audio configs.10:23
twojukeboksiTo make this usable as my main laptop OS I'd need to reliably be able to switch from JACK to ALSA and back, so that I can put the laptop to sleep when I don't need it. Interesting to see.. If it is good I'ma install on a Lenovo X230 w/ 12GB RAM. I have an another similarly specsed machine for my guitar "teacher" (really just a friend who knows about playing guitar)10:23
MauroGaspari[m][twojukeboksi](https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_twojukeboksi:matrix.org) I use Ubuntu Studio as daily driver on my laptop, but I never use sleep/hibernation on my machines. For any issue I think worst case would be restart jack service, you can do it from studio controls gui. Let us know if you have any issue10:30
twojukeboksiStick burned. Now popping in a spare SSD and nuking some old partitions10:32
twojukeboksiymmmmhhh... Memtest86+ halts right in the start. It just freezes after running for 3-4 seconds on both machines with 4+8GB on each. It would be likely that the 4 and 8GB are somehow too different for the Memtest86+11:05
romandyaba[m]Hello to All and Gratest Congatulations with RELEASE !11:23
twojukeboksiYeah! We love ya Ubuntu Studio devels11:24
romandyaba[m] * Hello to All and Greatest Congatulations with RELEASE !11:41
romandyaba[m] * Hello to All and Greatest Congatulations with RELEASE, Greatest of all time !11:43
romandyaba[m] * Hello to All !  Greatest Congatulations with RELEASE, Greatest of all time !11:43
romandyaba[m] * Hello to All !  Greatest Congatulations with RELEASE, Greatest of all time 64-bit only amd64 !11:44
twojukeboksiHmmm.. memtest will not run on either 12GB machine, but the existing OS are just fine with the memory configuration. I don't have the SSD for the machine for my friend, but I think I'll just install on the 500GB SSHD that the machine has now, just make small enough partitions and then clone them with Clonezilla to the 480GB SSD when it arrives.13:34
twojukeboksiI have not scribed the exact instructions for me on this, but I think after cloning the partitions, boot a live Linux stick and run 'sudo update-grub'... may need some mounts or something. I'll make the instructions this time around of cloning OS from disk-to-disk13:36
twojukeboksiOk, now installed. audio works, JACK is not running14:23
twojukeboksiok. jack started. audio works, what is the default app to see the JACK patchbay?14:25
twojukeboksiseems to be carla14:26
twojukeboksiohnoes. I managed to mess up the panel and did not have a Timeshift restoration point. Can I reset panel to default settings somewhere?14:33
twojukeboksifixed by recreating the default panel and deleting the messed up one... Due time to install and run Timeshift so I can go back if I break shit14:36
OvenWerkswhich panel?14:36
twojukeboksithe Ubuntu Studio default14:36
OvenWerksno matter you figured it out it seems14:36
MauroGaspari[m]twojukeboksi: if you need help configuring carla shout out I can link a small tutorial15:01
twojukeboksiThanks MauroGaspari[m], you can link if you want to15:25
twojukeboksiI have a problem. The Lenovo is just fine, but the Dell does not have any output to the stereo jack, whereas in the Lenovo it works as expected. Tested if it works in Windows 10 on the Dell and answer is "yes"15:26
OvenWerkstwojukeboksi: two things to look at: alsamixer and hdajackretask15:33
twojukeboksiHmmm... turning up the headphones jack in alsamixer produces no audible effects. weird thing is that this US is seeing a dock mic, which is weird because this OS has not yet been in the dock15:36
MauroGaspari[m]twojukeboksi: https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/easily-install-jack-audio-with-ubuntu-studio-installer/15:37
MauroGaspari[m]I made this based on Ubuntu Budgie + studio installer, you can skip the initial install part. I will have a specific tutorial done from Ubuntu Studio 20.10 uploaded there in a few days.15:37
OvenWerksHDA audio is weird. hdajackretask may show more info15:37
twojukeboksiok. checking15:37
twojukeboksiI did briefly see somewhere that the OS does correctly detect if audio jack is in the port or not15:38
twojukeboksithe cpu governor in the Dell is crazy... < 10% load and doin' almost 3GHz15:43
OvenWerksfor audio you want that15:43
OvenWerksin general, an up speed event is no problem but a down speed event will often cause an xrun.15:44
OvenWerksThe indication to watch though is not cpu speed but rather cpu temperature15:44
twojukeboksimachine is doing nothing and the fan is screaming. I wonder why the US on Lenovo does not do any of this weird stuff15:45
OvenWerksThe fan should be based on temp not cpu speed.15:47
OvenWerksbut that would be the MB maker. The cpu even at full speed should drop to idle when not being used. which should result in minimal power use.15:49
twojukeboksiit is just idling at ~ 3GHz, not cool at all15:50
OvenWerkswhat is the temperature of the cpu?15:53
twojukeboksiburning hot when measured manually15:53
twojukeboksiI'll get a sensor reading too15:54
twojukeboksicores are 65-70C15:56
OvenWerksat 10%? that does not seem right15:57
twojukeboksihmmm... now it started clocking downwards15:57
OvenWerksdoes top show one process with high cpu?15:58
jrd10[m]Hi, just discovering Ubuntu Studio :)15:59
twojukeboksinope, no process is wanting anything near 100% of a core16:00
twojukeboksiPerhaps I should install the OS again. I did see somewhere that the system does detect an inserted jack, but it just never switches the audio to that one16:02
jrd10[m]I have installed US through US Installer on Ubuntu 20.04. And I selected all the applications (bad idea) I have dozens of LTS icons inApplications !16:05
jrd10[m]How can I uninstall this LTS applications? Thank you for a feedback :)16:05
OvenWerksLTS? LSP maybe?16:06
jrd10[m]Yes LSP blue icons 😇16:07
OvenWerkssudo apt remove lsp-plugins-jack16:08
OvenWerksI am not sure what else that will want to remove though16:08
jrd10[m]I wonder if US is not a little bit too complicated for me. Just for video editing!16:10
OvenWerksor you can just mv the desktop files from /usr/share/applications/ to a storage place16:11
twojukeboksireverting to snapshot. if it also doesn't have earphone jacks, then I'am reinstall. Though expecting different result doing the same thing often is unadvisable16:12
OvenWerksStudio tries to cover everything. But also tries to give a menu that that is reasonable. Which desktop did you install studio on top of?16:12
rghif you are doing video editing I guess you don't need the LSP plugins (?)16:12
jrd10[m]I think I will reinstall Ubuntu and see US in a virtual machine to take the time to discover it :)16:13
jrd10[m]On Ubuntu 20.0416:13
rghI think US main strength is the handling of jack audio16:14
OvenWerksso on the gnome desktop... yeah the menu doesn't work right on that. It is not made for systems with a lot of applications16:14
OvenWerksI have never liked gnome3 so don't mind me for calling it broken...16:15
rghjrd10: which video editor do you use ? (just curious)16:15
rghOvenWerks: is there something like lv2 , but for video ?16:17
jrd10[m]Thank you for your time. Bye16:17
OvenWerksrgh: Honestly I don't know16:17
twojukeboksinah. now no sound anywhere, even after restart of Jack. Reinstall it is. First I ofcourse try if the speakers and the line-out work in the Live16:18
OvenWerksrgh: blender has a lot of plugins for video, but I think they are blender specific16:18
twojukeboksiI'm getting surprisingly different results on two different computers. And you can tell me to --less_verbose16:19
rghI so need coffee16:20
twojukeboksiOy vey.. Need reboot, audio broke on main machine (KDE neon)16:22
rghbut ... how ?16:27
rghthis is Ubuntu, not arch !16:27
twojukeboksiyeah. earphones work in the Live US, so reinstalling the US on the Dell for my friend16:29
rgh1st to check if alsamixer is set right16:35
twojukeboksithe OS asks for wifi password twice when installing and twice booting the installation. can't fathom why16:36
twojukeboksiuhh-ohh. Trying to enable clicking-by-tapping it is grayed out in System Settings17:08
twojukeboksiprevious identical installation it was a breeze to enable, now it is grayed out17:09
twojukeboksioh, after doing nothing but upgrading FireFox the button is no longer grayed out17:26
twojukeboksiI better check if there is a new version the BIOS firmware thingy coz this Dell was under some really bad malware back in the day. It managed to mess up the software of my external mixer then17:27
rghAgain. HOW?17:40
twojukeboksiI guess the mfgrs of the mixer did not expect malicious code insertion and proceeded to put zero checks in place to guard against it17:44
twojukeboksinow flashing the bios17:46
twojukeboksiflashed the bios. now all is good except the CPU is clocking at 3+GHz while idling. Last time this settled, but I don't think I did anything that would solve this18:00
twojukeboksishould I try the non-realtime kernel?18:01
twojukeboksiI'll try the non-realtime kernel. Nothing is demanding nothing even close to 100% of a core and the system is idling at 3.20GHz18:09
twojukeboksioh, there is no normal kernel. I don't get it why the Lenovo with identical install today is having none of this overclocking all the time problem. And the last time it went away, I did not change a thing that would be connected18:11
twojukeboksinow no audio at all and I didn't change a thing. The meters in Pulse Control show the audio is playing, but nothing is output18:17
twojukeboksiSomething slightly wrong with Pulse sink?18:19
twojukeboksiI can see the audio is playing, but it never reaches the hardware18:19
twojukeboksiok. reboot and weird belief that reboots fix things18:20
twojukeboksiafter reboot audio is back, but the headphone jack stopped working18:23
twojukeboksiperhaps yet one more reinstall, this time with fresh BIOS version18:25
Eickmeyer[m]!rt | twojukeboksi19:01
ubottutwojukeboksi: The RT kernel is the Linux kernel with special realtime patches applied. It is not available in Ubuntu. See also !lowlatency and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/RealTimeKernel19:01
rghtwojukeboksi: check alsamixer19:07
twojukeboksichecked, but no help19:07
rghcheck to see if any channels are muted during boot19:07
rghon rare occassions your onboard soundcard needs a module tweak19:09
twojukeboksiNow I have the opposite problem. Earphones work ok, but when unplugging no audio on the inbuilt speakers... this is a problem case19:30
twojukeboksiOn the Lenovo everything works fine with US 20.10, but the Dell is still freaking out19:32
twojukeboksicould be to do with that the Dell has some stone-age HDMI-audio on it too19:34
rghtwojukeboksi: did you check automute in alsamixer ?19:35
twojukeboksiand now the eternal classic shows up: System asks for password to KDE wallet that was never set. this has been a trouble for as long as I can remember with Ubuntue19:35
twojukeboksiflower this. revert to backup19:36
rghoh gawd kde wallet19:37
twojukeboksiyes. kde wallet where people are getting locked out of wallet due to the system wanting a password that was never set. this is a constant bummer for ages. I wish someone would fix it. It's been a bug like only for 5+ yrs19:39
Eickmeyer[m]Let's stay on-topic with the support issue at-hand. FWIW, I haven't had the problem with the KDE wallet for a few years now.19:40
twojukeboksireverting back to a clean snapshot, but I'm afraid that the brokenness arises from the .dotdirectories, not /-partition so this will likely not resolve anything19:41
rghanyway, it sounds like either a mixer setting19:41
rghor hda-intel quirk19:41
Eickmeyer[m]Brings back the old addage that not all hardware is Linux-compatible. There are one-offs.19:42
rghbut, the several dell pc's I had never caused me trouble19:46
rghbut,this is laptop I believe ?19:46
Eickmeyer[m]It's not the brand that is the issue. It's how Dell specifically manufactured the hardware.19:48
rghyes ofc19:52
twojukeboksiThis Dell is not compatible. The audio disappeared again. I should give up19:58
twojukeboksiPatchbay in Carla looks just fine, but the audio output disappeared. Meters in Ardour are showing output, but it doesn't reach the actual output19:59
rghcan you post a screenshot from alsamixer20:01
rghamuse me20:02
twojukeboksigimme a imagebin and I can send20:02
rghoh , are you on irc ?20:02
twojukeboksiyeah.. this is my normal machine I'm using to irc, while I'm trying to get the other machine to work20:03
twojukeboksiI want some place that will delete the screenshot after a timeperiod20:05
rghno clue20:06
twojukeboksiafter reboot, I get the volume-up-volume-down plops, but no other audio output20:10
rghwell , we have sound20:10
twojukeboksiand after restarting JACK also the plop-plop-plop sounds are gone20:11
rghdo you use studio controls to manage jack20:11
twojukeboksirgh: the problem is not getting sound, the problem is that the sounds don't hang around20:11
twojukeboksirgh: yes20:12
rghis jack configured for the proper sounddevice ?20:12
rghmaybe it picks up a weird hdmi sound thing ?20:12
EickmeyerBe awar that on most systems, HDMI requires *at minimum* a 4096 buffer with JACK.20:20
twojukeboksiI'm reverting to a known working backup, but if it breaks again. There ain't much to do, except to make the conclusion that the Dell's sound card is not compatible20:26
twojukeboksinope, no audio except the "plop, plop, plop"-sounds. The wrong settings are in my home-dir, not the /-dir. Damn!20:28
twojukeboksiJACK causes some confusion with the headphone jack, looking at meters audio is playing, but nothing is output into the headphone jack. I cannot get the audio to be up for more than a few boots and then it breaks down. I don't know what is wrong. Maybe my HW is under a curse or something22:15
twojukeboksilooks like sticking the dell into the dock causes the dock's line out jack come alive. Now I'm wondering why Fluidsynth does not have a midi-in port in the patchbay. Kinda useless synth if it cannot be connected to23:19
twojukeboksiok, needed to just set it to use JACK and the midi-in shows up23:39
twojukeboksiok, so sticking the dell into the dock causes the dock audio-out to start working.. lets try if the same is true for the Lenovo23:44
twojukeboksinot automatically. it seems I need to manually set the level of the headphone jack in QasMixer23:55
twojukeboksibut yeah, this is progress. I wish y'all a good night and sweet dreams23:56

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