Krikkeso how do I set the password for a user?09:46
Krikkeseems whatever options I use I can't login09:46
Krikkefrom the tty09:46
KrikkeI've managed to get ssh login working with ssh keys but if something goes wrong I can't see what's happening on the host09:47
Krikkelike if there's something wrong in the configuration and I can't login with anything09:47
Krikkesettings lock_passwd: false and passwd: foobar does nothing09:47
Krikkelet me correct that, plaing_text_passwd: foobar09:48
Krikkeoh hell, I had used plain_text_password ... nevermind09:49
Krikkeis there some tool to validate the config?09:50
Krikkeugh, didn't work with it correctly written either09:52
Krikkethe weird thing is, if I set a passwd sometimes it starts asking for it at ssh login10:05
Krikkewhy can't systems just work10:05
Krikkeif I go in with sudo as root on the system, set the passwd then I can login from tty110:10
KrikkeI even tried copy pasting the pw hash from /etc/shadow but nothing10:13
Krikkedoing the manual thing with sudo just beats the purpose of this tool10:13
Krikkenot being able to login without ssh makes debuggin hell10:28
Krikkemaybe I'm using the tool for something it's not supposed to do11:23
Krikkebut feels like this is meant to deploy an image and then you ssh in and apply configuration after that with some other tools11:23
meenaKrikke, what do your log files say?11:42
meenaanyway, i apply the main part of my configuration with puppet, but not ssh stuff11:44
Krikkethe point is, I can't be arsed to mount the filesystem to see the log files, I am recreating it every time11:45
Krikkeif I can't log in, what use are the log files to me?11:45
Krikkeit's a really cumbersome way to debug11:47
meenaif i can't see log files, it's really hard to guess what the issue may be12:37
Krikkethat's my point12:38
KrikkeI can't access them12:38
meenai thought you got ssh access?12:42
Krikkeyeah sometimes12:42
Krikkeif I'm lucky to get a config that works12:42
KrikkeI can't view logs from a volume that has been destroyed12:43
Krikkeso I can only get logs from last boot12:43
Krikkeand if I can't ssh in then that goes out of the window12:43
meenaKrikke, so what's your config look like, exactly?13:24

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