murthyWill youtube-dl be removed from downstream? also did ubuntu receive any takedown notification?15:38
tjaaltonwhy would it be?16:00
murthytjaalton: I hope you are awake of this https://github.com/github/dmca/blob/master/2020/10/2020-10-23-RIAA.md16:08
murthytjaalton: Is that package synced from Debian?16:18
murthyThen I guess its upto Debian maintainers16:20
mdeslaurit's up to nobody unless they are specifically asked to16:28
murthymdeslaur: clarify16:30
mdeslaurgithub was asked to remove it. Nobody else was asked to remove it. There's no reason to remove something unless someone asks.16:30
murthySo if downstream doesn't get a takedown notification, the package will be maintained?16:32
mdeslaurwhy wouldn't it?16:34
mdeslaurit's still available from upstream here: https://youtube-dl.org/16:34
mdeslaurand from a bazillion other places on the internet16:34
murthyI need to check the package source to see if that is were it is pointing, also other unofficial forks would be considered?16:36
murthywhy I am asking is ...16:37
murthyI read in an article that the RIAA will not just stop with github16:37
mdeslaurwell, we'll see if distros get takedowns16:37
murthythey say they will be after even like gitlab if its migrated or if the project is forked somewhere else16:37
mdeslaurit's decss all over again, no big deal16:38
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