lotuspsychjegood morning03:51
ducassegood morning07:04
lotuspsychjetomreyn: looks like a cheap flaky machine to me, https://incoherency.co.uk/blog/stories/ubuntu-18.04-ideacentre-310s.html18:21
tomreynit's definitely a low price platform18:23
lotuspsychjehavent seen his dmesg neither yet18:24
tomreynlotuspsychje: the system does work fine as sold, though, just not with this seperately acquired nvidia card, on linux (does work on windows).18:24
lotuspsychjetomreyn: i also find it weird, 440 doesnt showup his ubuntu drivers list18:25
tomreynhe's posted several journalctl -b    by now.18:25
lotuspsychjeand -server drivers showup18:25
tomreynhere's what he gets when he boots with the 450 drivers installed:  http://termbin.com/601ye18:26
tomreynsame thing but with recovery kernel chosen on grub menu (which also sets "nomodeset"): http://termbin.com/e11518:26
daftykinspentium silver :( just wow what people try and polish18:34
lotuspsychjedaftykins: whatever the user trys, his nvidia drivers seem to fail18:35
tomreynthis is the exact model: https://psref.lenovo.com/Detail/IdeaCentre/ideacentre_310S08IGM?M=90HX000PUK18:36
daftykinsyep got that page open18:36
daftykinsthere'll be insufficient power i bet, to run a discrete card18:36
tomreyn65W is really not much, not sure18:37
tomreyni dodn't notice this18:37
daftykinssee how it says 65W adapter? so it's unlikely to push the full power spec through the PCIe slot18:37
daftykinswhat model is it he's putting in, something like an nvidia 1050 Ti?18:37
lotuspsychjehttps://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201912-27573 a bit similar lenovo show 18.04 with oem kernel here18:37
lotuspsychjealso with the intel 60518:38
tomreyn10de:1d01 is the nvidia18:38
lotuspsychjePCI-E Nvidia GT 103018:38
tomreynbut he said it works on windows18:38
daftykinsi see a 'nvidia-uvm' claiming to load, what's that about o018:39
daftykinshrmm 30W card - nvidia's specs say you should have a 300W PSU18:39
daftykinsfor me personally, i'm not too persuaded of the claim Windows is fine - it's a bad combo, would refuse18:40
daftykins10W CPU, so say it were loaded, that's already 40W of the PSU taken, with the remaining 25W to run disks, motherboard silicon, anything else in there... lol :D18:41
lotuspsychje278 euro lenovo :p18:42
tomreynlooks like he calculates power consumption differently18:46
daftykinswith a hope and a prayer?18:46
daftykinsit might be borderline, seems like the CPU is an SoC there, so the 10W could be full package power, with no further on the board18:49
daftykinsmakes so much more sense buying the right tool for the job though18:50
tomreynout of interest, i just looked for alternatives to dreamscapes' https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/IdeaCentre/ideacentre_310S08IGM?ch=90HX000PUK (which sells for €265 on ebay) the computer  https://geizhals.eu/?cat=sysdiv&xf=11069_integrierte+Grafik+(IGP)~11121_2~13393_4~445_8192~447_allgsosd~6764_AMD~9718_Dali~9718_Renoir~9724_15&v=k&hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=pl&hloc=uk&hloc=eu&sort=p&bl1_id=30&togglecountry=set22:38
daftykinsseems like you're keen on AMD ;)22:42
tomreynhe wanted low power, and better graphics than intel igp22:43
tomreynto me, this means amd apu22:43
daftykinsno reason for it to be integrated22:44
tomreynalso, yes, i prefer anything over nvidia22:44
tomreynpower savings are a reasn for it to be integrated22:44
daftykinsi find it funny how you think nvidia = trouble :)22:44
tomreyni find it sad how i came to think this.22:46
tomreynanyways, the first system on the list has twice the ram, a proper ssd (his had 220 MB/s write speed max.), an extra hdd, certainly faster cpu threads (but two cores less), 802.11 ac,(4) USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, HDMI v1.4b/HDCP 1.4, RS-23222:51
tomreynand is cheaper :)22:52
daftykins'pentium' was all you need know about the current one22:53
tomreyn:) well, it's like the amd "athlon" nowadays, isn't it22:55
tomreyna marketing name, usually referring to the slower / power efficient and, most of all, cheap ones22:56
daftykinsthink it's a greater difference than that22:59
tomreynyes, probably, they're also not the most current ones. leftover stock which needs clearing. ;-)23:06
daftykinsdidn't look too closely, it's foreign! plenty of options going a few generations back on ebay and the like23:07
daftykinswhat was the result anyway, were they given up on?23:08
tomreynhe gave up, saying he'll use his old one instead23:14
daftykinsPC or graphics card?23:17
tomreynwhich was an older low energy pentium23:20
daftykinsTJ-: \o greetings, all well?23:20
TJ-Hiya :) just arrived in the office for an overnighter!23:21
daftykinsooh another one23:21
tomreyni'm about to arrive in my bedroom for an overnighter23:22
tomreynsee you!23:22
TJ-yeah - closed down for everything except tech deployment for 5 days from yesterday, we got a bit behind schedule today so trying to catch up23:22
TJ-tomreyn: :D23:22
daftykinsTJ-: i had an amusing situation with the encrypted VM, thought you might enjoy hearing... i had the UUID wrong in crypttab, so when the machine booted it would only take to the -25 kernel that was preinstalled post-debootstrap, the real /boot never got mounted to /boot, so instead a /boot as a subdirectory of / was where newer kernels were getting put xD easily fixed up23:22
TJ-delay mostly caused by Windows Server defrag STILL running 12 hours later!23:22
TJ-daftykins: ouch - been caught out by that myself once or twice23:23
daftykinshah, what are you doing messing with that nasty thing, a completely degraded small business server 2011 machine i fixed up was much quicker even with 50% fragmentation23:23
daftykinsTJ-: more seriously though i might have to give up, as i want the module xenfs loaded so the guest utilities can talk to dom0, but on reboot modules keep disappearing from the disk - and i don't understand why at all O_O23:24
daftykinsit's not a custom addition, just one that comes in from linux-modules-<version>23:25
TJ-we're wiping Windows out completely; currently we have a HyperV Linux on the HP server with PCI pass-through of 2 NVMEs + 4x Ethernet. Now we're going to make it dual boot so need to shrink the OS partition, and the aim is repeat the Windows shares using NFS off the NTFS, and later totally wipe out Windows23:26
TJ-modules disappearing?23:26
daftykinsyep, it's a magic trick - i can get it loaded once; sudo depmod, modprobe xenfs, but on reboot the actual files are gone from the disk and i have to apt install --reinstall the linux-modules-version package to get them back23:27
TJ-I can think of one cause; if the module is in a package linux-modules-$VERSION but you do not have the generic non-versioned package that depends on that installed, when a kernel update is added the related linux-modules won't be installed23:28
TJ-otherwise, you've got a storage failure of some kind. what is the underlying file-system ? LVM + ext4?23:29
daftykinsmmm, nah the modules-generic is present and correct... yeah matched your guide identically but then it's a VM atop XCP-ng23:29
TJ-give me a specific version you've had problems with so I can check23:30
daftykinsmmm 5.4.0-28 is current on that VM i think23:30
daftykinsthe /xen/ files don't disappear on a kernel upgrade though, solely a reboot23:31
TJ-so linux-modules-5.8.0-25-generic has an rpdends to linux-image-5.8.0-25-generic23:32
TJ-well, that suggests you've got a file-system problem of some kind. Sure you've not got a stray tmpfs ?23:32
daftykinshrmm during package installs i think i saw some weird messages about 'leaks' due to LVS invocation, something along those lines23:34
daftykinssome comments online claimed they are harmless23:34
TJ-that would be grub-install23:34
TJ-the package installs to /lib/modules/$VERSION/ so if that entire director sub-tree disappears, or files within it do, then there's a storage system fault23:35
TJ-is there hardware RAID behind it?23:35
daftykinsi'd moved it off of one and onto a single 2TB M.2 PCIe drive during these antics23:36
daftykinsi could move it back and see if anything changes23:36
TJ-is it possible you've got some problem in fstab entries causing the wrong file-system being mounted?23:36
mgedmindoes debsums -c linux-modules-$(uname -r) find other missing modules, or just the xen one?23:37
daftykinsit's a pretty basic two-liner, LUKS_BOOT and the main / ext4 - can't really see i'd get as far as i do if it were too wrong23:37
TJ-you can use "dpkg --verify linux-modules-$(uname -r)" instead of debsums :)23:38
daftykinsmgedmin: mm saw you post that the other day, but i wasn't in a position to work on the system then23:38
TJ-daftykins: OK --- trying to rule out the obvious23:38
daftykinsi will go and fire it up, it'll be a good 15 mins before it's up23:38
TJ-daftykins: as it is a VM makes me wonder if the hypervisor is doing something bad like not flushing to the real storage23:38
daftykinsnot had a problem on my other VMs during setup and configuration23:41
TJ-I'd check /var/log/apt/history.log in case something in the background is unning a package remove operation!23:42
TJ-it depends if the entire package content is going missing, or just part of it, and which part23:42
daftykinsit's a select number of files under there, but i can't give the path until it's fired up, lost from memory :D23:43
TJ-if apt/dpkg still shows the package as installed but files from it are missing then something weird is going on. I'm wondering if the file-system journal isn't being flushed to the file-system (e.g. the ext4 journal being lost so next time the file-system is mounted (at boot) the file-system has effectively been rolled back23:43
daftykinsthe issue with that theory, is that when i added xe-guest-utilities - that change persisted23:47
TJ-yep - losing journal would show up in the kernel log at boot23:49
TJ-what module are you losing again?23:50
TJ-the only thing I can think is you've got some DKMS module that is replacing/removing the original, but again that's doubtful in your scenario23:52
TJ-but DKMS does move package modules23:52
daftykinsweird, i am missing linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic today23:53
TJ-how 'missing' - reported as not installed?23:54
daftykinsah i had remembered incorrectly, i'm on 5.4.0-52-generic23:55
daftykinsyep, i'm going to hold off of adding them back just for a moment though23:55
TJ-you sure it's not using -lowlatency rather than -generic ?23:55
TJ-"apt list --installed 'linux*' "23:55
mgedminhey TJ-, do you know how to interpret dpkg --verify's output?  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XWkpJYrFpd/23:55
mgedmin"??5??????" is not exactly self-explanatory23:55
daftykinspositive because i installed via linux-generic post-debootstrap23:56
TJ-mgedmin: 5 mean md5sum23:56
daftykinsok so in my VM, /lib/modules/5.4.0-52-generic/kernel/drivers/xen contains only "xen-front-pgdir-shbuf.ko" whilst there should be plenty more there23:57
TJ-mgedmin: it's rpm format output, with 9 checks. ? means it wasn't performed23:57
TJ-mgedmin: so '5' means md5sum didn't match23:57
daftykinsin that case i just got 5's across everything23:58
daftykins/lib/modules/5.4.0-52-generic/kernel/drivers/xen/xenfs/xenfs.ko - is the specific one i'm after23:59
mgedminTJ-: thanks!23:59

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