guivercCongrats jose on CC00:44
Montresorjose: Condolences!  I don't even know some of the other names. :300:45
* guiverc now notices teward is in this room too, I needn't have gone elsewhere to ping congrats00:46
tewardguiverc: i've been in here for months lol00:46
tewardyou just aren't observant :P00:46
guivercnope, never have been (observant), why I'm so great doing QA testing :)00:47
Montresorguiverc: Easiest way to see what channels someone is in, kline them and see where they drop out of.00:47
guivercNo need, I didn't look, I know many folks are in specific channels so just went where I expect them..  I'm lazy00:48
* guiverc also felt it was best to do in channels where others who may not have know, will also ...00:48
MontresorAh, so I think I have seen all the nicks at least, except for Lina Elizabeth Porras Santana.00:49
tewardI don't think Lina *has* one00:49
tewardat least not one registered00:49
* guiverc finally recognizes Montresor ; I saw you change name yesterday too...00:50
MontresorHah yeah, I'm one of the silly ones that does the holiday nick dance.00:50
guivercNah, your just one of the few that remembers how to :)00:51
MontresorPerhaps this isn't the best channel, but if I may ask where Lina is the most active?00:53
guivercwill be obvious, but I have no idea, why I didn't answer03:17
Bashing-omUWN 654 up for review, critique, and final edits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue654 :D22:33
guivercack, will get to it as I can22:34
Bashing-omguiverc: No hurry :D22:36
krytarikBashing-om: I'd perhaps head the list with "Ubuntu Community Council re-election" instead.23:43
Bashing-omkrytarik: Sounds good to me - thanks :D23:44
guivercthe fridge (community council) url as listed also looks like it applies to both (not indented)..23:45
guivercMaybe it'd be better if not listed; two items; (1) New member, and (2) New Community council (no number; ie not as list?)23:46
krytarikAh yeah, didn't even see that yet - just put the link besides the list header then?23:48
guivercmy read thru is complete; that was all I saw23:49
krytarik"youtube: Ubuntu Desktop on Raspberry Pi" - seriously?  Either just drop the "youtube" bit or use the actual publisher.23:50
krytarik"Enjoy the video or read all about it on our blog:" - I'd also drop this part from its summary - as well as drop the period after the quotation.23:52

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