Guest_1010Hello. I'm trying to find the best online resource for learning how to install my system with separate partitions on two separate drives (e.g. boot and install OS onto an SSD, and use a secondary HDD partition for /home file storage).01:34
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bradd_Hi. I've installed xubuntu. changed power manager settings to 'dont lock screen' and display blank after 30 mins. unfortunately, it blanks at 10, and still asks for a password on the screensaver. any ideas of how to fix this?04:50
bradd_ok. I've found that changing Settings/Screensaver seems to correct the problem.04:57
twinsenbrimGuest_1010: separate home partition "before installing ubuntu" & "after installing ubuntu" https://www.howtogeek.com/116742/how-to-create-a-separate-home-partition-after-installing-ubuntu/05:41
twinsenbrimubuntu documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:42
talinhello. wondering if anyone has any tips as to how i can rescue my messed up xubuntu... my sausage fingers decided to remove python 3.8 and install python 3.7.. because i was going to use a library that only works with 3.7... so i removed python 3.8 and all the things that were no longer required along with it11:05
talinthen i reinstalled python3.8... so basically, remove python3.8, install python3.8 is what i did11:06
talinso now a lot of stuff doesn't work any more... is there some rescue operation i could take?11:06
talinthis is 20.0411:06
talini don't want to reinstall because i don't want to have to repeat the grueling 3 day procedure required to get VPN client up and working again...11:07
gnrptalin: What is "a lot of stuff"?11:08
talingnrp: let me post a list11:08
nightshooterHello everyone,11:10
nightshooter how do I prevent a user from opening the settings panel?11:10
nightshooterIs there any solution available.11:10
talingnrp: https://dpaste.org/Ev4W11:11
talingnrp: ignore the apt install in front of package names11:11
gnrpnightshooter: quick and dirty way might be to remove permissions for xfce4-settings-manager11:12
gnrptalin: I don't get it. What is the problem? What do you mean that it does not work anymore?11:13
nightshooter@gnrp dirty is fine as long I've managed that... could you kindly tell me were I need to change permissions for xfce4-seetings-manager?11:14
gnrpnightshooter: I mean, the question is alsow hat you want to achieve. All these settings can still be changed, but in a more complicated way11:15
gnrpotherwise, you could also remove it from the menu, if you prefer that11:15
gnrpnightshooter: Do a chmod on /usr/bin/xfce4-settings-manager to whatever you want11:16
nightshootergnrp No matter what is complicated and what can be accessed in another way, it is important that the user cannot easily find a solution.11:16
nightshooter@gnrp tnx I will try thid right away11:17
talingnrp: when i click browser, it gives me something called "speed dial" instead of firefox. and my mouse cursor is 10x bigger than usual.. some fonts look strange now11:20
gnrptalin: did you do anything to the GPU driver maybe?11:21
gnrpspeed dial, that's another browser? Or is that a feature of some borwser? I don't know. Anyway, you can configure the standard browser. Go on Settings -> Preferred Applications (or so)11:22
gnrpmouse cursor size: You can adjust that11:23
gnrpSettings -> Mouse and Keyboard (or so)11:23
gnrpweird-looking fonts... no clue. Maybe a different standard font?11:23
talingnrp: so you think that this procedure shouldn't have destroyed anything?11:24
talinheh, the mouse cursor size setting said 16, and it's impossible to make it smaller... but the second i made it bigger, it became small, like how it used to be11:25
talindebian-sensible was the browser listed in preferred applications. and firefox seems to have been removed. alright. thanks a lot gnrp, maybe i can weed out small issues like this11:28
gnrpI guess you uninstalled some packages or installed other ones which overwrote the previous defaults, that's why some things behave weird now11:30
gnrpyou can check out /var/log/dpkg.log for waht actually happened11:30
talinthat's excellent advice. thanks again gnrp12:01
dyeplexerHow can I remove version overrides on a list of packages?15:42
dyeplexerthese are all held back packages from 18.04 when I upgraded to 20.0415:42
dyeplexerI think all of the packages listed are PPA packages.15:50
dyeplexerI will add the ppas again to the system15:50

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